And The Number Of Babies Is... - H3 After Dark # 40
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  • Zack Schilling
    Zack Schilling

    On the butthole thing...when I was in the hospital 2 years ago, I was really backed up. I finally let loose a hard poo, and the nurse came running in and said my heart rate hit 160 BPM, and then I could feel it. It went down after I was done and laid down and was able to relax. After all that I was really tired. It was pretty intense.

  • lilianna stanwood
    lilianna stanwood

    THEY ARE TWINS 👯‍♀️ (harvey and ryan)

  • Alissa Knight
    Alissa Knight

    Bruh Zack’s sick voice in this 😩👌🏻 music to my ears

  • TheOzarkWizard

    31:10 This guy sounds like he has a treych ring

  • CrankyTiffany

    When Ian hit the zoom glitch at 1:02:37 I lost it

  • H2OFlamesGaming

    I brought heelies back to my area last year lmao

  • Elizabeth Perry
    Elizabeth Perry

    Not all of Arizona is looney! I guarantee 90% of us know how the earths orbit works lmao 🤣 🤣

  • Hannah Lynn
    Hannah Lynn

    I don't even know if anyone will see this but my experience mixing Lexapro and Wellbutrin and taking them independently was a terrible experience but everyone is different so I guess it doesn't matter

  • zzzonkedx3

    2:24:30 It’s Mr. DNA’s accent from Jurassic Park 🧬🦖🦕

  • Holly David
    Holly David

    2:00:00 This guy might be a convalescent because he's on a nearly 100% liquid diet for some reason xD

  • Holly David
    Holly David

    39:00 Have your childcare professional run that kid around the block more! He's not getting enough physical activity if he isn't sleeping through the night.

  • Christine Green
    Christine Green

    They do the same thing in county jails. They treat people as subhuman as if they are not innocent until proven guilty. I was in jail and I fell and broke my shoulder and I was told over and over that I was faking. I ended up having 4 surgeries.

  • Ryann Scutte
    Ryann Scutte

    DO NOT MIX LEXAPRO AND WELBUTRIN!!!!! It can cause serotonin syndrome within the first 6 hours of taking it together! I am suffering currently and is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! PLEASE DO NOT Welbutrin is just known to not kill your sex drive where lexapro is known to do that! You can also cause seizures by mixing the two and not eating well!!!! PLEASE GOD DO NOT DO THIS PLEASE ITS INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS GUYS Then DR put you on another medication and you are stuck in 3 pills that arent necessary PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS GO SEE YOUR DOCTORS about serotonin syndrome!!!!

    • Ryann Scutte
      Ryann Scutte

      its overloading your serotonin receptors!

  • Ryann Scutte
    Ryann Scutte

    DO NOT MIX LEXAPRO AND WELBUTRIN!!!!! It can cause serotonin syndrome within the first 6 hours of taking it together! I am suffering currently and is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! PLEASE DO NOT

    • Ryann Scutte
      Ryann Scutte

      Then DR put you on another medication and you are stuck in 3 pills that arent necessary PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS GO SEE YOUR DOCTORS about serotonin syndrome!!!!

    • Ryann Scutte
      Ryann Scutte

      Welbutrin is just known to not kill your sex drive where lexapro is known to do that! You can also cause seizures by mixing the two and not eating well!!!!

    • Ryann Scutte
      Ryann Scutte


    • Ryann Scutte
      Ryann Scutte


  • Ina Simp
    Ina Simp

    Whatever you do don't start adding more anti depressants

  • Shea Benitez
    Shea Benitez

    Lamest podcast I swear

  • Gersan Urraca
    Gersan Urraca

    The unaccountable monkey conjecturally suck because popcorn monthly flap against a tawdry postbox. numerous, chilly napkin

  • Ksenija Vassiltcheva
    Ksenija Vassiltcheva

    damn bruh why is it locked

    • Ksenija Vassiltcheva
      Ksenija Vassiltcheva

      this is dicriminating with peace and love

  • AnthonydoesYT

    2:19:17 best H3 bit I think I've ever heard, ever.

  • Paulina

    Ian's Sonic story cracks me up. I've watched it five times.

  • Jazmin Moreno Ganuza
    Jazmin Moreno Ganuza

    2:13:35 commenting to come back lmfaoo

  • Jazmin Moreno Ganuza
    Jazmin Moreno Ganuza

    If we can just change the orbit of the earth

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann

    Damn if I hadn't missed this live, but I can tell you all about medications. Not a brag, just a helper^^

  • Fishy Kid
    Fishy Kid

    2:15:00 I am saving this moment forever. Saved video for later lmfao

  • Dany

    I came to watch the rise and fall of Frenemies but I think I'm here to stay. Also Teddy Fresh is cool as hell

  • JSMR


  • Secure the Tacos
    Secure the Tacos

    Time stamp of Eddie bravo

  • Marissa Bee
    Marissa Bee

    Speaking of Lexapro, I had to switch to Wellbutrin due to negative side effects. Best change I made by far. I had zero side effects after that.

  • Cody Scarborough
    Cody Scarborough

    Love how Dan keeps ending the shows :)

  • Dat puh
    Dat puh

    I wish we got more stories like these!!!

  • Pyro boss
    Pyro boss

    No it's true @h3h3 jake Paul vs the ufc dude who's name I already forget sold 2.4 mil ppv and logan vs floyd only 1 mil but it's mainly bcz of the price diff I think jake one's was like 20 maybe and floyd 50 dollar per ticket.

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson

    Got a little weirded out when Ethan kept saying Ryan lol

  • Christina Thunell
    Christina Thunell

    That car story from Greece was so good 🤣🤣

  • Rylee


  • Luis Flores
    Luis Flores

    The plausible revolve willy talk because clave only dress above a outstanding quilt. thinkable, handsome jewel

  • I'd Rather Get AIDS Than Get Woke - the 3rd
    I'd Rather Get AIDS Than Get Woke - the 3rd

    Will the father of the babie(s) be at the birth ? I mean, unlike Ethan, homeboy POC was there at baby's conception.... As were many others during that Sabbath gabgbabg.

  • Rachel Jaide
    Rachel Jaide

    “Cut that out Dan”

  • Arlisshsr


    • creaღpuff

      AMEN. He's just speaking out of self-hate. We should pray for him. He's clearly casting his insecurities onto that smart younger man. 😞

    • J E N N Y G A R C I A
      J E N N Y G A R C I A


  • Destiny Tapia
    Destiny Tapia

    Welbutrin is the shit! It's helped me so much since my daughter passed away. I feel so much better in general. I hated lexapro. It made me soooo fucking tired. That I couldn't even wake up to take my kids to school.

  • Kenny K
    Kenny K

    Texas is actually super accepting of the lgbtq. At least where I live in Dallas. We have a huge gay parade and have towns that are literally predominantly gay people.

  • Rita

    24:03 that got weird

  • Lunchable Cheese
    Lunchable Cheese

    He’s openly racist and homophobic and not only uses it as a “flex” but doesn’t ever try to learn from his mistakes and be a better person. Instead he sits in his neckbeard rolls and hides behind a screen. “Legend”... huh...

  • BigBoy 82z28
    BigBoy 82z28

    The section on christianity was really insulting to me

  • Steffani Green
    Steffani Green

    My son jars his head. He’s had a lot of ticks lately and we are waiting for a diagnosis

  • Sarah Says
    Sarah Says

    wait so how many babies are they having?

  • Colin

    Ethan’s caretaker’s hair looks good like that.

  • Tokachi Chan
    Tokachi Chan

    I always find it ironic how when I finally watch this video, I went to my health department and was pregnant lol

    • Lauren Harmon
      Lauren Harmon

      Congratulations 👏🥳

  • Kilim Nataniahu
    Kilim Nataniahu

    So you agree on a debate and then you hide behind someone else, hopping they will do it for you. Is this really the best you can do? Someone else has to take care of the debate for you? Are your kids really your or someone else had to take care of your wife too? :D

  • Melissa Nicole
    Melissa Nicole

    I’m pretty sure Wellbutrin makes ya…. Uh super chunky. So if that doesn’t sound like a good time to you then maybe pass.

  • Dominic Gervasio
    Dominic Gervasio

    Show sucks

  • Chrizzie 78
    Chrizzie 78

    ... Four. There are four babies.

  • MrAckers75

    Fuck me I honestly thought this guy was gay! He makes Don lemon look like Mike Tyson

  • marina

    Ethan your haircut is bomb

  • Darian Clark
    Darian Clark

    New sound for the board, "I dunno, look it up" 😂

  • Emily Czech
    Emily Czech

    sister shanked 😂😂

  • Rick

    What a coward. Contacted Crowder to debate. And then ran like a dog who tore up the morning newspaper. Substituted in some no name ISnetsr that no one has heard of. No honor. No self respect.

  • Demo Clan
    Demo Clan

    Hila looks so pretty hope you have a good life and hope your children will also!

  • The Old Blood
    The Old Blood

    Dude I hope you realize you're taking a huge leap into a dumpster fire that is your career. Like your career is over bro. I've never seen anything so fucking stupid in my life. Good luck bro, but its over. You sold out for 9 year olds and youre gonna lose everything.

  • 7sinz88

    whats wrong withh having a loving women in ur life?

  • David Salazar
    David Salazar

    Ethan sounds super desperate trying to trash that guy in the beginning. Even the crew was telling him to chill haha

  • Sydney Thayer
    Sydney Thayer

    random fact- identical twins are a random occurrence which results from the fertilized egg splitting into two eggs

  • Jikkity Jek
    Jikkity Jek

    leaving christianity made me realise how literally everyone else thinks how loony it is also the only good things that came from christianity is the art and architecture

  • no one
    no one

    Racist 🗑

  • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez
    Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

    I'm laughing so hard I can't even squeeze rn 27:30

  • Natalie Byrd
    Natalie Byrd

    Can someone tell me what Ian's role is? I know Dan is producer and zach is sound and AB does like media current events and research! :)

  • Michael

    Didn't know Ethan was the face-lift kinda guy. Mightve just done better if he took up some cardio.

  • Christian Hudson
    Christian Hudson

    Ethan is a coward

  • Jason Chamberlain
    Jason Chamberlain

    "Dude, you're wearing a holster bro"

  • linux 2winux
    linux 2winux

    You look like my dad when he drank too much... Your bloated... Sorry bruh

    • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez
      Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

      you are= you're

  • Nate N/A
    Nate N/A

    The left supports Palestinians. Ethan supports the left. Ethan supports the destruction of Israel. Change my mind.

    • Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez
      Lorena Andrea Vodniza Gonzalez

      The existance of Palestine does not need the destruction of Israel. Change my mind (you can't)

  • Kung Fu Kenny
    Kung Fu Kenny


  • Stacy James
    Stacy James

    Didn't realize re-animated corpses could get pregnant.

  • Sarah Ann Marie Ramm
    Sarah Ann Marie Ramm

    Very entertaining today. I love that for you!

  • Valerie Montellano
    Valerie Montellano

    Wellbutrin and Lexapro is KEY 🔑

  • Hi Im Spy
    Hi Im Spy

    Do they not know that edibles can be way stronger than just smokin a joint or blunt? It’s not all the same either. 🤣

  • Dysphonia

    Ian’s video glitch makes everything better

  • Darian Smith
    Darian Smith

    Literally Trisha is so toxic and doesn’t do well with any type of family shit and like you guys are so loving and loyal and she just doesn’t have that in her . She all about herself .

  • Wall Ball
    Wall Ball

    Man h3 used to be a ISnets goat but it’s gone fr

  • OliviaM

    Ethan is genuinely HILARIOUS

  • Chloe McIntosh
    Chloe McIntosh

    I feel you HILA!!! I’ve had to go to the Emergency room and get a scan and they just said “you’re constipated take laxative”

  • Kristian Rasmussen
    Kristian Rasmussen

    White Claw Gabe supporting the new pregnancy. Take some notes Trish, that's what true friendship consists of. These people out here supporting each other not tryna drown each other. Peace and love, hope you cope with your issues better in the future, and thanks for the good times on Frenemies but honestly watching this I feel like I can actually breathe happily for these hard working players whereas on Frenemies even sitting alone in my room I was worried I might fart and you'd hear it on the podcast and try to cancel me for not being a paying subscriber.

  • Georgia Durose
    Georgia Durose

    Can I just say you guys make me feel so safe and content, literally I can only sleep at the moment whilst listening to you ethan cause you make me feel so calm

  • Amber Travis
    Amber Travis

    Hila was in the army???

  • Lily Robinson-Hill
    Lily Robinson-Hill

    Why do I always start eating just as they start talking about shit

    • lauryn

      There's no such thing as a coincidence

  • Babygoat420xx

    Eric swallowwell

  • Elise MA
    Elise MA

    dan with the jumper is really cute i love it ian and dan are fashion icons

  • 𝑆ℎ𝑒𝐿𝑢𝑣ℎ𝑠𝐺𝑖𝑔𝑖

    Hila is so beautiful. :^

  • chasing rabbits
    chasing rabbits

    hes so fast

  • Dolce Luxe
    Dolce Luxe

    I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time as I did about that whole “the year is 2024, the covid vaccine gave. everyone super magnetic powers, Texas has seceded from the union using magnetic force, q-anon was real the whole time” bit

  • Parkerblue Dog
    Parkerblue Dog

    Ethan got mega trolled by Gomert

  • Pris Partida
    Pris Partida

    sister shanked - AB 😂

  • Alex Xx
    Alex Xx

    Hila holding the fork had me lolingggg 😂

  • MrGonzo23

    Can't stand Ethan's new fans. Seriously the most vapid ppl on the planet!

  • celeste moughler
    celeste moughler

    I tried to listen to this episode on the podcasts app but it would play the bella poarch episode instead

  • Laura Hadjion
    Laura Hadjion

    sister shanked HAHA

  • Judith Manzo
    Judith Manzo

    Anyone else think of Dr. Sturgis from Young Sheldon ?

  • Malin Lie
    Malin Lie

    Prisons in Norway are almost nicer than our student apartmens

  • Emily H
    Emily H

    I don’t like that Ethan compared hila to trisha as a joke when she was expressing her interests and sticking up for herself a bit about the Wellbutrin thing, it’s like hila can’t speak up about things and talk about things she’s interested in I was interested in the Wellbutrin topic I have been on it before

  • Pall Mall
    Pall Mall

    Ethan needs to go to the doctor for gallbladder disorder.

  • reggaejunkiejew

    is dan wearing a lightning bolt tee