Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - CHEST MONSTER 2.0
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 7 on the Hermitcraft server, Mumbo works on his new Hermitcraft base! After the HCBBS meaning was revealed to be Hermitcraft Big Base Swap, and Mumbo's base swapped with GoodTimesWithScar, he begun working on cleaning up the Scar Chest Monster by building a huge Minecraft bulk storage system, making use of Minecraft storage Silos and Minecraft automatic sorting systems.
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  • Aaron Ray
    Aaron Ray

    Absolutely loved when he used Scar's time lapse music!

  • Shmorlock

    Ok but... is anyone gonna talk about how he has a 3090...

  • Meekrobyyz K
    Meekrobyyz K

    1:10 omg lovely music! I don't watch any other hermit's videos aside from grian so idk if this is anyone else's music but I do dig it!

  • Bill

    I love that you used Scars time laps music!!!

  • Stupidity Ore
    Stupidity Ore

    POV: You're looking at a funny comment

  • ManWhoEatPizza

    Ya gampang itu mah

  • Erich Laubenstein
    Erich Laubenstein

    Did anybody get Ethos lab out of Etho slab

  • rat

    12 vid I’ve commented on for mumbo jumbo’s yt

  • Georgiana Siedle
    Georgiana Siedle

    i bet you their going to swap their base back again and theres going to be loads of new stuff

  • FNaF Boi
    FNaF Boi

    When the HCBBS happened I was upset mostly because you no longer would be giving the golden apples to the base, I am happy that’s not the case.

  • Tijmen Plaisier
    Tijmen Plaisier

    it is, 16:00

  • GynX

    this video is the definition of you views

  • 黒山羊の卵

    Damn the way mumbo turned on and off the music according to the situation is so great

  • Alex MacWithey
    Alex MacWithey

    lmao ethoslab

  • Connor Eyer
    Connor Eyer

    The bite-sized consonant expectedly gather because mind genomically play into a sick verdict. miniature, uneven structure

  • Joshua Peek
    Joshua Peek

    Can't wait for chest monster 3.0

  • Computer Cave
    Computer Cave

    The colorful married acromegaly live because nic affectively rain among a fragile half-brother. alert, skillful velvet


    etho slab

  • Beans The_Bigender
    Beans The_Bigender

    Hi Mumbo! Quick question! Could you please do a tutorial on how you made scars storage silo? I’ve been trying to figure it out and failing miserably! That would be AMAZING! Hope you doing ok! 👍

  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson

    Do we know if anyone has created an item retrieval system that you can add to a mega storage system?

  • Unknown

    What is the size of file of this hermitcraf map????

  • Ashley Chesed
    Ashley Chesed

    When he doesn’t say super fast build mode before his timelapse... YOU ARE NOT YET SCAR

  • GibbyFrom Icarly
    GibbyFrom Icarly


  • MysteryManGaming

    Dogs do fly because in WW1 Dog fights were plane fights ;)

  • Sara Robotham
    Sara Robotham

    I wonder how many times mumbo said DAFT! In this video?

  • Littlewarrior 0106
    Littlewarrior 0106

    1:08 its weird not hearing mumbo talk during a timelapse, but hey, that music is a banger :)

  • Philippe Libreros
    Philippe Libreros

    Looks like the douga ultrasound emitter in Chernobyl

  • Dang it
    Dang it

    Taj Mahal ?????

  • Baby Grogu
    Baby Grogu

    The dislikes are at 666 why is that

  • Camilo Castillon
    Camilo Castillon

    Pewdiepie isn't the one who has a massive storage system

  • Small Calamities
    Small Calamities

    It amazes me and terrifys me that Mumbo is not sentimental whatsoever for his old base

  • Project HyperMax
    Project HyperMax


  • RufusRhodes

    super fast build mode

  • Project Gaming
    Project Gaming

    Just so u can understand how long this part took him (7:00) it took him about 2-4 hours (I can tell because of the day night cycle

  • Colbe Beef
    Colbe Beef

    the time-lapse music is perfect

  • Finlay Vlogs
    Finlay Vlogs

    Mumbo. I just came back from watching one of your hermitcraft season 2 episodes and I think your mic was better. You sounded less muffled

  • Baylee Andersen
    Baylee Andersen

    Using scar's timelapse music was great!

  • nivrag00

    lolol the music!!!!

  • Bruno Suman
    Bruno Suman

    Hey Mumbo, I am not good with Minecraft Redstone contraptions, but I have an idea about item storage. Would something like you have a main room in which there are a couple of chests, in which you are going to store 1 of every item. Than for example: you want some sand, so you take 1 sand from the items chest and put it in another chest, then you would do some kind of Redstone contraption in which the machine will know what item you put in that box. Then knowing it is sand, it would get from your main storage(where all your items are separated) and drop it to your chest in the main room. Also you could put a normal storage system in which there is a box you put items in it and they get sucked by hopers and thrown into their correspondent box. Sorry about my English. Let me know what you think about this idea.

  • BP

    Mumbo discovering speedrunning is incredibly entertaining

  • Alex Tait
    Alex Tait


  • Karl Epilepsia
    Karl Epilepsia

    The time lapse song tripped me out

  • Meme Pleyer
    Meme Pleyer

    Wait....HALF SLABS?!?!????!

  • Toxic For No Reason
    Toxic For No Reason

    7:00 I call that auto pilot

  • GryphusX

    U should have said end of super fast build mode

  • Knownkreatives

    7:01 - The new *Mumbo printer 2000* time-lapse

  • Knownkreatives

    **casual deforestation montage**

  • unit5553

    You flying through the loops held me at the edge of my seat! xD

  • Naomi McIvor
    Naomi McIvor

    I love your videos :)

  • Jayden Allee
    Jayden Allee

    Compared to his other one on the server, this one seems really simple and plain idk why

  • Alan Bowker
    Alan Bowker

    i know this is quite a bit late, but the major problem with your storage silos is that items end up stuck in the higher chests. so, without a ladder or some scaffolding or whatever, the items in chests 6+ or so are stuck in there. if you alternated the chests and hoppers, they could actually trickle down to the bottom and make an actual silo.

  • MrMoboring

    4:48 to 5:09 Ely you better get remixing that one edit: dont you dare say there is one and reply with a rickroll because I have had ENOUGH of rickrolls

  • stopautoclick

    Chest monster more like a mimic

  • Hayden Meier
    Hayden Meier

    Lol he used scars time laps music which by the way is the best time laps music in the world

  • Jong Fuu
    Jong Fuu

    How are the items slipping into the hoppers from the side? I can’t get that to work.

  • Mr Toast
    Mr Toast

    my friend: you dont need THAT many chests me: i dont have THAT many also me:

  • Ryder Price
    Ryder Price

    did he steal scars time laps music like he did his base lol

  • Brooke

    Mumbo: 19:11 Elybeatmaker: 👀✍✍✍

  • 川田和美

    The motionless kite contradictorily pray because heron sicily lock by a finicky index. chunky, tame bedroom

  • Kapten YeetMstr
    Kapten YeetMstr

    Hey mumbo, Scar called your water flow a water park...

  • William Surname
    William Surname

    I like all the Scar references.


    Is this real 😳

  • KingPickaxe124

    Prediction: about 40% will Mumbo is gonna be swapped back with Scar.

  • NXGN Gaming
    NXGN Gaming

    I literally burst out laughing when you said "let's get to work on this thing" and suddenly zoomed into Super Fast Build Mode with Scars classic timelaps music!!!

  • 〉X〈

    What’s he building? The Taj Mahal? No he’s building Buckingham palace Maybe

  • Mrcrazywar12 The Madness
    Mrcrazywar12 The Madness

    2:52 look at the days 43,704

  • The Blue Gentleman
    The Blue Gentleman

    Stop promoting african wifebeating

  • Jackson Machtemes
    Jackson Machtemes

    I think mumbo made the HCBBS so he could have scars base. He had been gawking at scars base the whole season.

  • Rithvik Kona
    Rithvik Kona

    1:35 lol


    sorry but what is daft,dapht i don't know

  • Alden Shinn
    Alden Shinn

    Scars music

  • Syed Taha Rashid
    Syed Taha Rashid

    Can you guys check my ISnets channel

  • Aidan Keane
    Aidan Keane

    I love the way that happy music plays when deforestation is happening

  • Mattie

    it's not underdog or underbird, elytra are the top part of bug wings

  • Wolfie Studio's!
    Wolfie Studio's!

    you have became grian mumbo. look at the beginning, look how unorganized it looks. and who does that? grian. and guess what, you made a part in a video where you did what grian did as a joke. what a 180.

    • Wolfie Studio's!
      Wolfie Studio's!


  • Black Rocket
    Black Rocket

    Its so.. horizontal

  • Gamer Axel
    Gamer Axel

    Anyone else thinking about Etho’s slab, which sounds like ”Ethoslab”

  • Florence Ewer
    Florence Ewer

    Am I the only one who noticed that Tango came first and not second?

  • Gggu Wee
    Gggu Wee


  • Deborah Lane
    Deborah Lane

    When you build the storage equivalent of an 8terabyte SSD 😅

  • Rahmat Wahyudhi
    Rahmat Wahyudhi

    Ahahahaha i laugh instantly when scar timelapse music start playing

  • Gruve Xp '
    Gruve Xp '

    instead of 99999 chests just store shulker boxes in the chest

  • Epicnoob136

    Me: kinda idle watching Mumbo: *scar's super fast build mode music* Me: wait so scar has a voice changer this episode?! Also me: Oooooooooooh

  • Albina Capote
    Albina Capote


  • It's time for Game-Time
    It's time for Game-Time

    "Now I have more wood, not like I needed anymore- wha- wh- hu-, scar why do you have this much wood!?!?!?" I'm dying from laughter sorry

  • Majin2222

    Hi mumbo, don't know if you can read this but your adjustment of item filters doesn't really work with a lot of item, the redstone torch burns out and let through everything...I just added a repeater and two blocks and that repaired it ! don't know if you've had this problem with your system.

  • Nick Topinopolis
    Nick Topinopolis

    Childhood dream? Imma grown-ass-man wishing I could build a quarter of that!

  • Courtney Cooper
    Courtney Cooper

    Was just happily humming the time-lapse music when my brain did a 360 realising that I was in fact watching a Mumbo video 😂

  • Shane Mcfarlane
    Shane Mcfarlane

    He used scars time lapse music

  • Ansley Skelton
    Ansley Skelton

    At 16:15 Mumbo talked as if scar was going to get his base back, foreshadowing??

  • Robert Kamminga
    Robert Kamminga

    O m f g He is doing it again. He always makes these storage systems so that when the bottom chest is emptied, the chest above will keep it items.

  • Madian Antar
    Madian Antar

    1:51 that’s what she said

  • Max W
    Max W

    Am I the only one that got the Etho pun?

  • Lukas Nogueira
    Lukas Nogueira

    0:48, 1:07, 1:42, 4:54, 5:37, 6:26, 7:47, 10:52, 18:54, 20:33

  • Enchanted Kloof
    Enchanted Kloof

    Scar's amount of resources are honestly ridiculous

  • Ho Arthur
    Ho Arthur

    Maybe you can make a circulatory water stream to prevent item overflowing.

  • Kane Everitt
    Kane Everitt

    i feel a little dull that you switched your base. Scars base is huge and ( no offense ) a little but more detailed but still, your base took you so much and i think you should build a think that says if you want your base back come in here in pacific somewhere because i just dont like it for some reason.

  • Aryaan Patel
    Aryaan Patel


  • Origami Ahsoka
    Origami Ahsoka

    “I’m just a useless person in general” “I accidentally mistook these nether lamps for netherack” Mumbo, I love you so much lmao

    • Origami Ahsoka
      Origami Ahsoka

      @Sabbag ty I keep getting them confused

    • Sabbag


  • Kalen Griffin
    Kalen Griffin

    I was only half paying attention at the beginning and I thought I was watching a Scar video