WHAT IF Official Trailer (2021) Iron Man, Marvel Avengers Animated Series HD
WHAT IF Official Trailer (2021) Iron Man, Marvel Avengers Animated Series HD
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  • Isaiah kohler
    Isaiah kohler


  • Klunke

    I wonder if robert is going to be the voice over for tony... probs not

  • Tris Tan
    Tris Tan


  • Herbie Wares
    Herbie Wares

    'I am the watcher' I think you mean stan lee. stan lee is the watcher (or the one above all)

  • Mr. Sukkrivan
    Mr. Sukkrivan

    When they going to Releasr

  • Aaron David Kapner
    Aaron David Kapner

    Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

  • Pancakepixels

    If i see the zombie invasion episode I might actually die of happiness

  • Rama The Grey Pilgrim
    Rama The Grey Pilgrim

    Now this is something I did not think they would have the guts to tackle

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller

    What if Steve Rogers couldn't do this all day?

  • ΛntzToezKneez

    What if? League of Legends died sounds like an awesome world to live in

  • J Leon Szesny
    J Leon Szesny

    did you know that the X men canonically exist in the same universe, same planet even? x-men world: "mutants everywhere, everyone hating mutants" Avengers world: "needs more people with superpowers, people love their mutant heroes"

  • 24 x7
    24 x7

    atleast sammy is still black

  • VansaXD

    Why they jusm made everyone black?

  • Farhana Safran
    Farhana Safran

    so .... Fanfic AUs.

  • Daanish Manzoor
    Daanish Manzoor

    Oh my god they're actually doing what if this is too much for me

  • Mr. Potassium
    Mr. Potassium

    I hope all the characters have their RL actors as their voices.

  • Espeontheduck

    marvel kinda cringe at this point

  • Fighting _OBI
    Fighting _OBI

    is it mandatory for starlord to be black? or was he black in the comics? probably not because I would have picked up on the ragestorm for "whitewashing" him in the cinematics

  • Jarvis mccrary
    Jarvis mccrary


  • Rodrigo Rios Avila
    Rodrigo Rios Avila

    cant wait to haer another progresive speech B) womans, blacks, whats next, transgenders?

  • S M H
    S M H

    So basically Disney wants to make the "woke" fanbase happy? got it! 🤦‍♂️

  • Derpy Derp
    Derpy Derp

    is this on Disney plus?????? it better be bc I NEED THIS.

  • legion404

    So basically turn a guy into a woman and white guy into black. How innovative...

  • Shiva Shankar
    Shiva Shankar

    wow...thats awesomeeeee

  • LonelySamurai LOL
    LonelySamurai LOL

    for real HOT shif coming thorugh

  • Mike Sdt
    Mike Sdt

    as long as people are busy to super heroes , Elon Mask will clear the pocket easily .... keep watching babies ...

  • Forgiveness save
    Forgiveness save

    What if thanos had a son instead of gamora

  • Haris Saqib
    Haris Saqib

    wait... this is real?! I thought it was fanmade the first time I saw it

  • PrimYaz00

    sadly i only see that somebody needed some money

  • Luca Roberto Bergonzi
    Luca Roberto Bergonzi

    Can't wait for it to land on Disney +

  • Shloeb


  • John ñp
    John ñp


  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man

    I hope they adapt the short What If story where instead of Spider-Man, Peter Parker becomes Galactus and brings Uncle Ben back to life as the Silver Surfer keeping the line, "Jehoshaphat! Feels like I ate a whole box of bran!" Not a joke.

  • Aaron B
    Aaron B

    What if? Fury: no!

  • Luis Diego Mesén R
    Luis Diego Mesén R

    I love this now after the series ends i wanna see its clash with the original

  • S. Galaxia
    S. Galaxia

    Marvel Zombies! Marvel Zombies!! MARVEL ZOMBIES!!!

  • Info Pisang
    Info Pisang


  • Rania Assal Del Valle
    Rania Assal Del Valle

    The animation looks so realistic, but at the same time, it's too smooth. Us humans are never that smooth.

  • lucas bravo
    lucas bravo

    what if la idea mas floja de la historia para sacar nuevas historias de las mismas historias, cheap trick le pega mejor

  • chas ames
    chas ames

    "Coming soon..." Oh. Well then.

  • La Ninfa Pimentel
    La Ninfa Pimentel

    Cartoon Bucky is sooooo pretyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • Mid Knight
    Mid Knight

    This will be wild and im ready

  • Pandatess

    This looks cool

  • Team Natty
    Team Natty

    What if... our elections had been secure...

  • TrojanTheWolf

    Instead of creating new characters,marvel decided to recycle old characters and put "what if" as a title so that u weebs could drool over some new dumb content,wheres the new super hero's im so bored of marvel and DC

    • some asshole
      some asshole

      Lmao too true

  • Rick Reed
    Rick Reed

    When I saw her come out of the chamber I was like "Ahh caps got boobs!"

  • Digvijay Mahamuni
    Digvijay Mahamuni

    this is a production level trailer

  • GTA GamerZ
    GTA GamerZ

    Just Amazing

  • Kanchan Singh
    Kanchan Singh


  • DrMonkey

    When they show starlord its like theyre tryna say what if starlord was black 😂😂

  • M G
    M G

    I'm not sure but the music sounds like it was made from the same people who made the music for Ark Survival Evolved.. 🤔

  • Mark Schamber
    Mark Schamber

    This is the first Marvel series I have zero interest in.

  • noon•

    0:40 C A P T A I N E N G L A N D

  • Alptemur Çakmak
    Alptemur Çakmak

    cap'ain bri'ish ?

  • J.S.Loper

    HOWARD THE DUCK! SWEEEEEEEET! I'm sold! #howardtheduck

  • Mourne84

    No one wrote about the Watcher... :-O

  • James Matthews Stream Archive
    James Matthews Stream Archive

    Me: "Alright, this looks pretty cool..." *Sees Marvel's Zombies* *I'LL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK*

  • Having Fun Getting More Buyers
    Having Fun Getting More Buyers

    lol, captain England

  • Adam Balogh
    Adam Balogh

    Let's hope Brie larson is not involved.

  • zacjk

    what if captain america super syrum failed and he dies

  • Lance Corporal
    Lance Corporal

    I'd like to see an Iron Man - What If showing Ho Yinsen not dying and helping Tony Stark make more incredible devices.

  • Emmanuel Abuchi
    Emmanuel Abuchi


  • Peter Wong
    Peter Wong

    What if......Pink Panther?

  • Johnny Topside
    Johnny Topside

    I hope the first episode opens with Jeffrey Wright asking, "Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?"

  • Ru New
    Ru New

    Hopeful Black Widow doesn't die

  • Ru New
    Ru New

    This looks so good Disney plus ain't messing around

  • Ensource TV
    Ensource TV

    Man Marvel just can't lose lol

  • ZackTheHack YT
    ZackTheHack YT

    Why do they constantly destroy marvel's creations? And constantly ruin great characters and change them into something they were never meant to be? It makes me feel sick

  • Mighty Baloo
    Mighty Baloo

    It's a universe of endless possibility. Like, What If Star Lord was black? What If Cap had lady parts? Ooooh, shocking, scary...ghost noises oooh! C'mon really? I was really hoping for a lot more than simple gender and race swaps. This is basic bitch level alternate reality shit.

  • Leo Miller
    Leo Miller

    So, basically it's like re:zero if stories?

  • Sobie Gadam
    Sobie Gadam

    Hmm Nick fury is still.. same nick fury but... Captain is a Woman. Starlorde is... you know ;) but Black Panther is still Black Panther... so... WTF is WHAT IF? Maybe we change everything note only some persons....Captain Marvel is still girl why? xD WTF?!

  • M Chi
    M Chi

    Marvel: Diversity Hire

  • nimaa

    i cannot wait until this show comes out!! wait...when is it going to come out?

  • Paul Curran
    Paul Curran

    we better not HAVE to watch this to keep up with the next movie, tv show.....i aint doing toons 😕

  • Djalil Sadok
    Djalil Sadok

    where is the hulk

  • Alexander


  • All Your Base
    All Your Base

    Is one of the what ifs "what if star lord was black"

  • marksman issa
    marksman issa

    i hope its 4 hours

  • FlakesYT

    This is really smooth

  • tom cool
    tom cool

    In this universe Spiderman become evil when he put dirt in someone eyes

  • Jeremy Walker
    Jeremy Walker

    What if more like wtf lol

  • Nighthawk

    Fourteen million six hundred and four "What If"s, to be exact. .....this gon' be a looooooong season.

  • gudalpesanz

    When does this start?

  • Wrathlon

    Oh man now I want a Super Soldier Peggy movie.

  • Ray Mack
    Ray Mack

    Captain Britain the symbol of opression and colonialism LOL 😂

  • Elite

    in this universe Tom Holland said Holy fuck instead of Holy shit in Civil War

  • Oegyein

    can't wait, but I'm terrified of how poorly this COULD turn out

  • Denislav Fusarov
    Denislav Fusarov

    Where are Albino Panther and Wonder Man, did i miss them

  • Chase Jenks
    Chase Jenks

    What if . . . We got X-Men.

  • The Pope
    The Pope

    We don't want this americanish cartoons like, we want madhouse animation for this one.

  • kotto De Naggi
    kotto De Naggi

    Cuando ya no sabes qué hacer con tus personajes: - hagamos una serie tipo qué hubiera pasado si...

  • PrincipeFernando

    1:46 Tchalla & Howard the Duck.!! _yeaah.

  • Tomas Franic
    Tomas Franic

    Since when is Star Lord black....


    Black Star lord????

  • OneDaxSter

    The "What If" comics are the perfect excuse for Disney to mess around with whatever continuity the writers want.

  • Neferin

    What if they ONLY played "Just A Girl" by No Doubt, during all the fight scenes?

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen

    Looks well animated. I don't think it's enough to convince me to get separate subscription just for that one series though. tbh, I hate all these exclusive subscription idea. I hope one day we can move past that and just get one big encompassing subscription for all movies/series online.

  • W Y
    W Y

    Wow this looks really cool. I'm glad Disney is open to doing more risky and experimental stuff.

  • Msmlolman polybrige 0
    Msmlolman polybrige 0


  • Jester john cornejo
    Jester john cornejo

    Wait this was real!? OMG I legit thought that this was a concept trailer. HAHahahaha OMG. Life is good

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