The Dark Side Of Spotify
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Ever since Spotify changed way we listened to music, a disturbing underworld has emerged in the company's wake. Today's video will tackle the many criticisms and shadier actions taken by the company.
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      Violinist Viddy

      hey do you have any contact info?

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      Jack Towers

      Props for using video samples from The Zeitgeist films

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      Huib Piguillet

      If you don't care about security at all, go for dashlane yeah..

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      Haphazard Lark

      Even as someone exhausted by the existence of advertisement as a concept I have to recognize a well-executed ad break segue in a video lol

    • Ricardo32

      @Padoru Padoru Bitwarden is one I would recommend but I personally use KeePassDX available on f-droid meaning it is open source and has no trackers and it is an offline password manager. While Bitwarden is a cloud based password manager. But if you want to know which one is better for you just watch this video.

  • gloom bunny
    gloom bunny

    it is 100% juice and if you think not, look into it harder.

  • Jake Setnik Vox
    Jake Setnik Vox

    Nothing compares to the biggest music hack in history, U2 randomly ending up on everybody's iPhone in 2014 lmao

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    Qrty 543

    got 3 spotify ads watching this

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    Francisco Samir

    Likma Bawls is a great musician

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    Purpz Warsong

    God tier content as always dude! much love and respect!

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    Chris99 1

    “A billion views stolen from Chris Brown” Oh boy... “I WOKE UP CHRIS BREEZY!”

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    Harley Dorman

    No homo is this how your voice always sounds or just deeper because you have a mic up close. Makes me feel like my voice is high pitch disney-esque

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    Sheparoni Spotify Playlists

    Follow Sheparoni on Spotify for playlists. Artists dm me @sheparoni_spotify

  • Dylan Stice
    Dylan Stice

    Humans never fail to completely disappoint me. We are a fucking waste.

  • Bryce

    Here is what I would do though this may not be feasible and has other issues. Decide on what amount of each subscription will go to the artists, maybe 90% or something, I don’t know the costs involved with running the service. Then, rather than pooling the overall market share and using that, go on a per user basis. So let’s say $10 of a subscription (obviously would be less but round numbers are good for calculations) goes to the artists. If I listen to 5 songs, each one of my listens would be worth $2 but if someone else does 10 listens, each one of theirs would be worth $1. If it could go by listening time, that would work even better so even just clicking on a song is technically worth a tiny bit, but listening to the whole song is worth much more. I don’t work for Spotify so this may not be possible with their current software but that’s how I would do it if I was starting from scratch.

  • Akari

    Dark side of spotify is just spotify blasting mcdonalds ads in my ears while im trying to cry to a good song.

  • Steven Shoemake
    Steven Shoemake

    Pareto distribution..

  • BMW e63 StreetZm
    BMW e63 StreetZm

    Man, are you Mr.Nightmare???

  • Isaac West
    Isaac West

    Dash lane does the same thing with ISnets!!

  • Kojoizfreshz

    I remember my old account got hack and it kept playing whatever song it was at the moment (unknown artist) it got really annoying, so I sign out and reset my password

  • Dick Diamonds
    Dick Diamonds

    Now Kanye owns it lol...illuminati confirmed

  • James Barclay
    James Barclay

    Shouldn’t the advertisers that Spotify is funded by notice a drop in advertising effectiveness and drop their prices?

  • codemiesterbeats

    I understand the idea of a private company being able to act in its own "interest" but the whole concept of free speech on sites like facebook and things have me questioning this notion... For example it would be like old school Bell-South saying certain words on their telephones would end the connection LOL could you imagine?

  • Bryce Hoffman
    Bryce Hoffman

    I loved this part: “...but it does appear that there may be some evidence that could allegedly lead you to believe that some people may have be participating...” just a fresh dose of CYA in case the bad guys with big lawyers come knocking.

  • 6cmcnc6

    This is why people should just listen to what they like, fuck what they tell you is “popular”. Most people don’t really like music anyways just the idea of it.

  • Antyyy

    Apple Music all day long

  • TheRealTraumatize


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    Ankur Sheoran


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    records are better, just you and the vinyl, no douchebags

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    hell yes change ur channel name to slightly socialist

  • José, Richard of Fish
    José, Richard of Fish

    Wow. Great stuff. Keep up the good work. You are Edward R. Murrow.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    Spotify are the Pied Pipers of the music industry.

  • Mark Freeman
    Mark Freeman

    I remember clearly arguing with ppl 20 years ago, why getting rid of piracy would not result in some kind of utopia, it would simply shapeshift, go underground or become something more toxic and virulent. 2021: Here we are.

  • Speez Speez
    Speez Speez

    I'm a little more confused than I was before

  • Mmm Applesauce
    Mmm Applesauce

    17:40 LESSS GOOOO

  • 1.5x playback everything - thank me later
    1.5x playback everything - thank me later

    Funny how this has been exposed since 2015 or so, yet here we are still. Support your favorite artists directly guys

  • Jacob Hall
    Jacob Hall

    I’ve only watched the start but before I continue watching I thought I’d mention an experience of mine. I use to have Spotify and I never shared it with anyone. One day though my music kept getting changed, like I would be listening to a song then a random Latino song would start playing, I would change it and it would change back. Playlists were created that I didn’t make and things were getting weird. I immediately logged out of every device changed my passwords, fixed everything up. But then it happened again, and again. Eventually I completely got locked out of my account, with my email changed and everything. I again changed everything, my passwords etc. and shut down my Spotify. Never got it again after that.

  • Egg Whitey
    Egg Whitey

    What is the actual crime for running the phone farm? It sounds like abusing a loophole and that's it.

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart

    You can do the same thing on ISnets. You can literally make 1000’s month simply posting lyric vids, reposting other’s vids w different names, and streaming a pointless song on Spotify.

  • Koby

    real ones use spotify ++

    • R. M.
      R. M.

      Real morons maybe

  • Daniel Eliades
    Daniel Eliades

    This was a really important episode, thank you for creating this for us.

  • RetroHabit82

    The same Spotify that has been deleting JRE videos deemed vulgar?

  • ExpressNumber -
    ExpressNumber -

    VNP lol Fantano

  • Internet Guy
    Internet Guy

    Prison - "So, what are you in for" "Oh, just commiting fruad by mining spotify plays"

  • Chase J
    Chase J

    capitalism is drilling everything into the ground holy fuck

  • Wizard Lords
    Wizard Lords

    I was here for dark side of the moon:(

  • Me itsme
    Me itsme

    Humans literally becoming viruses; is it evolution or devolution?

  • William Watson
    William Watson

    Fuck spotify

  • M S
    M S

    People finding out how to make money from doing nothing from other people that do nothing who cares? Entertainers don't provide shit to the economy they shouldn't make a lot of money anyway.

  • Buck_shot419

    very interesting had no clue about This whole spotify escapade. As a artist being musical and Graphics. It should never be just about the money, if your just about the money your music sucks. It should be about the passion and love of what you do, The money should be secondary. can't tell you how many times i would create something on a project. would be perfect for the vision of what the customer wanted and message i was delivering. Many times the client will have their opinion change at last second. interfere with minor/major details that can completely change the direction of everything . water down the message or interfere with the dynamics of flow. I respect modern artist who splat paint on a canvas to charge 10k to some rich fuck who only wants to impress friends who could give a fuck about art any way. It's a win win for everyone

  • Ethan Hudson
    Ethan Hudson

    Capitalism did it again

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    KaRoL Gamer

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    Liz C

    Um... God bless America?

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    Random Amateur

    Goddamn... I'm deleting spotify!

  • Jazz Man
    Jazz Man

    capitalist company doesn't care about the well being of it's people 🥺🥺 I'm shocked

  • rprx

    Bandcamp (maybe soundcloud? though it's still terrible) has become the jesus of music retail (don't even mention beatport pls...) but I suspect there's stuff to be found there too :-D

    • R. M.
      R. M.

      Oh just download them for free

  • Michael Surber
    Michael Surber

    “Starving artists” it’s been that way through the ages :/

    • R. M.
      R. M.

      Yeah I guess they'll have to have 7 mansions instead of 8

  • Nadja Krzyżańska
    Nadja Krzyżańska

    bro get a better mic plz my ears hurt

  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose

    Wow! I know I'm super late to this video but this is so interesting. Horrible but interesting. Thank you.

  • joere Snakenborg
    joere Snakenborg

    Thats why stop using that sjit ☠️☠️ On internet

  • Emir Kaya
    Emir Kaya

    20 dollars per phone?? damn where do i sign up

    • R. M.
      R. M.

      You couldn't even pay the phone bill with that

  • Ibn Fawda
    Ibn Fawda

    Love it when Hollywood elites are snugly critical of Wall Street, banking, the commodities industry, and many other necessary and useful industries (imagine George Clooney) but fail to acknowledge the cesspools of the entertainment industries. The greed, the passive and active coverups of sexual harassment and rape, and the harmful messages of Goop and other products.... this is another example. Artists will claim ignorance and blame the suits but, besides being nonsense, they can directly influence these practices and choose not to do so in a positive way. Wonderful ethics.

  • Amy Gledstone
    Amy Gledstone

    I miss the days where I could pay a couple of dollars and own a song on Google music. I built myself a nice playlist with 60 of my favorite songs. I would add a new song every couple of weeks. Then Google music shut down and I had to go to ISnets Music, I was able to transfer the songs I own but can no longer buy music. Instead I get constantly asked if I want a free trial of premium. I can at least add songs and just get an ad before those songs play but even when listening to my purchased songs it randomly stops playing after a few songs. I really resent that access to so many things now requires a subscription

  • Xyshom Avazax
    Xyshom Avazax

    Music. Everyone wants it, no one wants to pay for it. The people who make it mostly don’t want to get rich, but the record “industry” (which is nothing but an entertain cartel) continues to not only find more ways to exploit musicians and listeners, but has created an online infrastructure to allow others to exploit the system interests of artists and fans.

  • J Brunch
    J Brunch

    Hollywood is 10x worse with their fraudulent movie numbers.

  • R Rocco
    R Rocco

    I kept telling my friends Vevo was a sham since 2010. Now I have the evidence to back it up.

  • Sillem

    12:29 ancient signs of simp activity in the comments of Beyonce's VEVO.

  • Andrew Correa
    Andrew Correa

    My spotify got hacked recently...

  • Jarjarvideos

    I've always hated the music industry, but damn.

  • Oliver He
    Oliver He

    This is why vinyl is better than digital

  • Fire Flame James
    Fire Flame James

    10/10 video

  • Nicholas Johnston
    Nicholas Johnston

    Apple Music gang

  • Billzo Aiken
    Billzo Aiken

    Wow! Could you have come up with a better 20 minute advertisement for Dashlane? Maybe you're complicit in some scandal to make popular ISnets videos for prominent sponsors. Will the next video be about some serious Deep State problem that only a subscription to Audible can solve?

  • Samurai Guy
    Samurai Guy

    So... Anyone want to join me on tidal?

  • Brawltendo

    The French Montana situation is even more interesting when you consider that the same song made its way into NFS Heat after it had already flopped, and around the same time it was in that game it got a ton of inflated streams exclusively on Spotify. It makes me wonder just how many other recent games with licensed soundtracks have had something similar. Other songs that were in NFS Heat didn’t seem to have that same thing happen, however there was an instrumental of a song that wasn’t even released until months after Heat came out which is a bit weird but not unheard of.

  • Shoaz don
    Shoaz don

    I want to do this now

  • Lalo Arr
    Lalo Arr

    Kind of a shame bc it's a really good app. (Only if you have premium tho) idk how y'all can even stand the fcking ads and strict shuffle play option on the free version😷

  • Vermemme adsf
    Vermemme adsf

    "databases" are on clear web. not deep. all is on clear sadly

  • Doot

    Guys I think SlightlySociable and BarelySociable are the same people but idk tho

  • Devon Sundgren
    Devon Sundgren

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  • Damir Maatar
    Damir Maatar

    I watch clickbait videos with ISnets Vanced, hence i dont make their clickbait profitable

  • Damir Maatar
    Damir Maatar

    Modded apk goes brrrrrrr

  • Jacob Reinhart
    Jacob Reinhart

    This is eye opening

  • TheExileFox

    re: youtube deleting views and doing other garbage. The fact that they killed off the legend Maniac Synth is something they should get fined for due to the size, quality and variety of music that was lost within a niche genre (outrun/synthwave)

  • Fameless

    dude your voice is amazing

  • Phobos TK
    Phobos TK

    "98.6% of artists on spotify made an average of 11$ a month" Wow, like in real life!

    • R. M.
      R. M.

      How are they rich then? Guess they'll have to sell one of their ferraris

  • Momentum Lando.
    Momentum Lando.

    and this is y apple music is superior

  • MaziNnamah

    Wow. This is the most eye opening video that ive watching in a while. Extremely shocking

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    MrTallPants s

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  • SavedEmperor

    People are stupid if they pay for such subscriptions i for example have everything for free Because how copy and paste is theft? 😂

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    Mac seldom

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  • Xoze Graf
    Xoze Graf

    While although I found this video interesting,

  • The Tilt
    The Tilt

    Macedonia (or North Macedonia these days) is my neighbour country and as we were all once a same country (Yugoslavia) we do stick together, especially in art world. There's literally no local news in this part of the world about Ana Olgica or her father. It would be impossible to see someone this huge without any news talking at least once about her. Also, while it might be an artist name, they actually state that his father is also Olgica which is very suspicious. 99% of Macedonian people have surnames that ends on -ski (female surnames end with -ska). Plus it's a really small country so someone this worldwide would be glorified inside of the country. I will check with my Macedonian friends if there was some local buzz about her and keep you updated if I find out that I anything new, but, I'm 99% sure it's fake artist.

  • Matias Bahamondes
    Matias Bahamondes

    It's quite yucky THE reason why artists earn crap is because people just want money.

  • a o
    a o

    Nornalize the audio ffs.

  • Tomaž Pirš
    Tomaž Pirš

    26:27 i know Mayhen are fucked up, but they are still real artists

  • tylerbarnett1988

    You cracked the whole damn music industry in a 30 min video you are truly a genius bro for real I love your content I learn so damn much!

  • pppxxyy

    wow I feel so vindicated haha. when I made a spotify account I'd found that my email had already been used somehow and the username looked like some weird bot name. I made a post about it on reddit but it got downvoted and got some passive aggressive 'nobody cares' kind of answer.

    • pppxxyy

      @R. M. Reddit is a weird place but 'insane liberals' is def not how I would put it. There's for sure a wide variety of intense people. I think in my case maybe people just didn't want to accept that a service they use a lot is kind of sketchy.

    • R. M.
      R. M.

      Reddit is toxic and filled with insane liberals

    • pppxxyy

      @that kid I did in the end. It was just a super weird experience and left me with questions of how and why it was being used which were never answered. I think I got spotify to delete it then I created a new account.

    • that kid
      that kid

      couldn’t you just claim that account still anyway because they’re using your email? just be like oh yeah nah I forgot my password send out an email lmao

  • Drawing_Kuma

    dude, your voice is creepy af, i'm now scared of spotify.... kinda hot tho, not gonna lie

  • Mink

    I don’t use Spotify anymore and I noticed that after a few years of not using it I had hundreds of suspicious login attempts and several successful logins. I changed my password for the account and continued to not use it and I STILL had suspicious login attempt emails flooding me. Switching to Apple Music is the only way I could be at peace and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made 😭

  • Khaled Harb
    Khaled Harb

    Just as all my friends have been telling me to switch from apple to spotify. Can't win these capitalists lol

  • Maggie

    Most music nerds don't even listen to those curated lists. I'm Just saying.

  • Patrick Boulet
    Patrick Boulet

    Thought this was about Pink Floyd, not disappointed