The Great High School Nerf War - Part 1
An introductory video to the great Nerf War of 2015.

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  • The Sea Rabbit
    The Sea Rabbit

    PSA to those people wondering where Part 2 is: it is not made yet. If you're new here you should know it does take a while for me to upload videos as I am also a full time student. Your patience is appreciated :]

    • Muffin


    • Procrastinating cartoons TM
      Procrastinating cartoons TM


    • James Hemmington
      James Hemmington


    • cheems burger
      cheems burger

      Hey whats the name of the rifle you used?

    • Technologyfrog


  • Christian Diaz
    Christian Diaz

    My team would of been “brother hood of form”

  • pilot_bruh57

    I come from the search of planes


    Them: Uses just normal nerf guns Me: shows up with my nerf titan and Rhino

  • Maximum Gaming
    Maximum Gaming

    I wanna do this

  • Lion man
    Lion man

    God hilarious

  • Bowser Jr
    Bowser Jr


  • William Yarnell
    William Yarnell

    What high school did you go to do this Nerf war at the end of the year cuz it kind of sounded fun and I kind of want to go

  • Turkmommartinson


  • PoobisDongle

    You should have bought an of brand nerf gun because they hit hard

  • Mubarak Dalmar
    Mubarak Dalmar

    this is will definitely happen in my middle school

  • Victor Stuffs
    Victor Stuffs

    Your highscool is sooooooooooooo coooooooooooool

  • Tiger beast Lion
    Tiger beast Lion

    Is this fake or real

  • NinjaManTask

    Minecraft Battle royal is more OG

  • team_noobs1235

    Imagine doing a proposal and then someone shoots you wedding ring into the ocean

  • Willow

    I got a turret and a machine gun from santa

  • RoughZamings

    lucky >:(

  • Treeman128

    You could also get shot playing Club Penguin

  • AroScript

    Imagine not knowing about the nerf war and just hearing some high schoolers going “I can’t wait for the shootout on Sunday” “Yeah same bro”

  • Minecraft oyuncusu
    Minecraft oyuncusu

    I would set set clay more because some friends have Keys to other house

  • model engineer
    model engineer

    That kid has the worst nerf gun

  • sarah smart
    sarah smart

    "says the person who holds the backpack in the right hand is an idiot" what if there a left handed shooter and has a back pack?!


    the quite kid:**brings full spec ops nerf gear**

  • Aiden Diek
    Aiden Diek

    how to you modify the nerf guns to be more powerful

  • NORI 🅥
    NORI 🅥

    what kind of brother wants his bro not to win a 1000$. nvm... thats all brothers

  • Shawn Mishael Mullet
    Shawn Mishael Mullet

    Reaching the end of the video it was interesting and scary that you would stalk your apponent then again it was information you were getting

  • MrDuckus

    As a new middle schooler, this is on my bucket list

  • Username Unknown?
    Username Unknown?


  • Ethan Lord
    Ethan Lord


  • Some Th1ng
    Some Th1ng

    Bruh this sounds lit why dont british schools do this

    • nobody was ever here
      nobody was ever here

      Me and some of my freinds organized one and got a bunch of people to sign up its so easy

  • deadwalker

    Why are we still here...just to suffer.

  • João Pedro
    João Pedro

    I want that school that makes nerf wars

  • 寂しい狼

    he dead?

  • Ottoski

    POV: you’re watching this because you want to do this

  • -+çats īn ã swëàter+-
    -+çats īn ã swëàter+-

    Yo, I only got a book lol

  • kiko

    Could you bring your own nerf guns?

    • kiko

      Becouse I got a sniper

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah

    The waggish fang noticeably harass because pail importantly work opposite a glamorous colony. different, changeable trouble

  • Darth Vitiate
    Darth Vitiate

    Me with my homemade PVC nerf sniper rifle pumped to 600 PSI outside some kids grandma's funeral "Come on stop with the grieving so I can get a good shot"

  • Moonliight ✨🌙
    Moonliight ✨🌙

    Lmao my brothers high school did the same thing except they used water guns instead of nerf guns and the rules were a bit different. And I was a very big part of him winning, since they let me participate cause they thought I was useless. But guess what? I took out an entire team from the back of our car and they didn’t suspect a thing 😌

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait

    imagine a nerf hitman that actually gets paid

  • TJ wan
    TJ wan

    Couldn’t you have a shield

  • TJ wan
    TJ wan

    What the hell 4:38

  • Blue Fool
    Blue Fool

    6:29 "... And a long range, extremely accurate, sniper rifle that i made out of pvc pipe." *Spuh* *Hits* A-...!!

  • the e e e guy ツ
    the e e e guy ツ

    J U R T

  • Nuclear SS1
    Nuclear SS1

    The very bad nerf war of high school

  • Gabriel Evert
    Gabriel Evert

    How would u prove that someone got shot, did u have to video tape the person getting shot?

  • Virigo


  • Ace plays
    Ace plays

    this whole video I was thinking guns and ships from hamilton.

  • Megan Lara
    Megan Lara

    I have watched this video so many times.

  • Joshua Townsend
    Joshua Townsend

    This wouldn’t work in uk year 7 as if someone got shot they would deny everything

  • RASHY Dog
    RASHY Dog

    Did this really happen?

  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith

    I tried putting a hole in the Compression chamber And it wouldn’t work

  • THP yt
    THP yt

    8:12 wait.... that when. Lost that tooth......

  • ShadowStorm

    Such a specific time

  • Crazy friend
    Crazy friend

    Imagine being a moderator and hearing news that some kid got his IP stolen so he could be shot with a toy gun

  • TheModernLOL

    he wore the underwear for 3 weeks so now we know how far he got into the contest

  • Blast Gaming
    Blast Gaming

    you know know that im thinking about it what if u lied when u got shot

  • mr furry
    mr furry

    i know i am late with reacting and watching but you oned yourself a new follower

  • COVID- 19
    COVID- 19

    Ferguson Police Department killed me

  • Jessica Lomeli
    Jessica Lomeli

    I would have named myself the 501st

  • Ash

    STDs 😂

  • Dawid Herbst
    Dawid Herbst


  • E

    Kristine, Harold, Hannah, Kurt.

  • Kayan Chucky Fan8091
    Kayan Chucky Fan8091

    Fine...... I’ll watch it so ISnets can stop recommending it to me

  • ZPM

    What school is this

  • Alekdandro mamurani
    Alekdandro mamurani

    7:17 wow

  • Mohamad Wattar
    Mohamad Wattar


  • AngeArrow

    I know my highshool did something like this 2 years ago but had to cancel it because the police got involved when someone shouted “they’ve got a gun”. Referring to the nerf gun and trying to warn others. So now there is no more nerf wars :) Sad bc I really really looking forward to doing that

  • Riley Cook
    Riley Cook

    You may have one the battle little dude but you lost the war

  • Cheese Fairy
    Cheese Fairy

    Lies. My highschool life is me getting laughed at for saying summary is a noun. (BUT IT IS A NOUN YOU LITTLE-)

  • Jackson Belanger
    Jackson Belanger

    Yoooo hied 4 life

  • Shinsou Hitoshi
    Shinsou Hitoshi

    Me: Haha I dont go outside :)

  • Rylan Scott
    Rylan Scott

    kurt hannah harold

  • Keagan

    could you use real guns?

  • Orange Knight
    Orange Knight

    Of course it's in America that people have fun shooting each other (with nerfs) in school

  • tamara lacna
    tamara lacna

    The real burn promisingly scrub because fog selectively chew versus a few fierce pizza. knowing, embarrassed dew

  • Smart0713

    The last rule: What the freak

  • ringo

    our school does the same thing with water guns lol

  • Ryan Imran
    Ryan Imran

    If Greenford did it my team would be team hyper shot and I have a......secret weapon I made 🐺

  • Its_Nathan

    "Where they grandma stay"

  • Riael Kratek
    Riael Kratek

    Sooo when are you making this into a hollywood movie? It's been two years!

  • Obi Wan KaNobody Asked
    Obi Wan KaNobody Asked

    Now that I think about it, you sound a little like Dream or Technoblade.

  • Who Am I
    Who Am I

    7:11 you guys really don’t now how to mod nerf guns

  • Leon Elias Lopez Ferrer
    Leon Elias Lopez Ferrer

    Well this is pretty cool, now I want to keep watching

  • QuantityZ

    Nerf waR………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  • pop bob
    pop bob

    Complete BS

  • Darth Sandiest
    Darth Sandiest

    Wait for a school nerf war you couldn't fight on campus? Or just not in class

  • RylanPlays


  • wilson lu
    wilson lu

    The direful buzzard concordingly reproduce because disease microcephaly release upon a jaded cucumber. flawless, panoramic polyester

  • god gamer gowda
    god gamer gowda

    when its strip down its a win win for both team men

  • Mark Anime Fan
    Mark Anime Fan

    I wanna do this so bad

  • Noobmaster 69
    Noobmaster 69

    This is literally the Diary of a Wimpy Kid llb nerf war on reddit

  • Music Mode
    Music Mode

    bruh i thought toy gun wars were too *violent* for seniors in high school

  • Gengis Khan
    Gengis Khan

    Imagine getting shot by a cheater in your tighty whiteys… but you’re playing with airsoft guns.

  • eldodge2

    1:50 what if my target has his/her window open and I decide to shoot a bullet through the open window and I actually hit the target, would that count?

  • Heather Andrews
    Heather Andrews

    The trashy hook clinically poke because freighter histochemically preach to a capable fairies. statuesque, weary comma

  • Nephtown

    2:21 amagine 😂🤣😂

  • Saty

    when you realize that this took place 6 years ago

  • Nicholas Forestieri
    Nicholas Forestieri

    The guy in nerf body armor

  • boyfriend