The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Think
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The Universe Is Way Bigger Than You Think

  • Heat Trust🌈
    Heat Trust🌈

    sextillion best number change my mind you wont

  • ShodyAF

    “The speed of dark”

  • Malachi Schofield
    Malachi Schofield

    And y’all STILL don’t believe in God!? His design is amazing

    • Malachi Schofield
      Malachi Schofield

      @Nanamma Kumari Ya that’s a good point. I guess it’s just a personal belief. But there has just been so much historical and scientific proof that I find it hard to not believe. That’s just my view though, and everyone is aloud to have their own. Thanks for the question 👍

    • Nanamma Kumari
      Nanamma Kumari

      How do you know it is god , it could be some superior species doing all of this . But hey , faith isnt a bad thing

  • Ayomikun Ashiru
    Ayomikun Ashiru

    I come back to this video like everyday it’s so entertaining

  • Eetu Autio
    Eetu Autio

    That like to dislike ratio is mad

  • Ezra Kole
    Ezra Kole

    I thought Toby is Cristian and doesn't believe this

  • Donna Challinor
    Donna Challinor

    Our planet would be the only planet with life because we’re in the Goldilocks zone

  • sovit bajracharya
    sovit bajracharya

    You realise if there is an actual God that made the universe, he wouldn't give a rat's ass about some tiny creatures like us. Cause you don't care about what those microscopic bacteria are doing, do you?

  • Itz Bronel ツ
    Itz Bronel ツ

    Jesus loves y’all

  • adam b
    adam b

    The universe is flat

  • Phan Chi Nam
    Phan Chi Nam

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  • Peshbin Omed
    Peshbin Omed

    Just react to this Video ( what is the meaning of life _ Muslim version) ….

  • Nadim

    bro i just want to say we all just a tiny tiny lil ant just livin in some random universe its MADDDDDD

  • andrea

    Imagine the observable universe be in big chungus belly

  • nem nem Pg3d
    nem nem Pg3d

    what if we are all inside a video game like gta

  • Liam Masters
    Liam Masters

    Wouldn't it dissolve over 60 million years

  • Avdyl Osdautaj
    Avdyl Osdautaj

    16:27 well I believe in God cuz he is the best creator so he created life and how the hell would we create from nothing bruh

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores

    The periodic pea morphometrically inject because sushi strangely soak barring a barbarous flame. uttermost, breezy imprisonment

  • Its Arpan
    Its Arpan

    We are all small but JJ ain't 🙇🏻

  • Hello Taken
    Hello Taken

    Well, time to down my OCD pills


    when you learn more things in sidemenreacts rather than school


    i just learned a crap amount of scientific things than my school science

  • Daniel Garrett
    Daniel Garrett

    *Mars rover breaks down* Astronaut: “ time to call AA”

  • Muhammad Sadiq
    Muhammad Sadiq

    React to family guy compilation please

  • Flaqko

    I am confident to say that humans will NEVER walk on Mars

  • Nightmare

    18:45, Vik be here tryin to find the farlands of the universe 😆

  • KP PES 😎
    KP PES 😎


  • Danish

    Sideman is doubting their existence 😂

  • Ryan Nimmons
    Ryan Nimmons

    I looked out my window and legit just stared at it. I ain’t sleeping for a few days I’m genuinely terrified

  • odhran mccrudden
    odhran mccrudden

    This is a great video!

  • Armands Svikis
    Armands Svikis

    Tobi not representing his christian viewpoint>

  • LilDaWill

    My brain is legit bleeding

  • Blub76


  • The Vyze
    The Vyze

    If you look at a 24h clock, yeah, googled it, humans have been on this planet for 1 minute & 17 seconds. If that doesn't send you spiralling I don't know what will, we are nothing.

  • Pranav Raj
    Pranav Raj

    That guy next to vik is just annoying

    • Pranav Raj
      Pranav Raj

      @Akhil XY what about no?

    • Akhil XY
      Akhil XY


  • Williamdaboss

    Bro without God none of these tings could've existed, just putting it out there.🙏


    This was mental

  • maurice

    Guys make a video about the earth itself they say we are a small dot in the universe but not only in the universe there is like 75% of the earth that isnt seen by any human yet soo this means that in this small dot called the earth they are fighting making problems start wars racist labels on your head they making groups out of humans with labels try to think about how fkted this world really is and to think we are the only ones in the universe is like jj said impossible soo dont fall for the climate bullcrap they wanna scare us with fake shit the earth has never been more healthy more water beter air the leaders of the countries are the problem so why money has more value then a stone the money is made the stone was here alrdy before us they made money to have power we are the working ants in this world all the 200k years humans are Alive everything been the same with different scènes 1 guy telling everyone else what to do soo this big guy can make money this is why we have poor People and rich people soo all this problems started by us humans and this has nothing to do with the earth the earth has never been more healthy

  • ArchAngel Warrior
    ArchAngel Warrior

    The thing is what if the whole observable universe was just a marble that a huge Alien is playing with.

  • Prateek l
    Prateek l

    We can never find the end of universe because there is no end. Let's suppose we find it then what's beyond the end, if there's nothing, what is nothing? maybe there are still things there which are just invisible due to no light. But also how can be there is no end? We are not supposed to know that I guess. Even after death. MAN WHY DO WE EVEN EXIST !!

  • Wolf Vortex
    Wolf Vortex


  • Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards

    So u know how there’s water on Mars and we use to live there but we made it inhabitable so we had to escape by pods and Adam and Eve was on that and we crashed landed and killed the dinosaurs

  • Abbas Hazra
    Abbas Hazra

    i am 11 jj and i know that there is something faster than the speed of light - you seemed so curious so it is the expanding universe. the universe is gradually getting bigger, yes. it is also always accelerating so it was slow now it it is getting faster and faster

  • Joel Neuhaus
    Joel Neuhaus

    Still the best reacts video

  • Jonathan Shrier
    Jonathan Shrier

    The Sidemen meet Thanos should be a video!🤣

  • Peyton Simmons
    Peyton Simmons

    Coming back to this video to comment this. If the history of the universe was a calendar (January 1st is the beginning of the earth) if that makes sense. You would have to go to the very last second of December 31st and that’s when humans begin existence. Kinda crazy to think about.

  • Gene -
    Gene -

    21:00 i fucking died laughing, Tobi man

  • Henry Willett
    Henry Willett

    I feel pointless

  • Vain

    16:28 you know.. JJ is onto something, we all can see around us and agree that every resource is limited meaning that the universe cannot be infinite and so we know for a fact that the universe had a beginning and so basically... imagine at some point there was nothing no time no space no gravity nothing and suddenly all this.. the only conclusion you can come to is that a all powerful infinite being that made all this otherwise you'd be betting ur life on "nO tHe UnIVeRsE jUsT pOPpEd InTo eXiStEnCe" and yes I'm proposing that there is one almighty and one all powerful God. If anyone wants to argue feel free to do so I love myself a good discussion

  • Muhammad Nur Haikal Murat
    Muhammad Nur Haikal Murat

    If you know about the star and how we see the light like long time ago and the star we can see now

  • Fox boy
    Fox boy

    Vik I have something for you as you said if we find the edge of universe what we'll be beyond it

  • Gabriël G
    Gabriël G

    How do the sidemen all watch the video in sync while being in different houses?

  • Gabriël G
    Gabriël G

    Just imagine all this to be true, and think about that God who created all of this knows exactly who you are, what youre going through, he knows every hair on your head. How weird is it to know that the creator of EVERYTHING cares ahout each and every oje of you. I truly dont know God then

  • iksa 25
    iksa 25

    Tobi is black, stop trying to act smart, JJ is white PERIOD

  • Crüzy 1892
    Crüzy 1892

    Evolution. Ross,from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. would be loving this. 😂

  • Husky Ninja
    Husky Ninja

    Aliens probably know we exist and they're like "hell no. We ain't talking to those idiots.."

  • dulara bandulasena
    dulara bandulasena

    This would be even greater if simon was here

  • Thomas Langford 2019
    Thomas Langford 2019

    Nothing can go faster than light as it is pretty much the immovable speed limit of our universe but some NASA scientists believe that by warping space time infront and behind a spacecraft by using negative energy then you could theoretically pass the speed of light but no one knows if negative energy even exists.

  • Yung PRH
    Yung PRH

    if we could somehow generate wormholes anywhere at any time, we might be able to travel literally ANYWHERE in the universe within a few minutes or hours. doesn‘t matter if the desired location is 1 light-year away or 1 googolplex (10^100) light-years🤯🤯

  • Ray Kage
    Ray Kage

    Islam proves everything u need to know about this ... read quran some time it actually said that there is 7 skys and all this might be like a ring in the sahary desert

  • Lunar Delirious
    Lunar Delirious

    I’m just genna say i’m in University I’m going for space science

  • Pablo Martin (Student)
    Pablo Martin (Student)

    I hate this because all we can do is die because whe only live 100 human years not light

  • flyguy23

    They know because the light from the edges of the observable universe has reached us, homies

  • TheHeroicPotatoCZ

    Ok so hear me out. On planet earth there alteady was a human race before us on this exact same planet, but they have destroyed them selfs so hard that they left nothing behinde. Then planet Earth sloely healed and it all just started over.

  • H4ck3rRSS

    React to kurzgesagt's "True limit of humanity" video

  • Isa Hafeez Year 8
    Isa Hafeez Year 8

    Age x speed of light = distance from observable universe past drifting through the ultraviolet sound waves could mean the existence of extraterrestrial supernatural forms and since the universe is slowly dying and would turn into a singularity eventually e.g sun losing hydrogen this could mean that we are the only universe/ living beings left alive as the other universes have lost their necessities like the sun to survive

  • NotMeowth

    damn vik turned into a smart human being lmao

  • Friskyashigh the
    Friskyashigh the

    Here's another theory sidemen we as human being are not alone like there are other human beings that left earth 52 sextillion years ago and found a whole other universe think about that sidemen. And you may not believe me but we are the first of existence and that's why aliens that came into existence 9 trillion years after we started humanity came to our planet and talked with the government. And that's why we never got destroyed for that long cause aliens have space craft that can fly threw space with just a tiny rock as fuel for an infinity amount of time.

  • Lil Kgagg
    Lil Kgagg

    We can't be the first planet to have life on it as Mars used to have bacteria and other microorganisms before the plantet became dead

  • Abdalaziz hazim
    Abdalaziz hazim

    😂😂😂You guys are bunch of ignorant lazy to search and read atheists


    Human ego says I'm I'm I'm here .i think we nothing here how big our uniwarse . 1 power know everything. Thanks to voiger 1

  • imExpensivelyPoor YT
    imExpensivelyPoor YT

    Or what about God? 11:00

  • imExpensivelyPoor YT
    imExpensivelyPoor YT

    Tobi being Christian and trying to bite his tongue about the subject is so relatable

    • Valt Mystic
      Valt Mystic

      as a Muslim I can totally relate lol


    But if we are in a simulation made by some other life forms what's there universe like are we just in a segment of there's or did they make an entire new universe they made

  • BmazJr 2007
    BmazJr 2007

    If they every heard of the water drop theory where they say the observable universe is just a water drop in a bigger world

  • Antonio Arriola
    Antonio Arriola

    Religion is laughably false

  • William Prescott
    William Prescott

    fun fact every other planet including pluto can fit in between the earth and the moon

  • JuiceSipperIsNotReal


  • funny clips zone
    funny clips zone

    there is no centre of the universe if it is infinatly expanding ,no matter where you are in all of the galaxys

  • Edmond Duraku
    Edmond Duraku

    poor tobi

  • ITensin

    flat earthers bout to switch to flat universers

  • Saint Hades
    Saint Hades

    Office VIK

  • •

    This video in a nutshell josh and tobi: nervous giggle to hide fear and anxiousness vik: fascinated and invested jj: what in the who where huh??

  • Marchall Klein
    Marchall Klein

    or what if you guys just read the bible and see how humans was created😂

  • Ryan Winson
    Ryan Winson

    If it was God, who made God????? I'm going crazy 😂

  • Bao Nam Pham
    Bao Nam Pham

    babatunde belike: how would anyone survive

  • LyonSpear

    Idk why ppl are scared, God is with us 😂

    • Dannykedッ

      U dont know that 1 bit ur just bringing up ur coping mechanism

  • Memeade

    Earth is small but u can’t show us the fucking ocean

    • Dannykedッ

      The preasure of the ocean is so deep it makes it hard to explore

  • Danny Dragone
    Danny Dragone

    Ayooooo smoke a fat one right then put this shit on your minds going to be blown and you'll die laughing at the same time bruh this shit is too good lmaooo

  • Diego Parra
    Diego Parra

    Ngl the combination/collab reaction with vik,josh,tobi,jj is actually pretty good

  • Rock Johnson
    Rock Johnson

    I love seeing them get surprised by how insanely large the universe is

  • Nas

    its a simulation proof: Jj messed up his hair on character customisation

  • OGR Acid
    OGR Acid

    Alright imagine this. Imagine someone from our time, traveled back in time to the Egyptians, gave them a tesla. If that happened, they would take it apart and learn from it. Imagine where we'd be now.

    • Controlman

      They wouldn't know how to use those parts. The Egyptians were advanced for their time, but that doesn't really mean much considering the fact they used mud and stone to construct their architecture, and they pissed on planets to determine pregnancy. Now if you teleported a tesla to late 1800's USA or Great Britain, it's likely that the people there could figure out how to replicate the vehicle simply because they lived in an industrialized society at that point. Still, it wouldn't affect our current timeline. Time travel would work much differently from the movies.

  • OGR Acid
    OGR Acid

    4:25 *monke*

  • Madhujit Das
    Madhujit Das

    We are fucked

  • Ayush Dwivedi
    Ayush Dwivedi

    suppose there is an intersection of two observable universe with respect to life in each of them, then if there exists life in the intersection part too then maybe somehow we can get the info about the other part via the intersection. and thus our knowledge will not be limited to our observable universe only

  • Leon little
    Leon little

    Conspericy we all died in 2012 and this is a simulation

  • Bailey Owen-Marshall
    Bailey Owen-Marshall

    what if there are multiple in Dragon Ball Super for example.......and we're just 1, of an infinite or finite number of universes........

  • Bailey Owen-Marshall
    Bailey Owen-Marshall

    a quesion fro does space even exsist.....what makes space, why can we live on Earth and Earth live in space. Like fr wtf