Only 20 People In History Were Born Like Me | BORN DIFFERENT
A 22-YEAR-OLD with over 130,000 TikTok followers was born with a genetic condition so rare that less than 20 cases in medical history have ever been recorded. Barber Say syndrome has no known cure and its side effects include excessive hair growth, papery thin and fragile skin, outward turned eyelids and a large mouth. Kawana was born without eyelids and her gums grow continuously - this means she has had more than 20 surgeries on her mouth and will keep getting them for the rest of her life. Kawana has a special relationship with her doctor Marco, a genetics specialist who has been following Kawana since she was born. Having not seen each other for over a year due to the pandemic, Kawana will be finally paying Dr Marco a visit.
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Director: Marilia Marasciulo
Videographer: Luiza Damiao
Producers: Giacomo Brunelli, James Thorne
Editor: Thom Johnson
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  • Ici Pauline
    Ici Pauline

    She seems so sweet I wanna be friend with her!!!

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin

    I love this she is not letting her looks stop her

  • helen miller
    helen miller


  • Michele Culligan
    Michele Culligan

    Your beautiful inside and out

  • D. Smith
    D. Smith

    What a wonderful girl! She hasn't let anything dampen her determination to enjoy life.

  • Papa Ria
    Papa Ria


  • Barbara Pease
    Barbara Pease

    You are a very strong beautiful young lady. I could not be happier than to know that you are doing so well. Keep it up, sweetie. A lot of people out in the world like you the way you are.

  • Teia Morgan
    Teia Morgan

    Lela from futurama. Divine

  • DigitalConceptz

    God bless her, she’ll be a huge inspiration not to just girls, boys as well, she’s a heroine for many I know this cannot change anyone who hate they’re outside appearance and ashamed off themselves not limited to people who are born with horrible birth defects which have 0 control of. We can say this any person. And to the very high mountain top, the magazines of models are who ever, which makes the experience just worst, and most of the time it’s not even something natural just some minor to major Photoshop skills and featuring programs especially image filters, and this is very dangerous, I feel if Tech hadn’t been the way it is now many people would do to look like models saying someone is “fat” and emotionally individuals. And have unhealthy habits losing weight till you can please yourself less but please the masses, strangers ppl who don’t even know us, she has great parent’s and takes me back with my late finance, she was always shamed of her “visuals” till we gotten so far and never felt the love I’ve gave, shedding that “aura’ about what mentally destroyed her from deep inside.... so very hurtful losing her dad... almost feel the exact same with my late fiancée So torn and majorly hurt broken hope this young lady live the lifestyle till it’s time for her to leave this world and go to the next one and hope we are “right” before we all go hopefully by clock and not by premature demise.

  • Carebeer

    I love you Kawana! You are so special and inspirational and I'm proud of you and your accomplishments. Always remember this world needs people like you!

  • woodcock991


  • Tiara Salahor
    Tiara Salahor

    Beautiful, positive and strong girl..God bless her♥️

  • Sangeeta Dutta
    Sangeeta Dutta


  • F P
    F P

    Burt Simpson

  • Are you lost, baby girl?
    Are you lost, baby girl?


  • Елена С.
    Елена С.

    Бедная! Была бы парнем , смогла бы бороду отрастить ..Но не унывает,молодец!

  • Nutellaboytv

    She can do plastic surgery if she want

  • God Bless America
    God Bless America

    She has great people around her She has a better attitude than 99.999% of the people on this planet If more people were like this girl our world would be a better place I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your Father from what’s been said on here he sounded like a great Man that was lucky to have a Daughter like You God Bless You

  • Greg Hayes
    Greg Hayes

    Such wise words. When I see the strength of love in such people, I realise those who cannot accept them have the problem.

  • Lord Raptor
    Lord Raptor

    Jesus Christ.

    • Quint

      Our Lord and Savior almighty praise his name

  • HoneyBunny WaffleMonkey
    HoneyBunny WaffleMonkey

    Good for her for getting out there and setting a positive example

  • Michael Jackson The Guilty Drug Addicted Pedophile
    Michael Jackson The Guilty Drug Addicted Pedophile

    And to think I spent millions on plastic surgery and skin bleaching cream to look like that!

  • _•Bxnny_Bxi•_

    Shes like any other girl! just because of her face?? shes beautiful :D

  • Marilyn Cris
    Marilyn Cris

    Parabéns guerreira, vc merece td d melhor!

    • Michael Jackson The Guilty Drug Addicted Pedophile
      Michael Jackson The Guilty Drug Addicted Pedophile

      Damn mexicans need to go away!

  • Skizmo_09

    I am also a big fan of SPORT

  • Holographic Color
    Holographic Color

    Nos primeiros 7 segundos eu pensei que ela estava falando russo, depois que eu fui perceber que era português lkkkkkkk

  • Raymx slapped y'all
    Raymx slapped y'all

    she lookin like Linda Hamilton in T2

  • Vic Pazó
    Vic Pazó

    eu sou a única brasileira aqui?

  • Abies Vlogs
    Abies Vlogs

    I love her hair 😍

  • Solange Villarroel pino
    Solange Villarroel pino


  • Alen Vidović
    Alen Vidović


  • Staci

    Bro all she needs is eye lids, ortho work and it's a wrap. She is not ugly. I am not a girl but even I would date her. Stop being so hateful and mean. And I read a comment saying parents disown their children all the time for birth defects. That is awful. People have more ugliness inside that it's astounding and that is one thing that would scare me away before this gorgeous woman. Curvy and sexy too.

  • Staci

    To be honest. I think she is really pretty. Her energy too. Very feminine and stronf at the same time.

  • Staci

    This and many other cases makes me not even want to marry.. Because I am basically just a bag of flesh and bones and knowing my partner wouldn't love me unconditionally is just enough for me to not even feel invested.. Like could she find love?

    • Shorya Cione
      Shorya Cione

      Why do you think that?

    • Yansa Toussaint
      Yansa Toussaint

      You're a beautiful young lady. First pray to God and seek His will as to whether to marry or not!

  • RecyclE

    I think Plastic surgery will be good for her

  • Claudia Teixeira
    Claudia Teixeira

    Meu amor sua beleza e digna ,e não deve nada a ninguém seja feliz amei vc...

  • MxntyGlow

    These people: having life changing diseases Me: crying because I got scammed in roblOx

  • Patricia Leahy
    Patricia Leahy

    God bless you girl stay strong and positive ..people can be cruel..but you are rare you are one of gods chosen special proud..❤😇

  • Светлана Тляругова
    Светлана Тляругова

    Да нормальная ты девушка не печалься какое счастье видеть слышать идти куда хочеш, руки ноги есть. Рожай детишек и ты узнаеш какая есть любовь на этой земле, и мир покажется тебе раем. Ты красотка живи долго и будь счастлива....

  • Angel 123
    Angel 123

    None of us had a say in how we would look or think or act but we burden the shame as if we did.

  • Marolie Perez
    Marolie Perez

    Omg the most weird and sad diseases ive seen here. Life can be so cruel

  • Ryu

    Beautiful woman

  • bettygoodbody

    I like your strength

  • crack baBi
    crack baBi

    When you dont clean the makeup off your face

  • Carlos Milanes
    Carlos Milanes

    God bless you

  • saul valdes
    saul valdes


  • Jessica Simpson
    Jessica Simpson

    What an amazing journey - and now she is dancing, her passion. Brilliant 💕

  • Rodrigo Mergulhao
    Rodrigo Mergulhao

    Essa realmente é uma guerreira. Eu confesso que se eu estivesse no seu lugar acho que não teria a mesma força e determinação que você. Parabéns pelos seu vídeos no Tik Tok e obrigado por nos ensinar tantas coisas boas. Que Deus ilumine seu caminho sempre, você merece tudo de melhor.

  • Nischal Ganatra
    Nischal Ganatra

    She is amazing!!!

  • Priti Srijith
    Priti Srijith


  • Kenny Hill
    Kenny Hill

    You are beautiful

  • Popular Sovereignty
    Popular Sovereignty

    She has an awesome attitude!

  • Sara Beth Sings
    Sara Beth Sings

    You go girl 💕

  • Tamara Cardoso Hein
    Tamara Cardoso Hein

    Dandara!! Mulher incrível guerreira.. amo vc

  • Sally Rogers
    Sally Rogers

    Hugs to you sweetheart! You. Are. Beautiful! God bless

  • The Artist
    The Artist

    Dude so inspiring! You go girl!

  • Amir M'Rabet
    Amir M'Rabet

    I am so grateful

  • 「Darkx」

    I wonder if it hurts in some way.

  • UnicornXSisters

    She looks so beautiful, when she looks in the mirror she should say she's beautiful and no one or anything will stop that

    • leretour23

      Stop lying, you just want to sound intelligent but you don't. She is far from good looking!

  • idées ahlam أفكار احلام
    idées ahlam أفكار احلام

    الله شافيك يارب العالمين

  • Jope

    0:41 "Super Mario"

  • Stickapot

    Count your blessings and be nice

  • Марина Розенталь
    Марина Розенталь

    Это счастье что девушка родилась не в России, где одичалые со смехом тыкали бы в неё своими пальцами. Она себе такую внешность не выбирала в отличии от жертв силикона с силиконовыми ртами в половину лица, вот где ужас. Это достойный уважения человек, пусть Господь хранит её!

  • Gabriella Chalfant
    Gabriella Chalfant

    U r beautiful inside and out don't let anybody say different we r all unique in our own way💖

  • lavadava

    What about y’all covering Stormorkens syndrome? Only 1 and 13 people in the world have it and my step mom is one of those 13. It’s quite rare.

    • Mystique Darkholme
      Mystique Darkholme

      What does it do?

  • Tia Poof
    Tia Poof


  • SciMath Lab
    SciMath Lab

    Wow this is a big motivation for me as well to move on and face every single day! This girl is awesome though!!

  • Sony Ejam
    Sony Ejam

    Ive seen one man from filipino has the same disoder.

  • Sunriru

    she is amazing with such a bright outlook and such loving parents. keep up that positive attitude and smile

  • Родная Хата
    Родная Хата

    Какого только ужаса не встретишь на просторах интернета...прости Господи

  • Helena Cordeiro
    Helena Cordeiro

    Jesus te Ama do jeitinho que você e ❤️

  • A. Fleming
    A. Fleming

    I love her dancing! You go girl!!🥰💅

  • cats

    She looks like the average lousian black person?

  • Declan

    Take away the stupid societal "standards", and all I can think is what a beautiful woman she is. Inside and out!

  • Kandee Williams
    Kandee Williams


  • Oliviia Butler
    Oliviia Butler

    She's beautiful

  • Галина Кузнецова
    Галина Кузнецова

    Смотрю и таких разбирают потихоньку...Но как говорят-"с лица воду не пить".

  • GamesBR

    Primeira vez que vejo uma brasileira aqui

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL

    Linda Hamilton in Terminator 10 be like

  • sunny

    Well...for me she's not that ugly.

  • Corvus 1
    Corvus 1

    What a beautiful woman.

  • Herry Bells
    Herry Bells

    Her face looks like a filter... It always amazed me how people with a start in life like that are some of the strongest personalities out there.

    • Anaïs Mantsenda
      Anaïs Mantsenda

      What is the point of saying she looks like a filter ?

  • south London FC
    south London FC

    She'd feel alot more better about herself if we didn't live in an age of horrible heartless dickheads and yes, social media...God bless ya girl, stay safe stay strong aswell

    • Melsteriffic Mama
      Melsteriffic Mama

      Social media brought her acceptance and encouragement. There have been dickheads through the ages. There are more dickheads now only because there are more people now. The good ones have always outnumbered the bad.

    • sophie

      Actually the horrible heartless dickheads lived in previous decades or centuries. Today we are a more open minded society, there’s still a few exceptions of humans but not like it was before. Years ago she would of have been abandoned or kept locked in her house because the family and society would of have been ashamed. She definitely wouldn’t of have a father and family like that years ago.

  • Renata Gava
    Renata Gava

    Guerreira exemplos a seguir

  • Claire Irish Lucero
    Claire Irish Lucero


  • Joseph Mccauley
    Joseph Mccauley

    Looks like Mick Jaggers sister.

  • elane petesburgo
    elane petesburgo

    Deus diz que temos que amar nosso próximo como a nós mesmo continui assim com essa autoestima bjss

  • Sültan Mühammed Zeek Bin Adem Nasser
    Sültan Mühammed Zeek Bin Adem Nasser

    Oh Allah!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 I cried after watching this 😥😔

    • Sültan Mühammed Zeek Bin Adem Nasser
      Sültan Mühammed Zeek Bin Adem Nasser

      @cats What do you mean?? Allah means god in our Language

    • cats

      Whis Allah xd

  • first last
    first last

    She gets my likes

  • Princess flower
    Princess flower

    I'm sorry but she needs to stop.

  • Pinkhill 36
    Pinkhill 36

    I think you are a very courageous young lady. I think you put lot of people to shame with your bravery. You be who you are, change nothing about yourself unless you are doing it for YOU.. If we were in the same social circle I would be honoured to have you as a friend. But I'm an old fart..all that butt waggling is beyond me now lol. You're a beautiful girl, never let anyone tell you different xxx

  • bruce given
    bruce given

    ужас.....какой ужас.........

  • Flora Ralte - Thawnthu Huang
    Flora Ralte - Thawnthu Huang

    Keep going girl 🥰🥰

  • Manuel Santos
    Manuel Santos

    Não à ninguém que possa ajudar esta jovem 🇵🇹💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

    • Vladmir Putin agiota
      Vladmir Putin agiota

      Se é doente?

    • Ju Martins
      Ju Martins


  • Ольга Стельмах
    Ольга Стельмах

    "Привлекательность бывает обманчивой, и красота - пустой, но женщина, которая боится Бога, заслуживает хвалы". (Притчи 31:30). К внешности человека привыкаешь, и красота не вечна. Доброе сердце радует сердца, а бессердечная красота не нужна никому.

  • Ednea furegatti
    Ednea furegatti


  • Browngirl

    I have never seen a face like this woman’s before.

  • Miss Valdez
    Miss Valdez

    i'm done with the internet


    Br Brasil

    • THE END
      THE END

      Oi pessoal

  • Ze Rabbiitt
    Ze Rabbiitt

    Videos like this make me realize how weak I am