EXPOSED! Leaked Footage Shows David Dobrik Disfigured Jeff Wittek in Botched Vlog Stunt & More News
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00:00 - What Happened To Jeff Wittek’s Face?
04:15 - Mark Rober Updates
06:29 - Giveaway Reminder
06:52 - Sponsor
08:09 - DC Statehood
09:12 - Oklahoma Passes New Anti-Protest Legislation
10:49 - Biden Pledges To Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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New Footage Shows David Dobrik’s Role in Jeff Wittek’s Accident:
Autistic TikTokers To Host Charity Stream on the Same Day as Mark Rober’s Fundraiser:
House Democrats Pass Bill to Give D.C. Statehood:
Oklahoma Passes Anti-Protest Law:
Biden Pledges U.S. Will Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Half By 2030:
Russians Protest for Navalny Amid Hunger Strike Health Concerns
FDA Finds Violations and Unsanitary Conditions at Emergent J&J Plant as Lawmakers Open Investigations
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxx Enright
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Brian Espinoza
Production Team: Zack Taylor
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    Sorry for the slightly late show. We were jumping through as many hoops as possible to give us the best chances of today's show not getting hit with the no-no stick by Drunk Daddy ISnets.

    • Amy Lumbard
      Amy Lumbard

      I subscribed to you not for the money even though I've been laid off work but I like how you bring awareness to people and I support you!

    • Anthony Mage
      Anthony Mage

      Philip DeFranco, Facebook has gone real, and I mean *real* cray cray af as of late. People are being told they can’t access the “Like” feature (because FB automatically unlikes your “Like” if you do), users can’t post posts (and if you are able to, you’re lucky to post it in HD come any pic or clips), and users can only like comments or replies, but that’s all interms of being able to use a Like feature. Anything else, you’re accused of “spamming”. Any chance you could further look into this and cover it? 😕

    • Merissa Makes Stuff
      Merissa Makes Stuff

      @Poke Emblem Even though I disagree with some things she says, I think it is a win that we are seeing a move where NT's are starting to include us in discussions about us. NT creators like iNabber are even startingto include autistics in discourse about us. I don't think Phil was wrong for sharing her work as this was a fundraiser she was involved in, but I understandwhere youare coming from. I think, maybe once NT's are more used to including us, they will start to learn how varied all the issues that are often over-generalized really are. If we get mad at people for promoting people who are not the greatest, they may not feel comfortable promoting any of us. That's why I encouraged you to write about your opinion. Whether we agree or disagree, I think our community will be strengthened by debate and discourse. I'm sorry for initially being hostile to you. I mistook you for someone else and was all ready heated, but I should have double checked who I was talking to, and had more patience. I'd love to read what you write. 🙂

    • Poke Emblem
      Poke Emblem

      @Merissa Makes Stuff Oh, I see! I got that vibe from her. I can’t read people usually but on occasion I can and this was one of those. Shame on Phil for promoting that brat. I mean Phil doesn’t know any better but he contributed to boosting this terrible mentality to his thousands of watchers and it frustrates me. It reminds me once again how people like her are able to manipulate well-meaning NTs so well they can get away with silencing different voices in favor of their extreme views and it makes those with said views like me feel hopeless, and like we need to walk on eggshells even in spaces supposedly less hostile to us and our insensitivity. But I’ll check Andy’s channel out! Thanks. I wasn’t expecting civility like this. I’ll link my Reddit post later. It’s pretty emotional, but you seem willing to hear me out. Though for me, if I think something is “barbaric” I wouldn’t be all “live and let live”. I’d maybe reconsider my opinions and whether the thing really is barbaric, but human rights violations aren’t negotiable for me and my Autistic brain gets an error signal trying to understand that.

    • Merissa Makes Stuff
      Merissa Makes Stuff

      @Poke Emblem Paige was the person in the Tik Tok. Indie Andy was the name of a ISnetsr who is more careful not to speak for all autistic people. He even made a video about what he dislikes about the community.

  • Sheila R
    Sheila R

    🤣"why are you texting me!?!?"

  • Aaron Afrah
    Aaron Afrah

    Can't help but think that this video was created to further damage David. Sounds like you two have a past.

  • Andre burdick
    Andre burdick

    If the driver slowed the excavator down without stopping there is a chance that the dude survived with out getting hurt

  • Rena Grey
    Rena Grey

    I've been here since I was 17... maybe 16?! Can't remember but I'm 31 now lol

  • Alexis Outt
    Alexis Outt

    Making DC a state is not a civil rights issue. If Democrats actually cared about making sure that DC residents could vote for a senator, then they would make DC residential territory either part of Virginia or Maryland or both and keep the public Federal government buildings as its separate DC entity. This way residents would have the same voting rights as anyone else in the country and at the same time the federal government buildings would not be subject to the desires/whims/regulations of any individual state, giving that state way too much power over the federal government. This is why DC was not it’s own state originally as well as why the territory of federal government operations was not given to another state. This is easily resolvable, I don’t think Republicans would object to this. But Democrats would object to this because it’s not actually about the voters, it’s about producing another senator from thin air that would provide them with more federal power. That’s like declaring cities their own state for the sole purpose of fabricating more senators for your own party. That’s basically trying to find loopholes in democracy when you can’t get the votes that you want from citizens through old fashioned democracy because they don’t agree with what you’re trying to do. So instead of getting the genuine votes by pushing popular, effective policy, you’ll just manufacture new delegate jobs to circumvent what the people actually want. And while you’re at it, you’ll smear those who disagree with you as racist.

  • Katie Hambrick
    Katie Hambrick

    I’m so shocked that there’s not more videos and news coverage of this accident because this wasn’t just a stunt gone wrong but is pure chance that Jeff didn’t fucking die and David would be on the line for manslaughter....and none of the squad is making much of a big deal about this....

  • Freaksoftheinternet

    Influencer culture just breeds bad people being famous. No "influencer" in its typical connotation has a clean reputation. Don't idolize people, y'all.

  • David

    We just gon ignore how you stole Logan Paul’s thumbnails every post 😂

  • FWDC Norac
    FWDC Norac

    TLDR version. If you're rich and white you can break your friends face. There's some fundraising shit going on. Check it out. In politics Republicans and some Democrats don't think all blacks should be allowed to legally vote and if you protest their decision they are going to run you over with their car because you are a threat. But we'll have cleaner cars so #silverlinings?

  • DaddytechEnt

    *Remember when Phil Used to be impartial politically? Before he sold out completely to the democratic bullshit? Yeah good times* fucking bootlicker!

  • Jared Bezos
    Jared Bezos

    Thank God!! We need more anti-protest laws. It would literally save lives and stop protests from going on EXPRESS WAYSSSSSS. you know where people drive 75mph and not one stop light or stop sign yes those expressways. We need laws like that!!

  • Jared Bezos
    Jared Bezos

    JEFF AGREED KNOWING THE DANGER. KNOWING DAVID WAS DRIVING. why would you want a lawsuit? This is just friends doing dumb things. Why would this make you sick to your stomach? You never did anything stupid just because your friends are around. Oh nevermind you have no friends

  • Jared Bezos
    Jared Bezos

    2:50 oh SHUT UP!! "How was David not sure?" You're so stupid. You would want that wouldn't you? It's called BECAUSE THEYRE FRIENDS. Something you have no idea what that means

  • Yosef Yeshurun
    Yosef Yeshurun

    Reminds me of “who killed Sarah”

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    dance, it's so twisted. I saw a quote from someone in the vlog squad saying "you always do what David says" and it creeps me out.

  • Joanna Nfps
    Joanna Nfps

    He should be sued ASAP

  • Debbie Probst
    Debbie Probst

    "... due to the gross negligence of David Dobrick" 🎯 aka "biggest fu@#ing idiot"

    • zijuiy wttuy
      zijuiy wttuy

      I'm from Oklahoma... WTF?!?!

  • Emily An
    Emily An

    agreed upon beforehand and consensual, stunts and kissing and whatnot. I'm so blown away with all that's coming out. My heart goes out to the people he's deceived.

  • Luca Cantarutti
    Luca Cantarutti

    I get that david made a few big mistakes but hes young and everyone makes mistakes big or small everyone should get a second chance and not to put jeff at fault but he did say that he wanted to do it so

  • TheWateringWiz

    What is going on in the United States... these anti-protests law are absolutely insane... what the fuck

    • Emily An
      Emily An

      roles. For those wondering autism is the way my brain is wired and affects every part of who I am, not a piece that can be removed, any "cure" would basically just be eugenic

  • LinkFan109

    Some of these laws at the end of the video sound like they're just trying to take away our amendments like insulting police that's our first amendment the freedom of speech not just that one but then peaceful protests that's also one of our amendments the right to peacefully protest it just sounds like the government's trying to take away our amendments

  • Renee Cbc
    Renee Cbc

    When you perform or watch dangerous stunts.... it's exciting because someone could get hurt. No one gets hurt and everyone is like "wow, I can't believe they made it through that." And then someone actually gets hurt and everyone is like, "oh my god, no! how could this happen?!" It's ridiculous. The whole reason the stupid action was taken in the first place was because it was exciting to them because it was dangerous. I hate stunt videos. They shouldn't be allowed.

  • rumibeco

    So...this is how a vampire looks like - Philip DeFranco! I didn't belive they existed!

  • feldar

    There are more people in DC than Wyoming, so we either need to make DC a state or make Wyoming not a state

  • JoAnn Martinez
    JoAnn Martinez

    I think it’s stupid to criminalize insulting a police officer. Uh.. 1st amendment. I’m mean, if he’s a jerk, I want to express myself.

    • JoAnn Martinez
      JoAnn Martinez


  • christian powell
    christian powell

    Leaving a comment for my boi

  • JoAnn Martinez
    JoAnn Martinez

    You don’t return requests?! Well damn. I get it now. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Call of Gamer
    Call of Gamer

    Screw David. where are Google, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim when we need them

  • Violocity

    Just so you all know when you spin too fast on an excavator it locks and thats what happened when Jeff hit it. David wasn't trying to change directions it locked causing jeff's body to go against the the counter clockwise direction. Other than that this was a stupid thing to do from the beginning.

  • Wolf Man
    Wolf Man

    First and foremost David should’ve known better than to have stopped on a dime like that. It was incredibly fucking stupid but at the same time every one who was there had a voice they could’ve used to speak up about the dangers and no matter what anybody says about him being pressured into it, you’re a grown adult you could’ve said no you could’ve had the hindsight to think this might not end to well for me. I’m not saying that it’s solely his fault but i feel like everyone is focusing on David when Jeff was just as stupid if not more for agreeing that they should do it

  • J Fav913
    J Fav913

    Thanks for saying David should be in jail for this.... yes.

  • Ms V
    Ms V

    I'm from Oklahoma... WTF?!?!

  • aladdin tv 2
    aladdin tv 2

    i always hated David for no reason idk but that dude smile it gives me the creep always! and would you look at that ! i was right about him that dude is psychopath! someone needs to woop his ass

  • kaymani

    you know what i just realize ive been watching you for so long hhhuuuummm yep am happy

  • Mercedez Ramirez
    Mercedez Ramirez

    Pertaining to the David Dobrick part, it was a stupid accident and his friends are not afraid of him. They’re gaining just as much as him from being in his video. What happened was horrible but just like what Jeff said, he CHOSE to get on. Especially after Corina had gotten scared, why would he agree and get on. Everyone was there willingly and doing the stunts. It’s THEIR CHOICE!! David paid for the medical bill and he’s on the mend.

  • Violet None Of Your Business
    Violet None Of Your Business

    Yeah as an autistic person I don't like any organisations that don't listen to what we want, advocate for a cure, and don't include autistic people in the major decision making roles. For those wondering autism is the way my brain is wired and affects every part of who I am, not a piece that can be removed, any "cure" would basically just be eugenics and the selective abortion of fetuses with a genetic likelihood of being autistic, that isn't to say I don't want research into autism and ways to mitigate the more hard to to deal with aspects of autism but I will never support a "cure" for who I am.

  • Lindsey

    “ISnets and social media influencer Jeff Wittek tragically dies at the age of 30 while performing a dangerous stunt in attempts to make a viral video” that could have very easily been the headlines we were reading when this all happened instead of just “Jeff wittek injures eye”. This wasn’t one some stupid mistake, and of course part of the responsibility falls on Jeff but the problem is with David and his continued pattern of putting people into dangerous, potentially life altering situations, for the sake of a 4 minute video. It was only a few years ago he convinced one of his friend to jump over his pool on a motorcycle and the guy landed in the side of the pool and ended up in the hospital with major internal injuries. David is way to comfortable putting people in danger and it’s disturbing.

  • Mohammad Asgari
    Mohammad Asgari

    Jeff chose to do a crazy stunt with his friend and things went wrong. You can't blame it all on David? Accidents happen and yeah this is a bad one but it's not like David wanted to kill Jeff??

  • 555sharp

    Phil, thanks for covering international issues but I think you should take into consideration the fact that China is one of the top global emitters partially because of all the American factories that reside there. America and many other first world countries export their pollution manufacturing to others and then blame them. It's a bit misleading and it allows the U.S. to avoid criticism for this pollution while they blame China and India.

  • Edam Hamza
    Edam Hamza

    David Dobrik fucked up real good. He's a KID essentially. As any of us, he makes mistakes and learns from them. Usually, our mistakes dont end up almost killing somebody but still-- It happens unfortunarely. I'm not defending anyone here, but I dont think we get to hate him for things we might do if we were in his shoes. I dunno'-- I think this is nobody's business but Jeff and David's.

  • Kevin Moran
    Kevin Moran


  • Dill Lueke
    Dill Lueke

    I support BLM generally, but I will admit that in some situations I have seen on video I would be glad not be arrested if hit someone with my car when escaping. If you're surrounded by people banging on your car and threatening you, what would you do? This is a tough issue I will admit.

  • beedsj roiue
    beedsj roiue

    agreed upon beforehand and consensual, stunts and kissing and whatnot. I'm so blown away with all that's coming out. My heart goes out to the people he's deceived.

  • H

    I was surprised to find out that David caused those injuries for Jeff. But I was even more surprised to see that it happened in front of the entire squad. How did all those people know about that and not say anything?

    • Succulent Nugget
      Succulent Nugget

      They’re scared of David, he is their income source. They kiss his ass to keep the money coming.

    • beedsj roiue
      beedsj roiue

      As someone who lives in Oklahoma, I find it very sad that they passed this bill. I also find it very strange because we always have pride parade; and this year they have added

  • kien trung
    kien trung

    Are the US people ready to eat the x2 electricity bill from all the decommission coal power plants to decrease CO2 production ?

  • -KEO-

    These anti protest laws seem very VERY fascist

  • Alexander Barrett
    Alexander Barrett

    so people arejust getting silenced by fear

  • Wiz Kid
    Wiz Kid

    For me, this Jeff stuff puts his initial response to the whole Durte Dom thing in a new light, it kinda shows that he's been in a really bad place since almost dying and being basically left in his own to then suddenly be throw into this situation regarding very serious allegations, having your name attached to it in any capacity would be super scary especially if you've literally suffered brain trauma and are still in mental and physical recovery. I watched his new video addressing why he took down his "my truth video" where he basically confirms this saying he acted rash and on impulse and emotion, that he wasn't in a proper space. I'm worried for the guy and hope he's doing okay.

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    It's going to be like that South Park episode ... "That protester is coming right for us!" Mows down an entire crowd of protesters

  • Zyphr24

    Thanks phil for keeping me informed.

    • bilij pdan
      bilij pdan

      how often ISnets would risk their objectivity and credibility as a platform to stick their neck out for individuals that are problematic, manipulative and dangerous. I would bet t

  • Nuclear Mud King
    Nuclear Mud King

    9:12 I didn’t think any other countries would ban protests like the UK (kinda) did but... ukno. They’re a gonna use this to try kill people and if they protest, take away their future... is how I interpret that

  • MLMariss

    Sorry Philip, but I have to attack you here. The Dobrik story where you are landing to special snowflake, gen-z, cancel culture whining soy-boy using words as 'killing' and 'insurance' and so on.. Dude, you are NOT that young to nor know for example Steve-O? Jackass? They did WAY more extreme stuff (where everyone knew what they are up to), but here this whining and dramatizing so much, come on. Not defending someone who hurts people, but damn, with your aggressive attitude in other cases where I stand by you to be tough, then here - what the hell happened? Dissapointed.

  • Joe Salgado
    Joe Salgado

    I watched one video of David and I was like WTF is this? because he was pushing one of his crew to do something cringe specially with his demonic laugh in the back of the camera and since then I said FUCK this guy

  • Graham Lewis
    Graham Lewis

    I agree that I, as a protestor, should not be allowed to obstruct traffic, which is ALREADY illegal in general.

  • Graham Lewis
    Graham Lewis

    Actually wanting to understand: Why wouldn't autistic individuals (like my 14 yo son) not want to be cured of their disability?

    • Graham Lewis
      Graham Lewis

      Interesting read; although, I find both models to be simultaneously true... In any case, thank you for the guidance! I hope you have a great week!

    • Jess West
      Jess West

      If you’ve got the energy for it, I’d encourage you to look up the social model of disability vs the medical model of disability. I think it’ll answer your question.

  • Robert Skidmore
    Robert Skidmore

    Jackass did this similar many times. Trick is tes a stunt co-ordinator. And im sorry but he stood on that rope. Anything after is due to him choosing to do it.

  • Dwayne Louis
    Dwayne Louis

    i mean if i was there in that group id say no to swinging on a heavy duty machine dont think can sue when you hop on

  • longisland216

    He’s made them all popular and rich, of course they’ll do whatever he wants for a video clip.

  • chding zuure
    chding zuure

    I loved when you let Paige speak for herself. You’re the absolute best, Phil. Thanks for what you do 💝💝

  • Yeh Doe
    Yeh Doe

    Cashing in on that drama huh ?

  • Baely Askins
    Baely Askins

    As someone who lives in Oklahoma, I find it very sad that they passed this bill. I also find it very strange because we always have pride parade; and this year they have added that bill, and changed the location of the parade to downtown instead of the Gay district in a park near a highway that also allows people to carry guns. A lot of the LGBTQ+ community is very scared. It seems like a trap to us.

  • ILoveHandles

    Was going to say, I feel like Puerto Rico should have statehood, too. I can't understand why Hawaii is a state but Puerto Rico isn't.

  • Sophia Astatine
    Sophia Astatine

    And on this day people learned that you have physics classes for a reason.

  • Carlos Hernandez Maldonado
    Carlos Hernandez Maldonado

    People are so quick to blame David for what happened to Jeff. Do they not see that JEFF IS A GROWN ASS FUCKEN MAN THAT CAN MAKE HIS OWN FUCKEN CHOICES!!! AGAIN JEFF IS A GROWN ASS MAN He could have said no I don’t want to do this....

    • Yeh Doe
      Yeh Doe

      Jealousy 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Annabelle Williams
    Annabelle Williams

    David always gave me cult leader vibes. Charming, charismatic and he usually puts others in the firing line/at risk. And knowing that he finds vulnerable people and makes them dance, it's so twisted. I saw a quote from someone in the vlog squad saying "you always do what David says" and it creeps me out.

  • Baile Vallery
    Baile Vallery

    Oklahoma didn’t just pass Anti-protest laws yesterday. The governor also signed an anti-abortion bill making it illegal to get an abortion if there’s a heartbeat with no exception except mother’s physical health and suicide/mental health aren’t included. Stitt also signed a bill that will make Oklahoma a “gun sanctuary state”. I hate living here.

    • Çerastes

      @Baile Vallery : Would like to point out that the law was not "anti-protest" and it has nothing to do with protesting whatsoever. Learn to read.

  • Kevin Brennan
    Kevin Brennan

    I just genuinely don't understand what kind of face ISnets is trying to save here. Wouldn't it just be more prudent to cut ties completely, admit that the things he did were in violation of their community guideline standards, and make way for the next person to fill that content void? You would think this many years into the business they would understand that the popularity of their individual channels doesn't matter. They exist as a monopoly over the void of attention that is user created longer format video. I would think executives at ISnets would be able to say we supported him until it became public knowledge to us as well that his channel is problematic. It will never cease to amaze me how often ISnets would risk their objectivity and credibility as a platform to stick their neck out for individuals that are problematic, manipulative and dangerous. I would bet that the content suppression stories are all nearly the same as the last time. At this point ISnetsrs should just make a standard script about suppression and just plug and play the events and the people involved in the latest scandal, save yourself the headache around writing something new when it's just the same old song and dance out of YoutTube.

  • André

    Obviously this scenario is horrible but it has nothing to do with how a viewer feels it has everything to to with the relationship between David and Jeff and the others in that group. Watch the documentary take it for what it is, a documentary. As far as how you feel that doesn’t matter any more than how you felt about the last STARWARS movie or how you feel about Raisin Bran it’s a situation between the people involved who created it, their reactions are the only ones that are worth anything, your opinion is obsolete.

  • Holly O'Connor
    Holly O'Connor


  • Shyrees L
    Shyrees L

    If India and China alone cut a good portion of their carbon emissions, the rest of the world would barely have to do much. At least Canada sure as hell wouldn't. We have a large landmass, but a very small population in relation to that land mass. It's more than time, the huge polluters did their part and some. If that little girl wants to go complain at someone's doorstep, how about she make her way over to those countries.

  • I Appear Missing
    I Appear Missing

    Said this a while back I used to watch the Vlog Squad and David but it really was the biggest YT Cult going. All members of Vlog Squad just followed David's orders when putting videos together blindly without any consideration. And considering Natalie has known him for a very long time to not try and intervene and shut it down sums it up. Only Corinna in the video says to David after a few others do it before Jeff to stop....

  • Shyrees L
    Shyrees L

    How is trying to tank another's event for autism a good thing?

  • Heather Roberts
    Heather Roberts

    First I’m majorly annoyed that I SOMEHOW was unsubscribed from you 🧐🧐🤨 second when I searched you I had to type your ENTIRE NAME for you to pop up. ISnets sur pressing the only actual new channel that reports on the REAL NEWS... I have been subscribed to you for YEARS... love you always Phil. I can’t be kept away.

    • Çerastes

      @Heather Roberts : If you want to watch an actual news channel that reports real news, well this ain't it chief... try Tim Pool instead.

  • Jason Hales
    Jason Hales

    I feel like the biggest show of character (more lack there of) for Dobrik and other creators of his ilk is that despite what happened in the video, despite the death that nearly happened, they upload the video. It was a voluntary decision to put that out there into the world for the satisfaction of viewers that don't care about the safety of everyone involved. The audience who lap this up are part of the problem, but Dobrik and other content providers like him are just plain lacking in empathy.

  • Harry Potter Eye ball
    Harry Potter Eye ball

    Im not autistic, but as someone with dyslexia and ADHD, the ability to actually tell my teachers, and just adults in my life what *i* think *i* need has been SO important and amazing so I definitely see the frustration there.

  • Harry Potter Eye ball
    Harry Potter Eye ball

    Im just commenting to try and please youtube's algorithm because even I didn't see this video

  • Jessie Carlson
    Jessie Carlson

    I think David and Jeff were both stupid in the situation. You have control over what you do in these situations most of the time. But I feel that the responsibility falls in the organizers hands, which is david's. Especially of their was no medical team or stuns coordinator on scene. The machine wasn't even driven by a professional construction worker who would know how to gradually slow the machine to a stop or even if a gradual stop is possible.

  • soniyu ziuy
    soniyu ziuy

    “In general seemed to take personal offense at science.” Pretty much sums up the entire Trump administration

    • Çerastes

      @soniyu ziuy : How? and since when?

  • Skull Dinosaur
    Skull Dinosaur

    I think is bad that I’m not surprised it got worse. Which sucks 😞

    • soniyu ziuy
      soniyu ziuy

      interested now either but I am interested in the circle around him. What else don’t we know...

  • Sarah Brihoum
    Sarah Brihoum

    It's not leaked It's shared

  • Azstar Lovebug
    Azstar Lovebug

    Honestly I’m not defending David but Jeff is a grown ass man he should of said no and not got on. Overall everyone is like trying to be the next big jackass crew and so worried about pumping content out that it’s killing them now

  • Tadem McDiffett
    Tadem McDiffett

    All the people taling about david and his friends are so stupid like no way david really wanted to hurt Jeff and because he does a dumb thing and the outcome may have been serious it dosnt mean he meant it and friends don't just leave cuz you do something dumb like this even if it was very serious and almost killed someone he didnt and they probably were pissed at him too

  • Serena Westphal
    Serena Westphal

    YEEES! I was hoping you’d talk about Paige I love her so much :’)

  • That's Debatable
    That's Debatable

    With these bills, we are literally turning into Russia.

  • Marissa P Seed
    Marissa P Seed

    that Oklahoma bill proposition is fucking insane

  • Sarah Losoya
    Sarah Losoya

    I saw the Jeff accident video and it was horrific. I feel like ISnets should have guidelines that if you are doing these types of videos of dangerous pranks. Everyone involved in the video must have liability under their employer, David Dobrik for example, and their must be an EMT on the set and bunch other needed safety things. I think this will force ISnetsrs especially big ISnetsrs to be more cautious. I don’t watch David Dobrik but it seems he does value human life much if willing push people mentally, physically and emotionally just for a quick buck and some clicks.

  • Kjerstin Miller
    Kjerstin Miller

    Thank you, Phil, for listening to Autistic voices like mine

  • LTrain A
    LTrain A

    Regarding proposed state laws restricting protests/ making it ok to run over, injure and kill protesters: that is DISGUSTING!! That sounds like crap that happens in China and other authoritarian nations! It is our right to protest and question our government, and that right is fundamentally important to our nation. We have to fight against that crap, our democracy is not guaranteed, and there are people actively trying to take our rights away

    • Çerastes

      @Loraine A: The law has nothing to do with protesting whatsoever. Learn to read.

  • Riley Grace
    Riley Grace

    * me in Oklahoma showing up trump protests with my gas tank fully fueled * 😗✌️ /J!

  • Carrissa Sellards
    Carrissa Sellards

    You didn't make enough 2x crop tops so now I have to lose weight to fit the one I'm ordering😂

  • Tracy Lea Beauty
    Tracy Lea Beauty

    Hey Phillip! I think those people selling the bleach and the guy who spread Covid, should all be nominated for the douche bag of the day! India is definitely in horrible shape! I hope they can get something done to help them! Poor people!🌺🌺🌺

  • Cynthia Robertson
    Cynthia Robertson

    Philip I really enjoy watching your channel with my son. We watch your show together whenver I have my day off or on the evening's. I enjoy getting my news from different mediums, thanks to my son Teddy I decided to subscribe to your channel!

  • Lydia Flowers
    Lydia Flowers

    "Thank you to the 90% of autistic people who took me at my word...." *blinks in autist* Oh you got so many infodumps, didn't you?

  • Leena Jean
    Leena Jean

    I don’t like David Dorbik and never really got into anyone involved in the vlog squad so I don’t understand at all the loyalty or interest in him. This situation sure doesn’t make me interested now either but I am interested in the circle around him. What else don’t we know...

  • Lostgunman

    COMMENT! Just to help your analytics...and to get the info out! Totally shared!

  • Aeunax123

    That Jeff video … I watched it once and could hardly stomach it I was so shocked and disgusted. I showed it to my sister and couldn’t even watch it another time..

  • muffin boi
    muffin boi

    This is a positive comment for the ISnets algorithm. Good awesome comment engagement epic

  • JacenMalik

    Good luck trying to curb protesting. We won’t ever stop standing up for what we believe in. Fuck those bullshit laws.

  • Samantha Leusink
    Samantha Leusink

    Glad we didn’t have to see that accident. Sounds absolutely traumatizing. 😬