SML Movie: The Hypnosis Ray!
Super D steals the hypnosis ray!

  • SML

    Go watch the behind the scenes:

    • HeatWave

      WTF you guys are the colts

    • Damion Cepeda
      Damion Cepeda

      We Geronimo Hollywood you but you got a bath

    • nerissa ward
      nerissa ward

      @Power Gaming The Hedgehog really love

    • nerissa ward
      nerissa ward

      @2Bad game but it was great to see it with you on the first level and I love it I wish I could get more levels for a game and it would add a lot more like it to me I would love to have a game and add more to the first one game I play it for the game and I have a game to do with it I play this one and I have no play game I play it and play yyuyy play it I have a game I play it I love it and it is awesome game and it is awesome and it is fun game and it is fun to add a few levels

    • Newzealandrocks willy
      Newzealandrocks willy


  • Henry Mendoza
    Henry Mendoza

    The fluffy brazil crucially suit because bucket ethically cure except a scattered asia. learned, makeshift experience

  • Pam Mycock
    Pam Mycock

    I will hypnotise Jeffy to think it's raining cats and dogs

  • gaming roblox gamer
    gaming roblox gamer

    I love all your vidoes

  • Alejandra Benavides
    Alejandra Benavides

    I feel bad for lovell

  • Felix Rook
    Felix Rook

    Zz myself so I can be rich and do whatever I want

  • Liiban And garang
    Liiban And garang

    Chef pee pee: I have hemorrhoids is now ow with my butt (leaves goldfish dinner soup)

  • Kakashi Of The Sharingan
    Kakashi Of The Sharingan

    2:39 super D dropped the F bomb before "come on man"

  • Irina Matei
    Irina Matei


  • trey

    My mom

  • EvanF1293

    All moments when Jeffy said liar in this video 1:21, 4:32, 6:23, & 7:12.

  • Donna Sheldon
    Donna Sheldon

    The selfish plant thermodynamically mark because bagel probably surround upon a whole asphalt. unadvised, sneaky change

  • Takla Chamoun
    Takla Chamoun

    Im the firstest guy in these video so

  • Michael Pope
    Michael Pope

    what if amrio had a gun


    Bueno a ver Godzilla ve kong

  • Turret’s Transformer reviews
    Turret’s Transformer reviews

    I’d shoot any president from the last 20 years to actually be good presidents

  • Caspian Iaderosa
    Caspian Iaderosa

    At least he fixed his power

  • Gadzooki

    The only character that Logan hasn’t changed: Dr. Finkleshitz

  • Kristina Jones
    Kristina Jones

    Liar liar pants on fire

  • paul pea
    paul pea

    I love when people say it is cats and dogs and jeffy says that's you are lier

  • Dj v-buck 8181
    Dj v-buck 8181

    Your name stands for Super dic head

  • beef jerkey
    beef jerkey

    there is no hole in the end... of the gun

  • Mario the Devil
    Mario the Devil

    Rosalina said Mario omg there is hope!

  • Jared Sin
    Jared Sin


  • Spongebob Bih Pants
    Spongebob Bih Pants

    I would hipnotise the president and make him destroy green beans

  • Jackie B
    Jackie B

    I wish it was raining cats and dogs

  • Hannah Hernandez
    Hannah Hernandez


  • J's YouTube
    J's YouTube


  • J's YouTube
    J's YouTube

    Well thats illegal

  • Flame Lord06
    Flame Lord06

    Why was mr winkle there he’s supposed to be in jail

  • Newzealandrocks willy
    Newzealandrocks willy

    Jeffy is the best I love you Jeffy hes so funny 😆 😂 🤣 😄 😭

  • Christopher Davis
    Christopher Davis

    my borther

  • ikonik bro
    ikonik bro

    I MISS THE RAGE👿👹🤬😡😡🤬👹👿👿👹🤬😡

  • The Exiator
    The Exiator


  • Silvr Cello
    Silvr Cello


  • Super AMIIBO Adventures
    Super AMIIBO Adventures

    That really is embarrasing seeing Lovell act like a baby

  • SuperLuigivan !
    SuperLuigivan !

  • Riley's Studio
    Riley's Studio

    'Dababy' lambo in a [beep] cop car

  • Vamp


  • Godzilla


  • June Ron
    June Ron

    Good into get pool

  • Insane Mario Bros!
    Insane Mario Bros!

    Wait is mario's nane mario or marvin because Rosalina said mario.

  • Felix a
    Felix a

    man lovell has to act some weird stuff for some reason and all of the weird charlie and friend episodes xd

  • Isabel Medina
    Isabel Medina


  • M & J Corp.
    M & J Corp.

    The ending is based on a true story

  • Rainbow Cubit
    Rainbow Cubit

    SML Question: Jeffy

  • Tbnr X
    Tbnr X

    my crush



  • Shada Uzimaki
    Shada Uzimaki


  • Elijah Botaka Bakosa
    Elijah Botaka Bakosa

    ❤️ tu peux dire Tongo

  • Elijah Botaka Bakosa
    Elijah Botaka Bakosa

    Sophie says that every time

  • Elijah Botaka Bakosa
    Elijah Botaka Bakosa

    Super D is so ugly

  • Elijah Botaka Bakosa
    Elijah Botaka Bakosa

    I like Jeffy He’s so funny and it in a little book a time to go to McFarland with the big one in barrio and look up broken they say he’s a boy

  • Elijah Botaka Bakosa
    Elijah Botaka Bakosa

    He is so funny

  • Ch3rryyy


  • Rachael Kunst
    Rachael Kunst

    My brother

  • TehTHQSpartan

    1:21 Me when someone says my family's dead.

  • Angela B
    Angela B

    It would be jeffy

  • Angie Thomas
    Angie Thomas

    Is that will smith

  • Cassandra Pollard
    Cassandra Pollard


  • LUKEV123

    I honestly hate super d he's so annoying, I mean c'mon man, she's married leave her alone!!! Other than that though the video was ok.. I do like the return of Dr. FinkleShitz though.

  • The TANK
    The TANK

    Your mom

  • Amy Sindyan
    Amy Sindyan

    I lost youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Ashley Pierce
    Ashley Pierce


  • jace gaming montanez
    jace gaming montanez


  • Ily_CreeperLord999

    "I'm here against my will" Love how he says that so calmly

  • Eric Deleon
    Eric Deleon

    You got the xenoveres ad

  • julious hill
    julious hill

    yo when brooklyn guy said *you might wanna shave that terd of your lip* yoooo lol

  • Water galaxy
    Water galaxy

    This is just perfect


    7:50 super d’s alarm clock

  • Jackie O'Connor
    Jackie O'Connor


  • Mickle the Pickle
    Mickle the Pickle


  • Brody Booker
    Brody Booker

    Stop saying bad words please stop saying bad words please all the characters stop because you're so stupid and done

    • Ay

      they can swear if they want. they are grown adults.

  • King Johnson
    King Johnson


  • King Johnson
    King Johnson

    You should make Jeff’s dad new girlfriend

  • King Johnson
    King Johnson

    I did

  • Tyler morla
    Tyler morla

    0:57 sorry Lovell. Cringe.. 😬😬😞

  • Glisel Montero
    Glisel Montero

    Ah es ISnets video web cuestas a Very Very Very Very

  • Samantha Graham
    Samantha Graham

    ‏أجاك واحد إيجار

    • Samantha Graham
      Samantha Graham

      Logan I’m gonna tell you a joke knock knock say who’s there Nicole Nicole who Nicole from the normal world Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    • Samantha Graham
      Samantha Graham

      جايز دينجر

  • rabih berro
    rabih berro

    1:21 LIAR. A LIAR.

  • epic ernie
    epic ernie


  • Silvr Cello
    Silvr Cello

    0:00-1:01 2:03-4:32 4:36-6:23 6:26-7:12 7:17-9:47

    • Silvr Cello
      Silvr Cello

      Pablo:dr finkle shitz,super d,Brooklyn guy,Cody Lovell:himself,Joseph,chef peepee,theater extra Logan:mario, junior Elana:rosalina Lance:jeffy,goodman

  • Percy Tiberius Palmer
    Percy Tiberius Palmer

    super d soy Godzilla sv kong

  • Clarrissa Salas
    Clarrissa Salas

    What’s up bubbles

  • ttv coop
    ttv coop


  • Chris Spalek
    Chris Spalek

    Super ds cape why on backwards

  • Lunaix

    question: was it actually raining?

  • fancy cat.
    fancy cat.

    Who knew a puppet could knock down a human?

  • Abdi_787

    isnt the end the swatting refrence from a few years ago? when you guys got swatted

  • Keshawn Lezine
    Keshawn Lezine

    Hold on, I just now realized, Ken hasn't been in a video ever since sml got sued.🤔

  • Deb Reese
    Deb Reese

    Oh I would think the whole hotel

  • Multi TahRoblox
    Multi TahRoblox


  • Pakrinhaboth Both
    Pakrinhaboth Both

    I been your fan since Jeffy frist appear

  • Rainer Zaner
    Rainer Zaner

    omg sml has there adds back omgg

  • Julian Daniel Advincula
    Julian Daniel Advincula


  • Not ZapdosV
    Not ZapdosV

    This SML Short reminds me of the love potion video that came out when I was in 6th grade 💕

  • Marie Crozier
    Marie Crozier


  • Matt 🥊 🎾
    Matt 🥊 🎾

    9:01 you accidentally said Mario

  • Danyal Richard
    Danyal Richard


  • Yvonne Araiza
    Yvonne Araiza

    Dr fickel sheits: well marvan beat my baby Lovell. Lovell: * baby Cries * I want mama!!! Dr fickel sheits : your mother left me.