Kaleo - Lollapalooza Brasil 2018

  • Krystyna Oklesińska
    Krystyna Oklesińska

    IM WITH US ....... :) LOVE 4U

  • liv

    the vibe is surreal, raw mf talent

  • liv

    i fell in love with the drummer

  • MagicThys

    Just heard these guys first time today...damn fine blues players and an intuitive singer...thanks for the upload B Castro

  • Ro ML
    Ro ML

    This is the closest I'll be of a concert for years, damn you Covid 19 and 3rd world. I wish I lived in New Zeland or Island...

  • Clint Poonah
    Clint Poonah

    Fan4life namaste what talent so bright true knights voices of a better day a new horizon past present and future what a sound what a vibe what a love ..🌟💯❤️🌻🤸🌈🔥🥰

  • Urszula Pietkiewicz
    Urszula Pietkiewicz

    music's great, BUT are we gonna talk about his body or not?

  • TwinkleToes


  • ReyNOLDS 3107 cRew
    ReyNOLDS 3107 cRew

    This dude is so fuking amazing god his voice make me feel alive all the time

  • Plangár Tünde
    Plangár Tünde


  • Grauzone bay
    Grauzone bay

    Little Iceland , greatest Band ,Thank you so much!!!!

  • mama byrd
    mama byrd

    Rock band with heavy elements of blues, jazz, rock, R&B....all the best genres. 🎶🔥

  • Minko Zna
    Minko Zna

    ovaj mora da je vanbracni sin JJ Calea...hmm...

  • Bong Houghton
    Bong Houghton

    The anxious airport habitually preserve because celsius topologically itch except a witty chauffeur. pointless, grotesque chicken

  • LightYagamiVSL

    Homies playing Lollapalooza but using his BUZZING ASS Orange amp lol. All i can hear is BRRRRTTTTTTTT

  • fab15amado

    40:35 ♥️

  • Marina Mutovchi
    Marina Mutovchi

    He's just a very much talented guy!!!

  • KITU C
    KITU C


  • Bruuh

    24:24 I like this girl))

  • Saha Belov
    Saha Belov

    Я завидую тем людям кто побывал на этом концерте!!!!! Ребята вы крутые!!!!!!

  • Razafiarimino Marthe RAKOTONDRAIBE
    Razafiarimino Marthe RAKOTONDRAIBE

    Amazing voice,love all the songs of yours ! Thank you so much !

  • Razafiarimino Marthe RAKOTONDRAIBE
    Razafiarimino Marthe RAKOTONDRAIBE

    Very successful ! Thank you all so much

  • Razafiarimino Marthe RAKOTONDRAIBE
    Razafiarimino Marthe RAKOTONDRAIBE

    You are great ! CONGRATULATIONS !

  • Rogier

    Total Badass Performance

  • Dagmara Koźlikowska
    Dagmara Koźlikowska

    Please back to Poland after COVID

  • Rose-Marie Leiba
    Rose-Marie Leiba

    Je ne pensais pas aimer autant un groupe comme celui-ci. Quel talent!

  • My best Scorpio Mc
    My best Scorpio Mc

    Neewwwwe 💕💕💕🎵🎵🎵

  • Jamie Naylor
    Jamie Naylor

    If you need any convincing that these guys are talented far beyond their years just listen from 30:06 to 30:36....Breath-taking!

  • Нелли Зелинская
    Нелли Зелинская


  • Djordje Bojovic
    Djordje Bojovic

    Proud to in 2021 we can listen this kind of music. First time I had a chance to hear Kaleo was 4 years ago in Austria, they were playing with Rolingstones. Singer had such a huge amount of selfcofidence in front the crowd that he impresed me. He actually behaved like all 50000 peaople was there only for Kaleo concert. KALEO GREAT BAND !

    • Ata Doğançay
      Ata Doğançay

      They just released a new album go check it out bro

  • Steven Brown
    Steven Brown

    He sings like he's lived the blues for fifty years

  • thuglife4ever

    love the artist that plays harmonica band love it

  • J T
    J T

    The sky is so beautiful at 33:35. Perfect match with the band. ❤️

  • Mohamed NAHLI
    Mohamed NAHLI


  • N8 Cabbage
    N8 Cabbage

    This is one of the few voices I'll listen to live recordings of. His voice sounds amazing whether he's live or in the studio.

  • lyndacast

    Perfect voice & perfect musiciens : good job

  • Tomas Pelaia
    Tomas Pelaia

    hacé lo que se te ocurra con la voz

  • Clifford Laysell
    Clifford Laysell

    I would give my left nut for these guys to come to the UK

  • Nipasha Mahanta
    Nipasha Mahanta

    Thank you for this!

  • J T
    J T

    I've been so desensitized by the garbage that passes for most music these days that I nearly passed out.

  • maxine brown
    maxine brown

    Just heard a song on the radio had to look you up on ISnets Keep the blues alive

  • Viktória Csuka
    Viktória Csuka

    Hello.I'm okay. How are You?Love from Csuka Viktória,Haungary,Zala.👑💗💓💖💟💝

  • Samuel Varga
    Samuel Varga



    53:19 I checked... That's physically impossible 😧


    Best band EVER😍

  • Laurie Hubler
    Laurie Hubler

    Quel bonheur...

  • Donna Richardson
    Donna Richardson

    Addition of the multi-instrumentalist: Harmonica 1st, is "fine tuning" to this extraordinary talented #kaleo🤘🎼🎶

  • Dorothy Simms
    Dorothy Simms

    What a bummer for their fabulous career to get fu++ed up from this pandemic... these guys would be the blow out of the last 30 years.

  • Elizabeth Luna
    Elizabeth Luna

    I love you guys !!!

  • Nicolas Nugue
    Nicolas Nugue

    That harmonica dude should be fully included in the band. It gives a huge Blues accent to everything, and the guy fits perfectly



  • A. Pearce
    A. Pearce

    yaer als die Welt noch in Ordnung war!

  • pjakka53

    Eru bara svo góðir .

  • Евгения Ангелова
    Евгения Ангелова

    Hi! Can you tell me the name of the song at 32 minute?

    • Mprb

      Vor I Vaglaskogi (or something close to that 😊)

  • Sudarshan .R
    Sudarshan .R

    Sooo goood❤️

  • Brian D. Alvarez
    Brian D. Alvarez

    Rock on Dude you are .... a rock of a Man OK

  • Observer

    this is one of my fav videos to listen while coding.

  • Dorothy Simms
    Dorothy Simms

    He commands the stage even though he never moves.... like Freddy Mercury used to do, but he never has to move, as he sings from his soul.

    • J T
      J T

      I was never a huge Queen fan (esp. shocking cause I like me some dudes, lol) but the main concert footage I saw of them, actually just recently, he was moving around quite a bit. I was really shocked at some of the provocative things he was doing with the mic too. Haha.. and to think, he was still so talented he could get tons of straight guys to line up for hours just to get up close! But you're right the singer from Kaleo really does sing from a place deep inside, that's true talent, it's a shame the younger generation just goes with the music they think is gonna make them seem "cool". This is REAL music.

  • Dorothy Simms
    Dorothy Simms

    Talk about a flawless falsetto. Amazing!

  • Dorothy Simms
    Dorothy Simms

    Can't get this music out of my head ever since I saw an ad on TV with part of one of his songs. He really pulls at your soul.

  • Gina Olivera
    Gina Olivera

    I heard Way down... by chance, now I'm in love with this band.His voice is absolutely unbelievable!

  • lsdgone

    36:00 for myself😎

    • lsdgone

      @Kevin Agüero Backdoor!

    • Kevin Agüero
      Kevin Agüero

      what is the name of the song? :c

  • Lisa Barr
    Lisa Barr

    Thank you SO much for uploading this!! Watched it once and Im a total fan. .they are excellent 👏 👌 👍 💚from 🇨🇦

  • jc148937

    amazing voice...

  • Giang Võ
    Giang Võ

    Man the whistle gives me bumps every time

  • Anita Curtin-Wong
    Anita Curtin-Wong

    They kinda remind me of The Black Keys, only better, and with more integrity.

  • Ela Schwuchow
    Ela Schwuchow

    👌 bekomme immer wieder Gänse Haut bei der g.... Stimme

  • Wagdy Makar
    Wagdy Makar

    Wonderful 🌷

  • Luz Maria Diaz Gamboa
    Luz Maria Diaz Gamboa

    I'm definitely in love with this band !

  • Apple Peel
    Apple Peel

    Probably the best voice I've heard in modern rock

  • JX25

    I realized that they did the concert on the interlagos circuit

  • Roberto Avellina
    Roberto Avellina

    Gracias LollaPalooza x darme a conocer esta banda increíble! gran descubrimiento para mi top ten !!

  • Tristan Collins
    Tristan Collins

    51:13 : "Come on now white boy!"

  • Леся Попова
    Леся Попова

    AC DC

  • Леся Попова
    Леся Попова


  • Леся Попова
    Леся Попова


  • Anna Stodziesz
    Anna Stodziesz

    ❤️ Polska 🇵🇱

  • F.B.I

    Back door is easily one of their most underrated songs

    • Mprb

      One of my favorites!

    • R 109
      R 109


  • el hadji amadou MBODJ
    el hadji amadou MBODJ

    Who else in here has Vor í Vaglaskógi as one of her or his top songs in the album and yet doesn't understand a word ?

    • TeDeuM900

      I do ;)

  • Anita Melon
    Anita Melon

    And this fregin live. So rare

  • Артур Шафиков
    Артур Шафиков

    Красивый голос.

  • Koko Lee
    Koko Lee

    Man, I really want them to come back to Hawaii

  • Constant Raven
    Constant Raven

    Brazil 😒

  • Camron Savage
    Camron Savage

    Why is JJ wearing a curtain tie?

    • Mprb

      Keeps sweat from running down his face. Used to see tennis players do the same.

  • Элина Кор
    Элина Кор

    Какой голос👍!!! Шикарное исполнение! И песни супер. Неделю слушаю, не могу оторваться😍

  • Raul Jimenez
    Raul Jimenez

    good music poor performance on the stage

  • Isidorhor

    может и я так смогу................... maybe I can do it too...................

  • lene darling meilvang
    lene darling meilvang

    Tanks for this concert, love it. Plees come to Danmark again. I was there, when you visit os. The best concert ever, love your musik.

  • Manuela Schuster
    Manuela Schuster

    I get on my balcon and sang this Song ,withe my Handy in my Hand withe this Video and the people under me Standing there and clap .graet Kaleo and your fantastic Band 😎✌️

  • Tom Cook
    Tom Cook

    kaloe.........you make music your bithch

  • Tom Cook
    Tom Cook

    im so ...just...uhhh

  • Андрей Мазаев
    Андрей Мазаев


  • Big Dust 03
    Big Dust 03

    I'm convinced that his background singers (drummer/guitarists) mics are muted. No need for them when JJ has such an amazing voice. KALEO best band to hit the scene in a long time

    • AJ Music
      AJ Music

      They add a lot man. Bit of bass in the mix and some middle register really thickens the sound

  • pranav s
    pranav s

    Wowwww slayedddd 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sarah Kuhn
    Sarah Kuhn

    Holy fucking shit this is incredible.

  • Nira


  • Lrd Leaid
    Lrd Leaid

    They totally changed the lyrics to Alter Ego

  • Mario B. B.
    Mario B. B.

    right now jj is the best singer in europe

    • Mario B. B.
      Mario B. B.

      @Marwan Mohamed for sure

    • Marwan Mohamed
      Marwan Mohamed

      correction IN THE WORLD

  • Harper Rhodes
    Harper Rhodes

    It’s been years but this song is my top pick out of 3500 other songs I love

  • Loïc L
    Loïc L