1 vs 10 Hunters in GTA!
We played GTA V and did a Dream-style manhunt against 10 other players! This video is not only intense but also hilarious from beginning to end, so stick around for the whole thing!
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  • MrBeast Gaming
    MrBeast Gaming

    I want to give a big shout out to both FailRace's Survive the Hunt series and Dream for inspiring this video! Check them out through the links below! isnets.info isnets.info

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      Hi MrBeast. giveaway some phone plsss. ITS OKEY if it's NOT an iphone or a branded phone or a new one😰. Just for someone.. uhm who doesn't have one because it's so not easy when our classes is in online now. Plssss or a laptop, but I think it cost more than a phone. Thankyou💛

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      Can you play fortnite

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      Gijk1177 Froggyz DieCast and Roblox


  • iamwhoiamYT

    7:27 pewdiepies scream is still better

  • Puppies lover
    Puppies lover

    The only thing this video didn't had is dream speedrun music

  • ItsZoe

    I hate Karl Fuck

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    joseph dencyl cordova

    Mrbeast and his cute haircut

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    Daniel Horn

    9:49 look at the caption

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  • Gamer BOI 257 Steve
    Gamer BOI 257 Steve

    Chris: being chased Jimmy: gun shopping

  • Gamer BOI 257 Steve
    Gamer BOI 257 Steve

    10k IRL or 10k gta

  • Gamer BOI 257 Steve
    Gamer BOI 257 Steve

    They can see you on the map

  • NishatIDK

    This guy says the money word like it's nothing

  • ivo

    * S O C I E T Y *

  • Lance Bilbrew
    Lance Bilbrew

    It's like there playing Fortnite

  • Ur mom Deeznuts
    Ur mom Deeznuts

    So if I ever wanna become a bounty hunter imma play gta

  • Lutfullah - Hil - Kafi
    Lutfullah - Hil - Kafi

    Are you guys still killing each other! Cos I want to join in!

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    Felix Iffland


  • Vladimir Zafiroski
    Vladimir Zafiroski

    I like mrbeast but am having sum suspision

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    Aimee Cruz

    Mrbeast is neat, my ear hurt when karl says, AAA!

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    hi :D

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    Lord Tachanka242

    No opreser mark 2s

  • DIP Khan
    DIP Khan

    buy me a pc that i also play GTA😐

  • SEDIQI Gaming
    SEDIQI Gaming

    Make an whole map car race in gta v


    Nobody: Literally nobody: GabeyFort: Imposter is sus

  • Hyper Ninja
    Hyper Ninja

    Alt.title: 3 Survivors vs. 10 hunters

  • Marlon Rando
    Marlon Rando

    Sad how we lost Viking, Garrett Marcus, and other OG friends and are left with Karl.

  • Martha Maldonado
    Martha Maldonado

    Mr beast is the best

  • Mackie Stuff
    Mackie Stuff

    who realized there's no chan chan :(

  • Clown 40hrtz
    Clown 40hrtz

    Bigger problems

  • Lil M
    Lil M

    Noo matter how long they will win because there’s no timer mrbeast your nice you spend your money for good things and u make peoples lives change

  • officerpunk 12
    officerpunk 12

    Mrbeast I will always love you guys points gun too Carl

  • Chris A
    Chris A

    What are these guys such losers?

  • Howard Lu
    Howard Lu

    I like your cut g

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    Henrik Ullestad Huun


  • kamar hussain
    kamar hussain

    mr beast i love your gaming play go battle io once please

  • Vindication

    chris: says that does not look like him also him has the same hair as his player

  • Deanna Scribe
    Deanna Scribe


  • Void Amir
    Void Amir

    Karl كارل ķąřł ßãřľ

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    Best MrBeast gaming video ever

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  • Clark Patrick Garcia
    Clark Patrick Garcia

    Part 2

  • PJA

    This is better than Manhunt

  • justin samuel
    justin samuel

    why dint u guys go to sandy?

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  • flicks

    They are so dumb they have money they can tune there car to max

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  • Tyrax

    Why is Karl so annoying

  • brandon parra
    brandon parra

    I like how the end of the video turned into a battle royale

  • L Swan
    L Swan

    U mean 3 v 10

  • Dom Tsoi
    Dom Tsoi

    Do u want to 1v1?

  • Brittany Zentner
    Brittany Zentner

    This is fake can't they see your like dot on the map

  • Adrian_ BG
    Adrian_ BG

    3:48 What Went Wrong In Traffic Simulator

  • shadow luis
    shadow luis

    Commenting on every suscribe to me

  • Rachel Aiven Carr
    Rachel Aiven Carr

    Jimmy 2090 gta 80 3 people vs 100 hunters

  • Mohammed Nuur
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  • Gabe Wolfe
    Gabe Wolfe

    This is literally FailRace content but blown out of proportion

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    Early Night4056


  • Noah Markarian
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  • zane youtuber
    zane youtuber

    I can also take part in the competition

  • Sam Zeman
    Sam Zeman

    You should do this again but in the desert.

  • Kaare Mohamed
    Kaare Mohamed

    Hi mrbeast

  • Roma Pietruschka
    Roma Pietruschka

    you could hide in your house'ses lol

  • jebran hassan
    jebran hassan

    is GTA free jimmy

  • Table Irony
    Table Irony

    "I've never been so happy for someone to kill me"

  • Johnpatrick Ortega
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  • Johnpatrick Ortega
    Johnpatrick Ortega

    I want GTA 1vs 10 amongus

  • Marcos D
    Marcos D

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • basic run
    basic run

    mrbeast im in the middle of a bee hive lol

  • YassyGaMeR

    GTA 6 is coming out in 2023 as it is gonna be GTA V 10th year anniversary. Mark my words.

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    SGD_Snipez 26

    He said sus

  • Sariya thomas
    Sariya thomas

    i heard graystillplays i think-

  • its ya boi
    its ya boi

    I love seeing Jimmy just shooting an uzi

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    Roblox Channel

    Amazing video Mr beast

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    Tyler Cordial

    Tell Carl I said to shut up.

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    Danilo Silva

    eu to nem ligando pra tu seu coco

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    Westin Lowe

    What you got a shout out

  • Nymph

    I wish I could participate in one of these....I am amazing at this game and I need the money for family reasons...

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    LoL Mobile Gaming

    i am one of hunter in gta

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    Akshat Jokes

    Can u help me buy a gaming setup so that i can play gta 5

  • Smores Blocks
    Smores Blocks

    5:28 should be you

  • James Andrew Velos
    James Andrew Velos

    Chris: "This video should titled 'Traffic Simulator'." You mean "Following the law in GTA 5 for the first half of the video"?

  • GaBSie

    He clickbaited. The title said 1v 10 but its a 3 v 10.

  • how do you do that how did you download Minecrafe
    how do you do that how did you download Minecrafe

    The hunters sucks

  • Rudo Duri
    Rudo Duri

    How can you download gta on pc

  • Matt Setchfield
    Matt Setchfield

    Chris your hair cut in GTA5 did cinda look like you

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    Manuel Arredondo

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    JoJo Lava

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    Cyril Bolt

    Never laughed so hard

  • G A B U R U
    G A B U R U

    idk if it's because I have over 1k hrs on gta or just because I have a functional brain, but I find it very hard to watch them play so badly. Not hating, just wanna know if I'm normal

  • Sophie Wilson
    Sophie Wilson

    Do moreeeeee pleaseeeee

  • Devont Jackson
    Devont Jackson

    There’s no way jimmy didn’t buy shark cards he has $14M 😂

    • Someradompikachu

      @lovf ?

    • lovf

      Lmao they use mods its obv

  • Devont Jackson
    Devont Jackson

    I don’t understand wouldn’t the hunters see them on the radar they’d have to turn off the hud

  • PooP

    I love gta

  • Rogue gaming 1219
    Rogue gaming 1219

    I don’t know why but the ending of this video reminds of another video game can’t remember the game was called I just remember fighting in cemetery that’s all remember

  • Maejah Mcleod
    Maejah Mcleod

    Why do you have so much MurchHow much yellow most at the same

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    I Am Lukarumodoshi

    Why is my heart rate increasing?! 🤣🤣💔💔