Papers, Please - All endings
I'm just uploading this cause I found nothing of the sort inside ISnets, the footage of this video ain't even mine.

Anyway, I watched Jacksepticeye's lets play of it and got really into the game so I wanted it to see all its endings online.

  • Patrick Kroggel
    Patrick Kroggel

    What is the difference between Ending 14 and Ending 17?

  • Vegetable Man
    Vegetable Man

    living in early 70s Maoist China be like:

  • Sgtfireball

    the obristan ending is really symbolic in a way. The protagonist is brainwashed by arstozka to the point of him believing everywhere else in the world has the same rules as arstozka. its kind of an awakening moment.

  • Danny

    murder of innocent?? Whaaatt lmfaoooo

  • zonlox YT
    zonlox YT

    Glory to arstotzka.



  • Maussiegamer

    Glory to Arstotzka

  • Oloxyg

    I am pretty sure i got an ending where a terrorist throws a grenade at me and i just die, why isn’t it in this video ?

  • Tony Adair
    Tony Adair

    Attacking an innocent - forced labor Attacking an Arstotzkan official - death

  • Zoli

    You are under arrest for eating the Arstotzkan official's cookie! Punishment is force labour in the oreo facrory! Your family will be teased by biscuit profrssionals! Glory to Arstotzka!

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman

    You are under arrest for not being arrested in a while. The penalty is forced labor. Your family will be questioned in their involment. The border will remain open under another inspector. Glory to Arstotzka.

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman

    Someone died? Kill them.

  • Blake Qi
    Blake Qi

    Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. Glory to Arstotzka. ...............................

  • Lord Icebox
    Lord Icebox

    Me: Please don't tell me spoilers Friend:

  • OpTiCxReCoN

    The near gear accordingly reach because offence crucially tease atop a dapper yam. frantic, zesty inch

  • Dev Shah
    Dev Shah

    How many times do I have to tell you ? Its *Cobrastan . C-O-B-R-A-S-T-A-N* . Our great preacher Jorji has stated this multiple times . The name 'Obristan' is just Kolechian propaganda!

  • Not Thomas
    Not Thomas

    Glory to Arstotzka

  • Just Xander
    Just Xander

    How do you get ending 12

  • ExtraPo

    Finally I'm Done With This Game 5:51 Nice....

  • Phan Ngọc Khánh Chi
    Phan Ngọc Khánh Chi

    i dunno, but "Obrastan above all" sounds pretty similar to "Germany above all" no offensive, i just discovered that out

  • Eroth Gaming
    Eroth Gaming

    I just noticed every single sentence in the EZIC note has a "-" in it.

  • Ilia Abbasi
    Ilia Abbasi

    Is 62131 for all the players?

  • Vykintas Jocys
    Vykintas Jocys

    The best thing, is that you don't need to play game, just watch this video :)

  • Lambadajew O.
    Lambadajew O.

    There should be a cutscene in which we meet Jorji in Obristan

  • Nuggie

    Obristan above all!

  • Rpdi Hunter
    Rpdi Hunter

    Ending 20 is the true ending yes, but Ending 19 is the best ending

  • rhunter42dragon

    The best ending is 19, followed by 18, and finally 20. All the rest are varying degrees of horrible.

  • Snax690

    The EZIC star good ending is the best one.

  • mrFlamist

    Where's the secret ending?

  • Marine Slayer
    Marine Slayer

    In 01 atleast you dont die in prison. And your family is just in the villa.

  • Mr. Caligos
    Mr. Caligos

    Nazi game. 🤮

  • jimis_here

    Ending 13 is so stupid lol why is your fault that the border didn't get destroyed? Like wouldn't that be Arstotzka's soldiers problem? Ok i understand you use the tranquilizer and the sniper gun but still...

  • Quân Đặng
    Quân Đặng

    failed endings are reallllllllly bad

  • vice_CityMan582

    Number nineteen is the best GLORY TO EZIC AND ARSTOTZKA

  • Darrell Mazurok
    Darrell Mazurok

    I actualy got some of the endings. i got the escape with son+mother and all the family.

  • NotAPineapple

    When M. Vonel (blue guy) arrived to remind me of my hearing with the M.O.A my soul left my body

  • john

    the fact that endings 19 and 20 make you always feel like you are on the good side makes the game a whole lot confusing, since one is supporting the revolution and the other is being loyal to arstotzka

  • WhenAllElseFails

    Nobody: The Arstotzkin Government: Y O U A R E U N D E R A R R E S T.

  • bluebirdgaming

    [You are arrested] thats what every single ending is

  • Lex's Universal Studios
    Lex's Universal Studios

    A lot of these endings involve arresting

  • HKJ

    Seems like EZIC Agents would be a better sequel to Papers Please.

  • George Apostolopoulos
    George Apostolopoulos

    The game shows clearly how a man alone can change a lot and how history ir written by winners

  • Kingi T
    Kingi T

    Glory to arstotzk

  • Sio Head
    Sio Head

    "Hello Inspector" (oh shit)

  • triobros 9824
    triobros 9824


  • Samy Sofyan
    Samy Sofyan

    Ending 21: *Cobrastan is a real country and you escaped to Cobrastan with your family and your Best pal Jorji* *Cobrastan above all*

  • Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING
    Curtis Warren BTW STOP BEGGING

    99% of the endings is just you being arrested...

  • ImAGradeAGamer


  • Pretfy

    long long time ago

  • Vibe

    God the music is so creepy and weird

  • Black.

    You have been arrested for assaulting an Obristan Citizen, we will not tolerate a person who did such a crime in Obristan, The penalty is death, Glory to Obristan.

    • Lynxone

      Obristan over all

  • Michael The Undead Mariachi
    Michael The Undead Mariachi

    Endings 18 and 19 are the best endings, anyone who says otherwise doesn't value family and freedom

  • Miserable Bastard
    Miserable Bastard

    Glory to Pootis Land

  • Vincent吴敏星 H. Tabuzo
    Vincent吴敏星 H. Tabuzo

    Lesson learned: Artstotzka does not care about you, can and will easily replace you

  • DOOM Slaughterer
    DOOM Slaughterer

    Arstotzka has zero tolerance for hentai pornography. The penalty is Death. The Ministry of Information will perform a full audit of the material you possess. Your family will be questioned about their involvement. The border will remain open over a replacement inspector. Glory to Arstotzka.

  • TheRussianFazbear

    Never heard of a job where they fire you because they don't pay you enough to support your own family. Oh, wait...

  • YourDM

    so who else is here after markiplier's recent playthrough of this?

    • k6h

      yep lmao

  • Shaw Tschetter
    Shaw Tschetter

    I got ending 19

  • ㅤ

    Ezic ending best ending

  • Lynxone

    The music of the propaganda endings... It's creepy yet beautiful.

  • Zepollo

    Of course, the true ending is to stay loyal for your country...

  • Neko Neko
    Neko Neko

    imagine if the Obristan inspector was Jorji Costova

  • Charles Calvin
    Charles Calvin

    Rip Markiplier

  • Bulcsú Lovász
    Bulcsú Lovász

    I still dont know why but the death/bad ending theme is so sad

  • Infinite_ Names
    Infinite_ Names

    the music is a bop

  • peachy

    I really like how the art work, plus the musical choices make you get a genuine feeling of dread or that the state truly doesn't care.

  • SilverFlight01

    Endings 1-17 (except 16): Welp, you're f-ed Ending 16 + 18: At least you don't have to deal with the troubles in Arstotzka anymore. Ending 19: Welcome to the new Arstotzka, Inspector! Ending 20: Congrats on doing your job the way Arstotzka wanted! Have an endless code.

  • Emily the loli Nightray
    Emily the loli Nightray

    Ezic when you end up in jail after helping them succeed: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • KimiiiRaikkonen

    Glory to Ezic ! I feel if you get the ending 19 you got the best ending :D

  • Too much time on my hands
    Too much time on my hands

    I read all of these out loud in a Russian accent, and it made it sound more intimidating, especially with the Obristan checkpoint guy and the higher up (guy under the single light) I recommend it

  • Black death Crimson
    Black death Crimson


  • AnarchistZ

    You are under arrest for doing your job correctly. The penalty is death. The border will remain open under a replacement inspector. Glory to Arstotska

  • automator

    these endings are so bone chilling

  • EZES Jack
    EZES Jack

    isnt there one where you go to obristan alone?

    • EZES Jack
      EZES Jack

      @RetroGamer302 ok

    • RetroGamer302

      Yes but that's also classed as ending 16, you can go by yourself and take as many family members as you want to get that endin, but to get ending 18 u need to take them all

  • Dabs 0510
    Dabs 0510

    I think Mark would get the 4th ending cuz he's always want those extra money

  • Anotherordinaryguy 499
    Anotherordinaryguy 499

    Can you still get ending 18 if you followed both ezic and arstotzka and betrayed them at the very last moment before leaving to obristan with your family?

  • TugBoss02

    Yeah, but for a 12 minute video, it doesn't explain how those endings happened?

  • FlameWolf

    all but 3 endings are just the player losing

  • Eximus


  • Augaliukas

    Glory to Arstotzka.

  • Straitz

    better hope this didn't get into mark's recomended, because he ain't even finish playing the game

  • dimitrije bubic
    dimitrije bubic

    What ending do you get if you get simply too many citations?

    • Redwan Hossain
      Redwan Hossain

      Maybe the forced labor one with debt? Because you are losing money with every wrong person you admit or deny.

  • Glowhoo


  • Lockie Dragneel
    Lockie Dragneel

    So many prisoned ones

  • Foxy Plays
    Foxy Plays

    The first ending I ever got was killing my entire family lol

  • BH4VVY33T

    Member of EZIC is a perfect ending

  • GamerOverThere

    I got ending 20 on my first playthrough

  • Vu Minh
    Vu Minh

    My greatest disappointment was that being blown by the shitass bomb wasnt an ending

  • Mutty99

    My first ending was 12. I was so pissed off...

  • A Midnight Spectacle
    A Midnight Spectacle

    Reminds me of New Vegas Endings. At the end of the day you've got to pick a faction, or, fight for yourself.

  • The_infected_fox

    I like how u get under arrest in ending 13 because of being not good enough to save the checkpoint hahah

  • BruhMaster

    The last ending: inspector is not the sus imposter

  • Comet the Mountain Lion
    Comet the Mountain Lion

    What if each new game has you playing as the replacement inspector?

  • Bluerockit24

    How how many hours on steam

    • A Midnight Spectacle
      A Midnight Spectacle

      Took me 7 to beat.

  • brightblackhole

    almost every ending is getting arrested but the music bops

  • average madness combat enjoyer
    average madness combat enjoyer

    good ending 1: Your whole family moves to Obristan to live a better life good ending 2: You work for the EZIC star to be moved to a better home in the new Arstotzka. becoming a member of the EZIC star good ending 3: You visit your boss and get cleared of any suspicions. allowing you go back to your job at the Grestin Checkpoint on January 1st

  • Klára Mrázová
    Klára Mrázová

    Ad how do you _get_ these endings? Also is it just me, or are some of these exactly same or with tiny diffrences

  • thatguypotato

    let be honest, no one adopted their niece 😂

  • Jack Jazzhands
    Jack Jazzhands

    Glory to Arstotzka

  • Zu Wild Hr
    Zu Wild Hr

    I think the worst ending is 14 where you got executed and even ezic says that you betrayed them and don't help your family