The 8 Year Evolution of The Sidemen (2013 - 2021)

The Sidemen have without a doubt become one of the most notorious groups on all of ISnets. A touch of genius from KSI, Miniminter, W2S, Vikkstar123, Zerkaa, TBJZL and Behzinga has built the channel into a behemoth with more than 10 million subscribers. However, the Sidemen weren't always this large successful channel, and in order to get to where they are today, they've had to endure some serious ups and downs. This video will cover that journey, from a random GTA V online group called "The Ultimate Sidemen" to the Sidemen of 2021.

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    Slash Gaming

    holy man you missed a lot of important moments.

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      all this was , was a basic run down of the sidemen doesnt need to include anything else

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    can they react to this on sdmnreacts?

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    I have submitted the idea of this video for sidemen reacts. Hopefully they react.

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    Started watching harry in early 2016 than discovered sidemen mid Summer and since than it has never changed watched almost every video

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    There’s 2 other videos about this but it’s longer so I chose this video because it’s the shortest lmao

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    The GOATS 👑❤️

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    It might be the saddest day in ISnets history when the sidemen splits

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    Vik is probably the underrated one

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    Jj had 2mil subs when I started watching him

  • Anthony Pasto Petrillo
    Anthony Pasto Petrillo

    I started watching w2s when I was 7 and the sidemen when I was 8 now I’m 13 in a few months and they are still my favourite youtubers of all time

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    That moment when Vikk said that this is a house tour actually made me jump cause I thought there was someone in my house lmaoo

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    Now we've got quadrant, leader is twitch streamer, milk salesman and part time McLaren driver, Lando Norris.

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    name a better friends group on youtube I will wait(if any nigga gonna teal team 10, hype house imma fk them up)

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    Well legends never die

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    Chad Williams

    Should remake this next year but get their input. I am sure they can help with some facts. Love your videos.

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    JJ was massive when they started the Sidemen!

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    I started watching ksi in 2013, after all of these years I am so proud of all of them for making it big

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    kinda pog how you made the thumbnail so it fits with whom has fucked ksi the most times (left to right) simon: 19191837281 the rest 0(?)

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    Abdulla K M

    The growth these lads, has me teary ngl.

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    Heather Taton

    What about cartoonz

    • Heather Taton
      Heather Taton

      What about cartoonz he join a vanoss crew

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    I always had my friends talking about The Sidemen at a school in about 2013-4 I got my iPad Just next year and since then I haven’t stopped watching other then taking a 2 year break just forgetting them

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    Feels great to have been watching them before the Sidemen existed

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    Ihtisham Hussain

    I feel like this guy really likes JJ, like he’s the only member in the group. At leas that’s how seems from this vid. Especially saying Tinder changed everything, when the Holiday videos exist. Then to say something else boosted the channel, and it’s JJs fight 😂 It just seems like this guy sees the Sidemen as JJ.

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    Rahul Raheja

    The holiday videos were the ones that upped the standard for sidemens content. Also Sidemen clothing was a huge thing too. But dope vid

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    Sweating alex

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    Relaxing Noises

    ive been watching the sidemen since 2013 and you explained this really weirdly and this wasnt actually what it was like

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    sidemen is just boys being boys

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    Basically they are mates and that’s y they succeeded

  • Abdallah Radiy
    Abdallah Radiy

    6:33 whether you think the sidemen beef was fake or not, KSI did not say in that video that it was fake, please watch the whole video he was impersonating people saying it, he goes on to explain that it’s real.

    • Omkar 2
      Omkar 2

      I was thinking the same but I thought that ksi was not being sarcastic and I must be wrong.. But I am not lol

  • ben fields
    ben fields

    I started watching Ksi, Deji when he was CSG, maybe even vik and w2s back in 2012 when I was in the 7th grade. Was there before the sidemen got together. Haven’t stopped watching them since. They made my childhood.

  • Glitzio MC
    Glitzio MC

    he was joking when he said it was fake?? why do you cut stuff?

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    Swastik Saxena

    Team crafted, fouseytube and all other old youtubers failed but only sidemen stayed

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    Diego Arteaga Lopez

    i used to watch vikkstar and ksi years back i loved to watch them all the time when i was kid now i still do a bit not as much as a kid the past was good for me and others

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    Ive been watching the sidemen for a long time now and there content is absolutely hilarious and so enjoyable to watch. Would highly recommend. Edit: check out the pub golf video very underrated and it is down right hilarious

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    Danny Yalom

    I was thought of them as just KSI's goons, I'm sorry😔.

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    I would also bring up the $100 vs $10,000 holiday videos those were great

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    Theyre so underrated in America. None of the people I know watch them unless they play fifa. Ive been following the sidemen and Ksi since like 2012. Love watching them.

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    The year 2013 was the beginning of the worlds best group of all time

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    They made the sidemen channel in 2016,not 2013

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    Bruh when I see your videos I'm like "aw nah this dumb as hell" then there I am, 30 minutes in. Seriously though amazing editing.

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    you should do the rise and fall of the click crew it would be interesting to see your perspective on it

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      Old KSI Videos

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    The uk had the sidemen, on the other side of the atlantic, the us had the vanoss crew/banana bus squad.

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    Fck man, i’ve only started watching them, why didn’t i watch them, simon, jj and ethan r now one of the people i enjoy watching and making me laugh other than vanoss and co.

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    My brother was born on 16 may 2016 OzO

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    They have built a ISnets Empire

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    started wathing them in 2013 their fans are growing with them

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    Fraud watch!

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    Joseph Goh

    Say what you want, but I feel like this group is quite unproblematic and probably the most genuine ISnets group that aren't in a group solely for money

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    Vincent Zhao

    I new Harry first then mr jj then I found out about the football cross bar vids

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    I used to watch the Sidemen back in the early-early GTA vids. Super funny stuff.

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    Rise and fall of “the crew” kyr sp33dy, d20 etc

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    Sidemen: **Gets record for fastest growing ISnets channel** Steveeee: Hold my potion.

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    Good video but u forgot the most evolution stuff of the sidemen like ethans weight loss jj music tobis music and clothing

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    I like how Ethan was the fat one of the group and now KSI is the fat one

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    so mad bro

    can you stop making yourself the arbiter of morals? Seriously you constantly assume you know what someone was thinking and you say, oh it's bad and he's a whinny biscuit, like in your skydoes video. Can you please just be someone who presents the story rather than make a moral stance and make sure to separate opinions from the facts when discussing a creator

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      @so mad bro what?? are you like 10?

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      so mad bro

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      so mad bro

      @Zeto Kaiba because in for example his video on skydoesminecraft (and every other video of his) he props himself on this box and says, no dis is bad. And also he is obssessed with boogie

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    The beef wasn't fake tho...?

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      The sidemen didn’t know it was fake at first

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  • blaze • 7 years ago
    blaze • 7 years ago

    This video has so many flaws

  • blaze • 7 years ago
    blaze • 7 years ago

    The fight had nothing to do with the sdmns growth

  • blaze • 7 years ago
    blaze • 7 years ago

    6:39 wrong if you watch the video he says how it wasnt fake

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    Techno's Blade

    Here before Sidemen reacts

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    It's kind of ridiculous how popular this group is, I didn't know about them till I watched this video. I only ever herd of KSI

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    where is tommy?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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      Tommy isn't a member of the Sidemen.

  • kenyoungmartin

    Crazy to think the crew fell off in comparison to vanoss’ friend group. Imo aside from them being older somewhat sp33dys crew had the personality advantage, wildcat is just vanoss’ jahova, delirious has always just been the guy to laugh like d4 or sidearms, daithi is unique along with terrorizer but their personalities always were way less entertaining to me than the crew. Similarly though the least charismatic one in the group was the most popular in both cases imo, Evan and sp33dy (aside from more shy members like D20, g18, or moo for example.) No hate, just never understood why they didn’t last simultaneously. The only difference I ever saw is that evans editing has always been really good. Regardless I hope for AMP to do something similar as vanoss’ group, carve a way similar to the sidemen but in my opinion with more personality and less aimed at children (like 2Hype). Regardless it’s fun to see friends come up doing content that’s more fun to make and digestible to more people.

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    Sunny can you do a video on the EDP445 situation? like so he see's please

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    Hear me out: The Evolution of Vsauce

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    • blaze • 7 years ago
      blaze • 7 years ago

      His wrong about most things

    • blaze • 7 years ago
      blaze • 7 years ago


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    I’ve only ever watched ksi back in high school in 2013 when he’d play fifa and do the get hyper videos.. sadly I did jail time for 7 years for some serious shit. I got out just before the pandemic hit and learned that my guy is out here making big moves since I’ve last heard of him. Truly a good influence on the youth.

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