From Punk To Pinup - How Will My Husband React? | HOOKED ON THE LOOK
A METALHEAD has been transformed into a pinup girl for the day - to surprise her husband. New York-born, Stacie lives in Winter Springs, Florida with her husband Josh. The pair are both metalheads with black clothes, Mohawks and tattoos. Stacie has even gone so far to have her tongue split, and an entire arm filled in with black ink. Her best friend Jessie, is not so keen on the body mods. Jessie has a slightly different style with long curls, dramatic feminine makeup and pinup-style dresses. For one day only, Jessie transformed her best friend from a metalhead to a pinup girl - and then they surprised her husband.
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Videographer / Director: Gerrit Messersmith
Producer: Shannon Lane
Editor: Helen Mckee
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  • Sage Earp
    Sage Earp

    She could've kept the tats and it would work...

  • Charlie Tango
    Charlie Tango

    Sadly she has made some horrible tattoo decisions in her past. But I don't know. I see a lot of people tattooing themselves with cartoon characters. When you're young you do things like that but maybe it's not so bad since you're not going to be alive that long. So I guess you don't care what you look like the average lifespan is in their 70s if you're lucky. So go for it put whatever you want on your arms, on your face, on your neck and all other parts of your body. Oh and don't forget mutilate your tongue, chop off a few fingers, Pierce everything pierceable and change everything else that you can think of while you're in your stupor. 😂😅😆

  • Only from a distance
    Only from a distance

    Turned out stunningly beautiful!!!

  • Larrisa Archuleta
    Larrisa Archuleta

    I think she'd look even more amazing half punk half pinup. 😍🥰😍🥰

  • Glenn Hunter
    Glenn Hunter

    She turned out Gorgeous and the Dimples just make her makeover Rock!

  • Beau Ulvick
    Beau Ulvick

    Wow she is very pretty

  • ronalddonlogin

    This makeover let you really see her face that was hidden behind so many layers. Drop dead gorgeous. Makeup can be a good thing or a bad thing. Too many layers and you become hidden, but the right amount can just highlight the beauty that was always there.

  • hipretty

    Are they sisters??? She didn't do an exaggerated makeup on Stacey it's just a pretty makeup enhancing her features! She is gorgeous!

  • Ghoul Goil
    Ghoul Goil

    She’s GORGEOUS!

  • Amanda Jane B
    Amanda Jane B

    “The dress is terrible it would look cutter in black” So much yes ! She was opened minded enough to try it out but keep being the awesome metalhead you are! 🖤🤘🏻🖤🤘🏻🖤

  • Lewis Edwards
    Lewis Edwards

    The flower and the sweater are overkill, but she’s beautiful.

  • Melissa Faucheux
    Melissa Faucheux

    She’s a gorgeous pin-up!

  • chasingfear666

    smoke show.. wow

  • Mari Lopez
    Mari Lopez

    She looks great!

  • Natalie Wagner
    Natalie Wagner

    That ain't "pin-up" that's modest 50s housewife. Pin-Up is sexy, not cute.

  • Ali L
    Ali L

    She should lose the jacket

  • cora and her nice bangs
    cora and her nice bangs

    i wish, she went with the red dress she tried on at the beginning with the red hat. it looks so nice on her.

  • Elena Petrova
    Elena Petrova

    Tattoo : 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Without tattoo : 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

  • BioluvsKatz&Bees


  • Being Billie
    Being Billie

    She is GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Angie Ball
    Angie Ball

    Oh wow.

  • daniel gonzales
    daniel gonzales

    ISnets will forever be scattered with videos of people wearing masks 😷

  • SeraphimWhyt

    SO cute ♥ I dig both styles on her!

  • Tom Bown
    Tom Bown

    Beautiful transformation

  • sue belleau
    sue belleau

    Wow she's absolutely gorgeous.

  • Kirk Engnath
    Kirk Engnath

    The solid color on her left arm look's a lot like she had a bunch of bad tattoo's covered up. You could also say a bunch of little bad mistake's into on big mistake.

  • Kiss_My_ Peachy_arse
    Kiss_My_ Peachy_arse

    My style is more vintage but make it black so this got a little giggle outta me.

  • Mr. mayhem
    Mr. mayhem

    Too be fair with the pin up transformation it makes her smile look really nice and cute

  • zifnab dragoon
    zifnab dragoon

    Thats more what a "normal" looking person would wear. Personally the dark blue cherry dress and no hair extensions. She just looks clean to me

  • bcdhifi

    Tattoos turn to crap when they age, I wonder how many people regret getting tattoos at that point, all that being said she looks beautiful after the transformation.

  • Lee Palmer
    Lee Palmer

    How did we as a society go from having women look like Marylynn Monroe and Betty Page. To this tattooed and bald thing being "feminine "?

  • Anna Johansson
    Anna Johansson

    Looks great.

  • sara little
    sara little

    Very pretty

  • Ancient Outlaw
    Ancient Outlaw

    She's got an adorable personality!! Super cute both ways for sure!

  • shamrock4500

    gorgeous lady

  • Sahar Qashqaei
    Sahar Qashqaei

    She get so pretty after makeover ..she even get younger.

  • D.A.X 185
    D.A.X 185

    She's stunning!

  • Servando Constantino de Jesus
    Servando Constantino de Jesus

    Wear that look for a year.

  • Daemon Redwyne
    Daemon Redwyne

    This should be a PSA on the dangers of makeup. Beware gentleman on what you THINK you see...

  • 62hotrodvair


    • Just a Punk Fangirl
      Just a Punk Fangirl

      Tattoos are not just for men

  • freddy vega
    freddy vega

    TOTALLY Divine 🙏😍

  • Amanda Guerra
    Amanda Guerra


  • Angelina Albano
    Angelina Albano

    Damn, the way that cover up covered her blacked out arm like that, that was crazy. Can I get some of that cover up or at least tell me what you're using please.

  • Dee Kerei
    Dee Kerei

    transform into a hillbilly punk hehe

  • Coffee bean Cocoa bean Vanilla bean
    Coffee bean Cocoa bean Vanilla bean

    Turned out cute. Could've just done rockabilly to keep some of the metal influence. But still a cool transformation.

  • Kegstand

    I like both looks but did they say it back then? VA VA VOOM BABY! Pin up looks great on you!

  • Maori Chileancho
    Maori Chileancho

    She looks so lucha better keep yourself like that! 😘

  • Sarah Richmond
    Sarah Richmond

    If he takes her out in public, everybody will think he's cheating on his wife!!😂 She looks totally different , very pretty.

  • Larry Dittler
    Larry Dittler


  • Stephanie Cody
    Stephanie Cody

    He loves it? Ummm... honestly, way better if he had said, great, no thanks.

  • Magoo Lew
    Magoo Lew

    Pin up is definitely nicer. She looks beautiful.

  • Rosie Fae
    Rosie Fae

    is her arm a tattoo? sorry i’m confused

  • Sprite Bonn
    Sprite Bonn

    Her husband can finally hold his head up around her.

    • Stacie Cellitti
      Stacie Cellitti


  • Cassandra Russell
    Cassandra Russell

    I knew her hubby would like it. I just love how we are all unique & don't look the same. She looked nice...

  • Maureen Trentadue
    Maureen Trentadue

    Looks feminine and she should take the hair from it.

  • bret love
    bret love

    Wow, she all of a sudden looks beautiful!!!

  • Mary Smith
    Mary Smith

    She looks so cute. Both are pretty girls. The two friends could model that way.

  • bender rodriguez
    bender rodriguez

    she was supposed to be beautiful what a shame she lived in the age of weirdos

  • Munstermash1313


  • God Is Good
    God Is Good

    Why would she split her tongue? Does she want to be a snake?

  • SharkxBait

    0:19 oh that's totally a Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales shirt. Great music taste!

  • Luke Cassa
    Luke Cassa

    These are the people society threw away, their anger, over total rejection, forces them to double down, on being a freak. They now stand out by dressing like a misfit, because it's the only attention they get.

    • Just a Punk Fangirl
      Just a Punk Fangirl

      Or maybe they just like it. I hate attention, but I dress punk as well. I just like the look and I don't care what people think of me. If they are really good people to be around, they would accept me for who I am, and not judge me for what I decide to look like.

  • Bethany Jones
    Bethany Jones

    I really like her punk look, but the makeover really highlighted how truly beautiful her facial structure is! She is like Rachel McAdams perfect!

  • Lilian Thompson
    Lilian Thompson

    She looks beautiful now!

  • champi mimi
    champi mimi

    the make up was so good! you should keep it

  • Brett

    She looks so much better

  • Dana Hein
    Dana Hein


  • lo luv
    lo luv

    She's beautiful!

  • Татьяна Вожакова
    Татьяна Вожакова

    Какая она милая ,мне нравится 1 ну второй не плохой

  • anooseholay

    Someday when age and gravity take effect she’ll wish she’d gone with the pin up look instead of the punk metal goth appearance.

  • Kristýna Helgetová
    Kristýna Helgetová

    I know a loooot of punk girls, dressing up in pinup style, or more so - lot of pin up girls with tattoos and piercings. It goes well together, she did not need to cover up those tattoos, she would still look cute...

  • Meipak Singh
    Meipak Singh

    Wow so cute

  • Mary Grace Panes
    Mary Grace Panes

    Wooooowww,that was a huge transformation👏👏👏👏 and its awesome..

  • Franklin Zappa
    Franklin Zappa

    Keep the After look. Absolutely knockout Georgeous.

  • wesangasweslew

    As a goth, I think this would be kinda fun. It's not a big deal; it's like a costume.

  • Sarah De Monte
    Sarah De Monte

    Why the geraniums on her head tho 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Tanya LaRose
    Tanya LaRose

    She looks pretty either way.

  • Eric Borgen
    Eric Borgen

    Wow she looks so beautiful love the new you really cute can't believe my eyes lovely keep it totally great

  • Jeanette Dania
    Jeanette Dania

    She is so f beautiful. 🔥🔥🔥👌😍. I hope she can see it!

  • b_cvnt

    Obviously her husband is into it... it's like being handed a pass to cheat without having to do it. lol But she looks really pretty all dolled up.

  • Marla Dominique O. Torres
    Marla Dominique O. Torres

    She's pretty tbh

  • Lisa

    Yeah, metalhead needs to makeover pinup friend. I bet she wouldn't agree.

  • S FELD
    S FELD

    Those contacts are beyond freaky. Why do pretty people do things like this to themselves?

    • Just a Punk Fangirl
      Just a Punk Fangirl

      Because they like it

  • Jeffrey Charbonneau
    Jeffrey Charbonneau

    Any guy that says he doesn't love his girl pinned up is lying

  • Weasel Z
    Weasel Z

    thats so much used up makeup Teal wasteful hmmm

  • Weasel Z
    Weasel Z

    She looks like a thrash metalhead who also listens to punk

  • Randy Krus
    Randy Krus

    I'll be the one to say it. She looks hands down better NOT looking like a zombie metal head. You don't have to dress that way to listen to music. Her friend made her look gorgeous.

  • BrownH2ORat

    Another case of "Look at me...LOOK AT ME" Lot's of time and money just for attention......sad

  • Rizzen444

    She looks so great girled up :)

  • Emily Hofland
    Emily Hofland

    I wanted to see him turn around and not recognize her.

  • Marius van Niekerk
    Marius van Niekerk

    Looks like the singer Sandra I had a crush on in the 80s. She looks stunning. 🇿🇦

  • Mr. Stan
    Mr. Stan

    I wonder how does my wife look like when she goes punk..ahaha

  • Pink Thinks
    Pink Thinks

    I ❤️ both looks 😎

  • Fabio Pancaldi
    Fabio Pancaldi

    I think the best for her is a midway... She have a lot in common with Elvira's face, she could be her doppleganger... Why don't you try it! :D

  • N S
    N S

    She's soo beautiful 🌹

  • Heather Sumner
    Heather Sumner

    Dang Girl, you went from scary to gorgeous. The mix of your look and your hubby's works for me. Kind of 50's nice pin up meets bad boy biker. Its too bad between you and your friend you couldn't find a mix of pin up and metal that would show how pretty you are without everything being black. Kind of Dita Von Teese/ Kat Von Dee style. Black with a pop of color and bright red lipstick or something. You can definitely rock the long hair too. If nothing else I always enjoyed shocking people with a totally different look once in a while. You can be you and the other woman!!!!

    • Heather Sumner
      Heather Sumner

      Oh and I like the pics with your blonde/lighter hair.

  • jen hella ratty lum
    jen hella ratty lum

    She might like the rockabilly look.

  • Breanna Ruiz
    Breanna Ruiz

    She is GORGEOUS either way!😍

  • Tony Skull
    Tony Skull

    4:44 "not like myself at all"

  • Dave Woods
    Dave Woods

    Wow, she is so beautiful