Why Does a Destructive Drug Like Alcohol Get a Pass?
Taken from JRE #1383 w/Malcolm Gladwell: isnets.info/main/gpzLlnx-moitsb8/v-deo.html

  • Hair Raising Words
    Hair Raising Words

    Tabbacco was growing on this planet before we were here and so was Marijuana

  • Manuel Alonso Domínguez Vázquez
    Manuel Alonso Domínguez Vázquez

    Culture is like this organic, constantly changing and unpredictable own type of thing.

  • Ryker

    im trying to stop using ALL substances and its damn hard and keep relapsing. Wish i never tried even once

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Cigeretts are so bad for you. Oh my god.

  • Jim Kelly
    Jim Kelly

    Arguments about the relative harm of drugs are always based on the long-term effects of their use and rely on statistics for evidence. Statistics are notoriously malleable and consequently can't provide conclusive proof, on way or the other. There is a more immediate method of establishing which drugs are most dangerous. Ask any cab driver, which of all regularly consumed drugs that s/he'd least want a passenger to be 'on' and 95% of answers will be alcohol

  • No Name
    No Name

    Here are some people who do not drink or who quit drinking . You may have heard of them . Former President George Bush Jr , former President Donald J Trump and CURRENT President Joseph Biden . This means that we have had either a president or a VICE-president for the last 20 years who does not drink . Sobriety goes right to the top . Right to the top of the American presidency .....

  • Laurie Bertolett
    Laurie Bertolett

    Alcohol is hard on the organs, especially (obviously) the liver. It causes major inflammation- which is very hard on the body. I would agree it’s number one on your list. The withdrawal from alcohol is also the worst withdrawal of all drugs. If you stream shows nowadays, you will see people drinking constantly. Example: Billionaires, they pour drinks like people drink water. I am so tired of this irresponsible marketing of alcohol.

  • YpmuJ

    That headrush aint shit after smoking cigarettes for a few months, it quickly turns into a game here you smoke them just to avoid withdrawals.

  • Brian Wood
    Brian Wood

    Smoking Drinking and Screwing...it's the American Way...Worked for Hemingway and John Wayne oh, wait...🤔

  • Biff Teutsch
    Biff Teutsch

    Cheech n Chong level of “ smoggin “....... Quit for a year or so...... Cheech n Chong level of “ smoggin” again!!!!! Love It just as much!!! Done it that way from the age of 15..... 48 now!!!!

  • Jonathan Jollimore
    Jonathan Jollimore

    Thing about cigarettes is it's really EASY to get addicted to those getting addicted to alcohol takes some work. Most people have one really bad hangover and they are yea I don't want to do that again or it make it painful enough that yea don't go full hog.

  • Okay Moonshine
    Okay Moonshine

    The answer to this question probably lies in the prohibition period in America

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool

    Shit what about energy drinks. Even kids get those. My nephew has red bull and monster and nos and bang in his school vending machines...

  • queerdeer12

    Hes not lying about the schizophrenia issue. I've seen 2 people freak out. I last smoked weed a couple of years ago. It had been 6 years since I smoked before that and my older sister brings me a blunt to have a one time smoke. I myself had an internal panic attack. I kept it contained. I threw up and went to sleep.

  • queerdeer12

    I'm glad I've never enjoyed alcohol. I empathize for people who get immediately addicted from the first sip. I despise the taste, hate the feeling and hate getting sick. Alcohol sucks.

  • Bigdawg1980

    Alcohol is legal because of the crime wave after prohibition Maybe all drugs should be legal, crime from them may go way down..

  • John S
    John S

    When a tweaker tells you bologna is bad bc you don’t know what in it...

  • metamorphicorder

    Because when they banned it we went ape shit.

  • James Mitchell
    James Mitchell

    Joe speculates. That ain’t science

  • Tim Murphy
    Tim Murphy

    If you've never smoked crystallized cow semen, you can't really say you've done drugs.

  • The Fifth Alert
    The Fifth Alert

    "I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to too."

  • Emily Hollowell
    Emily Hollowell

    For me personally, its how much you can take before addiction or serious medical problems. Thats how I scale any kind of drug. One glass of Chardonnay every few days aint gonna kill me, but one pill of ecstasy can completely ruin my life. Not saying alcohol doesnt kill people (it does), but thats how I scale these drugs. And yes, that means in my mind weed should be legal and recreational waaaay before alcohol

  • Troy Shea
    Troy Shea

    The most destructive drug of all imo because nobody thinks it's a big deal is sugar

  • david powell
    david powell

    I could've swore someone said this is what logic looks like when he's older😂😂

  • Adam Y
    Adam Y

    Alcohol is garbage. Period.

  • M

    Pot makes you feable minded and isn't any better than cigarettes in terms of carcinogens... Alcohol causes cancer too... It's all bad and not natural.

  • Deeedeee

    Because of 💰💰💰💰

  • thatboy dre
    thatboy dre

    Its cuz alcohol taste good and cigarettes smell like ass

  • Gareth Moore
    Gareth Moore

    What does Joe’s studio smell like?

  • John Lucas
    John Lucas

    people can have TOO MUCH alcohol or pot, but can never have enough cigarettes!!!!!

  • Xander Legetter
    Xander Legetter

    People hold their secrets and desires so close, but then get drunk and it all comes out. You can learn a lot by being the sober one at the party, and that is precisely why I don't get drunk. I've seen too many people do or say something that they will go on to really regret. It's just not worth the risk for me.

  • Nolimitation1

    80k people die every year because of alcohol. 30 people are murdered every day because of drunk drivers. Alcohol provides no benefit to society. But yeah we really need to ban guns....

  • Mobius Trip
    Mobius Trip

    The problem with cannabis is this "skunk" variety. It stinks like a dead armpit and it makes you swivel neck paranoid.... No thanks, Jim Beam for me

  • Scott Gibson
    Scott Gibson

    The answer is easy, money.

  • MapleBalls

    Paranoia in cannabis only comes because it's illegal. Now that I have the right, by law, to grow and smoke my own, I'm not scared. 30+ years smoking cannabis.

  • Test God / New Billboards for Gibi Liars \ Truth
    Test God / New Billboards for Gibi Liars \ Truth

    When i was smoking 3 Packs a day 4 years ago I had mini strokes


    Simple Answer to the question posed here: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew McKerron
    Andrew McKerron

    How'd you feel on zimovane or zopiclone for helping comi g off over 25 years of heroin abuse. My doc only wants to give me antidepressants or put up my methadone up for insomnia. How addictive is zopiclone compared to being on zopiclone. It keeps me away from any other drugs like valium or heroin. Surely controlled from my doctor is better than using street drugs. Worst thing I know lots of people who get prescribed zopiclone for sleep but they all sell them. I can't get my head round my doctor he'd rather I mingle with drug dealers than cut my ties and get treatment from him. Anyone help me with zopiclone I would be truly grateful

  • Andrew McKerron
    Andrew McKerron

    Alcohol and benzos ie valium can kill you through seizures. Unless you've tried withdrawal from heroin or methadone you don't know how bad it gets it can't kill you

  • D Bo
    D Bo

    Il tell you why alcohol gets a pass. It's because unlike other make you feel good substances , alcohol tells you when to stop drinking it . You throw up you get sick but when you wake up drink water and your ok.

  • CJ Smith
    CJ Smith

    Because alcohol gives you nothing. It’s literally pissing money away.

  • Timelapse Traveler
    Timelapse Traveler

    Very interesting points in this video. I just feel that I have to disagree on the gravity of the "social damage" between alcohol and tobacco. One of the many ways in how they're different is that tobacco largely does damage to the individual and not those surrounding them. Alcohol does damage to the individual and the rest of society as well, but far less death is attributed to alcohol than tobacco. How can someone say that alcohol causes a hundred times more society damage than tobacco when tobacco KILLS so many more people in a society?

  • jaidee

    Great conversation but they didn't discuss why alcohol gets a free pass. Anyone want to enlighten me?

  • Caspian C Music
    Caspian C Music

    Funny to hear Joe says that it's rare that people have problem with with Dope!! Mr Rogan actually it's rare people have no problem using Marijuana! I know so many people smoking Marijuana effecting their lives negatively! I live in the Nethelrlands and I can see it clearly!

  • Brandon Jordan
    Brandon Jordan

    People have ZERO problem with a thousand marketed brands of alcohol and "getting drunk" on a regular basis to socialize casually and without any thought but freak out when they see a weed leaf logo for CBD. It's backwards thinking. How many people has weed killed and ruined their lives compared to alcohol again? And that gateway drug is BULLSHIT, the first drug everyone tries is alcohol and/or tobacco.

  • Edward Teach
    Edward Teach

    Grow you're own tobacco I have , or smoke rollies. You'll notice the difference.

  • Jessie James Ferruolo
    Jessie James Ferruolo

    How the hell are you gonna name so many different reasons to be paranoid on pot, and dont even mention the police...one of most dangerous things about marijuana is getting caught with it....

  • Benjamin Smith
    Benjamin Smith

    10 years quit on cigarettes.

  • NightSky018

    the most dangerous part of alcohol is society's view of it. Almost a forced ignorance of it's reality. If someone were to get on Facebook and mention even once that they enjoy occasionally taking painkillers recreationally, they'd be stigmatized immediately. They'd have a problem. They'd be an addict. And yet, I know several people that make an alcohol related post almost every time they get on Facebook. What they're drinking. Where they're drinking. What they're drinking out of. Who they're drinking with (if anyone). Another mixology book they bought, their recent search results when they googled mixed drinks. Their new wine glasses, wine rack, their newest type of alcohol they're trying. It never ends. And yet, they're fine. No one thinks it's strange or problematic that alcohol completely dominates this person's thought processes. They post about how they can't wait to be done work so they can have a glass of wine. Literally ticking minutes away till their next drink. But they're fine. I know "winos", craft beer enthusiasts, etc who make heroin addicts I've known look casual about their habit. In fact, of all the drug addicts I've ever known, I've never known any as avid about their addiction as the "drinkers" that would never ever admit to having a problem, and who no one calls out for having a problem. This is what needs to change. Alcohol in and of itself, if consumed in moderation, isn't bad. It isn't good either, it certainly adds nothing positive to one's life, despite many perceptions to the contrary. But in moderation it isn't going to kill anyone. But people need to start being educated on what addiction looks like outside of drugs. Because I can tell you with certainty that there are MILLIONS of people, hundreds of millions of people out there currently addicted to alcohol, who's lives could be so much better, if only they were confronted with the truth of their habit

  • Jam Dhere
    Jam Dhere

    This man asked and answered his own question

  • Susquehanna80

    Joe can pat himself on the back or ass for how honest he is about his drug use, but he's still a pathetic bastard. Nothing positive or good about non-prescription drugs.. nothing. If you need pot to be sociable then Fuck you, have no friends.. The worst thing about pot is that you can't OD from it because most pot users deserve to

  • No Name
    No Name


  • Die2Tri

    Joe, go read “The Compass of Pleasure: How Our Brains Make Fatty Foods, Orgasm, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity, Vodka, Learning, and Gambling Feel So Good” by David Linden.

  • daniel kidston
    daniel kidston

    In today’s society nothing makes sense......

  • Henry Coxe
    Henry Coxe

    Please, Malcolm, pull your left headphone back a little. It reminds me of when a middle-aged man's baseball cap is slightly sideways.

  • Robert 6870
    Robert 6870


  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    Funny thing is, that if everyone actually did drink 'RESPONSIBLY' then most alcohol companies would be out of business!

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    But then alcoholics think, 'What's the point of having ONE SHOT?!?!"

  • Stan Lee
    Stan Lee

    Trouble is that head rush doesn't last long... Once you start smoking regularly the headrush's don't happen anymore!

  • Ale Renesis
    Ale Renesis

    because there is a world of difference between drinking craft beer or good wine with low ABV and a shot of spirits with high ABV even though they both qualify as "alcohol". What happens to your body and mind, and how fast, changes completely depending on what you're drinking. A lot more than people tend to admit/know. And that, by the way, is the reason why there are countries where alcohol consumption is sky high and yet alcohol abuse is de-facto absent

  • Free Range
    Free Range

    Alcohol = Counter Productive

  • Nunyah_436

    It’s a terrible feeling living with alcoholic parents/parent. Living with the daily fact that it will kill them and despite all you do, it’s not enough. Constantly not being yourself or comfortable because you have to walk on the edge of a explosion. And the worst is seeing them sick. I hope everyone suffering from addiction finds their sobriety.

    • Kylle Epstein
      Kylle Epstein

      @3-Methylindole any addiction is bad psychologically. Health-wise its not for cannabis

    • No Name
      No Name

      @3-Methylindole marijuana was the first drug addiction I ever had . And it wasn't pretty . Not too long after that I quit marijuana and became addicted to alcohol . Sure it's worse to be a drunk than a pothead but why be either one ? Why not stand out from the crowd and dare to be different and give up alcohol , cigarettes AND marijuana ? I've been addicted to all THREE and I qujt them . Almost 16 years Straight Edge right here . The same curiosity that leads you to try those things in the first place is the same kind of curiosity that leads you to wonder what life would be like WITHOUT those things .....And marijuana withdrawal was no party at all . Even started hearing voices at times .....Very strange indeed .....

    • 3-Methylindole

      Again, Cannabis addiction is BAD.

    • 3-Methylindole

      You know that marijuana addiction is NOTHING compared to alcohol addiction, right? Alcohol is GABAergic. This class of drugs is the most addicting one. Alcohol is one of the few drugs where stopping cold turkey in some cases leads to DEATH. Can never happen with Cannabis. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are insane. Cannabis withdrawal usually is NOTHING compared to this, maybe dysphoria and insomnia for a few days. (I'm not saying Cannabis addiction is good, no addiction is good!) Also, (chronic) alcohol consumption poses some big risks for the human body, unlike Cannabis. If I had to choose between those two addictions, guess what, I'll take Cannabis, the one that doesn't kill you. This shouldn't even be a debate...

    • No Name
      No Name

      You want people to find their sobriety from marijuana addiction too or only SOME drug addictions like alcohol addiction ?

  • No Name
    No Name

    I guess Timothy Leary became so much more spiritual from psychedelics that he became a much better father , huh ? His daughter committed suicide .......

  • No Name
    No Name


  • No Name
    No Name

    I predict that in 50 years people will be suing Big Marijuana for the lung problems and brain damage it causes . But oh yeah that's right it doesn't kill brain cells at all and it's good for your lungs .....

  • Michael Skelton
    Michael Skelton

    I think the fact that pot is illegal in most countries is what makes it more dangerous, you don't know what you're buying and smoking. If you knew a strain that didn't cause problems for you in a world where pot is legal you could stick to that strain and avoid the strains that cause you issues. Tbh I think the cannabis world at the moment is like if in the terms of alcohol where only vodka exists to buy... Or there's beer and vodka and you don't know which one you've got until you drink a full glass

    • MrPappa2566

      I partially agree but worst things that can happen from weed are not as bad as worst things from alcohol occasional anxiaty is no where near as bad compared to agression for example.

  • Michael Skelton
    Michael Skelton

    Alcohol is worse then heroin once you form an addiction. It's not as easy to get addicted but it's a death sentence if you do.

    • MrPappa2566

      I agree 100%

  • Michael Skelton
    Michael Skelton

    I think vaping is probably top of the list in the USA. It's safer then smoking and saving the lives of the people who switch but it's new(ish)

  • TOSHiba Laptops
    TOSHiba Laptops

    The capricious piano interspecifically pretend because orchid phylogenetically inform concerning a stormy deficit. disgusted, hospitable nut

  • Geoffrey Bronson
    Geoffrey Bronson

    I'd say 1 cigarette is fine. Just 1.

  • John B. Good
    John B. Good

    The reason marijuana became taboo or stigmatized is because pot was introduced into the American society primarily by black jazz musicians in the 1940’s and white upper class made a point of it that it was bad because the black man introduced it. It was made illegal basically because of racism.

  • Wenander

    if alcohol popped up new today it would immediatly end up right next to GHB and be illegal

    • Wenander

      @MrPappa2566 Hey neighbour, it is exactly like that here in sweden. You guys have your state running the "Alko" and here we have "systembolaget" so our governments are pushing hard drugs

    • MrPappa2566

      I'm from Finland and the ammount of people here that think alcohol is not a drug is ridiculus. People think that there is alcohol and then there are drugs. If young person for example becomes drug addict after first drinking alcohol then he smokes weed and after that starts doing speed for example. People say that person started with weed and started doing hard drugs (gateway drug bs theory) compleately ignoring the alcohol.

  • Shawn DeLeon
    Shawn DeLeon

    Respect Selena

  • Shawn DeLeon
    Shawn DeLeon

    So funny when you read the comments all you see is jokes or a cigarette issue. Completely flipped the script

  • markyoung01maccom

    I’d put alcohol and cigarettes on par. It’s taken me 30 years to kick cigarettes and it was vile letting them go. Alcohol thank god I take or leave. But I agree we have a very strange sense of priorities.

    • MrPappa2566

      On one hand cigarretes are harder to quit and maybe more dangerous for your own health. However alcohol causes problems for other people like violence DUIs etc and yes not everyone does these things but not every one gets lung cancer either. So I would personally say alcohol is worse because the harm to others.

  • Lobotomite

    0:23 He sounds like Yoda saying the n-word

  • Michael Marino
    Michael Marino

    Got to hone your stone...I've smoked since 69 or 70 thats 50 years.it helps me loosen up my drum conversations

  • Riley Madison
    Riley Madison

    I honestly hate the drinking culture that is so prevalent in the world. The moms posting pictures of their filled to the brim glasses of wine calling it "mommy's time" are the worst for me. No Karen, it's called alcoholism. I drink from time to time but I honestly don't get the appeal of being drunk. It makes me anxious, it's a waste of time and, more importantly, it ruins lives. I had an ex-boyfriend whose mother was a full-blown alcoholic who eventually died because of it. Seeing her falling down drunk, incoherent and belligerent almost every night was disgusting to me. What's worse is that my ex would complain about his mother's alcoholism but go out all the time and get blackout drunk with his buddies. He never saw the hypocrisy in his behavior at all. One of the many reasons he's an ex. I don't have time for drunks.

  • 봙

    My personal drug is social media and it's been 6 days since i've quit it(Except for "informative" contents provided from it) And man, I feel so lightweight already. I wish I could keep it up.

  • jldude84

    Why? Because it's not all that addicting for most people. Most people can quit alcohol pretty easily. The reason it gets such a bad rap is because SOME people get too addicted. Alcohol doesn't get nearly as many people addicted as even tobacco let alone actual drugs. I used to drink about 6oz of liquor a night every night then deployed to afghanistan and quit it for 7 months no problem.

    • MrPappa2566

      Actual drugs. Go buy a brain

  • Geir Magne HAUKÅS
    Geir Magne HAUKÅS

    Alcohol is easy to quit, when you have met the devil.

  • Jacob Klein
    Jacob Klein

    Because drinkers go to work and pay taxes.

  • Losangeles Harvey
    Losangeles Harvey

    rather obvious why it gets a pass: because mankind has drank intoxicating "spirits" of various sorts for thousands of years. Doesn't make it right, just explains why there is no outrage

  • walter Bedingfield
    walter Bedingfield

    The helpful dogsled diagnostically afford because approval postauricularly bury worth a terrible wealth. smoggy, chilly quiver

  • Mark Sword
    Mark Sword

    I think to myself quite often, if all tribes on the earth back in the day consumed Psilocybin mushrooms/Cannabis or both and didn't use fear tactics in religion, how many wars would've been prevented?

  • salsa merango
    salsa merango

    I'm on everything 💯

  • Marco

    we need more weed !!!

  • Julio Choochootrain
    Julio Choochootrain

    Did he just say nigga

  • Intergalactic Love Jihadi with a Muslamic Raygun
    Intergalactic Love Jihadi with a Muslamic Raygun

    Cold showers can help with anxiety.

  • Nicole Torres
    Nicole Torres

    I would love to quite smoking but I honestly enjoy it very very much. My father and grandfather died from throat cancer so I need to quite people never care until they are sick.

  • Mahadragon

    Question has been answered a long time ago. It’s called “prohibition” look it up. We tried making alcohol illegal and it didn’t work. It’s a non starter. Ppl can’t even talk about it.

    • Timothy Thompson
      Timothy Thompson

      And the war on drugs has ?

  • Chernobyl Farms
    Chernobyl Farms

    Two reasons for the prevalence of alcohol are, I think, that it makes police fine-getting easier and it has a built-in reason for personal repentance, which clergy can appreciate.

  • The Infamous Mad Masked Rapper
    The Infamous Mad Masked Rapper

    Ooooooooo 'shrooms

  • Ella Biddy
    Ella Biddy

    I live in the south and tobacco use according to my brother is just a part of growing up here like most men smoke something or use some tobacco product at some point. Thank god my brother quit cigarillos and my cousin quit dipping tobacco before they even got hooked though

  • Skye The Great TV
    Skye The Great TV

    It's poison, my grandad died from Drink, my Dad has a problem and now so do i but as from today I'm done. Thanks Joe good Video don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to my Channel please guys need all support I can get.

  • Simpinator The Destroyer of Simps
    Simpinator The Destroyer of Simps

    Here come the thousands of proffessionals

  • Simpinator The Destroyer of Simps
    Simpinator The Destroyer of Simps

    Back off my booze Joe Rogan!

  • MC Mark Markson
    MC Mark Markson

    Because for the longest time politics and money from alcohol/tobacco went hand in hand.

  • Lolithetrolli

    (This is coming from personal experience) Nicotine is a fucking pain. I get really mean, rude, and nasty if I go for more than a day without vaping. And all it gives me is less than a minute of feeling like I'm out of breath and unfocused. Alcohol isn't as addictive as I heard, but I become extremely irresponsible and it causes a lot of bullshit in my life that I could easily avoid if I'm not drunk off my ass. THC is a fucking blessing. It makes me calm, relaxed, thoughtful, causes all of my senses to feel feel fuzzy and soft but somehow intense at the same time. The only time I got paranoid was when I tried it for the first time. It also makes everything I do feel like it has meaning while simultaneously forgetting everything that I just did seconds before. (Yes kids, munchies are real. You'll clear out a fucking fridge by the time you're sober.) I have yet to try psychedelics but I've heard positive things about them so I'm willing to give them a try someday. The only thing I refuse to use is heroin and meth because I've seen people ruin their entire lives for it.

  • PrairieBoy99

    Whoa! I'm very surprised Gladwell said this because he has it completely bass ackwards. He's normally sufficiently well-read to know truth from fiction. Regular cigarette smoking is by far the most deadly of the three vices they mention. By "regular smoking" I mean many cigarettes each day, not one or two per year like Rogan says he does. But how many people do you know who smoke only once or twice per year? Smoking's generally an all-or-nothing proposition. You can definitely kill yourself with alcohol but you have to work hard at it, at least a 26-ounce per day. One drink a day along with your meal just won't do it. But a regular smoker loses over ten years - 10 years! - of life expectancy. There's nothing else that's even close. A study of 200,000 Americans between 1997 and 2004 also included variables such as body mass index, education level and alcohol consumption. The results for the last three were so puny compared to smoking that they didn't even bother publishing them; the difference in death rates and life expectancy caused by smoking blew everything else out of the water. Just google Prabhat et. al., "21st-Century Hazards of Smoking and Benefits of Cessation in the United States".