KALEO - That's All How It Feels [LONER DEER COVER]
KALEO - That’s All How It Feels [LONER DEER COVER]

Cover of « That’s All How It Feels », a Kaleo’s unreleased song, by Loner Deer (available on Soundcloud).

Original video: isnets.info/main/gXiupmSquYOTn6s/v-deo.html
This was played in live in 2013 and published by fans on ISnets.
The name of the song is NOT the official.
The lyrics are NOT officials.

Composition: KALEO
Music: Loner Deer
Mix: Loner Deer
Clip: Loner Deer

Videos used in the video:
All The Pretty Girls (official video): isnets.info/main/eX_by3-h0GXQib8/v-deo.html
Way Down We Go (official video): isnets.info/main/Y16brXiFvJvLjZ4/v-deo.html
Way Down We Go (live in a volcano): isnets.info/main/bIituWWEsmGzZ80/v-deo.html
I Can’t Go On Without You (live at Búdarkirkja): isnets.info/main/mqGrnYGIumnJi9E/v-deo.html

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All rights reserved to KALEO.
I’m just a fan, I made this work for my own pleasure and for all the KALEO’s fans.

Thanks for watching, Thanks for listening

Loner Deer 🦌🧡