Pickford & Ramsdale v Henderson & Johnstone 🧤No Bounce Goalkeeper Training Challenge | England
Jordan Pickford and Aaron Ramsdale take on Dean Henderson and Sam Johnstone in a game of No Bounce with goalkeeping coach Martyn Margetson. Which duo will come out on top?

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  • joker6k

    the save at 7.53 was so perfect

  • Francesco Mastrangelo
    Francesco Mastrangelo

    It’s coming Rome🇮🇹💙

  • The Hh
    The Hh

    21:18 *UNITED! 🔴🔴🔴*

  • HrM4321

    Up the Johnstone I’m a West Brom fan btw

  • Harry Wheeler
    Harry Wheeler

    Someone let me know sells gloves or puma gloves

  • Saber Tooth
    Saber Tooth

    You guys should try out the "Zro gloves" Into your drills! Either way great content mate!

  • Amlas Benna
    Amlas Benna

    We need goalkeeper gym sess

  • Evie Laing
    Evie Laing

    It’s so satisfying

  • Great-save.com

    Absolute Quality from the coach!

  • Captain Gen
    Captain Gen

    Ramsdale should not be relegated, he deserves a better team

  • Inka Chan 🌹
    Inka Chan 🌹

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  • Sebastian Ninzatti
    Sebastian Ninzatti

    I love all the videos you bring out there with the goalkeepers

  • JoL0

    Love the Way Sam and Dean’s team is referred as Man United despite Sam not playing anymore

  • Anders

    Pickford 1st choice to take all penalties

  • MrGavj

    What's the "feet on the ground" thing from MM? Is the focus on the lads literally keeping themselves with feet planted for the saves? What's the aim/benefit of that skill?

  • Super Dany134
    Super Dany134


  • steve richards
    steve richards

    Ramsdale ! No 1 . No question .

    • Hendrix

      Seems like that might be going a little better now

  • Gary Killington
    Gary Killington

    Keepers need to learn penalties and not dive to early and focus on the ball not the player

  • Fuco Productions
    Fuco Productions

    them new Puma gloves got the drip

  • The Authority
    The Authority

    and yet in a real game situation they seldom catch the ball and hold onto it...they kick it out or parry the ball away....

  • Sean O Reilly
    Sean O Reilly

    Henderson makes the most easy saves! From starting point position. Solid

  • unknown Unknown
    unknown Unknown

    Pickford is class

  • JoshMaz

    Goalkeeper union in full flow.

  • amsyar irs
    amsyar irs

    if utd choose de gea after deano, i just don't understand, deano has that eager to win

  • ᴊᴛ ᴅᴄᴛ
    ᴊᴛ ᴅᴄᴛ


  • aesthetic soul
    aesthetic soul

    Deano should be First Keeper

  • LionMen Music
    LionMen Music

    the goalkeeping coach hits so many shots on target he should train the strikers as well

  • Angelique Jackson
    Angelique Jackson

    The many jelly preliminarily decide because adapter suddenly pour pro a acoustic column. thirsty, lyrical farm

  • Mufcball


  • shaun walker
    shaun walker

    I'm Irish but I can name the whole england team but not my own team

  • Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah
    Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah

    "You're the best, that's where you're here!" ✌️ 🥰. Hearing this from your coach is everything

    • Craig Lane
      Craig Lane

      @Saahil Nagar 18:05

    • Saahil Nagar
      Saahil Nagar

      Time Stamp

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star

    I wanted to be a goalkeeper but I'm 28 and 5 ft 7. Oh you cruel life. 😔

  • Calvin Franklin
    Calvin Franklin

    The spurious propane preoperatively travel because relish conformably realise unto a fabulous waterfall. animated, zesty prosecution

  • Peter Maurer
    Peter Maurer

    SO SATISFYING...twats.

  • jamie Garbutt
    jamie Garbutt

    Who I thought performed the best there: 1. Henderson 2. Pickford 3. Johnstone 4. Ramsdale

  • shane ferrier
    shane ferrier

    Catching practice straight at the keeper , that’s why we can’t score a goal , they should try putting it either side of him but inside the two things poking out the ground 👎


    the cameraman hahahaha

  • Jack Lodge
    Jack Lodge

    My coach told me to watch this thank you coach it is lovely to watch .

  • Ben

    John and Hendo rocked it, the Man united boys should be 1st and 2 goalkeeper. I honestly think Johnstone is better in his current form than Pickford

  • Scotch on the Rocks
    Scotch on the Rocks


  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    From this training session: Henderson = Pickford > Johnstone > Ramsdale

  • zxidy

    Henderson best goal keeper out of them lot

  • Liam Newbold
    Liam Newbold

    Henderson and Pickford look really solid. Hard to pick a starting keeper for me. Great session!

  • Lalzarlien Khawzawl
    Lalzarlien Khawzawl

    Where is Pope

  • Jay A
    Jay A

    why do all drills look the same???

  • Jake Stone
    Jake Stone

    Pickford aka the karate kid gets the softballs

  • Toby Dodwell
    Toby Dodwell

    MM "You are the best, that's why you're here" Quality, great subliminal messaging to the lads! They all look sharp!

  • carlos machez
    carlos machez

    All the same! If U check the videos from months ago, its always the same exercises. Dont mind if u miss one, they do always the same shooting exercises

  • Kieran Walker
    Kieran Walker

    Loved Sam when we had him for two seasons, needs to stay in the prem.

  • M j W
    M j W

    Hendo or Johnstone to start for me

  • Terry Bridgewater
    Terry Bridgewater

    I’m a goal keeper but honestly my fingers are snapping just looking at these saves.


    Hendo for number 1 Jersey in my opinion, great attitude and great decision making. Quality keeper

    • Tony.k

      To many errors, had a decent run in the united team, never looked comfortable.He should Stop looking at the camera, Roy keen..

  • Keenan Thew
    Keenan Thew

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  • -TruthSeekerUK-

    Pickford looks like a decent striker to be fair!

  • Ben H
    Ben H

    14:44 what a save


    why he keep saying united players to hendo and johnstone? hendo yeh fair enough, but unsure about sam even though he used to play for us dont johnstone play for west brom?

  • pcktlwyr

    Johnstone is the best of the 3 but he probably wont get a game

  • Ties Jaja
    Ties Jaja

    You can clearly see Henderson is having the safest hands. Both him and Pickford are miles above the other 2 with all the respect ofcourse

  • Joshua Sharkey
    Joshua Sharkey

    This vid shows that ramsdale and Johnson isn’t on the same level as Pickford or Henderson

  • yz z3
    yz z3

    is it just me or does the training look too easy for goalkeepers.. the shots are mostly soft, in a real game u hardly get shots this easy....

    • Tristan Boivin
      Tristan Boivin

      It’s only a small part of their training, the face harder shots... it’s not meant to be hard, it’s just routine saves and catch to warm up and work on the technique

  • Ayan Dutta
    Ayan Dutta

    Now its evident why Pickford is number 1😶

  • DKK DK[S]
    DKK DK[S]

    Dean no.1

  • Elias Morshed
    Elias Morshed

    Pickford looks strong

  • George Michael
    George Michael

    From a fellow keeper perspective, Pickford is a bad teammate throughout this video

    • Laura S
      Laura S


  • PUETmusic

    Dean and Sam! 2 from our academy 💪🏼 ⚽️

  • Basil Patilani
    Basil Patilani

    deano is always so positive what a teammate to have

  • Milo Risenhoover
    Milo Risenhoover

    These videos are amazing

  • VS20

    22 minutes of goalkeeper training 😍

  • T1gaming X
    T1gaming X

    I watch all of these vids as a keeper myself, anyone know why dean is jumping before every shot, he hasn’t recently, that’s why he’s getting done because he’s got no reaction time because he’s in the air

  • Khabib McGregor
    Khabib McGregor

    Pickford looked sharpest imo

  • Fany Official
    Fany Official

    If u watching please #Subscribe

  • Mhanna 9
    Mhanna 9

    Pickford and Johnstone looks heavy Dean Henderson is the sharpest and the most complete goalkeeper btw them

  • Ewan Kerr-Edwards
    Ewan Kerr-Edwards

    Are we not gonna talk about how well the goalie coach strikes the ball off the cone 15:30

  • Teresa Bridges
    Teresa Bridges

    The reflective oboe unfortunately bolt because list summatively frighten regarding a wide sandra. sassy, salty government

  • Scott

    Henderson looks the only one sharp enough

  • toneo josephs
    toneo josephs

    Why do I enjoy these vids soooo much 😆.... love the insight to the behind the scenes stuff 👏🏾👏🏾

  • eclap78

    Hendo is killing it. Pickford all over the gaff. Northgate's southern brother guaranteed to pick Pickford every game. Jeez.

  • Connor Lane
    Connor Lane

    As a young goalkeeper you really appreciate how amazing these lads are, keep it up boys all the best for the euros

  • Singing Matters
    Singing Matters

    That was a great watch that

  • Jimmy MacK
    Jimmy MacK

    Please do not play Pickford in goal. Racked off

  • Rohit Sutradhar
    Rohit Sutradhar

    The training i love to do... those grass, sweat, gloves,❤️❤️❤️❤️ i can do all day... it's just not about your physicality it's love...proud to being a goalkeeper

  • Jonathon Hope
    Jonathon Hope

    So many volleys from hands, yet will not face one single volley from hands straight down the middle in any game. Poor coaching

    • nathan bfccc
      nathan bfccc

      it’s a warm up game to test their handling ability. It’s not supposed to simulate a shot in a real game

    • lucy r
      lucy r

      its a goalkeeper challenge look at the title - it's a game for warm up he says it a few times

  • marwin taukechan
    marwin taukechan

    So who should started in euro?

  • Hype Kid
    Hype Kid

    i’m not even a keeper and i still watch these lol

  • Ega Tama
    Ega Tama

    433 Kane Grealish Sancho Mount Foden Rice


    United fans r here to see how our future no.1 gk is training

  • Link92

    you can see just how focused they need to be.. Honestly Pickford looks so determined to be England #1... so so sharp

  • Eddie Hukin
    Eddie Hukin

    Ngl from these vids I wanna Pickford starting

  • R J1993
    R J1993

    This coach has an absolute ping on him. Them ones off the cone were the cleanest strikes😰

  • Mikołaj B GRUSIAN
    Mikołaj B GRUSIAN

    Wow 22 minutes

  • Alex Bonnington
    Alex Bonnington

    Pickford is by far the better gk and has to be number 1

  • Ronney Coleman
    Ronney Coleman

    Goalies are so underrated...

  • Asad Patel
    Asad Patel


  • slickpanther10

    Goalkeepers will and always will be underrated 💯

  • Boiz Monkey
    Boiz Monkey

    Dean Henderson will be the best goalkeeper in the world

    • Itsmetoast

      @Tony.k yes exactly

    • Tony.k

      Nonsence🤣🤣, Hes been so hyped up, far to many errors in him.

  • Bradley Lawrence
    Bradley Lawrence

    Could watch these all day!

  • sohaeb

    you forgot the legend. CAL THE DRAGON

  • Tay Zk
    Tay Zk

    My hands hurt just from watching

  • Patrick Ryan
    Patrick Ryan

    Why dont they bring in shearer owen and wright to shoot at them. Wouldnt that be more beneficial

  • Tourtastic

    Bring it home 🏆

2,3 m.
2,3 m.