Whoever Can Survive The Most Days On A Deserted Island In Minecraft Wins
Whoever Survives The Most Days On A Deserted Island In Minecraft Wins
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Similar to my previous video " I Spent 100 Days on a Deserted Island in Minecraft and Here's What Happened " but this time, I'm competing against my man Unsorted Guy. Who can survive the most days on a Deserted Island?
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I TRIED to Survive VR Hardcore Minecraft For 100 Days And This Is What Happened
Video Includes:
Hardcore Minecraft VR Gameplay
Hardcore Minecraft VR Guide
Hardcore Minecraft VR Episode 1
Hardcore Minecraft VR Lets Play
Hardcore Minecraft VR
Hardcore Minecraft VR 100 Days
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      What is that?

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      Last reply pog

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      To make mediocre Minecraft content look decent at least

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      Creating videos! #createwithFilmora

  • Ligia Aguilar
    Ligia Aguilar

    100 days in the Sahara dessert

  • Marcus Ababio
    Marcus Ababio

    Does your enemy have a master chefs skin on

  • StarFruitNinja

    Sees a giant mob destroying walls First thought: yea let's go in there

  • CherRioxx

    Wait! What happend on day 6?? I don’t remember😂😂

  • Chaos Gaming
    Chaos Gaming

    This is amazing!

  • Cringe Toob
    Cringe Toob

    To make things deadlier like flamingos

  • Metal Kibbles
    Metal Kibbles

    minecraft tip: poison doesnt kill you, it always leaves you on half a heart.

  • Murf Mania
    Murf Mania

    eee flamflim

  • SkippyCat 41
    SkippyCat 41

    Flamingo Opinion: Love Reasons/details: Because they're cool

  • DoodleStrudel c:
    DoodleStrudel c:

    Idk i mean flamingos are chill, one let me pet it once

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  • Ben Gunn
    Ben Gunn

    He says man way to many times and it's infuriating

  • Justin Bakalenko
    Justin Bakalenko

    i love flamingos they are pink!!!

  • Daniel Sanda
    Daniel Sanda

    flamingos are cute

  • _Mune_and_Elizabeth_

    I'm not surprised he won he has spent 100 days in different mods like the zombie apocalypse one

  • Zach Hocking
    Zach Hocking

    Should of used flint and steel and burned that place to the ground

  • Monchi uwu
    Monchi uwu

    and the hunt was on *played with turtles*

  • DX 20 GamERS
    DX 20 GamERS

    I love my man💕

  • ramsay mahmood
    ramsay mahmood

    btw posin cant kill you

  • ramsay mahmood
    ramsay mahmood

    so many spining frogs


    Hey you are pro I am noob in minecraft

  • Juan Crespo
    Juan Crespo

    Can you make a tutorial on how to download world painter

  • Super Cool Stuff
    Super Cool Stuff

    who can survive longest on a nuclear area

  • Thank you For Coming
    Thank you For Coming


  • Sam Morris
    Sam Morris

    Flamingo smell atrocious

  • Brandon Anderson
    Brandon Anderson

    The way he talks is like he knows everything but at the same time has zero idea about anything

  • jito

    Detailed thoughts on Flamingos: Have you seen the dinosaur comic with the two rexes and the flamingos?

  • King Ghidorah
    King Ghidorah

    These names 🤣

  • Porygon18

    what is the music playing at 10:33

  • Carl Ian B. Cariño
    Carl Ian B. Cariño

    #turtle army

  • Eli Burke
    Eli Burke

    Forge labs doesn’t know this but poison can’t kill you it only gets you to half a heart

  • Gamer Lover
    Gamer Lover

    Do I love how you talk so much

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    I just subscribed to my mans right here

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  • Jroxs12pone

    Find it funny that this dude is on a list of people to not subscribe to among a subreddit because of being non gender inclusive because he always refers to things as man. Lol

  • Thanatos

    I like flamingo because they are pink

  • Tuachi Xiong
    Tuachi Xiong

    Flamingos are pink due to their diet of a certain microscopic organism. I don't remember the name of said microscopic organism, but that's why flamingos are pink. Also a male flamingo's mating dance is a marching line with other male flamingos.

  • chicken bullyer
    chicken bullyer

    bruh there 6 million view

  • Felix Persson
    Felix Persson

    You should do one of these but ur not killing eachother

  • Evelyn Cox
    Evelyn Cox

    flamingos has weird beaks

  • Desean Hunter
    Desean Hunter

    Forge did you know a flock of flamingos could eat a t-rex down to bone in 30 seconds

  • ShadowRex83

    Flamingos are nature's Breast Cancer awareness animal plus they look like a big warrior

  • Retro Whitty
    Retro Whitty

    flamingos are both bad and good they only attack when they feel threatened

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  • Sir Swordfish
    Sir Swordfish

    a flamingo is a very delicate animal, being a pinkish color, which only comes from what it eats. which means could you technically make a flamingo green or something lol flamingos are cool tho imo

  • Hecker 99
    Hecker 99

    I think flamingos are interesting birds I like the colour and it's a big bird with big legs that can fly . They look cool and the use of the legs is interesting because it allows them to stand in shallow water 7/10 good bird

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  • Feitan Porter
    Feitan Porter

    Do flamingo

  • Bey.

    9:53 The Seconds Before The Disaster

  • Arrow Chang
    Arrow Chang

    Ur men in black flash actually worked for a little like I forgot what happened

  • Matteus_RBLX

    flamingo :) nice bird

  • Mistermiss

    i feel like I've forgotten something

  • British Lads
    British Lads

    My mans poison doesn’t kill you

  • Jayrad CJ
    Jayrad CJ

    Why with the dislikes? This dude makes pure good and enjoyable content. Lol. Yeeett

  • Denis Stocia
    Denis Stocia

    dude kim is so funny

  • Pavlov 10
    Pavlov 10

    what weapon mod you are using?

  • Anime toons
    Anime toons


  • Anime toons
    Anime toons


  • xXtytyXx

    Pink flamingos are one of my favorite animals I love pink flamingos. They are so cute the way they walk looks cool asf

  • Trowel Knight
    Trowel Knight

    I feel like something happened when you went into your mine looking for Kim, but I can't remember...

  • Bethan Phelps
    Bethan Phelps

    esla bobawabo

  • Samuel Yu
    Samuel Yu

    I'm impressed. 💯👍👌

  • Turtle Cakes
    Turtle Cakes

    Not going to lie, I absolutely love flamingos. They're just so strange, but in a good way! Their beaks freak me out though.

  • Louis

    Forge needs to know that shifting will hide your name tag

  • Dumbass Inc
    Dumbass Inc

    I have a giant stuffed flamingo named Carlos. I'm pretty big on the things

  • Luis Hilario
    Luis Hilario

    Flamingos are so cool and cool birds they are my favorite animals

  • CallACart

    A man


    bro idk what happened because I just saw Sean digging a hole to a monster then all of a sudden he was talking about how he was talking about flamingos.

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  • Kamilla Akmuradova
    Kamilla Akmuradova

    Why not next time make a base in a tree,

  • Garion


  • Cayden Vicha
    Cayden Vicha

    Can we have a "man" counter ever since he made his first video?

  • Bio Medic
    Bio Medic

    What shader's mod does Forge Labs use?

  • Cod_gamer431

    Sean:the mans of the mans and the mans to my mans Me: smh

  • glitch fire mine
    glitch fire mine

    And... Subscribed

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear

    Deadly mods.... Flamingos

  • BigBroBrain

    in case you didn't know, poison doesn't kill you. it just gets you to half a heart, which is really dangerous.

  • Dante RX
    Dante RX

    flamingos are yes

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    creeper gaming


  • shardinhand

    20:17 hurr... flamingos are good....

  • alejandra alvarez
    alejandra alvarez

    the hunt is on. also sean: look at the turltles:)

  • Selcuk Tobal
    Selcuk Tobal

    The scream from the anaconda is probably the most terrified scream ive ever heard

  • skadoodle

    lava world please

  • Spacier Trout
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  • Glxzz

    Man, man man man, man man man man man

  • Cool Kitty
    Cool Kitty

    Umm forge poison only leaves u on half a heart

  • Zach Pamley-Liddell
    Zach Pamley-Liddell

    yo forge labs in minecraft poison cant kill you in minecraft

  • Rich Haggard
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  • Brandon Diaz
    Brandon Diaz

    Imagine hardcore natural disasters map whoever survives the longest

  • -izu-

    yu but it has a big a22 water mark smack dab in the middle u gotta pay for it i think about 20 T-T sad

  • cutie . . . kiwi
    cutie . . . kiwi

    I wish I could survive 100 days on isla waba and isla bababou..

  • Koshirma

    3mil :D

  • Michael Williams
    Michael Williams

    how you mess that up that bad lmao

  • Juliette Ramirez
    Juliette Ramirez

    Who can survive 100 days on a radioactive toxic waste land with toxic waste everywhere and a dieses that makes food poisonous this didn’t my idea btw

  • Parker Critti
    Parker Critti

    i love flamingos because they are gay

  • StartArt gaming
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  • Kaeden Mclean
    Kaeden Mclean

    Flimmigo is big cool

  • Ben Gibson
    Ben Gibson

    i think you should make a base next time

  • NOT a verived person cuz am dum
    NOT a verived person cuz am dum

    20:25 Hey you finnaly awake

i was killed..
1,3 m.