FP2 Highlights | 2021 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
It was fast, it was frantic, but who came out on top?

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  • blessed ron
    blessed ron

    The track used on this video fits it quite well.

  • sekaran anjana
    sekaran anjana

    ய்ய ய. ய்ய ரண

  • Antonio Gomes
    Antonio Gomes


  • B2K


  • PEREZTurbo games
    PEREZTurbo games

    Didn't you like "Aberbaijan" at the preview, did you?

  • atushi gushikawa
    atushi gushikawa


  • Delara Gumpmann
    Delara Gumpmann

    Super place Azerbaijan

  • RM

    Ah, Valterri-Bottas-and-his-renowned-rally-driving-skills, we meet again.

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan

    Ferrari was destined to get DEJAVU.

  • jahsh jahsh
    jahsh jahsh

    What did she say about Leclerc? "carrying so much speed that the rub off area wasn't enough so he turned"? What sense did that make?

  • Armelle Angala
    Armelle Angala

    Vouspouvez être des youtubeurs

  • Daleh Don Daleh
    Daleh Don Daleh

    LH44 recording a statement......

  • bob llopple
    bob llopple

    yoo nobody talking about perez on pole!! dudes a beast deserved that seat so bad!

  • RGS1970

    Another sport that has become useless in modern times. Dont even generated enough cash for teams just burning cash from the riches but not even 1/10th excited that it was in the the 80s 90s ....

  • greyfortitude18

    Sunday race prediction: 1. checo 2. Bottas 3.verstappen

  • kb21

    C'mon Sebastian! You can do it

  • Desmond Yap
    Desmond Yap

    Giovinazzi is so underrated. Rooting for him on race day

  • Jeremy Frances
    Jeremy Frances

    Where's this pirouette?

  • Ryan

    It's Kimi that has the rally skills, not Bottas

  • Darren Lucas
    Darren Lucas

    Bye bye mercedes

    • Steve

      Haha p2

  • Trash Ultra
    Trash Ultra

    where fp3 highlights

    • Vlerke Damne
      Vlerke Damne

      @Trash Ultra understandable. It will probably be uploaded during quali. You should buy f1 tv it's 25 euros for a year.

    • Trash Ultra
      Trash Ultra

      @Vlerke Damne i just wanna watch it before quali

    • Vlerke Damne
      Vlerke Damne

      Chill dude it's always a little later. FP3 ended 1.5 hour ago it takes some time to edit.

  • Vlerke Damne
    Vlerke Damne

    Bottas seems to go off on purpose so he can do a donut 😂

  • Chris Wyett
    Chris Wyett

    F1 is tastier than a bacon sandwich 🥓

  • love bato
    love bato

    leclerc wanted to destroy his car, no need for run off area

  • Vlerke Damne
    Vlerke Damne

    1:30 Mazepin was actually furious at Carlos in the extended version for 'ruining his lap' (which was bs carlos gave him a tow actually) but they cut that part out. Mazepin said: "And then he expects me to help him on his lap". I'm assuming he blocked carlos on purpose then...

  • iskender lahmacun
    iskender lahmacun

    Well done Baku

  • andy de la rue
    andy de la rue

    Sad not much great engine notes ,just added noise to wreck it . Be nice not to have to put up with it ,

  • Ernie H
    Ernie H

    Riccardo needs to retire

  • zai achsan
    zai achsan

    Where, fp3?

  • Jan Yogyog
    Jan Yogyog

    No mercs? Finally!

    • Steve


    • David Goliath
      David Goliath

      You wish. lol

  • Deepak Urs
    Deepak Urs

    2:20 ..I like it

  • Lukas

    Can she do the race commentary instead of the guy that always yells ?

  • verklempt

    There’s more than enough space for leclerc in the runoff area

  • just a sick boy
    just a sick boy

    Charles why?

  • Lába Apád
    Lába Apád

    Go PEREZ!!!

  • Listoric

    How weird it is, to regularly see a second red bull on top of the leaderboard. I got so used to the fact that max basically was a one man team.

  • SnowdriftBoy

    "A Williams sandwich" - about to have lunch! Want one of those! 😋 2:33

  • Kalvin Clavir
    Kalvin Clavir

    Mazepin needs to realize he’s fighting for P17-P20...talking about Sainz hurting him while Sainz qualifies P3 after FP2😂😂

  • Daniyar Sadykov
    Daniyar Sadykov

    Who still remembers Aberbaijan?

  • Kapitan Lako
    Kapitan Lako

    This williams is so beatiful

  • United 4 Victory
    United 4 Victory

    Redbull will get an fine in the end of the season for the wing. Something they did for make this car fastest

  • utkarsh upadhyay
    utkarsh upadhyay

    2007 king kimi where did that came from

  • Nicat Nuriyev
    Nicat Nuriyev

    FORMULA 1 YES 👍🏻💪🏻🇦🇿 GEORGİA 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Rico needs to step his game up

  • tucci3tears

    I think if Bottas is at Mercedes next year we will see a Lewis vs nico part 2

  • fer262

    1:39 can’t wait for this kid to retire

    • fer262

      @Babatunde wotah hopefully next year

    • Babatunde wotah
      Babatunde wotah

      Well its not gonna be soon.

  • Orlano


  • Aidid Salim
    Aidid Salim

    Bottas for win

  • Joshua Handley
    Joshua Handley

    Appreciate how well giovinazzi is doing

  • sadiem

    I'm confused wasn't. There supposed to be a qualifying session instead of fp2

  • Anders Ottosen
    Anders Ottosen

    Mercedes sandbagging

  • ガムスユウキ


  • Vadasz Mate
    Vadasz Mate

    Mazepin does everything to be hated by every racer.

  • Midaspl

    Lol, I just un-maximized the video at the beginning, to check if I didn't turn on 2019 highlights by accident.

  • Emenesu

    Mazepin needs to go. So tired of him already.

  • serure nezer
    serure nezer


  • Alex Gleeson
    Alex Gleeson

    What's happened to Mercedes???

    • David Goliath
      David Goliath

      P2 thats what happened.

  • Raiyan Tanveer Moledina (Class of 2022)
    Raiyan Tanveer Moledina (Class of 2022)

    All hands up for checo 🥳🥳🥳

  • _sam_

    “Giving him an opportunity to show off some of his renowned rally driver skills” *2020 Turkish Gp intensifies*

  • Cherry 4C
    Cherry 4C

    This is why i said don't give me hope (at the start of the vid)

  • starbwoi 1
    starbwoi 1

    LEWIS TO BREAK SCHUMACHER RECORD: F1 sports is like a cult WWF. They all working together secretly to ensure Lewis doesn't break Michael Schumacher 7 🏆, including his own team, they did it 2016 to make nico win.

    • starbwoi 1
      starbwoi 1

      @Eric John was Alonso? And button useless?

    • Eric John
      Eric John

      Yes, Lewis is a 7 time world heavyweight champion. His titles were staged. Useless teammate, no competition since 2014.

  • LiftyPlays

    Im starting to think that mercedes have bad luck with flex wings

  • Vishanth Divakar
    Vishanth Divakar

    Everybody loves drifting 😂

  • prabha

    the way bottas u turn it was so awesome

  • Utkarsh Verma
    Utkarsh Verma

    i can sense this race will have a lot of dnf at turn 1

  • korey samuel
    korey samuel


  • Shaurea Tyagi
    Shaurea Tyagi

    Ferrari winner believe it or not guys.

  • Sudharsan S
    Sudharsan S

    Red bull: Drop a Gear and Disappear Mercedes: Drink a Beer and Reappear Ferrari : Flat Out Tyre and Hit the Barrier Baku Circuit made them ruiners

  • Aryan Hutomo
    Aryan Hutomo

    Mazepin sok pro

  • 0x4E0x650x6F

    What a Horrible track....

  • luka luka
    luka luka

    Only vibes and lockups

  • Manu14Smoke

    Can someone explain me want happened to Mercedes after Spanish GP ?

    • David Goliath
      David Goliath

      Hamilton 2nd.What?

  • Jay Dabbelju
    Jay Dabbelju

    AMR being as disappointing as always.

  • Andy Taylor
    Andy Taylor

    Anyone else headbanging to this progressive metal music?

  • Rajas

    Something is going on with Ferrari engine. Even alfa romeos are performing better now. We know how it turned out last time. Hmmm

  • Palati Watt
    Palati Watt

    Checo..king of the FP. 👏👏

  • Palati Watt
    Palati Watt

    Ferrari is improve of their ride. That's great. 👍👍

  • Guarny

    1:19 That is Max replay not Checo's haha

  • Jernej Dolinšek
    Jernej Dolinšek

    The best video!!

  • RC2K


  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith

    Q3 : RB and Ferrari 1-4 grid lockout World : *absolute scenes*

  • The PineApple
    The PineApple

    0:58 The -Michelin- Mclaren man

  • HerStory

    I didn't have much problem with mazepin till now tbh, he's here because of money, sure, that wasn't enough for me to hate him. But today what he did with sianz was childish and goes well with 'rich spoiled brat'

  • Sankarshan Kulkarni
    Sankarshan Kulkarni

    Oh mercedes! Why do you play mind games with fans? We know that you are gonna get pole position and win the race with double podium.

  • Michele Di Pietro
    Michele Di Pietro

    Now MAZES🅱️IN has a new friend ahha SAINZ

  • N N
    N N

    Baku 😍

  • kimur ell
    kimur ell


  • Ta Rung
    Ta Rung

    Mazepin is clearly lacking in sportsmanship and skill

  • Fansy Pansy Fan
    Fansy Pansy Fan

    TiametMarduk predicted the Charles Leclerc crash LOL

  • FSharp

    Must be difficult for the rookies to cope when they're denied gaining more experience because of random mechanical issues. Those FP runs are too vital to miss out on :/

  • Colourless sky
    Colourless sky

    Does ferrari have a chance.. Because every poll i saw on ISnets didn't even mention ferrari

  • Darwin Singh
    Darwin Singh

    Get in there, Lewis.

  • GlennInOC

    I was never a fan of F1 until I began watching the Netflix series and that totally changed my view when really coming to understanding how F1 works and as to what the drivers and support team have to go through. Fan for life now.

  • Christopher Tang
    Christopher Tang

    I'm liking the shakeup of the order in Baku - looking forward to qualifying!

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant

    I hope this is the final result come Sunday. Both RBR and Ferrari up front while cry boy Lewis way down

  • Samuel Suen
    Samuel Suen

    Bono my pace is gone

  • Googl Reviews
    Googl Reviews

    That Williams is an absolute garbage, Latifi needs to get out of there, Russell can stay, it suits him.

    • Googl Reviews
      Googl Reviews

      @Gel Mir That's modern F1, Stroll is arguably worst driver out there but talent doesn't play as big of a role in F1 any more. Daddys with deep pockets run F1 lol

    • Gel Mir
      Gel Mir

      Latifi is pretty much paying just to stay in F1.

  • Connor M.
    Connor M.


  • Good Day
    Good Day

    Mercedes sandbagging or what happened?

  • Slow Swimmer
    Slow Swimmer