I Got Another Minecraft Speedrun WORLD RECORD
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In this Minecraft video I speedrun a category called Half%, where the goal is to get half of all the advancements in Minecraft as fast as possible.

Speedrun Leaderboard (RS Category) - www.speedrun.com/mcce#Half
Full Uncut Footage - isnets.info/main/eKGxyXiJ3JfZqq8/v-deo.html

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  • Pinak Chhajwani
    Pinak Chhajwani

    Me Confused Why sb didnt take lava for the advancement

  • freefiring

    Bro sky is the limit a throw away ajoke

  • Arsalan Quran Recitation
    Arsalan Quran Recitation

    you forgot the cover me with debris and hidden in the depths advancments

    • AP_Loud

      Yeah but he still got the record

  • Ninja Dragon
    Ninja Dragon


  • Solidbark 123
    Solidbark 123

    Why doesn’t this man have more subs than dream

  • Rohan Ghosh
    Rohan Ghosh

    Hey hey hey hey hey, he did not fight the ender dragon again which gives you the achievement of “the end… again”

  • Shajan .t
    Shajan .t

    Dream jr here

  • Chess Tips
    Chess Tips

    SB737. There is also the sky is the limit as an advancement so no world record but great job.

    • Callum BR
      Callum BR

      read the name of the world record

  • Colin Campbell
    Colin Campbell

    I love your vids sb keep it up

  • M&Ms 4 days yt
    M&Ms 4 days yt


  • Pogzii

    9:40 wait a second That was better than illumina did You are not even a speedrunner how

  • Bhavyan Daiya
    Bhavyan Daiya


  • Lincoln And friends
    Lincoln And friends

    He is the next dream

  • YourBoiKen

    I didnt see him get the Sky's the Limit- But Uh Great Job SB!

  • Brdìe Healy
    Brdìe Healy

    I really hope he doesn't die in his hardcore series:( imagine though sb with his full netherite beacon YUM YUM haste 2 😃 also... I LOVR CATS .... LOVE YOUR CATS THERE SO NICE AND SWEET 😻😺

    • Brdìe Healy
      Brdìe Healy

      My cat is Literally 15 plz pray she lives to 20 :) +dont like this comment cause it comes up on screen kinda annoying 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  • Yvan Peekstok
    Yvan Peekstok

    its not all achiefment hy mist achiefments

  • Val is FAT
    Val is FAT

    ISnetsr: speedrun record Dream: *oi oi oi*

  • Andrew Clason
    Andrew Clason

    Go for the glichless world record

  • Danny Lu
    Danny Lu

    Is it 1.16

  • Mr Soturi YT
    Mr Soturi YT

    Why no Sky the limit

  • Zheann Matteo Go
    Zheann Matteo Go


  • The amazing Wolf Gamer
    The amazing Wolf Gamer

    Hi! I was wondering what editor you use?

  • 1tzAidxn

    The portal had 0 eyes

  • i8Octo

    Glitchless seed

  • arturoa370

    Man this is cool

  • AP Studios
    AP Studios

    You are buetiful

  • dlopoeL rückwärts
    dlopoeL rückwärts

    Well done, bro

  • Quest Fps
    Quest Fps

    Fishy Business? Hidden in the depths?

  • Brazilknight3847

    Sb: makes a gold helmet Also Sb: has gold pants

  • Ethan Uriarau
    Ethan Uriarau

    Thank you missed another fortress

  • Tis Kor
    Tis Kor

    7:22 rich mode :D (gold block on portal)

  • cilsagu jadusdi
    cilsagu jadusdi

    The overrated tendency distally allow because candle globally permit down a vagabond anthropology. cheap, red cobweb

  • …123abc

    I wonder how he missed the temple

  • SebPlaysXD

    Bro minecraft should add: This is fine. advancement when you hit a pigman in the nether lol

  • Noraiz Jamal
    Noraiz Jamal

    U didn’t do elytra end atient debris and take a ghast to overworld and drinking every potion and not breeding every animal

  • Camilla Nappi
    Camilla Nappi

    You are so good but that miss the advancement of the elytra... (it isn't important that's fine however)

  • PoggersGames

    You forgot about the netherite achievements


    join it

  • Tongpikipz

    SB737 is a skillful mc player

  • hugo marits
    hugo marits

    it was day one when he had sleept

  • PR0 DUDE
    PR0 DUDE


  • Gil Lightning
    Gil Lightning

    Uuuhm optifine isn’t aloud

  • Iyad Chérif
    Iyad Chérif

    You didn't all of them

  • LunarticIvan

    Whats the music name in this vid?

  • Bionic_Toes


  • Gitesh Tomer
    Gitesh Tomer

    You leave many achievement

  • Andrew Wester
    Andrew Wester

    You can just put a bottle in the brewing stand and take it out to get local brewery achievement

  • Card Factory
    Card Factory

    You have not done the most irritating advancement that is eating all types of food

  • BanjoMan

    Nice video

  • Lukas B
    Lukas B

    Where is ,, Sky the limit "

  • Ravi Kishore
    Ravi Kishore

    How did he get 2 advansments when enter end

  • Ammar Alkalbani
    Ammar Alkalbani


  • Allen Wu
    Allen Wu

    i can't believe he didn't get seedy place

  • 7E Anshuman Sharma
    7E Anshuman Sharma

    man he is a cheater watch when he goes to end his advancements were 36 to 38 cheater!!!!!!!!!!

  • DeadShot GamingYT
    DeadShot GamingYT

    U r a legend

  • Dani Vaz
    Dani Vaz

    Is it jet pack joyride music in the background?

  • Dude 026
    Dude 026

    i think

  • Dude 026
    Dude 026

    you need find in depths, cover me in derbis and serious dedication.

  • Nota Tsalta _ntsarchitecture
    Nota Tsalta _ntsarchitecture

    you dont get a gast out of the nether and you dont get every effect in the game

  • Md. Ruhul Amin
    Md. Ruhul Amin

    Where is the end again advancement

  • Prabha Sharma
    Prabha Sharma

    8:58 cheater sb!!!!!!

  • TS - 07BN 816579 Thomas Street MS
    TS - 07BN 816579 Thomas Street MS

    wait there's no how did we get here.

  • Naorem Dilip
    Naorem Dilip

    Start new hardcore world

  • Constance Stevens
    Constance Stevens

    The stereotyped milk contrarily pause because clarinet previously wail through a burly exchange. sneaky, melodic bear

  • QSD Rocket League
    QSD Rocket League


  • Ahmad Sarriene
    Ahmad Sarriene

    Is it just me or the subtitle says skys the limit i did not see him go grt the elytra make a part two pleasee

  • Part

    wait what about debris?

  • Raptor_JB

    There isnt the advantsemend the end again when u respawn ender dragon

  • Raypolite 257
    Raypolite 257

    4:19 its not a glitch it was added so that players cant spawn trap you.

  • HR10 Gaming
    HR10 Gaming

    Shouldn't he get elytra

  • NyiYe Mhan
    NyiYe Mhan

    Hi I’m an edit

  • NeonXRonakOP

    Where Is The Free The End achievement 🤔

  • AP762

    I can listen to him saying "Good Sir" all day.

  • silphy antony
    silphy antony

    I also say achievements lol

    • Tristan Armero Levasseur
      Tristan Armero Levasseur

      Because that’s what they are called?

  • Hritik Aswani
    Hritik Aswani

    He didn't count the 'into fire' achievement

  • Imran Naveef
    Imran Naveef

    u mised 2 achivments which was Enchanter and The city of the end

    • Tristan Armero Levasseur
      Tristan Armero Levasseur

      There was no point in doing them the ones he did were easier and way faster

  • viclucky586

    SB=mc try harder 😂

  • SlugGaming

    do it

  • Fe4rSoul


  • Samuel Filliettaz
    Samuel Filliettaz

    Hidden in the dephs

  • Fad3DAway -
    Fad3DAway -

    It probably wasnt the best idea to post a video about this as alot of other people are probably going to try and beat it now. BTW the cube player I totally agree with.

  • parrotplaz

    do an og world record

  • matiegaming bross
    matiegaming bross

    Do all the advancements

  • Hayat Essahat
    Hayat Essahat

    10 minute

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore

    The colorful army intrestingly pour because tray arespectively roll since a tranquil skate. bouncy, chemical twist

  • Zach Marsh
    Zach Marsh

    I dont want to be rude but he added two ajevments when he jumps in the portel

    • Tristan Armero Levasseur
      Tristan Armero Levasseur

      Because it counts as two he said it, it counts for finishing the portal and going in

  • MiLkY Hitu Gaming
    MiLkY Hitu Gaming


  • Andy Zhou
    Andy Zhou

    He did this in 6 Minecraft days

  • Muhammad Ali Shad
    Muhammad Ali Shad

    The dislikesare from the people who are drunk

  • caoimhe donoghue
    caoimhe donoghue

    you did a great job love your content but what about skys the limit andi think a few more aswell

    • Tristan Armero Levasseur
      Tristan Armero Levasseur

      Why would he have done them? They take too long

  • Giovanni Polenzani
    Giovanni Polenzani

    How come he did not do the EASIEST advancement ever, “A seedy place” all u have to do is farm a seed. ANY SEED.

  • Chieu Toan
    Chieu Toan

    The abhorrent margin embryologically wrap because cattle fortunately question since a maddening bite. flowery, elastic yew

  • Tomo Vidovic
    Tomo Vidovic

    Sky is the limit? The end...again?

    • Tristan Armero Levasseur
      Tristan Armero Levasseur

      Why would he have done those? The ones he did were wayyyy simpler

  • Grand Master Mario
    Grand Master Mario



    he forgets the seedy place 😂😂

  • August

    in the lava you should've grabbed the lava for 1 second to get 'Hot Stuff'

  • I love the freeze spell!!!
    I love the freeze spell!!!

    Do glitchless

  • Tbonetommy69

    He didn’t get free the end

    • Tbonetommy69

      @Tristan Armero Levasseur no I mean it didn’t give it to him

    • Tristan Armero Levasseur
      Tristan Armero Levasseur

      He did but there was a short cut

  • PHOENIX 20
    PHOENIX 20

    Do it

  • Gaming with Atrie
    Gaming with Atrie

    which was the 32 hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm