What This Messy Frenemies Implosion Really Exposed, Trisha Paytas, David Dobrik, H3H3 & Today's News
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00:00 - Frenemies Debacle
04:52 - Dispo Ends Series A Financing
06:12 - Sponsor
07:03 - Airlines Struggle To Find Workers
10:16 - J&J, Infrastructure, TikTok Quickies
12:11 - Billionares Don’t Pay Their Share of Taxes?
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Trisha Paytas Leaves “Frenemies” Podcast:

David Dobrik-Less Dispo Closes Series:

ProPublica Releases Data Showing How theTop 25 Richest Americans Skirt Taxes:
ProPublica’s Report: www.propublica.org/article/th...

Job Openings Hit Record High as 4 Million Retailer Workers Quit:

Millions of J&J Shots Set to Expire this Month:

Biden Ends Infrastructure Talks with Republicans:

Biden to Rescind Trump’s TikTok Ban:


El Salvador Becomes First Country To Adopt Bitcoin as Official Legal Tender
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  • Philip DeFranco
    Philip DeFranco

    I started working with a personal trainer this week so its your job to give me weekly compliments about Im looking better and better because I'm a weak person who grew up on the internet and I need the validation of others thank you :-p

    • me_internet_you_long_time

      Proud of you! ♥️ 💪

    • emily

      i think you've been looking AMAZING lately!! keep up the good work

    • creampuff212

      Lookin good babe! Keep up the work 💪

    • taniesha Bandtock
      taniesha Bandtock

      You look like a sexy god

    • TurboThot

      Skinny legend!!!!!

  • Project Perfect MMO
    Project Perfect MMO

    Oh man, the servants of the rich are protecting them? Weird, who would have guessed.

  • TotinosPizzaBoy

    This lady needs to just be done in this business.

  • Yeh Doe
    Yeh Doe

    Fucking yikes I remember why I stopped watching this channel. Good luck pal.

  • Yeh Doe
    Yeh Doe

    Why do you keep saying they when referring to Trisha ?

  • Ceaser Pizza
    Ceaser Pizza

    Drama channel having drama...

  • Brendan Adams
    Brendan Adams

    I’m still surprised h3 even started a podcast with Trisha. I always thought she was insufferable and I was under the assumption most people on the site thought so too. Either way I’m not surprised it ended, I had seen like an episode or two of it, but I just couldn’t take it because of how annoying Trisha was.

  • Jasmine Luna
    Jasmine Luna

    Trisha is nothing but a problematic dramatic crybaby. We lost one of the best creators on the internet last year for things she said a decade ago, grew from and apologized for but Trisha comes back from a public meltdown/controversy every time like an aggressive cancerous growth, and for what? They aren’t talented, funny, attractive, or entertaining. All they ever do is start drama and be racist/anti Semitic only to get away with it and start fresh a month later after posting a few crying videos. I’m over it, next story.

  • Micah Estrada
    Micah Estrada

    Can’t stand Ethan and h3h3. Theyre the ultimate cringe podcast. They have too many bad takes.

  • Megan Johnson
    Megan Johnson

    Honestly h3 introduced me to your channel and I absolutely love your videos.

  • Zenkai76

    Funny, they wasn't worried when Trumps tax return was leaked

  • Sara Fakult
    Sara Fakult

    I always wondered why Ethan began a podcast with her.

  • Bubba Da Skitso
    Bubba Da Skitso

    RE: Paying taxes. To be fare/fair those very wealthy people pay taxes in many ways. So if you can report on how much they actually do pay in taxes in other ways that would be hugely interesting. And important to compare.

  • Bubba Da Skitso
    Bubba Da Skitso

    In regards to Frenemies Breakup. You mentioned it's hard to work with people you care about, but I think in their case it was similar to mine. As a former morning radio personality here in Southern California, it's hard to work with people who have a very different idea of the dynamics of the show and who is doing what and what the values of the positions being held really are. They obviously have different ideas about the roles they are playing in the show.

  • geezyX 333
    geezyX 333

    This was a great idea they had but was badly mismanaged

  • Keala Braun-Ortega
    Keala Braun-Ortega

    Why do people listen to these tools 🛠? Kids get off your phones.


    I think there's something wrong with Trisha she does have a history of saying one thing and then doing the complete opposite later

  • Yazz zz
    Yazz zz

    The fact that they are literally family makes it so much messier

  • Alien Grl
    Alien Grl

    And now that we KNOW (cause we've known for years) what action is being taken against them? Why do they get to keep going on each day without penalty? Some of us could eat last year and these people are sitting on PILES of money... WTF?!?!

  • Ashley Nicolau
    Ashley Nicolau

    Very insightful✊

  • ShilohSpirit

    I was thinking on that ProPublica piece they'd get hammered by law enforcement somehow and yup, there it was. We will continue to live in the era where the ultra wealthy get away with everything for a bit longer.

  • J H
    J H

    Come ON Trisha. Everything was going so well! Stop self sabotaging and probably go on meds maybe.....

  • Wendy Desparois
    Wendy Desparois

    I'll say it again, not enough people in the US want to admit that people are finally putting their foot down and refusing to work as slaves for slave wages at shit jobs, working for shit bosses. I can't blame them.


    she is trouble, stay away from trouble.

  • Steven Shepherd
    Steven Shepherd

    Also ethan makes so many dark Jewish jokes

  • Steven Shepherd
    Steven Shepherd

    Trisha is not a creative person she's such a crybaby

  • Aubrey

    So the rich elite who create apps that steal our data and sell it to whomever they please are pissed because somebody released their tax data? Miss me with this bulls**t! They need to lay their fair share in taxes instead of rigging the system so they can get away with paying nothing.

  • VenusLove

    I'm glad we are finally talking about how taxes are being paid on the backs of people who can't even afford to put food on the table while rich people pay nothing. Of course, we do have to consider that some rich people instead use their money as donation to organizations that do help our economy.

  • courtneylove's MACcompact
    courtneylove's MACcompact

    Shit... I haven't watched Philip in yrs. .. did he develope a tick?

  • Crissi A
    Crissi A

    Lmao it was a matter of time, Trisha is so toxic! Idk why ppl don’t see that.

  • k2

    Philip skinny legend defranco

  • RJ Gomm
    RJ Gomm

    Everyone calling Trisha a brave queen when her and Ethan cancelled David, wya now?? 🥵🤔

  • UltraViolence

    Idk man I'm keen for h3h3 podcast to go back to being normal instead of all the wacky dress up shit. Idk why that shit annoys me

  • Kathleen Smith
    Kathleen Smith

    I think we need Ethan and Hila on A Convo With….

  • Billy Loper
    Billy Loper

    *podcast called frenemies ends in the blow up of a toxic dynamic* GASP

  • ImPerfectlyTwitta

    Ethan and Trisha is giving Joe Budden, Rory and Mal vibes

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide

    Trisha is a freaking lunatic. She’s definitely the problem is every group

    • radcow

      She's narcissist she should be studied

  • Olivia

    I just think their agreement should have been in writing then that conflict could have all been avoided

  • Fables 456
    Fables 456

    Trisha needs intensive therapy if she ever desire to have healthy relationships

    • Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide

      i hate trisha so much

  • gh0s7sama

    So basically she’s throwing a fit and wants to fire the hardworking ppl behind the show and put her own ppl in place? Trash

  • Kyler Tabor
    Kyler Tabor

    All I know is that you are a skinny legend 😌

  • Mica Boni
    Mica Boni

    I think I missed something. Does Trisha use they/them pronouns now?

  • Todd Smith
    Todd Smith

    The Frenemies thing is karma for them trying to take down David Dobrik. Did they really think they could take down the king of ISnets? They are in the shitter and David is back on top!

  • TheCreepypro

    I wished I could say I'm shocked that the wealthy don't pay enough taxes

  • L.T. Loa
    L.T. Loa

    I don’t know about a wealth tax, but we could have a minimum % that MUST be paid in $ to the IRS regardless of “deductions” per individual.

  • dad 98
    dad 98

    let's be honest the sole purpose of frenemies is done so the show has to stop

  • dthomp 1127
    dthomp 1127

    Remember when this show was less drama and more actual news?

  • Ceci ˈsesē
    Ceci ˈsesē

    so... eat the rich

  • Spencer Ricker
    Spencer Ricker

    Big surprise, a drama podcast between people who barely like each other, on a drama channel, is breaking up because they can't discuss things like adults. Trisha has always been a completely disgusting person who refuses to shut the fuck up about anything so who tf is surprised...

  • hen ko
    hen ko

    Hm imagine that... a political figure doesn’t like personal financial information getting leaked, never would’ve seen that coming

  • Austin Burley
    Austin Burley

    Sxephil, long time no see. Who are these people you speak of? Lol. As far as taxing the wealthy they should… a proper representative democracy taxes all citizens a fair and equal percent regardless of income.

  • Chasing The Enemy
    Chasing The Enemy

    She’s done this 3 times….

    • hen ko
      hen ko

      increase that

  • Chasing The Enemy
    Chasing The Enemy

    I subbed soon as you called me a lovely bastard because it’s so true. Subbed and notifications on…

  • Tylee Mortilla
    Tylee Mortilla

    i hate trisha so much

  • miller

    you look great !!

  • Haziq Ismail
    Haziq Ismail

    Both of them are toxic period

  • Lucy Grace
    Lucy Grace

    Is anyone really surprised that the Frenemies thing ended badly? I haven’t seen a single relationship with Trisha Paytas that did NOT end badly, romantic or otherwise! The common denominator is Trisha Paytas! Ethan, & the rest of them, should’ve seen this coming! Past behavior is a perfect indicator of future behavior! She ruins every single relationship she’s ever had.

  • LaganZ

    If people can't see this is to promote their show which its obviously DOING, your missing what hyping something up for ratings and more viewers is !

  • lil mills
    lil mills

    sheeesh mercury really is in retrograde huh

  • Miss keisha
    Miss keisha

    honestly, if i had that much money, i wouldn’t wanna pay so much in taxes either lol, especially when in the US most of the money probably goes to the army :/, but i guess it’s just something that you must do in every country.

  • Darkwater

    Of course. The ultra-rich get away living by a different set of rules than the rest of us, but the people who exposed it are the ones who are going to get punished. If ultra-rich people get to live by a different set of rules, I don't have that big a problem with them also having a different set of rules for privacy protection. Let's say the % of your wealth you pay in taxes is directly proportional the the amount of privacy regarding those taxes that you receive. That seems fair.

  • Alexis Strother
    Alexis Strother

    Using the word “jab” in a sentence referring to vaccinations/shots is so unnerving 😬😂

    • bernoulli85

      That's the preferred word here in Europe

  • Darkwater

    I don't give a flying fuck about ISnets drama. All these public blowouts seem completely childish to me. Airing private messages in front of your fans trying to make the other party look bad is one step short of running to Mommy and tattling. I don't know why anyone would ever watch Ethan, anyway, dude's nothing but a puffed up asshat. I'd never even heard of Trisha before this and nothing here makes me want to change that. If you've got a problem with someone, resolve it privately or take them to court.

  • Kat W.
    Kat W.

    You do make it seem like Ethan is basically the villian while Trisha is mostly a victim. Why?

  • Summer Wasson
    Summer Wasson

    My opinion is still that Ethan puts himself in these situations, and I still hate Trisha for pretending to have DID and then talking shit about others with it. Both of them suck 🤷🏻‍♀️ if the frenemies thing was really 50/50, why was it never on their channel? Why didn't they have more say? I may hate them, but don't pretend Ethan is a saint. Dude acts like he's the best but he's a pretentious asshole who starts half the drama he gets in.

  • Sameek Sha
    Sameek Sha

    awesome video dude 👍🏽

  • Noix

    Whaaaa? You'll find me creating a ruckus if I'm not allowed to enjoy a drink on the plane lol. It calms my flight anxiety...yes I also have a drink before the flight guess I can just increase that

  • Giovanni XO
    Giovanni XO

    Nah. Trisha isn’t professional at all. The podcast being under her control would be a hot damn mess.

  • RealityCheck1993

    Whataburger gave their rank and file employees around $140 as a bonus for working from the start of the pandemic to May of this year. That was all. For a whole year. Didn't matter how much you worked of it, either. I wanted to hang myself. 🙃🙃🙃

  • Sam Crank
    Sam Crank

    All of this is karma

  • Kennedy Gamet
    Kennedy Gamet

    Going off of the rich staying rich, you should do a segment about housing. How the rich have been buying property and making them into rentals, inflating the prices of homes to include the amount of rent money collected and there are fewer houses for Americans to buy. Like the price of "fixer upers" is so ridiculous and Americans are not paid enough to actually afford to buy a first home so they have to rent. And rentals are expensive too! But by inflating home prices by buying properties and renting them out, Americans are forced to rent and make rich people richer :/ I would be interested to know what better information you could find on this subject.

  • stecky87

    Of course, they're more concerned with who leaked the taxes, not that the wealthy are cheats

  • Stefan Harris
    Stefan Harris

    Today is a great day 😁😁😊 David came out with a new vlog and frenemies is dead😂😂😂😂

  • hunt2334

    Damn if only people knew what ROTH IRA's were then they wouldn't be paying so many taxes.

  • Freddie and Nicole
    Freddie and Nicole

    Let’s Make a Deal. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Grly fluff
    Grly fluff

    Saying that these wealthy people tax information is private and it's wrong to show this to inform the people how royally they are being screwed is wrong, but wasn't that EXACTLY the same thing they were trying to do to Trump? I'm confused...they are hypocrites

  • Lisa Hlavacek
    Lisa Hlavacek

    Does anyone know why he's no longer posting videos on his Facebook page? I thought he was taking a break, but I see he's still very active. I do see him posting on his Facebook story a lot.

  • Genaro Rodriguez
    Genaro Rodriguez

    Dawg u just mad they said you was big

  • Ebiru2387

    Is anyone surprised. Trisha is a living dumpster fire.

  • L

    Gosh, as if we didn’t see this coming? Look, if it hasn’t been clear, Trisha isn’t a stable person. She may say she’s going to therapy, getting better, but she’s obviously not improving on herself, she’s made social media her entire life and we all have a bird’s eye view of her mental state. She unfortunately sabotages herself, doesn’t realize when she’s got her life in a good place, and from what we’ve seen on camera she always wants more and more for herself after she’s been given a generous amount of help. This is why I’ve avoided the podcast even when it got popular. I was always uncomfortable giving a large platform to Trisha after her actions regarding her support of Shane Dawson and other questionable folks, her fetishized Jewish beliefs and now husband, her past recurring behavior with an influx in fame, etc… All of this wasn’t a shock other than her behavior and actions after her leaving, I just don’t get why so many are actually surprised..?

  • Drewmena

    The whole frenemies debacle was Trisha miscommunicating or not communicating. If she was upset about the ideas or the crew or the money say something ! Don’t say in Text “Omgomgomg yea! “Love it!” “Sounds fun”

  • Alphazone

    Call me a hater, but I for the life of me can't wrap my head around why anyone likes Trisha. She has always come off as a brat.

  • seqingnicole

    woah haven't watched in forever but damn the place looks clean

  • Jason Carlson
    Jason Carlson

    I mean tha show was called frienemies how long did y'all think that tha show would reasonably last?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Brian Williamson
    Brian Williamson

    Chuck schumar is a moderate?? 😄

  • doesn't matter
    doesn't matter

    Team Ethan before and team Ethan after

  • taniesha Bandtock
    taniesha Bandtock

    I think a lot of trish’s issues has a lot to do with their mental health (obviously) they even mentioned at the start of the episode they’ve been feeling really off lately, i think something was bound to trigger them. I relate to them on the level that sometimes in an episode you really just cannot control what you say, the instinct and impulsiveness overrules rational thinking. While that doesn’t make what they’ve done acceptable, i dont think they’ve done it out of malice. I think its good for trisha to step down from frenimies, and it could do them some good stepping away from the internet all together. Sure we’ll miss their antics and ideas, their creativity and thoughts, but i think in terms of their own mental well-being, the internet is not a good place for them to be whatsoever. I really hope trish and ethan manage to make a mends, along with everyone at H3H3 productions.

  • Salv0h

    Does a segment about the 25 wealthiest paying basically nothing in taxes which affects all of us personally, entire comment sections can't stop talking about Trisha Paytas. We honestly do it to ourselves...

    • farhanpwns

      For real, I did not give af about that story, and I legit spent a minute looking for comments about the billionaire situation. Sigh, people are really brain dead.

  • Ellie A
    Ellie A

    Trisha saying she could have produced Frenemies on her own channel... bitch makes how much money and still has videos thag look like they were filmed on a potato.

  • Janidu

    hahahahhaha all that hating by ethan came back to bite ethan in the ass

  • Zach Worman
    Zach Worman

    Oh no, I don’t know what to do with 4000 hoodies…insert drama to become relevant and boost sales.

  • A B
    A B

    Watch them get back together lmao 😂

  • coke sonic
    coke sonic

    i like your black souless eyes

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    act or a weird accessory she wants to try out for tiktok?... It's uncomfortable.

  • paydoh luvsu
    paydoh luvsu

    Ick. Bye trisha

  • Hunter Jefferson
    Hunter Jefferson

    Honestly I’m so sick of hearing about Trysha… I don’t understand why anyone values her presence online after the repeated, unending crap she’s done.

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei

      ofc Dispo is canceled, it was one of the apps where I was able to jump quickly and get my name as the handle. Lmao.

  • Nice Guy
    Nice Guy

    I feel like hes trying to make me disappear

  • Zaid

    Also, the airlines thing..I wonder if it's possible to put security on the planes..I know it would be difficult to have air martials on all flights.. But always having a privately employed security gaurd or 2 on all flights seems like a decent idea in general.. People just knowing that there's someone on the flight that can detain them during the flight alone can deter bad behavior.. I think lots of people treat in flight staff as a joke so they feel like they can do whatever they want during the flight without facing consequences..I also feel like it can help in a multitude of other aspects as well

  • Zaid

    I feel like the whole... "oh no, don't talk about how much people pay in taxes.. It's illegal.." is the same thing as.."Don't talk to other employees about how much everyone gets paid"....I feel like it only effects those who r benefiting from the situation and outs the injustice and shows people it exists..I don't see the issue with sharing that info as long as you're not sharing anything that can be used for identity theft..n the whole argument of "it's personal"...y do u care so much? It's numbers not nudies

  • Tim Blaisdell
    Tim Blaisdell

    Oh something with Ethan Klein and Trisha Fucking Paytas didn't work out?? Color me shocked lmoa