The future we're building -- and boring | Elon Musk
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Elon Musk discusses his new project digging tunnels under LA, the latest from Tesla and SpaceX and his motivation for building a future on Mars in conversation with TED's Head Curator, Chris Anderson.
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  • Niamesi Trixal
    Niamesi Trixal


  • Goku 4
    Goku 4

    Beautiful thing about this interview shows the wavelength of Elon Musk's thought cannot be understood by any common people so they laugh and later on they'll realise how useful was it.

  • Alicia Krull
    Alicia Krull


  • jansen55

    If cars could hover through space rather than fly. Yes.

  • Kay C
    Kay C

    I imagine this is what would happen to a person if they never wasted half of their life making small talk about the weather or sports. This man is incredibly smart, but so considerate of others too. Like if anyone could build flying cars, he could. And yet, he's thought about reducing people's anxiety and decided that whole flying thing wasn't a good idea.

  • Rohan Mahadik
    Rohan Mahadik

    Elon musk is very down to Mars man 🔥

  • Smith Monday
    Smith Monday

    Bitcoin trading right now will be at every wise individuals list. In few minutes you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today


      Crypto is the future, trading crypto has become a lucrative way of making money Stock are good too

  • Manish Kumar
    Manish Kumar

    This is real ironmen

  • mordekay geanini
    mordekay geanini

    I'm not saying his dumb but talking he sure sounds like one.fck.

  • Ben

    It's absolutely crazy how a single man can change the world so much. If he gets us to another planet like he plans humanity is going to live for so much longer than it otherwise would.

  • Preeti Vasania
    Preeti Vasania


  • Sylvia A
    Sylvia A

    mind blown

  • ha abdo
    ha abdo

    tunnel project is very risky due to the weak or changing soil underground, tesla, spacex were good projects.. but not this one elon sorry.

  • Florin Sorin Morosan
    Florin Sorin Morosan

    Pls some one make a Movie with him

  • audrey nguyen
    audrey nguyen

    My seven year old Philip Lu reckon Elon Musk says um um ah ah repeatedly is because when he were young he read books to much and now he spending time working over 20hrs no time for communication! What’s you guys reckon ?

  • Luis Cayetano
    Luis Cayetano

    Common Sense Skeptic demolishes the myths built around Elon Musk.

  • Luis Cayetano
    Luis Cayetano


  • Steve B
    Steve B

    If aliens were to visit earth...Elon would be the most favorable candidate to speak with them.


    You can't uninvent anything! The chip and logic will save or kill us all.

  • Is Om Be
    Is Om Be

    So go and eat an animal.

  • Alexander Coates
    Alexander Coates

    This guy is insane. The things he says make no sense. He's basically perpetually stoned but also rich af

  • Panda Is cool
    Panda Is cool

    I feel like in like 30 years Elon musk is gonna become like “mom” from futurama

  • Padma Sagina
    Padma Sagina

    Great.but Must be careful 👌👍

  • Arun Smoki
    Arun Smoki


  • Alana Lilley
    Alana Lilley

    Smart man

  • sliish 420
    sliish 420

    Musk is overrated. You think he designed the cars? Or the spaceships? He's just another businessman who tries to appear charming to excuse the absurd amount of wealth he's hoarding.

  • Madan Lama
    Madan Lama

    The Boring Company very nice and very funny whats funny about that? no answer

  • Garrott Roddy
    Garrott Roddy

    elons thinking in a nutshell (i try to think about the future and not be sad)

  • cameriqueTV

    So what happens when the tunnels flood from global warming?

  • Jarod David
    Jarod David

    His biggest competitor in the future is going to be someone who develops cities above ground rather than below

  • Thrill xX
    Thrill xX

    Elon Musk Is Undoubtedly One Of the Greatest Mind in this World who believes in living and creating solutions for the universe and being richest or more succesful is just a by-product of the change he brings to the universe.

  • Young Artz
    Young Artz

    people don't know when to laugh or take thing serious and that is hilarious!

  • Naomi Tone
    Naomi Tone

    I have a question.If you want to use the GPS sistems underground,will the satellites' waves be able to reach the cars?

  • Kushagra Srivastav
    Kushagra Srivastav

    What will be the profit of EM in digging Tunnels???

  • Bastian Tönz
    Bastian Tönz

    In 100 years kids will learn about the Einstein (Elon Musk) of the 21st century who saved their world.

  • Andreas Kærby Ravn
    Andreas Kærby Ravn

    if a car breaks down in a tunnel, it blocks all other traffic.

    • Ben

      I bet he didn't think of that. He'll probably give up on the boring company when he reads this now. /s

  • Andrew

    15:18 Looks like Elon was wrong :/

  • Lol lol
    Lol lol

    He is very handsome be must be in Hollywood industry

  • Hero killer Gaming
    Hero killer Gaming

    Build housing upwards. Saves more space

  • Gandwanamumma

    How many species have you killed or been resposable for Illiminating on the earth with your designs? What is your carbon footprint? If hemp taking up millions of acres of land won't solve the problem, that is called monoculture. Sorry, but what about our natural environments? Housing needs to change, the best way is to reuse our waste. Earthships provide all we need. Think globally act locally. Understand the EARTH from the eye if an eagle, your local environment is not tought in schools. Don't allow multinational company's to rip up the land. Learn how our ancestors lived. Survival means respecting the earth and all that lives there. Use local natural products in your local forests that you look after. We are the keepers of the garden, not a developer of another multinational industry. Depopulate, educate to pass on knowledge and heal our soils, air and water. Are you still supporting the plastic indusry? You are killing millions of our earth's species. Grow your own, make your own in balance to the natural environment. But we can use a local product. The Indigenous, Aborigines knew how. Learn from indiginous peoples how to survive as these are the humans that understand the balance of nature, they will survive, not the humans relying on artificial environment. Be forest alert, water and air alert. This is all that matters. Survival amongst all that live on earth. You and Gates do not understand our precious environments breaking down is going to wipe out humans first.

  • Chris Hardy
    Chris Hardy

    Putting Cars on a Skate takes away the purpose of driving. Computers are surely not the way.

  • Flyin Grandpa
    Flyin Grandpa

    I LOVE this Guy....

  • Franki 11
    Franki 11


  • 5 Star Vids
    5 Star Vids

    Omg he stutters around very annoying da da da da da da yer da da da da yer da da da omg !

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    1 chance to go home

    • Kathryn Nordlund
      Kathryn Nordlund


    • Kathryn Nordlund
      Kathryn Nordlund


    • Kathryn Nordlund
      Kathryn Nordlund


    • Kathryn Nordlund
      Kathryn Nordlund

      In a tree hugger

    • Kathryn Nordlund
      Kathryn Nordlund

      Make eventually becomes best friend's

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    1 in a eon

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Superior human senceroy

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Mobster in room to hurt people's

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Drop you.r keys into lava then go get them

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Gravity holds us to earth

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund


  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Quantam dynamics

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    You don't understand the problem here

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Crypto currency's is not felt in heart nor your head

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Bit coins

  • Kathryn Nordlund
    Kathryn Nordlund

    Drill your screwdriver in my brain

  • Porter Mind
    Porter Mind

    Common sense sounds stupid at first to humans.

  • Everyday FYi
    Everyday FYi

    I think he's wrong about the auto Driving car, most people simply won't afford to purchase one in 10 years.

  • SGfan5000

    I'm concerned about the fault line that would result in mass injuries/death and repairs.

  • Let's Talk About it
    Let's Talk About it

    Robo taxi here we come



  • Andrew abc
    Andrew abc

    Oh to have been there in the audience, with no-one in a rush to go home afterwards, the wonder written on everyone's faces and the conversations that would be had :)

  • Diamond Cutter
    Diamond Cutter

    Waking up and looking forward to doing what you love every day is harmony. "Dream big and dare to fail."- Dr.Dave Janda.

  • Diamond Cutter
    Diamond Cutter

    He's right about solar roofs being standard at some time in the near future. Think about how hot roofs can get.

  • Diamond Cutter
    Diamond Cutter

    Tunneling in a quagmire of quake faults under LA?

  • matthew gurstein
    matthew gurstein

    I do agree with 98.6% of your vision of Mr Big.would we eliminate judges and we the people each one of us vote yea or nay ?

  • Cameron Wyatte
    Cameron Wyatte

    People better pray that these evil portals are closed...

  • Cameron Wyatte
    Cameron Wyatte

    Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were free masons. That Hedron collider in SWITZERLAND this man is looking for a way to control the Creator....

  • Cameron Wyatte
    Cameron Wyatte

    This man is evil...

  • Samantha Carter
    Samantha Carter

    @LIVE - where disk (DRIVE) ELon muskk COE TOO _) BB MM+1

  • Wojciech Mann
    Wojciech Mann

    We shoudl learn how to put Elon brain in to a pen drive

  • kalia rahul
    kalia rahul

    Dent coin

  • Gio Zm
    Gio Zm

    I think Linus explained very well everything :) :D

  • fernando dasilva
    fernando dasilva

    Musk you are destroying the world


    I love this guy. He has such a dry sense of humor and a badass smarty pants.


      @Luis Cayetano or taking peoples ideas and making them better.

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano

      @SUPER NOVA He's successful at taking credit for other people's ideas and work.

    • Luis Cayetano
      Luis Cayetano

      @SUPER NOVA His good ideas? Like what?


      @Luis Cayetano you said, " most." not MOST ideas are good. But look at what his GOOD ideas have done. You think negativly.


      @Luis Cayetano um no they are not. His ideas are to help the world not distroy it like most. so anyone helping the world is a warrior to me. And how are his ideas so bad if he is so sucsessful?

  • Yum Carter
    Yum Carter

    I'm here

  • oVerGOOF

    He's an engineer, not a CEO

  • Neuro Philosophers
    Neuro Philosophers

    This was thee years ago. And now we’re completely spoiled used to seeing giants rockets flip and make a landing once a week lmao

  • Felicia Kiara Jonsson
    Felicia Kiara Jonsson

    I am boring to 😂😂

  • jacek kowalczyk
    jacek kowalczyk

    back to this interview from 2021 - and honestly this sounds like a child dream or visiion

  • Kelly Halidone
    Kelly Halidone

    We need to find an emission that can run planes like hybrid cars 🚗

  • Jacob Anderson
    Jacob Anderson

    He's just too smart. To the point he has an aura abt him. Strange energy. And he's clearly holding back.

  • Darsey Kohl
    Darsey Kohl

    What about sinkholes? Will this cause them, over time?

  • Virgie Mata
    Virgie Mata

    Awesome video. Proud to be American because of Elon Musk... super genius... saviour of the human kind.

  • ludgatecircus15

    He has reached EVERYONE of these goals to some extent.

  • A M
    A M

    This tunnel stuff, what a stupid idea. Who wants to dance around LA when there's internet? Soon nobody will need to go to the office or whatever work. Congestion problem solved. Next.

  • Jznh

    Elon = deus

  • Kailash Gouda
    Kailash Gouda

    Thanks sir

  • coldwarunicorns

    When might more of the general public be allowed to travel outside the crater? Perhaps after completion of the Cross-Crater Highspeed rail in California ?

  • Shreeya Sharma
    Shreeya Sharma

    14:53 "ten times better than humans would" 🤨

  • Shreeya Sharma
    Shreeya Sharma

    Pov: he's from Mars and he's helping us catching up so we can communicate with Mars inhabitants

  • m trolle
    m trolle

    Thats brillliant👌

  • James Daryl Tecson
    James Daryl Tecson

    39:51 - 40:04

  • Heather Toomey
    Heather Toomey

    3:13 "They're right." That just makes me LOVE his personality so much more! It shows that he has nothing to prove. He doesn't even bat an eye when someone disagrees with him, because he's totally secure with his ability to overcome anything. "They're right." He didn't say, "They're wrong because..." How open-minded! Not a "right or wrong" game, but a problem-solving game

    • Nikko Anthony
      Nikko Anthony

      Uh everyone thinks that dude unless they’re right

  • Daniel Sørensen
    Daniel Sørensen

    So really get him on the topic of the human race survival. But it kinda hurts when he says he does not see himself as a "savior". From my understanding people like him with mostly good intentions, brains and resources could actually be that guy saving the Earth.

  • Rud Beckia
    Rud Beckia

    Earthquakes may be a snafu

  • Rebecca Abrams
    Rebecca Abrams

    I would not want to be in that tunnel when the big earthquake hits. That's why average houses do not have basements in California. And, good news electrical cars will increase the traffic jams on the 405 in L.A., weeee!

  • Felicia Kiara Jonsson
    Felicia Kiara Jonsson

    I am boring to 😂😂

  • Lucky Roo
    Lucky Roo

    literally the tesla models say S 3 X Y

  • Anibal Juan
    Anibal Juan

    Asesinar Bolivianos por Litio es inhumano, eso no es progreso.