IT WILL GIVE YOU GOOSEBUMPS - Elon musk Motivational video
Elon Musk is Real Life Iron Man! In this motivational video Elon musk shares difficulties he faced and his take on entrepreneurship and starting a company.

Speaker : Elon Musk

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  • Mindset Mentor
    Mindset Mentor


    • floyd chusset
      floyd chusset

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    • Fit

      plz give background music name

    • tf2er

      make a company that when we die buries us in ice rooms so our bodies dont decompose and so we can be raised alive by future science scientists (probably through electricty and cells and 3d printed organs) everyone would want to live forever you know so please write down to make that company

    • ked lws
      ked lws

      pls make a hapiness brainchip releasing hapiness into the human brain (hapiness its electrical frequency in increasing strength and intensity)..

    • Rehan Khan
      Rehan Khan

      Inshallah 💖💖💖 bhai

  • Sandeep R
    Sandeep R

    Truely inspiring words💚

  • Data

    The name Elon Musk gives me goosebumps

  • Ashok Sachan
    Ashok Sachan

    A wise men once said ," if you are tired do it tired".

  • Pineapple Squid
    Pineapple Squid

    It seems like he doesn’t have any private time. That’s not good.

  • The Future
    The Future

    A role model for those who believe in their Ideas. Love your video

  • Dalibor Milovanovic
    Dalibor Milovanovic


  • Shanmugam Balasubramanian
    Shanmugam Balasubramanian

    I worked for the company 24 hours .. do you think why I missed you ?

  • X veteran
    X veteran

    Mis virtsa sa ajad Maltsa närijaijatega istute arvasite et suudate igavesti oma raha varastada mida ehitasite kriminaalidega vastus näed persest roosi persenussijad kes istuvad ühes paadis Ameerika ühendriikide sittahoorad ga ja müüvad 9.7 million aasta vanusele alien tema oma tehnoloogia t . Lukku panin kontrolli n teid kontrolli n Hiinat vaatan kui targad te siis olite isegi su vigane hiina mutt ei oska äri ajada. Ma pakkusin 3500 unsc tehingu eest et võtta välja 79 miljon unsc oleks selle eest teeninud hiina lepping su vigasele vanaeidele 100 tuhat eurot . Küsimus miks maksta 4000 euro pealt 100 tuhat loeme intress aga intressi taga oleks samal ajal ehitumud 3.45 miljardit tehingu süsteem . Ma pole idioote näinud kui su sittahoora plaan oodata raha crypto on raha ei ole tähtis kas on hind täna see mida tehas küsis natuke oodata mis tähendab minul ei ole tehasest saadud ei ole hinda vastakuti . Aga noh kuna teame Ameerika aju töötab ainult persenussijatel valitsuse hoorade plaanis et Hollywood saaks alaealised nussima Saat et sea d saaksid pornoga meeldivama lt aega veeta. Ma olen seda virtsa näinud piisavalt. Millal Ameerika ühendriikide persenussijad ükskord ärkavad

  • sumit sharma
    sumit sharma

    Tear in his eyes speaks volume of hard work he has put... Very inspiring..

  • Ernest Frigelj
    Ernest Frigelj

    Meanwhile kids in africa dont have water to if you are here because you think you are having hard times in your life think again

  • D T
    D T

    Not fond of this money printing ideology. You should not ruin your life by working all the time. One should give time to him/herself and family. He will regret it later like other billionaires when he will realised the importance of this precious time which he is ruining. No need go bonkers on me becz. I am just putting my thought.

  • suc ഇ കെ
    suc ഇ കെ

    1:07 i saw fire in his eyes......ലെജൻഡ്.....Men always reach that destination tomorrow not today

  • HAPPINESS (Love your smile) ☺
    HAPPINESS (Love your smile) ☺



    Making impossible into possible living legend

  • Pakistani Baloch
    Pakistani Baloch

    he iz great person🥰🥰

  • ATHARVA9929

    The 1 %who's reading this may all your dreams come true

  • Tussilar Centrum
    Tussilar Centrum

    Who the flying efff cares.

  • Karthik G
    Karthik G

    I don't believe in successful persons words

  • king Godzilla gaming
    king Godzilla gaming

    Real iron man

  • Ji song Park
    Ji song Park

    in a few months or no time people we definitely be kicking themselves regret for missing the opportunity to buy or invest in cryptocurrency.

    • Aridai santana
      Aridai santana

      @Dakota Matos hahhahaahahaha

    • Dakota Matos
      Dakota Matos

      *Inserts non-scamming comment to break the fake conversation*

    • Life Master
      Life Master

      I am a trading teacher. I'm picky with who comes to me because it really takes a good mindset to trade.

    • Mouris Waves
      Mouris Waves

      Mr James Lucas is obviously the best I invested $5,500 and he made profit of $28,,940 in 21days interval.

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith

      it's not about watching videos and wasting your time on strategies, I was ignorant doing so, so and decided to try prof James Lucas have heard about him on youtube and ever since then he's so good I made about $14,000 on every $5000 i invested.

  • Think big...💡
    Think big...💡

    Elon musk is my influencer

  • Kenny Paul
    Kenny Paul

    Criticism of any kind against this iconic man...a job creator...a boundary ignoring...a once in human history visionary...who said I will do this impossible so transparently miserable and self loathing any light of any kind that shines on them reveals the saddest of all human specimens...those incapable of admiration and resentful of any praise of human accomplishment. Who could need to find fault. Just be quiet. In no generation has thee been a more worthy applause

  • Tough Love Tom
    Tough Love Tom

    "Creating a company is almost like having a child. How do you say your child should not have food?" - Elon Musk

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

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  • Sharmilkanth Rajendran
    Sharmilkanth Rajendran

    I work for 92 hours a day da koodhi

  • Joseph Keller
    Joseph Keller

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  • kundan nagar
    kundan nagar

    "Working 22hours a day, 6days a week, 52 weeks a year and people still calling me LUCKY" -ELON MUSK

    • Nandakishor

      @Tomas Roos Guerra yes

    • Tomas Roos Guerra
      Tomas Roos Guerra

      Lol he never tweeted this

  • Sick Games Entertainment
    Sick Games Entertainment

    Greatest and most important man in this century.

  • Ñὰɠα̃ ƙҽ̂ɳ̃ȥყ øffîçiãl
    Ñὰɠα̃ ƙҽ̂ɳ̃ȥყ øffîçiãl

    Elon musk:U can call me anytime around 3am in the morning I don't care....🔥🔥now he is a legend

  • Motivation Point
    Motivation Point

    I lost my job during this pandemic 😭😭 and decided to start a motivational channel to keep others strong wish me well 😍😍

  • MrShadow

    You struggled so hard for nothing ............. you're chasing butterflies, mate!! edit: Don't stop on my account!! XD

  • Trollvis Scotch
    Trollvis Scotch

    I wonder what those kids in the cobalt mines would say about this?

  • Budala Idiotska
    Budala Idiotska

    It is sad now these days, especially in "developed" countries, that public will drink anything that Elon says, and believe his every word. That is not most sad actually, the most sad thing is that there is now 1000+ Elons, and most of public wish to be him.


    Watching in July 2021..........

  • Jillian Edits
    Jillian Edits

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    He is a mix of Nicola Tesla and Tony Stark.

  • Rising Quote
    Rising Quote

    Do not give up. One day you win 🏆

    • Elon Reeve Musk
      Elon Reeve Musk

      I see you are a fan.

  • sreejith kumar
    sreejith kumar

    We all are waiting for revolution..Great times coming for humanity:-)

    • Elon Reeve Musk
      Elon Reeve Musk

      I see you are a fan.

  • Glenn Harney
    Glenn Harney

    🙄 *searches again for Elon Musk interview without cheesy music attempting to manufacture sense of meaning*

  • Mohamed Zahran
    Mohamed Zahran

    ماتعرفش .قدرة ربنا. صحيح.

  • Daily Things
    Daily Things

    Yes yes man

  • An Nam
    An Nam

    I like him because when he says he spend time to think.

    • Elon Reeve Musk
      Elon Reeve Musk

      I see you are a fan.

  • Paul Hendry
    Paul Hendry

    lol...what a joke...

  • Dennis Ludwig
    Dennis Ludwig

    It ist fake

  • Tomo

    This hole tesla thing saunds like ark survival evolved pvp. Iw worek 22h a day. Happines stedly declains. U probably wont suceed meaning ul get radied .

  • Aaa Aaa
    Aaa Aaa

    When does he f@ck?

  • Karthick A
    Karthick A

    Number one having a highpain of threshold..Until u successd no one give shit..

  • Сергеј Милојевић
    Сергеј Милојевић

    Stop beeing a little cat! Work 56 Hours a day! Sleep 13 Seconds Eat only iron

  • Simran Maurya
    Simran Maurya

    He cares for the employee of his company and stand by their sides 🥺

    • V T
      V T

      I hope you know he's against his employees unionizing. Omg he cares so much 🥺

  • Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth
    Sacda Abdurhman-Personal Growth

    “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” You choose Sharing some positivity with you all.

  • praneeth kumar Chetlapally
    praneeth kumar Chetlapally

    Greatest advice for youth by a great man on planet earth :)

  • kostas restas
    kostas restas

    to my @@.. anomaly, sick ,Elon

  • Informative Mitra 24×7
    Informative Mitra 24×7

    My favourite scientist-----> ABDUL KALAM( INDIAN) 2------->ELON MUSK

  • Ayush Arnab Mishra
    Ayush Arnab Mishra

    People say he's selfish and he doesn't do much of a donation and that he's arrogant. I don't think he owes it to anyone to give a penny of what he's earned. 22hrs a day, tbh i ain't putting that kinda effort in weeks. He should have all the money for the hardwork he's put in

  • Lee Brown
    Lee Brown

    This is the opposite of motivational

  • Business With Yulianna
    Business With Yulianna

    “It doesn't matter what your background is or where you come from; if you have dreams and goals that's what matters”

    • Elon Reeve Musk
      Elon Reeve Musk

      How long have you been a fan?

    • Elon Reeve Musk
      Elon Reeve Musk

      I see you are a fan.

    • corail53

      Your background most certainly matters - musk had money, he had a safety net despite his whole thing of moving to canada with nothing he could have gone home and been fine if he failed outright. If you are going to become rich from nothing you will have to figure out how to beat the players who have started with money. Most silicon valley billionaires came from rich families and had the safety net for them to have the time off to pursue their goals. In the world of markets - it takes money to make money and the more money you have to start the easier it is to get and this is true in business.

  • Business With Yulianna
    Business With Yulianna

    I love his passion for the things he creates. He is so inspiring.

    • Mindset Mentor
      Mindset Mentor


  • Devendra Singh
    Devendra Singh

    Legend 🏆

    • Elon Reeve Musk
      Elon Reeve Musk

      I see you are a fan.

  • Люба Вереникина
    Люба Вереникина

    Don't worry.Relax.

  • Jerry John P.
    Jerry John P.

    Elon is no hero, even on Mars he would be strange, let's send Rajiv Surendra instead, hopefully the Marsians will think all earthlings are that charming

  • Kr43he

    Would be motivational if musk wasnt just utterly full of shit.

  • parv shah
    parv shah

    I didnt even have to watch the whole video its 12:00 am mid night i just needed a break so i came to watch funny videos but i m going back to studies

  • Creepy Kong
    Creepy Kong

    Pure bullshit. He was working 72 hours a day!

  • Dena Lotviz
    Dena Lotviz

    The few fierce spain immediately brush because editor consistently report a a devilish danger. impolite, grubby gruesome crocus

  • J3ss3 Jam3s
    J3ss3 Jam3s

    I work 24 / 7 ..., when I sleep I work, and when I sleep I can Work thousend hour in eight hour, ...


    Next video I was working 24 hours a day. I mean common man , be sensible.😏

  • Saae Raam
    Saae Raam

    I m working fine 👍

  • geetanjali

    His silence speaks more than his words.

  • Neeraj Yadav
    Neeraj Yadav

    He is a real verson of a legend 😎😎

  • Bogdan Gomoi
    Bogdan Gomoi

    Great guy with a strong mentality,respect 100%.

  • zuliahunt

    This person does make harm to Americans; therefore, who would want to take example from him even he is rich?! His soul is disgusting!

  • Daniela Rodaro
    Daniela Rodaro

    Alguien sabe que detesto el Bitcoin y detesto los clonadores de identidad y los que roban textos sin permiso. Se llama hackers? Los odio y no les perdonare mientras respire es decir x los restos de mi vida

  • Subandana Singh
    Subandana Singh

    Haha Noob. I can work 28.5 hours a day

  • Chastity B.
    Chastity B.

    Aww..He wanted to cry.

  • Sarah Karobari
    Sarah Karobari

    Middle East is rich with petrol but they don't do show off 🤬

  • Arpit Sharma
    Arpit Sharma

    What an inspiration he is woww!

  • motivationkalamity

    It's not easy, but if you are crazy enough you can fucking do it, hardships are minor setbacks, your comeback will be legendary!

  • Koala


  • shashwat gupta
    shashwat gupta

    The thing is that he really liked it..The thing here is that people do it because it is bestowed upon them.. All jee neet aspirants will understand😂

  • Mindset Tube
    Mindset Tube

    "There have to be reasons that you get up in the morning and you want to live. Why do you want to live? What's the point? What inspires you? What do you love about the future? If the future does not include being out there among the stars and being a multi-planet species, I find that incredibly depressing. - Elon Musk

  • Shane’s Toy reviews
    Shane’s Toy reviews

    He’s really aged himself

  • Shane’s Toy reviews
    Shane’s Toy reviews

    This is obsessive

  • xbilly_vedovelli

    you can work 23 hours a day, and still you have no garante that you can be rich or make 10 percent of what he makes! alot of people work hard for what they want, it doesnt mean they gonna make it eventualy! not all of us are born with bill gates brain, yes sure, we all wish we were the best at something, and we can quit college and people from around the world start givinig us job opportunities with a thounsads of dollars paycheck, ! but it doesnt work that way! it has to do with more than just hard work!, its,timing, choices,oportunity,money, and many other factors! hard work is for later on, to have no regret, cuz regret will eat you from with in if its part of you! its fate, fate..........some are born rich, some will work the hardest they can and never will be!

  • Financial Freedom | Motivational Music
    Financial Freedom | Motivational Music

    ** 6 Tips To Boost Productivity. ** - > Do short breaks. - > Reward yourself. - > Avoid multitasking. - > Turn off notifications. - > Plan your day in advance. - > Turn on your favorite beats.

    • Binod


    • Binod


  • Anjali Raghuwanshi
    Anjali Raghuwanshi

    3:23 how many times I listen it, it has same impact

  • Anjali Raghuwanshi
    Anjali Raghuwanshi

    He is damn emotional. Why his eyes makes me feel I don't know what.

  • Aryan

    All the Elon hater in this comment section are crypto/doge fan boi.

  • Rakhal Sarker
    Rakhal Sarker

    The tense camp critically scold because quiet suggestively peep vice a unused cough. mute, humdrum lyric

  • Niharika Singh
    Niharika Singh

    I have failed in an entrance test for for 7 consecutive times preparing myself for the 8th one, for anyone out there giving up is never an option, as Elon Musk has said if you have a dream you must keep a very high Pain Threshold

    • positive approach
      positive approach



    You were born to succeed, to win, to conquer all difficulties, and have all your faculties fully developed. If there is financial lack in your life, do something about it.

  • Affan Mallick
    Affan Mallick


  • J. A. Ethier
    J. A. Ethier

    Y'all know this dude inherited a fucking diamond mind when he was like 14 right? He didn't earn his wealth and he certainly isn't some do-gooder.

    • V T
      V T

      Thank you, finally a decent comment. These other comments are giving me major creeps for believing this propaganda.

  • Dhiraj Patil
    Dhiraj Patil


  • Kelvin Anita
    Kelvin Anita

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      Blind Henry

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      Kelvin Anita

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      Justin Andrew

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  • Pedpost Urgent Care
    Pedpost Urgent Care

    Until it ruins you caught my attention... Some women aren't made to understand men like this.

  • Shabir Ahmed
    Shabir Ahmed

    You have never heard such big lie (isse bada jhut aapne nehi suna)

  • Jaylen Lenear
    Jaylen Lenear

    What happened in 2008 ?

  • Eric Vogelsang
    Eric Vogelsang

    Who. Cares.

  • Lukas Hardy
    Lukas Hardy

    He likely exaggerates. We also should not assume how productive he is just because he and others say things. People who mimic his ego that are already vulnerable will doom themselves with his concepts.

2,3 m.
2,3 m.