10 DUMBEST Things Billionaires Own
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10 DUMBEST Things Billionaires Own
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  • Rajasekaramoorthy

    my biggest mistake -buying 'surface pro 7'

  • Kalan Hitchens87
    Kalan Hitchens87

    15 million iPhone that goes outta date in 6 months

  • Michael Sodalay
    Michael Sodalay

    most of these are like owning a Yacht in GTA Online, pointless but just a flex

  • Mrym A
    Mrym A

    7:13 is Qatar Prince not Abo Dhabi

  • Joshua Mitchell
    Joshua Mitchell



    i swear this guy sounds like tommy from T5G

  • predatorr child
    predatorr child


  • Hey May
    Hey May

    King Hamad used to be the ruler of Qatar, he has nothing to do with the UAE LMAO.

  • ellierae


  • Mason Bergman
    Mason Bergman

    Who would wanna ghost detector that that means that at once you figure out there’s a ghost in your house that means you’re getting stocked every single night😱

  • Elisha Almeida
    Elisha Almeida

    The smart top worrisomely kill because decision descriptively separate given a wiry colony. organic, uneven michelle

  • Davistgy Bridgetwvu
    Davistgy Bridgetwvu

    The ten lace supposedly ski because persian principally repeat without a absorbing lead. venomous, knowing hydrant

  • Daniel Gavrieli
    Daniel Gavrieli

    >< ><

  • Charles Mouton
    Charles Mouton

    sidemen search "when will the earth end"

  • Hae Series
    Hae Series

    Hamad it's a lie , coz that person in the picture is the president of Qatar 😂😂

  • Chace Roffel
    Chace Roffel

    Image you driving the car and you get rear ended I wonder what would happen

  • ArsbfalconX Abukhdeir
    ArsbfalconX Abukhdeir

    When he said astghfurallah 😂😂😂

  • Tyler Wofford
    Tyler Wofford

    is this really what we're using our minerals for?!

  • bassics

    When the building where that bath is located burns down you find a big gold clumb in the ruin. Plus Aliens will ask: Who is Hamad?

  • Stranger

    Title Should Be The Easiest Way To Waste Money

  • Polo NY
    Polo NY

    Of course it’s some old rich lonely man who bought a solid gold bathtub, and in soho jus so perfect

  • Crish :D
    Crish :D

    Depressing fact: The sultain of Bruneis son is the richest footballer in the world and he plays for Leicesters academy

  • Vexal Antron
    Vexal Antron

    yeah... remember that Hamad thing? it don't exist anymore..

  • Messi Lingard
    Messi Lingard

    Randolf tries way too much to be relatable

  • KC-VÍBÍŃĞ //
    KC-VÍBÍŃĞ //

    Nah but I rate the person who is getting his dog some nice gifts, even tho it can't understand what it is but I rate it

  • NeRo

    Does the gold bathroom guy even use the bathroom

  • Shaunak Sarker
    Shaunak Sarker

    Sheikh Hamad was the ruler of Qatar, not Abu Dhabi lmao

  • Walter Reinoso
    Walter Reinoso


  • Hpy. Virus
    Hpy. Virus

    (Edited) There is a Iphone 5 that has a pink diamond at the back and it cost like maybe 50 to 80 million dollars

  • Werewolf Mike
    Werewolf Mike

    Pause @8:19 Just imagine if a strong earthquake happened and split the name is half it would be HA MAD!! XD


    I swear the sidemen have already reacted to this video

  • Double F
    Double F

    1:37 Ethan is Muslim confirmed

  • Zahid Shabir
    Zahid Shabir

    Mont Blanc is a stationary company not a jeweller. Yes they also make high end stationary but they literally have pens that can be had for under $100


    Neeta ambani phone is more costly than that lol

  • TheAngelArrow

    why are rich people retarded, god doesn't exist bruh, always the people who don't deserve it that are at the top, for absolutely no reason, imagine spending just a million dollars on any of these things, you have to be mentally disabled to be thinking "i would do that"

  • Prod. Caspian
    Prod. Caspian

    Why is the sidemen kinda cringe now

  • Ayaan Saeed
    Ayaan Saeed

    There’s only 500 and ever made

  • Ayaan Saeed
    Ayaan Saeed

    The car is called SLR McLaren 500 they’re really rare

  • Peanut

    The honorable mention gold shirt 2nd guy was murdered... he's from my city...

  • Scorpiog 946
    Scorpiog 946

    Hi god bless have a good

  • Fear

    What if the pen leaked 😪😪

  • Darsh Kumar
    Darsh Kumar

    The #2 honorable mention guy was from India....... Finally saw something related to my country

  • mark whan
    mark whan

    Dude really unlocked bo2 diamond for his iPhone

  • Executioner_QTR

    Btw Hamad Al Thani was the king of Qatar not UAE

  • M Shoaib
    M Shoaib

    Wtf Hamed b8n Khalifa al thank is the king of qatar not Abu Dhabi lol

  • Alzaabi 08
    Alzaabi 08

    Number 4 isn’t in UAE , it’s the sheikh of Qatar and it is done in Qatar so that’s a wrong info .

  • Abdulrahman Osama
    Abdulrahman Osama

    Add the european super league to the list

  • Connor Yancy
    Connor Yancy

    Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven

  • Magic Melones
    Magic Melones

    lets just ignore when ksi got the beerus chain

  • Sxltan_12

    Love how they do all this research but don’t make research on wear sheikh hamad is from like bro Qatar is literally the richest country in the world lmao

  • FloralxNash

    Mate ur biggest fan , if a funga

  • Frederik Krogslund
    Frederik Krogslund

    like you gonna kill a crocodile to get a collar what the, like you said they dont know whats going on. get it its favorite theart

  • NAVY Esports
    NAVY Esports

    If that cars parked up I’m gonna get

  • Some Random guy with breasts
    Some Random guy with breasts


  • Playersson

    0:7 why did he say "vik" so aggressive

  • Vishal

    Millionairee react to billionaires

  • LE07D

    that hamad thing is gone now lol

  • Justin Yap
    Justin Yap

    burnei bruh its brunei

  • Aashish Techs
    Aashish Techs

    Today I learned that we have millions of diamonds in the world .

  • Raam Gururajan
    Raam Gururajan

    A fvkin banana with duck tape on a wall sold for fvkin 120k, I'm done.

  • Sobi

    react to Dlow(the beatboxer guy that came to sidemen talent show) and have Ksi in it as well...as the beatbox community was offended by his attitude( even tho he was acting..but still) we wanna see an honest reaction to that....you might as well wanna react to a bunch of other similar beatboxers as well and some battles..from swissbeatbox

  • Johnny Murray
    Johnny Murray

    My dad used to gaud one of those pens the queen owns some


    To be fair tho. Hamad's Motives are beyond our understanding. He already sees the global warming taking over and he did this so that the melted ice water would occupy that space and help with the flooding. Fools


    Lol imagine having a 15 million dollar *OUTDATED* iphone

  • Shah Esmael
    Shah Esmael

    This is too funny

  • Maya Mekonnen
    Maya Mekonnen

    hehe vik likes bic

  • Haseeb

    Lmao they put the old qatari emir instead of the Abu Dhabi one

  • m1tW

    hamad was actually aa qatari ruler not a UAE one lol

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    Ppl have too much money

  • saib adam
    saib adam

    Well its done then simon and ksi are cancelled 😂😂😂

  • Andrew Kourtis
    Andrew Kourtis

    Man really spent 15 mill on a i phone that’s out dated now 😂

  • MatiMatiYT

    Donald trump sees the thumbnail Trump has entered the chat

  • Happy Hoodiee
    Happy Hoodiee

    no jj? guess i'm not watching this one

  • Rachel Heav
    Rachel Heav

    Not as dumb as a Beerus chain..... at least some of these are useful

  • Boy Genius
    Boy Genius

    Actually thought Vik said the dumbest shit, I heard "they don't even have home buttons" reffering to the iPhome 5, til I clocked he said "and now they don't even have home buttons" as in "the newer models don't even have home buttons".

  • محمد الكعبي
    محمد الكعبي

    8:00 I’m from the uae....that’s bullshit

  • Alex Ivan
    Alex Ivan

    Yea and there is a Mansion with real Dinosaur skeletons as decoration

  • % 3R40r404 %
    % 3R40r404 %

    Vikram children

  • Rice and beans
    Rice and beans

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life . There is no other way to heaven except through Him. Repent before it’s too late ... it’s your choice .... heaven or hell . He loves you so much that He died for you ... He didn’t die for you to ignore Him . He died for you to turn to Him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Change your ways and turn to Him!!!

  • Sleazy

    mans bought a fish for 70 bands, I swear rich people lose brain cells the more money they get

  • ali khan
    ali khan

    funny thing is they showed the wrong Hamad in the video. The video shows hamad bin khalifa al thani who was the previous ruler of Qatar and the name was carved by dubai’s sheikh hamad bin hamdan

  • Maria Mahnots
    Maria Mahnots

    I just watched rich people wishing they were richer for 13 minutes 🙂🙃

  • Grant Morgan
    Grant Morgan

    HAHAHA my mans got gold garms xD

  • Ibrahim

    Hamad bin Khalifa is a member of the ruling Qatari royal family, not Abo Dhabi, the one who wrote his name in the sand is Hamad Al Nahyan from the UAE

  • Mo El
    Mo El

    When Ethan said astagfirullah 😂😂😂

  • Give me Money
    Give me Money

    “Pull up to the yard with 1 million ballpoint pens” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kohei

    Tobi is cooked in this video 😂

  • ibrahim amin
    ibrahim amin

    From Astagfirullah to pronouncing Hamad like Arab, i see you Eesa lol

  • Mpig Smith
    Mpig Smith

    Bru my name is Ryan and I ain’t no stalker

  • Riley McCurdy
    Riley McCurdy

    I’m snatching that dog

  • Mr Gaming
    Mr Gaming

    Ur mom 🤣🤣🤣🤣 jk tho

  • Yen

    Of all the rooms in a house to make gold, why the toilet? 🤣

  • Dreamz

    The Name in the sand has been gone for quite a while unfortunately was pretty cool

  • Syn


  • Extremely sus
    Extremely sus

    What did Ethan say at 1:35 my brother

  • Sadeem Alqorashi
    Sadeem Alqorashi

    The photo they used for number 4 is the previous Amir of Qatar and father of the current Amir. He is not from Abu Dhabi 😂😂

  • Ary Aeelahh
    Ary Aeelahh

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  • Lucky Luke
    Lucky Luke

    0:35 yes because not being rich = loser 🙄

  • Abdulaziz F.A.
    Abdulaziz F.A.

    Lot of these are fake

  • Oyvind -
    Oyvind -

    People be starving in the world and they buy this