How many robots does it take to run a grocery store?
In Ocado's grocery warehouses, thousands of mechanical boxes move on the Hive. Are they all individual robots? Or is this one giant hive mind? • Thanks to Ocado: (this video is not sponsored, and they had no editorial control).

Reference: Strandwitz P. (2018). Neurotransmitter modulation by the gut microbiota. Brain research, 1693(Pt B), 128-133. -- I should probably have put a "might" in there, but that's a thorough review of research and I think the claim just about holds up!

Edited by Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin)

Filmed safely:

Thanks to Grant Hurst from Casual Historian for suggesting the title:

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott

    Just to be clear, this video isn't sponsored! I've wanted to do a video about group vs individual for a while, so this worked really well. Ocado invited me for a warehouse tour, but I've not been paid a penny, and they had zero editorial control over the final video.

    • Chris

      @Russell Chapman Esq. They are made by Tharsus.


      @MarcusBurkenhare what I’m referring to is a full scale fire which levelled the facility in Andover. Andover did have another small fire recently tbf.

    • MarcusBurkenhare

      @DELL POWEREDGE R720 I think it may be the Erith facility, which recently had a small fire. They are working to fix it but operations were suspended for a while.

    • 2021 isn't a race
      2021 isn't a race


    • wupi lan
      wupi lan

      i love the way u explain the whole operation and the body of the hive

  • Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.
    Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    where are the humans???????? 4:11 its bots cars???

  • Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.
    Eu, a Rainha e 3 princesas.

    where are the humans????????

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    how many people does it take to start an uprising?

  • Juan Chaleco
    Juan Chaleco

    "Ocado warehouse fire caused by robot collision delays online food orders"... so, not perfect

  • DomoKilla

    As soon as I heard "5 mm apart" i knew it was a bad idea 🤦🏻

  • smakkacow

    "What is my purpose?" "You move groceries." "Oh my god"

  • R3tr0humppa

    "We are the Borg. Resistance is futile."

  • CJM cola cole
    CJM cola cole

    2:29 interesting to see the Kinect still has life

  • Bill Brown
    Bill Brown

    How many robots run a grocery?please. How many teens that can't spell can pull the electric on the robots & ransack & rob the place? 1. Ex cons R praying for botStores

  • Sean Paul
    Sean Paul

    How many robots does it take to put out a fire

  • Honzova Dílna
    Honzova Dílna

    That's a lot of multi-agent programming.

  • tcbink

    They could hire 100s of people to work there for for 20 years for what it cost to build that place not to mention maintenance and upkeep.

  • Anisha Jangra
    Anisha Jangra

    Destroying humanity

  • Michelle Hettinger
    Michelle Hettinger

    Now let's build warehouses that can cook with these ingredients based on recipes.

  • wutupitspayton

    0:46 damn that one that’s fallen over, i kinda feel bad for it…

  • Mr. Choplanskie
    Mr. Choplanskie

    2 weeks later. Empty shelves.... Good job wall-e

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    Don't have to pay them sick pay, holiday or have tea breaks. We will all become ISnetsrs.

  • Acoustic Foam
    Acoustic Foam

    free them

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Do they get payed minimum wage?

  • Reeve Thomas
    Reeve Thomas

    2:00 I see at least 4 bots chilling there They having a tea break? 🤣🤣

  • Bathory

    we need a tax on robots. much more people will lose their jobs in the next few years.

  • Dankey Kang
    Dankey Kang

    2:28 i think it’s funny that they have all this advanced robot tech and then the 3D camera is a kinect

  • RundFyrkant

    when all stores look like this there won't be any employed humans who has credits to buy anything. Robots should obligated to commission taxes starting now.

  • Gamer Life
    Gamer Life

    It takes only 1

  • Александр Фи.
    Александр Фи.


  • yaroma maskim
    yaroma maskim

    strong aperature science vibes from this

  • Dalton Smith
    Dalton Smith

    2:26 is…. Is that an Xbox Kinect?

  • Francisco Scaramango
    Francisco Scaramango

    This is the end. Pure laziness and a serious drain on the climate. Huge amounts of electricity needed for a job that a human can do. This takes jobs away and is not good technology. Lazy technology. Nothing fancy about this. Its a disgrace and should be made illegal.

  • Trader Barry
    Trader Barry

    I wonder what the annual electrical consumption is at the factory

  • Water Boy
    Water Boy

    IT's s only sick. Many employeds will lost her work. Sick World

  • evanseventy7

    It looks like absolute madness and inefficency.

  • Luis Lobao
    Luis Lobao


  • sasa Nestorovic
    sasa Nestorovic

    I feel sorry for you guys doing the shopping this way

  • OzzY D
    OzzY D

    There not great they miss the bags half the time and usually with the wrong item

  • Cha0tic Neutral
    Cha0tic Neutral

    Do they get payed minimum wage?

  • Ahsan Ilyas
    Ahsan Ilyas

    Hail The hive

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams

    Crazy thing is this was someone's idea now it's a reality making millions

  • simon w
    simon w

    And all this to eliminate workforce and make even more profit?

  • Jay Ayling.
    Jay Ayling.

    Why are you so cool

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    I'm back R2d2's.

  • The Terminator
    The Terminator

    The future of the employed becoming unemployed.

  • Alexander Boulton
    Alexander Boulton

    Mommy I'm scared of the robot grocery store

  • Alpha_Kralle

    We are the Borg! Place your orders and surrender your money. We will add your biological and technological shopping to the box. Your culture will adapt because you're served by us. Resistance is futile!

  • Craig Bryning
    Craig Bryning

    I deliver for Ocado don’t be fooled by this comedy coz half the food doesn’t make the bags

  • Noobess The Noob
    Noobess The Noob

    Interesting video, it really does show how far humans have come. But It also shows how lazy we have become. I know setting something like this up was nowhere near an easy task, I just hope it doesn't backfire on us someday.

  • Tim Ticking
    Tim Ticking

    None if you enjoy freedom instead of technocratic dictatorship

  • detectivepope

    goodbye jobs, hello massive carbon footprint.

  • Kirby420.69

    And that's how low paying jobs are dying. Good luck to everyone that wants to work but dosen't have any kind of experience in programming, robotics or engineering.

  • Bengo Jumjacks
    Bengo Jumjacks

    hello, bottom line. goodbye, jobs.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith

    Ahhh...more people going to be out of work and replaced by machines and soon no one is going to afford to buy these products these robots are collecting making them redundant as its great!

  • Franklin from los Santos
    Franklin from los Santos

    POST COVD-19

  • This Is Totally Me
    This Is Totally Me

    I love how Ocado uses XBox cameras

  • SnazzyLemming

    Can't help but wonder about the jobs that have been absorbed by robotics, there'll come a day when everything is controlled by robots and humans won't have to work at all. Pity we'll all be broke and unable to buy anything because no one is earning a wage.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great

    So companies can design amazing marvels like this while McDonald's still struggles to get their ice cream machine to work.


    That looks incredible, extremely cool

  • Haider ali
    Haider ali


  • TacticusPrime

    3 bots collided and started a fire.

  • themonkeyhand

    Nuke it from orbit. The only way to be sure.

  • Gaem over
    Gaem over

    Imagine all this technology investment directed to produce natural food and not ship unhealthy supermarket waste.

  • ThePhil344

    Where are the human workers? There must be many. What are their working conditions?

  • blockrock44

    Very cool!

  • Letty

    The matrix is all around you

  • Joseph Brennan
    Joseph Brennan

    The fact that this is free to view on the Internet is just amazing.

  • Peter Monti
    Peter Monti

    Great technology but eventually everyone will be out of work then we won't have money then we can't buy products then these robots will be shut down and companies will hire people again so we can make money to buy the products

  • andy withers
    andy withers

    2000 robots, 1 controller… and a huge car park full of employees cars to run it all… still… I’m impressed.

  • Cottontail Grouse
    Cottontail Grouse

    Great, now do the prison towns being built.

  • Raymond Caylor
    Raymond Caylor

    Stupid and ineffective. This company must be burning through cash.

  • aztecadog

    yay! what advancement, what human triumph, what progress!!! I'm sure it wont be long before robots are pushing papers, engineering, replacing doctors/nurses, business administration, interior decorating, arts, making coffee.... now if only we can figure out what to do with the billions of people world wide who depended on the jobs these robots are/will be doing-

  • Nano-Industrial Excellence
    Nano-Industrial Excellence


  • Kaushal Kumar
    Kaushal Kumar

    This Idiotism Starts Now in Work??

  • psychomrw

    I'm very afraid now. The job these robots are performing is the lively hood of my career. I'm grateful that the likely hood of this ever taking over my position is extremely low, as I live in rural Canada.

  • Desmond Joyner
    Desmond Joyner

    Damn humans, life is getting easier/harder and also your jobs are slowly going away soon we want need anything not even People,

  • Maxoto

    Want 15USD/ hr??? Get replaced with bots Stupid minimum wage argument indeed

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    Human drops tote "No worries I'll just pick it up." Robot drops tote "The Great Robot Pile-up of 2021"

  • last man out
    last man out

    How many bags of groceries does a robot buy per week? What is the tax burden per robot? As in the U.S.A.'s dreaded Income Tax. What do you do with all of the people that are slowly going mad from not having anything to do other than watch society collapse? Will Politicians be campaigning to the robots as voters? So many reasons to keep the robots in the kids toy box, and not on the shop floor.

  • primera calidad
    primera calidad

    How many people does it take to maintain that place? When. can we get rid of media personalities and replace them with robots?

  • S P
    S P

    One step closer to the T800

  • Just hacking Around
    Just hacking Around

    This ... exists? I had no idea ...

  • Josh

    They are using an Xbox 3d camera

  • Skm Sharif
    Skm Sharif


  • alan collier
    alan collier

    Time to redo the video since their robots collided and started a fire at their warehouse in Erith?


    killin humanty with robot thats why the world go hunger

  • None of your business
    None of your business

    I understand more to do with how the robotics work and less of how people can perfectly make a grid spaced out correctly at that scale for wheels to exactly pass through each one without mistake.

  • arif azis
    arif azis

    Manusia sdh diganti dgn robot .yg lebih ada istrahat..

  • Mr AA
    Mr AA

    Let’s make all poor and middle class jobs disappear

  • Claude The BOOF
    Claude The BOOF

    wow this is incredible, I cant believe such a thing is exist right now.

  • Jc Kirby
    Jc Kirby

    I like this England good job

  • GBigs Angle
    GBigs Angle

    THE BORG!!!!!!!! Next step, arm them for the zombie attacks (dead humans).

  • Derek Pr
    Derek Pr

    You pass the butter!

  • nasir nadeem
    nasir nadeem

    3 of these robots caught fire and shut this place down for a while

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    And now it's caught fire, well worth saving on labour costs.

  • shakalec N.
    shakalec N.

    End of work for human beings that s really bad for humanity good for illuminati agenda.

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      commanded by a commander doesn't make them 1 soldier we can safely say that there are in fact 2000 robots, but a world for the collective of all these bots is not yet 'invente

  • Carrie's Comments
    Carrie's Comments

    Klaus Schwab wants robots to run a lot of things in the world, including education! He'd feel at home here!

  • Tom S
    Tom S

    There's your 15/hr min wage

  • Nick K
    Nick K

    Looks like they just had a fire at the facility recently. The robots actually collided and three of them were burned and the employees had to be evacuated. Yikes. So much for that anti-collision hive mind software…

  • onkar phall
    onkar phall

    We can see why the world is overpopulated when all our jobs are going to robots.

  • MadRish

    Robots are evil, soon they will take over our jobs

  • Brandy Posada
    Brandy Posada

    Those worried about robots taking our jobs, get a job in technology… and maybe fire-fighting?

  • archiemajor12

    When they catch fire a week later...

  • L K
    L K

    I think it take 1,2 robots

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