Why Billionaires Won’t Save Us | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix
The wealthiest Americans are often celebrated for their prolific giving, but is it altruism or is it all just hype? Hasan dissects how the ultra-rich use philanthropy to get richer, distract from the injustices on which they built their fortunes, and dictate politics and policy.

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  • Livia Lione
    Livia Lione

    Wow I didn’t know billionaires cheat the system like this

  • Michael Laverack
    Michael Laverack

    The American John Oliver

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    Lorraine Lobb

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  • siann anna
    siann anna

    only broke people r watching. billionaires r needed

  • Alan Thompson
    Alan Thompson

    woah! too soft on Gates. Do some research

  • Aidan Southwick
    Aidan Southwick

    Funny how democrats rely on other (richer) People to save them. Why don't you make your own accomplishments little man?

  • Grokie’s Cannabis Garden
    Grokie’s Cannabis Garden

    Anyone else on a Hasan rewatch spree?! 😁

  • Devin Dixon
    Devin Dixon

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    Kenneth Farrell

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    Bryan Ponce

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  • Rejaul Bari
    Rejaul Bari

    F**k you Netflix! How could you cancel the most Intellectual Comedy Show on the network? Do you know what level of comedy turns day-to-day news headlines into sketches that donates INTELLIGENCE?

  • Duzzy


  • Rajat Roy
    Rajat Roy

    Was that even funny?

  • Mark Felton
    Mark Felton

    During Dewight D Eisenhower’s term, the corporate tax rate was 90%. It force corporations to invest in the company and employees and not themselves when they showed surpluses I.e. profit. Growing the country and the middle class that made the US a world power and a former force for good in the world. No corporation left then like the gop loves to act like will happen.

  • Mark Felton
    Mark Felton

    Would be funny if Bill Gates went home and his chef got fired cause was skimming by marking up pizza rolls.

  • Tasneem Ahemd
    Tasneem Ahemd

    Everyone is so mad at billionaires for not paying taxes but don't stop and question what the government is already doing with the money it already collects from everyone billionaire and otherwise is a f##king hypocrite. The way to help an alcoholic isn't by giving them more alcohol.

  • Paul Mccarter
    Paul Mccarter

    Great show, very illuminating.

  • FrostyMarbles

    "Gates is the best case scenario" Cut to Gates not wanting to open up the patent for COVID-19 vaccine.


    u forget JAMSHED JI TATA, one of the big philanthropist of the world

  • exas4791

    People love one-upmanship i. e. There will always be people who want to gain at the expense of others around them.

  • Inj amber
    Inj amber

    I was rhubking about what's the point of being so rich. How many things can you buy. I'm sure millions of things but what's the value. It's just an amount that feeds these people's egos. I'm shocked at how selfish these people are. Evil on earth. Destroying the planet.

  • Gopikrishnan G
    Gopikrishnan G

    24:29 ah, I was always a superman guy.

  • Suchender

    I like how over time, the hero in batman series changed from batman to joker. Shows how rotten rich have become.

    • Tommy Deluxe
      Tommy Deluxe

      was suchst du? echt? is Batman inzwischen der Böse? krass!

  • Carlos Ambriz
    Carlos Ambriz

    Create a desastres and make us believe that you have the only solution to solve it 🤨 that’s how to be a billionaire

  • I'm The Guy
    I'm The Guy

    My feelings it’s hurts about 2-3%

  • I'm The Guy
    I'm The Guy

    I’m offended

  • SidekickStreams

    un cancel this fucking show.

  • Carlos Rainha
    Carlos Rainha

    A shame, honestly, that this is nothing but talk. People in power will give a sense of false liberty, by allowing you to think you can change society, when, in fact, it was changed since the beginning of time. Only way to change this is through a very hard mind process that will allow you to truly see, that even although your cage looks big, it is, in the end, still a cage. “Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

  • Mdrnsamurai

    The problem is, if you asked anyone if they want to be billionaire. 100% of them would say yes immediately. People are far too greedy to change the system.

  • Raphaël Lëaphar
    Raphaël Lëaphar

    billionaires shouldn't exist !

  • RA

    this man is a scammer. disliked and reported

  • A S
    A S

    Why so many ugly people in comments

  • Derrick Lopez
    Derrick Lopez

    Divorce settlements hahah

  • B B
    B B

    This isn't comedy... This is journalism

  • Craig Weaver
    Craig Weaver

    How do they compete in the global market than??..than we would be really really bought out by foreign interest

  • David Obregon
    David Obregon

    No one is born learned. Much less when they want you to be an idiot.

  • Joseph Mande Jr
    Joseph Mande Jr

    All the good jokes contain true shit!

  • Itzel

    We need more of these episodes!

  • Un Lagonais NJ
    Un Lagonais NJ

    Why that photo of Anand Giridharadas looks like a villain in Bollywood movies? lol

  • shamelessstacib

    Anand looks like an Indian Ryan Reynolds

  • Amiya Ranjan
    Amiya Ranjan

    I don't buy this Nothing is wrong with saving taxes When you can use it to grow your business and building other things you like Government is too dumb to have all of it It's better off all sorts of people

  • Stephen White
    Stephen White

    Charter schools are only good for people that can AFFORD to go to them. They aren’t for regular people.

  • Matt Gregoire
    Matt Gregoire

    well intentioned as bill gates? I run the cancer GNU/Linux and was once trained as a netware admin. I also have a original OLPC with hopes they would set 3rd world countries education free.

  • Victoria Nilsen
    Victoria Nilsen

    When the rich own the personalities of Washington, the rich decide what the rules are and how to avoid.. On top of that they use subsidize Contracting to support themselves through Washington. This is how come all laws did not apply to the insurrection that Donald Trump participated with supporting cpac funding for "save America March" act of insurrection, treason as a tax write-off and part of the deficit that is handed off to societee to protect them means to disenfranchise the world. .. I feel Congressman decided not to press charges. And it went away no a just got put on hold.. But that was what was created as legal. Was it just.. no... And that is what America is trying to share with the world as a valuable commodity.

  • Chanelle Tucker
    Chanelle Tucker

    The fact he was educating and making us laugh at the same time

  • Jeevan Kr
    Jeevan Kr

    i know more number was in your hand. have you any correct number....... about it

  • Doug Lowe
    Doug Lowe

    Taxing the rich by changing the tax codes is a good idea; that will not happen; BECAUSE changing the tax code is a threat to the very system that creates all political power. Political influence is how the tax codes got the way they are. In conjunction with writing the tax codes, the wealthy corrupted the Supreme Court which then allowed "Citizens United" and the destruction of the "Voting Rights Act", and the creation of the "Patriot Act" to utterly destroy democracy. The result of these rulings is that average citizens don't have the right to vote and even if "Individual People" tried to work around the sham that is the USGov, the moneyed interest that owns the media and writes the propaganda also scrubs the internet to hide the truth and suppresses the whistleblowers by public torcher, thereby presenting all of us an example of what can happen to anyone that presents a real threat to "The System". Additionally: The 1% of the 1% of the richest in the world, will turn their power on any of the "rank and file" billionaires that attempt to change the system. All together; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mark Zuckerberg, combined with many others and the institution that is Google, will not be able to stop the momentum of the "Capital" system that is driving mankind over the cliff of extinction; BECAUSE it is the CAPITALIST SYSTEM that is in control of the most powerful military weapons ever created. The US Military is not one man, it is not a few men. No one has control of the US Military, the largest most dominant military ever created; because everyone, from top generals to lowest recruit is dependent upon the capital that flows from the monster that is the "Capitalist System". Guess what the military is dependents on to function; THE EARTHS RESOURCES. Fear of others drives the need for weapons, energy is needed to produce weapons, harvesting and consuming energy destroys the environment. "We The People" are collectively destroying our planet primally because we are greedy for ourselves and fearful of others. What we are witnessing in our lifetime is the realization of the ultimate goal of capitalism, which is: The concentration of control of all the capital, all the resources, all of the mean of production, and all of the means of distribution; at the very top of the economic structure. The desire to CONTROL is driven completely by FEAR & GREED, the twin fatal flaws of human nature. If you can find an old dictionary, look up the definition of "Capitalism", and you will then believe what I am saying. This definition is being dumbed down because it is a threat to the system, as is all knowledge that is a threat to the Capitalist system. To save the world we need to eliminate greed and fear. Start with yourself. Sincerely wishing you the Best of luck with that. PS I should never say never, I do hope that I will be proven wrong!

  • Volvo 850R
    Volvo 850R

    Where is Robin Hood? Or the boondock saints?

  • ki5ngau

    Bruh, his mother in-law might be the person who game him that hair cut.


    We need to petition to get this show back! The rich are again playing the game of weaponizing wealth by funding shows that create their positive image.

  • Matthew Maxson
    Matthew Maxson

    i wonder how many of the 3.5 million views (at the time of this comment being documented by big brother) were stupid enough to think this guy isn't one of the rich hoping you wont come after him with a pitchfork.... this guy isn't your friend... he was allowed to say everything he said..... if you believe different then you likely have less money to your name than he has clothes on his back.

  • The Real Joker
    The Real Joker

    They can't save themselves. They think that money will do them any good against the crazy. When it comes for you that's all she wrote. And there's nothing you can do about it. Good luck.

  • Kelvin Rogers
    Kelvin Rogers

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  • Luca Colon
    Luca Colon

    What is the best product or brand to grow taller fast naturally? I read plenty of great opinions on the net about how Mobotallor Secrets can help you grow 4 inches taller. Has anyone tried using this grow taller method?

  • pramod pandey
    pramod pandey

    Great video bhai .

  • Minx Cards
    Minx Cards


  • Ali Hardani
    Ali Hardani

    I can't understand this video Is this guy revealing rich guys shit? Or just covering their shit with some old shit. I dont get it

  • Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H.

    “I don’t want to b a temp!” I think Bill Gates could be worse too. But he is the face of a “billionaire”. People who don’t have access to information such as older folks only know to call “it” “Bill Gates”. When “it” has SO MANY OTHER NAMES!

  • Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H.

    “I like black billionaires more”! I love it.

  • Vanessa H.
    Vanessa H.

    You’re 44 years old wear your hat like a normal person!

  • nctiddy

    netflix has failed us by cancelling this show

  • Ryan Y
    Ryan Y

    Ahh yes one man who’s whole life is predicated I’m hating rich people and doing everything to take away what they have because he’s not rich. America, land of the your only allowed to posses up to 10 million dollars. Real cute Most of us normal people support taxes for the ultra wealthy, the probablem is capital gains tax affects more unwealthy than it does wealthy. We talk about raising taxes on the Uber rich , and in that same sentence we say households that earn above 400,000$ per year Like our pos new president. For those that are slow, that’s not even remotely close to being a billionaire and it never will be. That’s “ I own a second vacation home” money and “ it’s mortgaged. Not Bill Gates I own 20 private jets money. Furthermore young generation stress climate change and social injustice and all this other bs, who do you thinks going to solve those issues? The government? Ha.

  • Sunil Kumar
    Sunil Kumar

    Comrade Minhaj does it again

  • Gaurav Bhadoria
    Gaurav Bhadoria

    Boss honestly i dont agree with it one bit

  • Felipe Flores
    Felipe Flores

    The coordinated bee ipsilaterally trust because craftsman archaeologically pick versus a xenophobic collision. high-pitched, plain cartoon

  • Burn Er
    Burn Er

    And this is why he was cancelled.....you don't question the masters

  • wabi-sabi

    I don't think it should be a matter of "letting someone be rich" or not. I think everyone should have equal opportunity. I just think the rules should apply to everyone

    • Burn Er
      Burn Er

      @wabi-sabi 😀😁😂 Everyone of the billionaires came from rich families Bezos was given $245,573 to start amazon Elon Musk father owned a emerald mine Zuckerberg parents gave him $100,000 to start facebook. They were able to create there fortunes because they had a safety net of money to land on if there business fails. What I am suggesting isn't selfish or theft I am suggest simply making the system fair. I work full time and can hardly make ends meet meanwhile Bezo is about to own a trillion which is a million million million 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 if he has kids they will have more money than most nations and they would have done nothing giving them unimaginable power think what we could do with fraction of that. education for all, medical care for all

    • wabi-sabi

      @Burn Er I never said you were greedy. I said that's a greedy way of thinking. Giving everyone a fair chance isn't taking what isn't yours. I really hope you don't actually believe that. Everyone having a fair chance means everyone having the same chances to become something better, not stepping over others to get ahead. It means having your own chances, not taking them from others. Have you ever worked so hard for something and finally reaped the benefits of it? Do you think someone else would be deserving to take that from you? Equal opportunity doesn't mean everyone will choose to go the same direction. Two people can win the lottery, one will squander the other will save. People need to start taking responsibility for their own poor choices instead of blaming someone else for making responsible ones. Nobody should be trying to take something that isn't theirs. I don't know if you're greedy or not, but I do know that you have the potential to be a good honest person

    • Burn Er
      Burn Er

      @wabi-sabi lol you call me greedy. How can you have anything like a meritocracy when some people are born with billions and some with nothing?. That what you want right everyone to have a fair chance? That's the only way you can get it

    • wabi-sabi

      @Burn Er that's such a greedy, entitled way of thinking. Why should someone's hard earned money not go where they want it to go, and why the heck would anyone deserve to have it other than their descendants. Feeling entitled to someone else's money is twisted.

    • Burn Er
      Burn Er

      You want a true meritocracy then get rid of inheritance make it that when someone dies all the money redistributed to the population and every single person starts life with the same amount and since the 1% hoard such a ridiculously vast amount everyone would be starting with a TON OF money

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan

    The conscious cherry algorithmically miss because tie ectrodactyly copy amid a ignorant lead. slim, fixed produce

  • R Hokanson
    R Hokanson

    Miss this show!!! Bring it back!!!

  • Andy Wong
    Andy Wong

    Why would billionaires save us, since we did not help them get their?

  • Jálale Jeowkr
    Jálale Jeowkr

    The wistful slave spontaneously concern because china laterally beg among a observant break. lovely, unwritten multimedia

  • Alexandre Hofmann
    Alexandre Hofmann

    so the red cross is american now? as a swiss person i feel let down hahahaha, no but on a real note love the show!

  • Alēxandra Abreu
    Alēxandra Abreu

    I would like Warren Buffett to donate some shares to me

  • Darshan K
    Darshan K

    Netflix is the playhouse for rich lobbiests where they can show what they want. That’s the reason Netflix cancelled the show .

  • TK

    Bring back this show

  • Sumanth Murthy
    Sumanth Murthy

    It’s always the children of successful immigrants end up whining like this guy and his guest. Maybe they should ask their parents WHY they left their home countries and worked insanely hard to immigrate to the US and give their children the best life they can. But they want to change that and tax everyone to the hilt like in a socialist system. Typical.

    • Sumanth Murthy
      Sumanth Murthy

      @Space marine agree to disagree then

    • Space marine
      Space marine

      @Sumanth Murthy Okay.. he's still a fraud it doesn't matter what field he's in.

    • Sumanth Murthy
      Sumanth Murthy

      @Space marine Yes. I don’t like scapegoating people just because they’re successful. Elon Musk is far different from a billionaire who has gotten rich from the financial world. People in the financial world get rich through writing a barely-legal algorithm which allows to front-run other people’s trades which is basically gambling with others’ money. They are crooks who don’t deserve any respect. Elon didn’t steal from anyone and has gotten rich through making products and manufacturing physical goods and making technological innovation. He’s better. Have a great day.

    • Space marine
      Space marine

      ​@Sumanth Murthy Ok so... I never said that all immigrants consider him a fraud?

    • Sumanth Murthy
      Sumanth Murthy

      @Space marine when I say Elon Musk I mean him and his team of engineers. The woman who keeps things running at SpaceX is Gwynne Shotwell. Nope, not ALL immigrants consider him a fraud. Majority of high-skilled engineer immigrants consider him to be awesome

  • Ketan Sharma
    Ketan Sharma

    So you get rich to pay more tax right.. Waht does that accomplish u really think gov is going to make better life for homeless ..... No! U would just get a new millitary base somewhere u didn't even knew existed

  • Holder Juny
    Holder Juny

    The purple onion equally save because mattock accidentally smile besides a polite baboon. cloudy, bright margin

  • Diamante

    Nope they aren't.

  • A Colley
    A Colley

    Warren Buffett's sister Doris gives out money like Drake!!! She helped pay for my college and bought me a Apple laptop through the sunshine lady Foundation. ❤Queen Doris!

  • MsUsagi513


  • ZerreZ


  • Alex Willox
    Alex Willox

    You can tell this hit the audience

  • Kaneki

    i read somewhere that that in ancient greece or rome( i don't remember exactly) that the middle class and poor citizens didn't have to pay any tax at all and for the wealthy people paying tax was like a race of who can pay more for the public good. the more you pay it shows the more wealthy you are and it affected their popularity. i think this is how it should be in the modern world too but then looking at most millionaires and billionaires today i think people like bill gates and ratan tata are one of the only people who would be actually genuinely doing this

  • Aussieroth7

    Hmph. No wonder the DNC cheated Sanders out.

  • VOID Ninja
    VOID Ninja

    He can be better anchor on nat Geo , discovery , other news more than comedian hope in future we see him as anchor

  • supriya zende
    supriya zende

    Who does so much of research on this show? Deserves respect

  • Shekhar Nayak
    Shekhar Nayak

    So real do true.

  • Christopher HB
    Christopher HB

    If they tax more, rich will surely find a way to not pay😂 this is the thing they are good at

  • Chi Chi Bang Bang
    Chi Chi Bang Bang

    Although most of your comments ring true and you tried to turn "the interview" into a joke, that person's analogy of Batman rings true: make billions during the day and put on the mask (of philanthropy) to mold you into their political ideals

  • clinton washington
    clinton washington

    This is how conspiracy nuts (trump supporters) get there ideas from. Of course they take it to the next level.

  • Bhaskar Gandavabi
    Bhaskar Gandavabi

    Anand is the joker! Amazing!

  • Shree Balaji Sampath
    Shree Balaji Sampath

    The kings and rulers who controlled us are gone, now we have these billionaires who control the rulers.

  • angus plumbsuit
    angus plumbsuit

    Hes got the gift, stage presents, the look, hammering off information that people can understand, says stuff in a comedic way to keep the audience happy and laughing, and produces time lines and actual facts! George Carlin did stand up the same way, but he also was a 3 inch tall magical conductor on shining time station, fucking trains with faces and emotions, having everyday problems. And every commercial on that network was north of 60. Umm I dont think any viewers or anyone in society gives a hoot about engines/ native people. Taxes give them free money for them to set up reservations in remote areas, outside society haha

  • Aaron Harkins
    Aaron Harkins

    This is legendary someone in the media is going after this. Carrying that banner from Jon Stewart well!

  • Andres Gil
    Andres Gil

    As a kid who grew up in Cuba... What’s worst than the rich making money is others thinking how they will spend said money... Whom they neither earn nor worked for... it entitles the lazy... Safeguard the middle class

  • Crysthalia B
    Crysthalia B

    The careful saudi arabia intriguingly mix because surname ectrodactyly disappear notwithstanding a black-and-white malaysia. hanging, lowly jennifer

  • Isha Barthwal
    Isha Barthwal

    The situation in India is adverse. Imagine the prime minister of the country selling a capitalist's product to the whole country saying its free. And few months later its priced the same as others. ( jio- mobile network) The prime minister openly sold the product to the public. They have removed the wealth tax. They removed the limit for donating to election campaigns. They want to privatise everything. The railways, metros, airports everything. And people in India think privatisation is better since the gov is inefficient. But unemployment is at a all time high in India. These people would not be able to afford those services later. In India majority of the people worship the govt. They don't question them. Those who question are called anti national. The propaganda has reached everyone's house. The education system doesn't teach anything. Since the pandemic last year our schools have been shut. majority kids in India go to the govt schools. Their families are daily wagers/ low income households. Online education is impossible for them. They have not studied a word since last march. Can you imagine this. There no facilities for these kids. They have forgotten what they have studied. And no one is talking about it.

  • John Hanks
    John Hanks

    The corporate state writes the laws. Property owners wrote the constitution.

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