It's time to say goodbye - thank you for everything
Time to move on.

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  • RoomieOfficial

    This was a very hard decision, and I'm still not sure if it's the right call. I just have to do it. Love you guys, thank you.

    • Raven Claw
      Raven Claw

      I will miss your blue eyes! See you soon!

    • Vorrimade


    • Vorrimade


    • Keidon Kelley
      Keidon Kelley

      Okay! Understandable!

    • Ray’s Raid Shadow Legends Legacy
      Ray’s Raid Shadow Legends Legacy

      i’ll be here bro

  • instead not school than in vain
    instead not school than in vain

    onlyfans, just gonna make me can't see you again... see you soon

  • Yumi Leiane Acasio
    Yumi Leiane Acasio

    See you soon:(

  • instead not school than in vain
    instead not school than in vain

    i hope this trending in sweden, amen🙏

  • Tory918 ‘
    Tory918 ‘

    Can you please react to the ISnetsr Azerrz I swear you won’t regret it🙏

  • Mrsobe Bencab
    Mrsobe Bencab

    See you btw ur have Harry Styles hair 😜

  • Rayyan Ahmed
    Rayyan Ahmed

    Mack a nother lil pithy song

  • neuroticat

    M i n e c r a f t i s w a v i n g

  • Иван Фамилия
    Иван Фамилия


  • Mebanshan Shadap
    Mebanshan Shadap


  • Josclyn Haske
    Josclyn Haske

    im still waching the old videos

  • Tefer

    Whyy i cant live enymoreeeeeeeee pls dont go say me that's a joke

    • Tefer


    • Tefer

      I knew it

    • Tefer


  • William Vazquez
    William Vazquez

    Joel Who?

  • NickAtNick

    aaww i was hoping to support ur onlyfans roomie 😿

  • jade.

    It's weird not coming back here everyday 😕

  • Melious _zanqueen
    Melious _zanqueen

    Noooooo don't do it , i'm new fans

  • flaming flamingo
    flaming flamingo

    Reacts to jaiden animations anime pls :/

  • flaming flamingo
    flaming flamingo


  • bangtan love
    bangtan love

    We'll wait for you!

  • Elusive Fox
    Elusive Fox

    Timeee tooo saayyy goodbyeee *Andrea Boccelli*

  • Bbaa Llaa2087
    Bbaa Llaa2087

    We miss u so much Roomie.. We hope you will be back soon ❤

  • Angelina Catipay
    Angelina Catipay

    see you soon.

  • Snub Capri
    Snub Capri

    Damn just like that 🙄.. how can we contact you in future ?

    • Joel Radhakrishnan
      Joel Radhakrishnan


  • Jake Bijoy
    Jake Bijoy

    I will wait for you Joel, Dont worry.

  • Supergoalie8

    i miss you :((((

  • Degeneracy

    I mean it's your call if you feel that daily uploads don't fulfill your idea of "ideal content". Whatever works and makes you happiest will be better moral wise and in general even for us. Keep up the good work!

  • Klied Sethro Avila
    Klied Sethro Avila

    I hope you make video with your group

  • Elementriel

    I just re-dinged that notification bell! It's cool to hear you are focusing on what you want. You scared everyone you were leaving youtube! lol.

  • Cookie Crumble
    Cookie Crumble

    It’s sad that he won’t daily upload anymore But That jacket though

  • rodrigonnt

    Where are you?!??! We miss your videos....

  • Hein Htet
    Hein Htet

    You can make other types of videos??? (like gaming or meme review, might be a good idea, like FIRST TIME PLAYING MINECRAFT, might be a good idea.) Oh and it's ok if you don't do it daily.

    • Lara Pavia
      Lara Pavia

      He already played Minecraft on his channel

  • Amani Aldabe
    Amani Aldabe

    Omg bro I thought you actually quitting like all together but ya it’s alright man anything that helps your mental health and what you wanna do! 😊

  • Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi
    Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi

    *Sad Muffin song*

  • Nobody


  • •Scottish Bean•
    •Scottish Bean•

    Im okay if you don't upload everyday but just Don't leave us for like months and months like some people

  • Super Mario Joey
    Super Mario Joey

    onlyfans please

  • SasanEX


  • JeepiiFin GT
    JeepiiFin GT

    Ok😔 See you aigan... But i have video idea. React to finnish music🇫🇮 im from finland🇫🇮❤🔥

  • LukiBoy

    Dont leave us

  • Nev Mckinney
    Nev Mckinney

    You still making vids still

  • Chrystal Calaby
    Chrystal Calaby

    Joel take time to make more music my Spotify could do with some new updates 😉

  • Anime

    Can you react to marcelito pomoy The power of love

  • Liam V
    Liam V


  • melanie tryon
    melanie tryon

    you will be missed but we will all be here when you post. true fans never leave, real fans are fans till the end!

  • Jaimmy Cubias Hernandez
    Jaimmy Cubias Hernandez

    im sad

  • mitzi flores
    mitzi flores


  • f dfdfd
    f dfdfd

    we gonna miss you

  • Galwegian youtube user
    Galwegian youtube user

    Ok bro, but you still need to review the Irish national anthem

  • Mizuki Kira
    Mizuki Kira

    The clickbait title oof...

  • Sarah Lucescu
    Sarah Lucescu

    I don’t think anyone blames you lol, I would die

  • Ian Gabriel
    Ian Gabriel

    What the Fuck YOUR GONNA FUCKING Make AN ONLY FANS I thought you were PG I forgot if you sweared sometimes but imma unsubscribe FOR PG

  • Christopher Socci
    Christopher Socci

    We’ve reached the generation where ISnetsrs are actually starting to become old people, and retire. Just… Just take that in for a second… Like, yeah. ISnets as a platform is THAT old! Literally there are some creators that are starting families. A lot of the viewers are starting families after watching their favorite ISnetsrs since the age of like 16 or younger! Just take that in guys! ISnets has actually seen at least, two generations! ISnets is so old that it’s creators are actually starting to retire! New ones are coming in, old ones are going out. Love ya long time Roomie, I respect whatever decision you make with this channel!

  • ApplePotatoCat

    do whatever you need

  • シPARZIVAL_0w0_

    I saw that bald spot in the beginning.

  • dr. doom
    dr. doom

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Aubin Spitzer
    Aubin Spitzer

    Yessss, I've been waiting for this for so long. I love you're awesome high quality videos

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Roomie's jacket.

  • Emmanunuella Efua Nkrumah
    Emmanunuella Efua Nkrumah

    We'll miss you too

  • Leighton Brennan
    Leighton Brennan

    He reminds of wanna of my teachers lol

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      thxs for not quiting like roomie any who sss did not upload still wating for cory x kenshin to upload an nocome home at 12 tierd my mom tells me to unpack an im tired like wa

  • Logan Bickel
    Logan Bickel

    post agian plz

    • G R
      G R

      Logan Bickel patience is a virtue :D :) ..that i lack

  • The leader of YOGI_
    The leader of YOGI_


  • A Person Who Does Person Things
    A Person Who Does Person Things

    You’re videos seem really high production to me and the fact that you uploaded daily just baffles me. Can’t wait for the next video. Now give me the onlyfans link.

  • Jolt hunter 72
    Jolt hunter 72

    Bye roomie, I’ll miss you man

    • Jolt hunter 72
      Jolt hunter 72

      @G R 😮‍💨 I was crying dude

    • G R
      G R

      he'll be back

  • She Ragada Kim
    She Ragada Kim

    It's okay! You've worked too much, anyways we're just going to watch and stream the videos, the daily uploads before you come back. God bless and more power. See you soon!

  • Joa Nnali
    Joa Nnali

    please,react to the song "Latinoamerica" of Calle 13


    I will miss you 😔

  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith


  • YoungRainyz

    Ill miss you

  • Kaleb Carrigan
    Kaleb Carrigan

    See you again some time soon

  • Kris Tibbitts
    Kris Tibbitts

    Good for you man. Life is not about working to exhaustion. I will be very exited to see what you come up with in the future. ENJOY!

  • Tage Lavér
    Tage Lavér

    noooooo!! i love you dont say goodbye say hi! im from sweden to

  • America Falcon
    America Falcon

    We'll miss you so much :'c Thanks for all. Love you 💖

  • Jerrid Mcdonald
    Jerrid Mcdonald

    When you come back should jump into beatbox content again enjoyed watching your reaction to such talent

  • Kecko

    7.27 million subs wysi

  • JOsh Rocksthehouse
    JOsh Rocksthehouse

    After a tragic drive from va to ohio not eating for 5 hours not being able o hear or 47 mins at a weird as idk what hotel and the coming back getting lost for 6 hours almost crashing a car near a car that just crashed get lost no signal to call or text seeing a car on fire thinking roomie would cheer me up and he quits I go to sniper wolf channel btw thxs for not quiting like roomie any who sss did not upload still wating for cory x kenshin to upload an nocome home at 12 tierd my mom tells me to unpack an im tired like wat the anyways dude do gaming or reacting other to music be like pew DIE pie no offence just dout quit gett to utube plz want thats my wish for my bday christmas so plz i lov da channeljust dont quit roomie dude

  • Vanny


  • JKTiger plays
    JKTiger plays

    How could you leave us this, I'm so upset that I'm sounding a little bit pitchy. 😂

  • I AM Pat
    I AM Pat

    As soon as I subscribe you. Now you want to quit. And it happen to the other channel as well. After I subscribe them they stop😑

  • Atlas.

    I entered this vid hoping for it to be clickbait 😭💀 but it's not and it's fine because it's his decision but- CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT THAT OUTFIT??? He looks like a magician

  • Femboywonho

    I started crying seeing the title. Then came to the comments and finished the video. I’m so glad 😭 I thought I was gonna lose my favorite ISnets

    • StanY5

      Well why did you watch the vid 1 week later? Not a fan i think

  • cezara _
    cezara _

    Maybe it's just me, but I think you really look like Cody, from "Zack and Cody "

  • kirop7

    ah yes, the classic clickbait

  • Thatone Narutoweeb
    Thatone Narutoweeb


  • John Paul S¡mp
    John Paul S¡mp

    Lol 😂 I really like the outro

  • Eishalshahzad Eishalshahzad
    Eishalshahzad Eishalshahzad

    I just subscribed and he is taking a break but that is alright I still know that he works hard and he needs a break see you soon

  • Hinata Wright
    Hinata Wright

    This is just a suggestion: If you ever want to react to new music, I suggest listening to Kenshi Yonezu (J-Pop). Every one of his songs is so different from each other, and so so good. His songs are packed with delicious percussion and such moving choruses.

    • Venetan

      agree to this, kenshi yonezu is great!

  • Péter Dobos
    Péter Dobos

    Can the Hungarian Anthem be included in the next Video?

  • Ulrik Andersen
    Ulrik Andersen

    When I saw the title i were crying, and then I saw the video i was like PHEW! do what you have to do, we support you!:)

  • DynoGamerGurl

    I tried uploading daily.. it lasted 3 days before I was exhausted. Take your time and take a break

  • Milad Gholipour
    Milad Gholipour

    see you!

  • Long Gray Lessons
    Long Gray Lessons

    @3:14 when Joel says "I'll miss you" and you actually sense how heartfelt and sincere he is.

  • Madelene Fredriksson
    Madelene Fredriksson

    Dont leave meeeeee

  • Madelene Fredriksson
    Madelene Fredriksson


  • Curtis Campbell
    Curtis Campbell

    I haven't watched yt since this I love watching your Videos daily. 😭

  • Wabbit Twacks
    Wabbit Twacks

    Yeah, we will wait for you Joel..

  • Angry Unicorn Productions
    Angry Unicorn Productions

    Aw will miss u

  • Troy and David's dumb shit show69
    Troy and David's dumb shit show69

    I respect this

  • Be Happy
    Be Happy


  • Ivar D’Silva
    Ivar D’Silva

    This guy went from posting every day to posting literally never

  • ATProductions

    Clickbait again that he is leaving 😒😒😒