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ass-duff-moo-vee-for-teen - More asdfmovie!

Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman ( @Wonchop )
Billy Crinion ( @BillyBCreations )
and Matt Ley ( @Thelaserbearguy )
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Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell ( @TomSka )
Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley ( @Eddache )
Music by Elliot Gough ( @Elliot Gough ) and Dan Pugsley ( )

Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate ( @ScarfDemon )
Abigail ‘PhilosophyTube’ Thorn ( @Philosophy Tube )
Jesse Cox ( @Jesse Cox )
Arin ‘Egoraptor’ Hanson ( @Egoraptor )
Ami Yamato ( @Ami Yamato )
SungWon ‘ProZD’ Cho ( @ProZD )
Silas ‘ProBluesPlayer’ McDonnell ( )
and Alison Bowley ( )

Secondary Channel ( @TomSka & Friends )
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    Download Monster Legends now and get my monster, Mine Turtle, until July 5th!

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    • End Me Please
      End Me Please

      ez money

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      Questa Semplice Animazione

      Nasheed's feed and seed Formerly Buck's

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      Alex Cole

      @Аппетитная Вафля egg (nah I like dis guy)

    • Alex Cole
      Alex Cole

      @Jona7Fer egg (nah screw that, too many chains and bindings. I may have believed once as a kid but not now, never again)

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    gaming time

    Egg stop turning people into EGG

  • gaming time
    gaming time

    Life of brocale R.I.P

  • DyrPlays

    asdfmovie is 12 years old

  • Zach Rodriguez
    Zach Rodriguez

    "Get out of my sandwich" "No" Vore in a nutshell.

  • OrcusDevilXophile

    0:14 where's my MONEY

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    Rowan Hatt

    Here is today's school cafeteria special: DEATH

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    Stacey Stultz

    Honestly Wish more youtubers used the asdf route of sponsorship

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    Can i play with my freind? Mom: awww you dont have any freinds. Nerd

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude

    3:02 Best Part

  • jenny wren
    jenny wren

    Although this dark humour is funny. Tom you need to know we love you, and you’re not alone. And if and when you feel comfortable reach out to someone. Just worried you may be struggling at the moment mentally ❤️

  • superang13

    am i to old to get these jokes or this is not funny.

  • MightyWolfTV

    This was great until the sponsoring at the end

  • Zonder

    Pizza do the flop EVERYBODY DO THE FLOP!

  • JustSans

    epsiode 15 should be a comeback of the i like trains kid

  • Sinister Gamer
    Sinister Gamer

    I thought about one where is two people he says oh hey man and then the other implodes into himself and then the other one says ppf introverts

  • TeknoLeap / CoasterClan
    TeknoLeap / CoasterClan

    0:34 1:46

  • Sans exe Loquendo
    Sans exe Loquendo

    Please make a asdfmovie 15

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      Sans exe Loquendo

      @Jqke o

    • Jqke

      It has been a month it normally takes a year for each new one

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    Pipino Pipino

    How about "The Confession 4"

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      hoper blogs!


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    ¿ ramses ?

    I told myself if i laughed, I’m gay…I’m clearly not gay

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    The Aziz

    E G G

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    hey, get ouut of moy sandwich nou

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    Was lazarbeam at 1:25

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    Fabian The Creator 2021

    Do afsdmovie 15

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  • Foxy the cool fox
    Foxy the cool fox

    0:02 0:06 that sounds like mario

  • Deformed Winnie the Pooh
    Deformed Winnie the Pooh

    0:55 North Korea in a nutshell

  • Lunatic Amirhosin
    Lunatic Amirhosin

    Tom can you make baby with a gun 3

  • Berserc

    Suction cup man becomes a fucking CUP

  • Melissa

    I love this

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    james bond


  • MaPic 360
    MaPic 360

    Who voiced the hey get out of my sandwich

  • Jacob Stone
    Jacob Stone

    love the vids, keep up the good work these make me laugh so hard

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    “RIP TomSka ‘Beloved Sellout”😭😭

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    I’m so sad I get no mine turtle in monster legends

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    Suction Cup Man?

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    Jesse J. Allen

    My favorite part is the sandwich

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    Kemani & Kid Toys


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    tabby huber

    Tomska deserves this 2:57

  • tabby huber
    tabby huber

    The taco: where's my money. 0:17

  • tabby huber
    tabby huber

    0:17 Is the part the taco says where's my money

  • tabby huber
    tabby huber

    My friend : it's taco Tuesday me:not again guy in taco costume:where's my money!

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    Bradley Ping

    I invented a new word! *PLAGIARISM AHHAHAHAHAHA*

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    felicia C.S

    I miss surgent pugsly

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    I’m annoyed that I missed this a month ago

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    Sarah Aldridge

    Do asdfmovie 15

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      Félix B.

      Be patient

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    Quest Kai

    I will forever love this series

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    Cerys Jones

    Hey😤get outta my sandwich🤨🥪

  • Ray 957
    Ray 957

    why is the chair scottish and why did that crack me up

  • D. L.
    D. L.

    For ASDF 15 or 16, make it so two people are at a car dealership. Person 1 ( the dealer) says, “Lets get a feel for the car” and person 2 (the potential buyer) says, “sure!” They get in and person 2 realizes and says, “Wait, why are there no seat belts?” Person 1 says, “oh, the car is very insecure.” The car just starts crying and, with the two people in it, drives into a wall and explodes

  • Thomas Chabbear
    Thomas Chabbear

    Davy Jones : Do ya fear death ? Asdf movie : no

  • Friskythehooman UwU
    Friskythehooman UwU

    Just realised most of this is dark humour jokes that made me laugh.

  • KaiLyn HoFFman tHe RainBow oF Love
    KaiLyn HoFFman tHe RainBow oF Love

    2:13 La-te?

  • Alice

    1:24 this is how I’d describe Australia 😂 omg I love it. The sarcastic humour. 👏🏻

  • Nolan Stone
    Nolan Stone

    1:17 *And at that moment, he realized that he f*cked up*

  • CharoBr Dubs
    CharoBr Dubs

    Everyone is freaking dead!

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    Mark Eaton


  • L●cal C○mmenter
    L●cal C○mmenter

    *I'm surprised Tomska isn't getting bored because of this.*

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  • ashylarry19


  • ashylarry19

    T I love thew

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  • Kendrick

    What about 15?..

    • hack pogi
      hack pogi

      Be patient on 2023

  • Braxton A. Wetherell
    Braxton A. Wetherell

    the taco bell meme has infected asdf now as well . . . what will fall victim to its wrath next?

  • Edkri07

    hey…. get out of my sandwich! *N O*

  • Adrestia Ceaser
    Adrestia Ceaser

    The several death ones have me a little concerned. You good, man?

  • AManThatAnimates Dc2
    AManThatAnimates Dc2

    Could'a Used the Taco bell SFX if i were you lol 1:21

  • Lil Drummer boy
    Lil Drummer boy

    Ok don’t get me wrong here, I love tomska and I love when he makes these, but I found asdfmovie 13 much funnier. I know comedy is subjective but I feel like he overused the “death” sound and sure I understand it’s hard to come up with original stuff when you’re doing it for the 14th time but I just didn’t like this one quite as much. I still love asdfmovie though.

  • Tamara's Adventures
    Tamara's Adventures

    They look like: ._.



  • v6kry

    it hurts to see these these videos with my matured sense of humor, back in like fifth grade this was my favorite series idk why but a-s-d-f popped up in my mind and brought me here.

  • Jasmina

    It's been a long journey

  • Makaddin

    "Hey you four eyed freak!" "Aw don't listen to him" "EEAAAAAA-"

  • Muhammad Nabil Arief
    Muhammad Nabil Arief

    "can I play with my friends?" "aww, but you don't have any friends.. nerd" that got me LMAO

  • BranchyGiraffe

    Yall remember when these were good

  • LavaCreeperPeople

    *NOT MY ORIGINAL REPLY, ORIGINAL COMMENT MAKER IS* /channel/UCOpa5NWH6lrvu7CjVdahRwA/videos *ON* /jjS5UTRE8zY 【TOTAL DEATH COUNT】 GUIDE: "death implied: death occurs even if it is not visible (cause of death must kill someone during the skit)" these count as 1 death "death confirmed: death is confirmed via shown cause of death, cartoon x's, or death is explicitly stated" these count as 1 death "unseen confirmation: death confirmed but unseen. via, things like corpses, graves, ghosts, in-universe people confirming the death of another, etc.)" this counts as 1 "no confirmation: skit itself does not contain any actual deaths [via stranded in space, stabbed but still alive, or person forgetting to breathe]" this counts as 0 RULES: out of the way: if a character is pushed offscreen by an explosion, they are considered alive. cause of death: if a character explodes, gets shot, gets stabbed, gets hit by a train, falls and bleeds, or is shown being killed during the skit , then we accept it as a "confirmed death". non fatal injury: if a character gets injured but doesn't die during the skit, we do not count it as a death, and count it as "no confirmation". (unless we see x's on the eyes, in that case, they died.) speakers rule: if a person speaks after something that would kill them, we count it as non fatal injury. Flop's law: if a person falls over from standing Hight, they don't die. (unless they fall onto something that would kill them) Only for the existent: we only count deaths of characters shown in the skit (only characters that are shown, or are acknowledged in the skit.) Skit loop: if we see a death that happened in a previous skit, we don't count it. (magical pony, etc) (I'm leaving out all skits with no relation to death) got a nose: death implied: +2 die potato: death confirmed +1 cake: death confirmed +1 whos gay : non fatal injury +0 I like trains: death confirmed, (did you expect the ones on the left to move?) +3 gullible on the ceiling: non fatal injury +0 llama to drive: wait for it... I like trains 2: death confirmed +1 kitten fight: unseen confirmation +1 whos gay 2: confirmed deaths +2 spilt milk: Yes, you can drown. +2 parked car: confirmed death (out of the way applies here) +1 are we there yet: no confirmation: +0 marmite (pony): unseen confirmation +1 marmite (disliked): no confirmation +0 marmite (your place): death confirmed +1 goodbye world: implied death +1 something on your face: non fatal in- WAIT THAT KILLED HIM? +1 new camera: confirmed death +1 die potato 3/ I like trains 3: confirmed death +2 20 skits: current count: 18 science show: speakers rule +0 cant skate here: death confirmed +1 be a pie: uh...well, the bell sound indicates death so...unseen confirmation? +1 stegosaurus: confirmed +1 shoot me in the face: death confirmed +1 catch: death confirmed +1 banana fight: death confirmed +1 I'm a dragon: death confirmed +2 mine turtle: death confirmed (if a mine turtle explodes, I'm counting it as itself dying) +2 mine turtle 2: death confirmed +3 mine turtle 3: death confirmed +1 PUNCH YOUR FACE IN THE FACE: non fatal injury +0 license for that: confirmed death +1 good for your eyes: non fatal injury: +0 mine turtle 4: confirmed deaths: +5 everybody do the flop: Flops Law +0 used to be a cow: unseen confirmation: +1 funniest thing: confirmed death (speakers law) +1 magical pony: confirmed death +1 no idea how to breathe: no confirmation +0 40 skits: current count: 18+23= 41 what are you drawing?: confirmed death +1 here comes the airplane!: implied death (only for the existent) +2 is anyone a doctor?: confirmed death +1 catch the knife: confirmed death +1 "I'm a ghost": unseen confirmation +1 Everybody do the flop 2: confirmed death +1 frown upside down: confirmed death +1 Desmond the moon bear 2: unseen confirmation +1 intervention: confirmed deaths: +2 stegosaurus 2: confirmed death +1 music box: unseen confirmation +3 invisible Billy adventures: wait, we don't see him, but we see him die, well we don't actually see him, but we, AAAAAA- [LABELED AS "DEATH" TO AVOID PARADOX] +1 brain cancer: Confirmed death +1 super guy: implied death +1 suddenly pineapples 3: confirmed death +2 magical pony 2: Skit loop +0 can be only one: confirmed death +1 skateboards 3: unseen confirmation +4 take out the dog: implied death +1 lovely day: confirmed death: +1 60 skits: current count: 41+26= 67 banana peel: unseen confirmation: +1 are you gonna eat that?: no confirmation +0 i like trains 4: confirmed death +1 jousting: confirmed death +1 piece of me: non fatal injury +0 draw: no confirmation +0 hit the apple: confirmed death +1 chase me Susie: confirmed death +1 sorry, Jim: no confirmation +0 I like trains 5: confirmed death +2 genie 1: confirmed death +1 child murders: unseen confirmation (a child murder without murder is just a child, which they are not.) +1 cannon ball: confirmed death + implied death +2 happy and you know it: implied death +1 ice-cream: no confirmation +0 the 80's called: confirmed death 1 carsick: confirmed death +1 babies grow up: confirmed death +1 giant B: confirmed death +1 1 year to live: confirmed death +1 80 skits: current count: 67+17= 84 made ya jump: implied death +1 farting butt 1,2,3: confirmed death. also i hate this skit so I'm not putting it more than once. +3 doctor of psychology: unseen confirmation: +1 muffin time 4: unseen confirmation +1 a b c d e f gun: confirmed death +1 girlfriend do this: confirmed death +1 hit by a car: confirmed death +1 can people fly?: +1 johnnie bigfeet: unseen confirmation +1 toaster: confirmed death +1 almost got shot: confirmed death: +1 hold my baby: implied death +1 watch out for that kitten: confirmed death +1 marshmallow man: confirmed death +1 goose: implied death +1 still alive: confirmed death +2 hello sun: confirmed (for the existent) +1 whale dance: implied death +1 ordered a pizza: confirmed death +1 babies first life: confirmed death +1 100 skits: current count: 84+23= 107 broccoli: unseen confirmation: +1 cant drive: implied death: +1 guilty of nothing: confirmed death +1 change baby: no confirmation (no blood, or comic "splat" indicating death) +0 can I get uh: confirmed death +2 that's my girl: unseen confirmation +1 ghosts aren't real: skit loop: +0 what do we want?: confirmed death { +15 Highest Death count } monster legends: confirmed deaths: +6 108 skits 1 commercial: TOTAL DEATHS: 107+27= {*1 3 7*} the guy took a few days to make this list

  • btd6 fan
    btd6 fan

    i find you guilty D: of nothing! :D the sentence is death x_x

  • btd6 fan
    btd6 fan

    0:28- 0:32 look honey! dababy is taking his first LIFE and he said less gooooo just before killing that guy in 0:33.)

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  • avylto

    what in tarnation

  • Angel The Sailor Moon Fangirl 2010 Lomé
    Angel The Sailor Moon Fangirl 2010 Lomé

    0:56 my fav part

  • Dubstepbee Corsi
    Dubstepbee Corsi

    this turtle is mine

  • James A.
    James A.

    The get out of my sandwich part starts at 1:25

    • e

      It sounds like #lazerbeam

  • DrBabyGravy

    Who knew that an asdfmovie bit would be an actual TikTok trend😂😂

  • Colin Burke
    Colin Burke

    Glad to see Mine Turtle again!

  • BurningToast

    This is getting better every episode

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  • Isaac George
    Isaac George


  • Buckethead Gaming
    Buckethead Gaming

    2:57 "I deserve this." *Famous Last Words*

  • Евгений Федоровский
    Евгений Федоровский

    I . LOVE . IT!!! =D

  • Medamit Mcclinton
    Medamit Mcclinton

    Where my money 0:16

  • Piotrek X5
    Piotrek X5

    pog moment

  • MatPatFlan 9000
    MatPatFlan 9000

    …how did I miss this?

  • GamingMedCasper

    soo now you just make asdfmovie for the sponsored ??

  • Tye-Reece Tumicz
    Tye-Reece Tumicz

    TomSka, why this guy point to the finger and he said "egg" human turn into the egg, and enjoy will hungry

    • Tye-Reece Tumicz
      Tye-Reece Tumicz

      This is so funny

  • Inky Monstrosity
    Inky Monstrosity

    0:55 "I feel like I've heard that voice before... but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's just me?" *watches again* "Wait, is that ProZD?!" *checks description* "Aha!"

  • Olivia Disko
    Olivia Disko

    Death: *I don’t get paid that much to do this.*

  • Gella Aziz
    Gella Aziz

    Tom Said hello mimeturtle :D mimeturtle:hello:) Tom:oh no but before I die let me have a beer


    where can i order death?