VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021)
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VENOM 2 Official Trailer (2021) Tom Hardy, Let There Be Carnage, Action Movie HD
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  • Martek TV
    Martek TV

    I was actually surprised it wasn't a fanmade trailer.

  • USWMO News
    USWMO News

    Excited for this one!

  • മുസാഫർ ✔
    മുസാഫർ ✔

    Venam aayalum enth myru aayaoum njngalude akashaganga 2 vinte aduth Ethan patila

  • Sohm


  • Mr. P
    Mr. P

    Carnage looks CGI'd the fuck up.

  • Proctor Ritter
    Proctor Ritter

    Venom sings like a drunk Reggae singer with a throat infection

  • Corina Petrova
    Corina Petrova

    Dafuq happend to his face? He seems weird.

  • gabriel barretobr
    gabriel barretobr


  • murat karabalık
    murat karabalık


  • Carrie Moreno
    Carrie Moreno

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  • Mega Boy
    Mega Boy

    మన తెలుగు వారు ఉన్నారా


    Wow, carnage

  • ღ•Shu Kurenai•ღ
    ღ•Shu Kurenai•ღ

    OMGG can't waitt

  • Genji Knight
    Genji Knight

    Letsss goo

  • Jonathan Sauceda
    Jonathan Sauceda

    I like it

  • Javier

    Cuando te acostumbras a vivir con la mierda.

  • yzaki homoro
    yzaki homoro


  • Idccue

    Venom cooks better then most man will ever do.

  • R Yeghiyan
    R Yeghiyan

    Whats the name of the Song?

  • WhiteSpyder170

    Looks like shit.

  • Pia Rasmussen
    Pia Rasmussen


  • Dávid Szalai
    Dávid Szalai

    I think Revulot is better. @t

  • Иван Иванов
    Иван Иванов

    первый говно,они второй замутили

  • Schmidt Barnabas
    Schmidt Barnabas

    The most interesting movie ever. I love it already.

  • Ozie Felisa
    Ozie Felisa

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  • DanNe LetterEyE
    DanNe LetterEyE

    For this too be a total sucess they should give marshall a couple of guest scenes eatin dinner with venom.

  • Muhamad Reza
    Muhamad Reza


  • freeyourmind88

    Hellyeah. Just need a team up with Ghostrider

  • K J
    K J

    I dont think they should've used Woody Harrelson for attempt to fill seats no doubt. Carnage was a sociopath and I dont buy that vibe from a Harrelson portrayal. I know, I know, " you haven't even seen it yet". But be honest, do any of Woody's characters jump out as being different from the other? They all feel the same to me....

  • Gustavo Antônio Sato Bulgarelli
    Gustavo Antônio Sato Bulgarelli

    Taaaa luookuuu


    good morning eddie “good morning venom”😂

  • Mohammed Hashemi
    Mohammed Hashemi

    Nice 👍

  • igottheneed2

    I think that they should make Ms Chen the only one that Venom is some what scared of.

  • farzana malik
    farzana malik

    Taking Lee ginv gun fong ma kun

  • Zahra Jameer
    Zahra Jameer

    Only In which theater 👀don't make covid here you

  • Orlando Scott
    Orlando Scott

    i always thought venom was a bad guy?? it would be nice if spiderman comes thru i mean why not?

  • Peter Xuan
    Peter Xuan

    Something about Tom Hardy is just so boring. He doesn't have the charisma that Ryan Reynolds or The Rock have. Only watching this because it's Marvel/Venom, not cause of Tom.

    • Peter Xuan
      Peter Xuan

      Dude that stars in Kingsman has more charisma, same with dude that plays the wickity kid in transofrmers. Will Smith is top notch in any movie he touches. But Tom Hardy is just so damn boring in this movie man.

  • Joseph Barter
    Joseph Barter

    The MCU is just Mrs Chens Universe

  • FrassKxng2

    When in 2021

  • Joseph Barter
    Joseph Barter

    Let's goo another movie with Woody Harrelson in it. Now we know it will be good.

  • M Ogara
    M Ogara

    Lol. I like how their deal on protecting Mrs Chen is compensated by chocolates.

  • Mike Hawke
    Mike Hawke

    I looked forward to a Venom series for ages and this is what they turned him into ;(


    Now this is getting a little bit kiddish. The dark and seriousness of DC movies has took over my choices now. Rip to ur little funny princess marvel. Gotta make sure i dislike it

  • Tyrell


  • Shawn Richardson
    Shawn Richardson

    Oml my bro was waiting and wouldn’t stop BOTHERING MEE UGH (P.s., he’s the type of guy who will kill, for a superhero, lol.)

  • NeoBandit

    Nothing about this trailer makes me want to see this movie. WTH

  • Chicosaddibujo:(

    Veces en la q venom sorprendio a la humanidad :v

  • A B
    A B

    That breakfast scene screams spin-off sitcom. Friend(s?).

  • Jason B
    Jason B

    Oh man for a second there I honestly thought it was the dude from the 70s show again. Scared me.

  • LeSingeLunaire

    they made venom a clown.......

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    This movie needed making like Tom Hardy needed to do another mumbling cockney accent.

  • patricio montez
    patricio montez


  • Tony Marcel
    Tony Marcel


  • Zach McKeown
    Zach McKeown

    Ketsup! Yummi :)

  • Aubrey Ocean22
    Aubrey Ocean22

    Venom is my mood

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      wow this looks epic

  • donavan tshuma
    donavan tshuma

    Venom would be right at home in Hell's Kitchen

  • Jón Þormar
    Jón Þormar

    I hate seeing this trailer. I cannot imagine how a movie with Carnage in it, one of, if not THE most, disturbing and brutal Spidey villain of all time, can be a part time comedy like this trailer is trying so hard to do. After seeing this, it'll be a miracle if they manage to balance the brutality and horror of Carnage with some "light hearted Marvel humor".

  • Alexander Provenzano
    Alexander Provenzano

    His voice doesn't sound the same

  • Muhan Ant
    Muhan Ant

    Kek nya kurang seru deh...

  • NG Slot
    NG Slot

    Looks like Venom 1 is better ! But cant wait to watch this too

  • O J Marin
    O J Marin

    We are Venom.

  • John Trapper
    John Trapper

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  • Alexander Hall
    Alexander Hall

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  • Malikyte

    I hope they get Green Jello to record a new version of "Carnage Rules"!

  • StrivingtoBe

    When is this coming????

  • seven quintillion
    seven quintillion

    wow this looks epic

  • Madej


  • Akmal Haez
    Akmal Haez

    this is not venom, this is fcking tokyo ghoul

  • MitchTvd SU
    MitchTvd SU

    Guys, I don't think this movie's gonna be good.

  • Shortz Factz
    Shortz Factz

    Vo hooo

  • McCade2010

    This looks real is it real?

  • Альт ☆ AlterNebo
    Альт ☆ AlterNebo

    Ох, как же я жду этот фильм)

  • Валерий Петров
    Валерий Петров

    amazing!! a’m waiting for this movie

  • 29 Noor Mohammad
    29 Noor Mohammad

    Venom gonna set the house on fire

  • blankspaceforname

    Rated PG13 because we dont give a single fuck about the people who originally enjoyed these franchises. Oof

  • qwerty

    pg 13 shit.

  • Adnan Abdic
    Adnan Abdic

    Venom would destroy Spiderman

  • DarthMaulDude ‘
    DarthMaulDude ‘

    2:26 “I am happy to eat Ms Chen!” “No,no you can’t eat Ms Chen.” “What?” “Nothing”

  • doris benmaman
    doris benmaman

    Y U M M Y

  • Martin Mystery
    Martin Mystery

    i wish he was in upgrade movie 😜😜

  • Asilhan Emre
    Asilhan Emre


  • Mhamd Mosa
    Mhamd Mosa

  • Jina Rose
    Jina Rose

    Just noticed how VENOM and PARASYTE are rather similar.

    • Amil Ismayilzadə
      Amil Ismayilzadə


  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson


  • Vinny

    no one else feel “meh” about this movie since the last was pretty ass? like why would u make another??

  • GING3Plays


  • Deborah Shields
    Deborah Shields

    The Best!!

  • Lars Cataquiz
    Lars Cataquiz

    his teeth...

  • Gustavo Nobre
    Gustavo Nobre


  • Erick Sanchez
    Erick Sanchez

    Venon l weiting

  • Osinachi Duru
    Osinachi Duru

    Awesome like no cap Awesome 🤯🤯🤯

  • Lucas D.
    Lucas D.

    Nice clip

  • Masaru

    This is much better than the Spiderman new movies. Filled with characters but they don't make sense at all. Really hyped for this one.

  • Yeram Park
    Yeram Park

    Venom is my favorite darkness power in MARVEL