Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!
What happens when you drop stuff like a bowling ball and a car from a 1000 feet above ground?!
How Ridiculous
Khristian Flohr
Mark Rober
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous
How Ridiculous

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  • How Ridiculous
    How Ridiculous

    Hey those are our videos! And yes, everything sounds better when said by an Australian 🦘🇦🇺

    • CarterIzBoon

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      Charlotte Llewellyn

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    • AmazingMovieClips


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      Benjamin the gamer


  • Joe Muffin
    Joe Muffin

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    Siddaganga Siddaganga


  • jake 14 cl clips
    jake 14 cl clips

    I’m Australian

  • Melissa Daigle
    Melissa Daigle

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  • lmao

    The iphone part remind me of the memes Him:Iphone *Punch his friend phone* Him: Iphone Friends: Wow iphone :)

  • Inking The Page
    Inking The Page

    Chris you can 1. come to my house and take me 2. get my passport and fly me there there's no way he's even gonna see this lol

  • King creeper
    King creeper

    When did unspeakable throw a toilet in a tub and a pool with slime or some thing in it

  • Fachri Ahsan
    Fachri Ahsan

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  • Vic R
    Vic R

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  • Rat boy
    Rat boy

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    Poop Man


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  • Bales13

    They had so many atemts the balls kept breaking

  • Liza Clifton
    Liza Clifton

    Unspeakable was the one who threw the tolet

  • Madden Umbelina
    Madden Umbelina

    That’s unspeakable go through the toilet thanks a lot for your videos

  • Tiria ripia
    Tiria ripia

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  • michelle jeffrey
    michelle jeffrey

    Australian man : It looks like one of those bowls u put a dessert in* lol XD

  • grand buzzard
    grand buzzard

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    Marie Grove




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  • Oreo Snowballs
    Oreo Snowballs

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  • Lil Jelly
    Lil Jelly

    Actually it was funny

  • Drock G
    Drock G

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  • Rukiye H
    Rukiye H

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    Marna Palacio

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  • Bonkers Gaming
    Bonkers Gaming

    come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn we all know the ball has to be 10000000 degrees

  • stinky

    If you jumped of on to that trampoline it would probably make you bounce but whatever is the first point of contact would break and probably other stuff near it do to the force travelling through

  • Cherie Lamborn
    Cherie Lamborn

    shout out dream in next vidio pease im rom green land

  • Adam A.Farghal
    Adam A.Farghal

    didi anybody realise the toilet drop was by unspeakble

    • anxeliquee


  • Jake99palcaty _
    Jake99palcaty _

    Unspeakable was the one Who threw the toilet

  • Bogdan Sofian
    Bogdan Sofian

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    Andrey Jherz Maquilan

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  • reymund Inocencio
    reymund Inocencio


  • Austin Mcgovern
    Austin Mcgovern

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  • Penguin

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  • Donovan52Plays ꪜ
    Donovan52Plays ꪜ


  • super Mario Bros
    super Mario Bros

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  • samantha Teas
    samantha Teas

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  • Hayden Magee
    Hayden Magee

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    damian cuevas

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    solar chuck

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    Darko Gamerzz77

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    Javari Miller

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    Haiku King

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    Louise Wagstaff

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  • Rachael Mcgahey
    Rachael Mcgahey

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    • Rachael Mcgahey
      Rachael Mcgahey


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    Sparky FN

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    Skateboarding freinds B.m.s. Bros

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    Marvin Bell

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  • Denis Austin
    Denis Austin

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    Baden Walker

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    Ivan Correa

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    WP Duc

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  • Chhaman Saggu
    Chhaman Saggu

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    Da best Owen and Ryder

    That’s from England and he it’s also kind of Australian and that means I am half Australian and half English England

  • Deil Adrineda
    Deil Adrineda

    What game is that on 0:27?? Looks kinda fun

  • Mariam Anam
    Mariam Anam

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  • Dani Szostak
    Dani Szostak

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      Dani Szostak

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    • Dani Szostak
      Dani Szostak


    • Dani Szostak
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    Dani Szostak

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    • • r3p0rt3r •
      • r3p0rt3r •

      I legit read this as SOON as Chris said this- lol

  • Jose Ignacio PEDREIRA
    Jose Ignacio PEDREIRA

    The slime was the funniest react

  • Carlos Corona
    Carlos Corona

    6:37 minion scream

  • random stuff
    random stuff

    Chris talked about when will Smith did the ahh that's hot on that balcony. But he forgot that Jimmy also was on that balcony