Can The World's Best Hide and Seek Player Beat His Best Friend?
After the finale of “Hidden in Plain Sight” at Vat19, Danny hides from Jon on their new channel, Randomonium. Can you find him before Jon does?

Jon \u0026 Danny helped create Hidden in Plain Sight - a popular hide and seek challenge -at their former channel Vat19. When that series ended, many fans were left wanting more. So Danny devised a clever plan to hide at The Edge - home of go karts, arcades, theaters, and a huge laser tag arena. But this time, he isn’t hiding from his boss all day; he’s hiding from his best friend.

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The brand new channel for two best friends and former Vat19 creators whose wild ideas have produced some of the most-watched commercials on the Internet. We’re Jon \u0026 Danny, and this is Randomonium.

  • Danny Gula
    Danny Gula

    Thank you to all of the fans who told us how much they loved and missed Hidden in Plain Sight and encouraged us to try something like it in our own new way. Can’t wait to show you where this series will go!

    • SmallAlien1


    • Alexi

      I was just rewatching the Hidden in Plain Sight vids!!! Glad to see this thank you so much!

    • Suzanne Brown
      Suzanne Brown


    • Jack gill
      Jack gill


    • Zak Jeffs
      Zak Jeffs

      I loved your hidden in plain sight series!!

  • This is like hidden in plain sight season 2

  • Henry Morrison
    Henry Morrison

    More… this and hidden in plain sight are awesome.

  • Straw

    haha my dad is far better than you guys i still havent found him!

  • FuRkY_NiCk

    I miss you guys at Vat19 ):

  • 1234dogpog

    “What am I looking at.” Me: “you mean what are they looking at

  • Yeontan

    Around 9:35 he sounds just like Jamie when he said “I can do it too” and “Danny”

  • Drk40

    They have a camera man filming Jon filming himself

  • sad face
    sad face

    john: its a distraction me: its a red herring

  • Aiden Raney
    Aiden Raney

    Comment 882. No reason i said that. But i did.

  • Vickie Wilson
    Vickie Wilson

    I see you thats what the eye balls mean

  • Melloboi_

    3:54 anyone else see someone back there


    why was i watching this in the middle of the night?!?

  • Kiryu Kazuma-chan
    Kiryu Kazuma-chan

    Danny looks more like a Danny then any other Danny

    • Randomonium

      Whatever this means... we love it

  • Arwen Perez
    Arwen Perez

    Whoooooo! You should try it at Costco.

  • Yoonyia Chang
    Yoonyia Chang

    *Hidden in plain site flashbacks*

  • Niello

    This is cool. I love that hidden in plain sight lives on, but there's a bit too much blurring on the background to see most things.

  • Kradious vids
    Kradious vids

    Please do more of these I miss hide and seek from vat 19

  • Trash set of skills
    Trash set of skills

    Danny where are you dodoo

  • caleb bonilla
    caleb bonilla


  • Pro55_1Million World
    Pro55_1Million World

    aka:hidden in plain sight

  • Pasghetti-Os

    They could have edited this way better to tell a much more compelling "story" this was nowhere near as good as the ones done at Vat 19

  • gary the cat
    gary the cat

    wait how do you know what being on drugs feel like

  • Kins is a killer
    Kins is a killer

    Anybody else notice something move to the left of his head at 3:45

  • Dean Stewart
    Dean Stewart

    The eyes mean I'm watching you

  • Woomy master
    Woomy master

    𝓽ꫝꫀ 𝘳ꫀ𝓽ꪊ𝘳 ꪀ ꪮᦔ 𝓽ꫝꫀ 𝘬𝓲ꪀᧁ

  • naomi

    in Vat19: hidden in plain sight : the series now on this channel: hidden in plain sight 2

  • Hi Kids
    Hi Kids

    I thought that they passed it ten times because my mind told me that would be the most obvious thing I got distracted by the bear

  • Donna Swisshelm
    Donna Swisshelm

    I saw the bear

  • ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴡᴏʟғɪᴇ꧂
    ꧁ᴅᴀʀᴋ ᴡᴏʟғɪᴇ꧂

    Next thing ya know Danny creates a disguise machine and he could disguise as a item, like a chair ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • TA King
    TA King

    This brings back the Hiden in plain sight vibes

  • Fizik Gaming
    Fizik Gaming

    3:54 who is behind?

  • Bedant Dahal
    Bedant Dahal

    I cannot believe that when he just showed the commercial I actually guessed 13.

  • Destiny Pezantes
    Destiny Pezantes

    yayay hidden in plain sight is sorta back love it

  • levi cramer
    levi cramer

    I saw him run Pass you were in the Laser tag room room

  • Ks

    love it

  • Chris S
    Chris S


  • Shar G
    Shar G

    Did you see the dude behind him when he he was in laser tag

  • #lemachine

    "We're looking for Danny, we are doing serious work here" Hes justifying being in the go kart but they are literally 2 adults that rented out or got permission to use an entire arcade just to play hide and seek Don't bother justifying, we would all do the same. :)

  • Enoeth Ylnodna
    Enoeth Ylnodna

    In trying to find the mad inventor of the invisible shield mentioned in another site

  • Michelle Silva
    Michelle Silva

    Do you guys live in michagon

  • Sir Warper
    Sir Warper

    When i saw the eyes on the screen i thought dany could see him.

  • Crunchy_cake _126
    Crunchy_cake _126

    At 0:07, when Jon said "Danny!" the subtitles said... DADDY

  • nine fox
    nine fox

    is it me or why does the laser tag place that jon went in looked like the part where hawk broke demitri's arm in "Cobra Kai"

  • furrantee

    Oh to be a fly on the wall watching Jamie watch this for the first time. I predict a giant bowl of vat19 ghost pepper popcorn and much gesturing and yelling at the screen. That would be an awesome react video series.

  • Elijah Crosby
    Elijah Crosby

    I’m sad that u guys left vat19

  • Joel Guevara
    Joel Guevara

    Omg this looks hard

  • joey regalario
    joey regalario

    why is that like hiden in plain sight

  • Qaireen Rosman
    Qaireen Rosman

    Hah I still remember the old days of they still working at VAT.19

  • Noah Scott
    Noah Scott

    I’m only 7 minutes in the video and I feel like he’s in the Theator, the eye balls could be the hint to look at the direction they are looking to find him, I will find out soon I guess

  • Galaxy_ Gamerz
    Galaxy_ Gamerz

    i'm about to die help.....its the animatronic for me :P

  • Gutowski04

    hidden in plain sight chapter 2

  • GabrielPlays Roblox!
    GabrielPlays Roblox!

    13:21 AYO

  • Rayan Haq
    Rayan Haq

    Do one at Dave and busters

  • Blender Slender
    Blender Slender

    At 12:02 you can see the camera man behind Him 😆

  • Cracked Boy6
    Cracked Boy6

    Your from vat 19

  • Zancherr plays
    Zancherr plays


  • Rheymann Jose
    Rheymann Jose

    Now u know how Jamie feels

  • Lilia Herman
    Lilia Herman

    This is weird to watch bc I live near there and I know that place by heart.

  • Aquastream

    every time I see a blackout out I think he's found Danny and it's going to go to some flashback of Danny hiding but times have changed since vat19...

  • Zach Gamemaster
    Zach Gamemaster

    Danny: A lot of people liked the hiding in Plan Sight series, but we can't do that becuse we don't have a boss any more. Jon: Yeah. It's just you and me who are the bosses. Danny: That's a great idea! Meet me at the paint ball building!

  • Abram Braun
    Abram Braun

    Go back to the go kart and do what it said, ( Danny probably knows u love playing around so he set up fun stuff to distract u )

  • solgaleo37

    I'm at the 13 minute mark and my guess is the giant wizard things eyes he's behind those

  • Argedian Haloway
    Argedian Haloway

    Couldn’t tell that was danny in the thumbnail cause the mustache

    • Argedian Haloway
      Argedian Haloway


    • Randomonium

      You might say he was hidden... IN PLAIN SIGHT!

  • Petar Manojlovic
    Petar Manojlovic

    Hidden in plain sight 19

  • achalaabhyankar

    Can u make more vedios like this because I used to love hidden in plain sight

    • achalaabhyankar

      Thank u😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • Randomonium


  • Angus Blair
    Angus Blair

    Turns on projector: saw I want to play a game

  • Shotaro Noda
    Shotaro Noda

    Nice placement of ads just like TV

  • Monster Under Your Bed
    Monster Under Your Bed

    3:50 did you guys see someone walk be hind him-?

  • Rylee Ferri
    Rylee Ferri

    I have an iPod

  • Brody Benjamin
    Brody Benjamin

    3:53 who was that in the background?

  • Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
    Ethan & Sissy's House of Games

    “I’m not scared anymore, I’ve got a blaster!" Go get that air conditioner Jon!

  • Ethan & Sissy's House of Games
    Ethan & Sissy's House of Games

    Can’t tell you how happy this made me!!!!

  • Steven N
    Steven N

    Again, another great video, I expect nothing less of you guys

  • Eddie Bleakley
    Eddie Bleakley

    the return of hidden in plain sight?

  • Sawsum Sauce
    Sawsum Sauce

    This video feels more corporate than when it was filmed with an actual corporate. The Vat19 plain sight videos worked so well because we followed Jamie in the location as we both looked for Danny. This video is just disorienting close up after close up of the old camera man saying “Danny” a lot. They hired another camera man to get wide shots, so maybe put that giant camera down and commit to being the star of the 20 minute video. If the majority of the video and the screen is just a close up of a face, there isn’t much seeking to be done in this hide and seek. It’s now just a 20 minute ad about a place we can’t even see cuz we’re stuck to this guys face as he walks backwards. When vat 19 and Jamie did it, there was still the aspect of being able to look for Danny with Jamie, but now we’re just shoved in the cameraman’s face, whose name I haven’t bothered to remember, while he sells us this place. Why did they feel the need to change to format with this unnecessary constant close up camera?

  • Aman Riaz BK
    Aman Riaz BK

    Make more Can you see him #2 and #3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 10 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Shirin Akhtar
    Shirin Akhtar

    Jaimmie will be so happy watching john shouting at danny🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ai chan
    ai chan

    I very vaguely remember that video, and I do see the bear-man....but I managed to count the passes wrong (I counted 15...maybe I accidentally counted a couple of the random throwing...but still, it wasn't like I was distracted by bear-man or the other ball...)

  • Savannah Letondre
    Savannah Letondre

    I just thought of something they should have done a will it jello! oh danny would have loved that. :)

  • Luca Boyle
    Luca Boyle

    If you watched any hidden in plain sight videos you would get it 15:55

  • Shyanne Simpson
    Shyanne Simpson

    Hide and seek with Danny was my favourite thing to watch. I’m glad it’s back 🥰🥰

  • Harmony - -
    Harmony - -


  • Vincent Papa
    Vincent Papa

    Hidden in plain sight 2

  • ElectroSkyHorseBoy

    7:41 Whoever wins

  • Emmalyn Wilmes
    Emmalyn Wilmes

    I think the eyes mean I see you

  • Rylee Martis
    Rylee Martis

    OMG!!!!!!! I love you guys!! I can’t believe I didn’t watch you guys before!! Boo Vat19!!!!

  • Avery Masters
    Avery Masters

    I missed this. It feels so good to see it back.



  • Jon Bond
    Jon Bond

    This is like the the creepy episode of hidden in plain sight all over again

  • MeowMeow BTD
    MeowMeow BTD

    What do you mean nobody has iPods I’m watching this on an iPod touch

  • Csteve0612

    During that city of London thing I noticed everything and got 13

  • Marshmallownerd :3
    Marshmallownerd :3

    I missed this! U guys should do more of these! 🤩

  • disfigure gaming
    disfigure gaming

    fnaf security breach: 11:23

  • Ellie

    I missed this series


    Kid me when I was in a mall and there was a go kart area: Can I ride the go kart? 🥺 Not even 1 minute later: *A person immediately crashes into another person riding a go kart* My dad: *no.*

  • Cédric Duchesne
    Cédric Duchesne


  • Lamis Kabalan
    Lamis Kabalan

    I love that you guys have your own channel❤️

  • Juicy Boi
    Juicy Boi

    Woulda won a lot sooner if you got a poking stick

  • Lilia Treanor
    Lilia Treanor

    I can remember when you worked for vat19

    • Randomonium

      Hopefully. It was only last year.