I TROLLED My Friends Island With TNT! (Minecraft)
⭐️ I TROLLED My Friends Island With TNT!
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  • Andre Peyper
    Andre Peyper

    How does your game not lag when yuo go into a world

  • Alf web
    Alf web


  • Alf web
    Alf web

    This is still not on 100k

  • Rehana Akhter
    Rehana Akhter

    He literally cried to ask you to join and you blow up his island

    • Dan A
      Dan A

      I know right

  • Vinz Sacro
    Vinz Sacro

    is this ur mine cuz I miss u like u were mine lol

  • Future Menn
    Future Menn

    carlo fou chank

  • Dea Vrapi
    Dea Vrapi

    Mean boy

  • Perfectly Chris
    Perfectly Chris

    Iron block*? U mean ingot’ right?

  • Nafisa Aktar
    Nafisa Aktar


  • Deadpool Games
    Deadpool Games


  • Zenie Muehle
    Zenie Muehle

    Craina life’s under jelly’s bess end Crainer and jelly haws 💎💎💎💎💎

  • Paulie1988

    How is this not on 100k yet

  • Ien May
    Ien May

    do not troll jelly or i will troll you too

  • Ien May
    Ien May

    slogo team up with jelly keep

  • Janti Hajo
    Janti Hajo

    What do you know About trainer being minimalistic u have a 2x2 house interior with only a crafting table

  • SamuraiLovesGames

    Your just mean at this point ☹️😱😱😱😱😱😨

  • Levi Mebruer
    Levi Mebruer

    you should troll jelly by filling his house up with cobwebs and say your ao short you can't even clean your house and its soooo dusty

  • Paul Rodrigues
    Paul Rodrigues

    Troll crainer now please please please please please 🥺

  • Samuel Nathanael Chandra
    Samuel Nathanael Chandra

    love samuel

  • Samuel Nathanael Chandra
    Samuel Nathanael Chandra

    u are mean and poopy like jelly

  • lucas chen
    lucas chen

    What the

  • christopher Dash
    christopher Dash

    Josh I am such a hater of ur ISnets channel I like jelly

  • Skyler Sowles
    Skyler Sowles

    Josh jellly has diamonds and iron under his pet chicken go steal them

    • Marius Kriaučiūnas
      Marius Kriaučiūnas


  • Oscar Pineda
    Oscar Pineda


  • Erich John Camacho
    Erich John Camacho

    Mr slogo jelly is very angry beacuase you blow up the island

  • Carlos Robles
    Carlos Robles

    Im mad slogo popo😡😡😡😡

  • Eduardo Corona
    Eduardo Corona

    Go to jelly Island go in font bobey the chicken and dig down ok slogo

  • John Gamer YT
    John Gamer YT

    Slogo you went to far

  • Tyron Gamer
    Tyron Gamer

    Ha are you seiryous

  • Tyron Gamer
    Tyron Gamer

    Crainer dint do anything

  • Wongchum Yimchunger
    Wongchum Yimchunger

    Very confuse 6:51.

  • thirith phorn
    thirith phorn

    Jellyhead diamond is on the ground and chicken Francis

  • bernie elma
    bernie elma

    Gor craner

  • bernie elma
    bernie elma

    You have a bin bad boy for blowing up her island

    • dinielmihr

      Bullshit speaking correction: *You have been a bad boy for blowing up his island

  • Farell Fazrell
    Farell Fazrell

    That Mean Josh now crainer is gonna payback

  • Neco Gaming
    Neco Gaming

    Poor crainer

  • abduallah kassem
    abduallah kassem

    crainer just missed u and u basiclly destroy his entire island u toxic bro

  • Sansidh Preksha
    Sansidh Preksha

    josh there are diamonds underneath jelly's chicken plaese take it and do not tell jelly tell it was done by craner pls troll jelly

  • Roden jade Cadungog
    Roden jade Cadungog

    Why do you always troll jelly and slogo

  • Atul Pansuria
    Atul Pansuria

    jelly has a secret chest under the chicken

  • Zakiya Jabeen
    Zakiya Jabeen

    Fix that

  • Zakiya Jabeen
    Zakiya Jabeen

    Bad boy

  • Zakiya Jabeen
    Zakiya Jabeen

    Ur mean josh

  • Knight

    Josh why would you blow up crainer’s island that is rude

  • Deomigz Hernandez
    Deomigz Hernandez

    Thats rude josh.

  • Grated pepper
    Grated pepper

    why this guy even makes videos he sucks and also too mean

  • Jessica Stone
    Jessica Stone

    Go out to the sea and explore it would be sooo cool

  • Gh0st Wolf
    Gh0st Wolf

    Josh i think you went to far. Crainer troll with a sign but you tnt. 1 or 2 tnt is enough But 10 or more you a psycho josh

  • Kanchan Gowri
    Kanchan Gowri

    Josh , jelly and crainer have diamonds. Crainer has them in the inventory. But jelly hid under the cage of Bobby the chicken. They also have full iron Armor. So plz keep up with them.

    • Kanchan Gowri
      Kanchan Gowri

      Josh jelly had 5 diamonds

  • alone gamer
    alone gamer

    ohhhh josh

  • Doggy man Gaming
    Doggy man Gaming

    Only 5k more liked until josh has to do another of this LIKE THE VIDEO

  • Talitha Brown
    Talitha Brown

    I will get a merch on November the 15th

  • Luwayne Lotters
    Luwayne Lotters

    Please I,ll pay u 1000dollers

  • Luwayne Lotters
    Luwayne Lotters

    Crainer is the best everyone spam crainer is the best

  • David Hu
    David Hu

    play more on this server

  • David Hu
    David Hu

    Play more

  • Jelson xian Tamayo
    Jelson xian Tamayo

    Do more cow town or bee town

  • vijayalakshmi taduri
    vijayalakshmi taduri

    Can you give right to send request on you discord channel

  • vijayalakshmi taduri
    vijayalakshmi taduri

    Us we should play with you too

  • Rare Memes
    Rare Memes

    To the 0.0000000000001 % of people who read this, Stay safe during this pandemic . And have a wonderful day!

  • Alexander Rosell
    Alexander Rosell

    0 0

  • Adrianus van Lierop
    Adrianus van Lierop

    Slogo go online inside of cow Town.

  • -Reine Bautista the dreamer-
    -Reine Bautista the dreamer-

    Crainer:being so nice to josh and miss him Josh:trolling crainer becouse he thought it was a troll Me:bruh read the sign i know you read the sign josh and also im a fan of you but just saying your being to harsh in Crainer okay just saying he miss you but you dont care and you even troll him for nothing but you have to make up to him give him a present lol

  • Raywin

    Plaese enter creater mine fully because .......

  • Seán McAodhagain
    Seán McAodhagain

    Josh really woke up and chose violence today. Doing the opposite of fueling the fanfics.

  • Seán McAodhagain
    Seán McAodhagain

    Every video it's Crainer having a crush on Josh

  • Geneve Collins
    Geneve Collins

    Hey josh troll crainer with TNT

  • Sean Niemann
    Sean Niemann

    U mean josh he missed u


    Hey josh go back to cow town and go to the beach and you see a crafting table there make a boat and go straight and you see jelly and crainer house

  • Gigi Chan
    Gigi Chan

    Please return to crainer channel to watch survival island so you can see what's happening next to slogoman

  • Gigi Chan
    Gigi Chan

    Bro slogoman sucks now crainer is homeless and he has a hot and he has nothing to live with and no pets no animals nothing in survival Island Minecraft

  • Gaspar Games
    Gaspar Games

    Hit the like button

  • Venom13brb

    Like the damn video guys!!!

  • Ruby Arroyo
    Ruby Arroyo

    Your house so tiny you are so small

  • Ruby Arroyo
    Ruby Arroyo

    War are you name as logo that your name is slug you are slow

  • Fist player
    Fist player

    In cow town check minecraft jelly and crainer moved away and there new town is bee town check crainer's video

  • Marivic Ocmar
    Marivic Ocmar

    Haze slogo jelly and crainer have some diamonds

  • the switch gamer
    the switch gamer

    Crianer has dimonds

  • Arjhun Toque
    Arjhun Toque

    Pls josh just forgive crainer

  • Mohamed Mahmoud
    Mohamed Mahmoud

    come on crainer was so nice and your being rude come on josh :(

  • crafter mavs
    crafter mavs

    Your right slogo you said he was dumb

  • angelo pascua
    angelo pascua

    Jelly haf Dayamon gogogoogo

  • angelo pascua
    angelo pascua

    Craney haf Dayamon

  • kim place
    kim place

    Hi slogo if u dig underneath bobby the chicken jelly has some diamonds and good stuff

  • Edrien Shadwel
    Edrien Shadwel


  • Lite Tan
    Lite Tan

    i will unsub bbbbbbb porr crainer boat

  • gavin DePaul
    gavin DePaul

    SLOGO! there is Secret chest deep under bobby the chicken's pen

  • Lightning

    What is your phone number

  • CofeWithCream

    Slogo Play Minecraft cow town again jelly just burn his Jelly house and you too Slogo jelly we just leave you 2 jelly is leaving far away

  • Rosemary Martin
    Rosemary Martin

    Josh brady miss you crainer

  • Strelok Zone
    Strelok Zone

    Yes, explore ! !! !! !

  • Danny Fug
    Danny Fug

    Slogo jelly already explored the ocean already

  • Ella Reforma
    Ella Reforma

    Josh look at graders praise even drew up the cow foreigner deserve set the sea blue uptown town

  • Ann McKenna
    Ann McKenna

    I would like to tell you crainer has a revien in his mine also find out what is in the ship

  • BD Dress
    BD Dress

    Josh crainer has full iron armor and 4 frocking Diamonds soooo then yah

  • Luke Michio
    Luke Michio

    Yes josh why you dont play survl minecraft

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson

    hi big fin

  • K the anime lover 07
    K the anime lover 07

    I have 6 account and I subscribe you because i love your video ❤

  • K the anime lover 07
    K the anime lover 07

    I have 6 account and I subscribe you because i love your video ❤

  • Marko Roncevic
    Marko Roncevic

    josh a litle thing i want to tell you crainer has diamonds make some troll other then this to get them.