My Dog Stories
barkity woof

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Music: Taking Over the World by ionics
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky: A Wish for Peace

And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D The next pupper you meet will bless you with good luck.

  • ZandalarTHESTAR Studios
    ZandalarTHESTAR Studios

    I have 15 cats. 5 of them are big cats, the others are kitten's. It all started when this fluffy cat and this other cat started coming over to my house! Both of them are calico. They both went to the dog pound- 😥 Buuuut before that they had kittens. And then the non-fluffy cat had kittens again. And again. And then the kittens grew up and had kittens. And then they grew up and had KITTENS! Thats where I am at now! I can tell you a few of the cat's name. White-Tip The non-fluffy calico cat :) And Fluffy Kittens! The Fluffy Cat! Cloud, oh yeah we also had this grey cat smoke! And halo! And Teddy. I named one of the kittens Muffin. I have fifteen cats and I payed for none of them.

  • Carladrian Caldito
    Carladrian Caldito

    I can not pet my dog because its dead

  • Khaliunbaatar Chuluunbaatar
    Khaliunbaatar Chuluunbaatar


  • Blue Strawberry 21
    Blue Strawberry 21

    “AAaaAAaaAAaaaaAAA” -Ari 2021

  • DerZombiiie Dtz
    DerZombiiie Dtz

    5:18 Btw "Opa" is german for "Grandfather"

  • ꧁ChērrÿDragøn꧂

    You need to watch it with captions on "ari makes a rebellious scream"

  • TheGamingWeeb _
    TheGamingWeeb _

    also for anyone wanting to know why jaiden might have called her grandpa opa that is the german name for grandpa i know this because my oma german for grandma and ompa what she thought was the german name for grandpa had us call them that and when my oma found out it was opa she just thought that it would be weird for us to start calling my ompa opa so yeah opa is german so to anyone wondering there you go

  • TheGamingWeeb _
    TheGamingWeeb _

    my dog is litterly called a cat like breed of dog she even once did the thing that cats do when they rub their head against you minurature shiba inu for anyone who wants to know she is the cutest thing i have ever seen but point is anything you read on them describes them as cat like and well that is only partly correct but still correct

  • pamela ross
    pamela ross

    Pore dog

  • -Orange _Ocean-
    -Orange _Ocean-

    Bark-ity woof. Almod-y milk. Gay- ity me.

  • alexis


  • é

    Same my friend I wanted a dog for years and now I’m 7

  • InotWeegee

    i have a red eared slider turtle

  • Wendy Overkamp - Staak
    Wendy Overkamp - Staak

    5:17 opa is dutch for grandpa

  • Mr.banana Dude#
    Mr.banana Dude#

    RIP Gabe the dog We will miss you

  • Pieter Lamers
    Pieter Lamers

    Opa is the Dutch name for grandpa


    I always had a shetland dog!


    My best friend has a snake

  • dark surge
    dark surge

    jaiden my dog was missing but i still had to go to school jaiden two seconds later: this was in summer too lmao

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor

    And also I have a Dorf hamster

  • Angela Taylor
    Angela Taylor

    Are used to have three cats but now I have two because Avery died and I Have two dogs The pepper ran away now I only have three pets

  • Rar Reyna
    Rar Reyna

    I have a "Kaisha dog" lol

  • High Treeson
    High Treeson

    Do you have so many animals are used to have fish but they are dead same with my bunny and the dead tarantula of the family do twins my dog ate one another’s three

  • PøtatøWëëb

    Jaiden:DOG PLSSSSS Jaiden dad:ok shhh don't tell your mom *gives dog* Jaiden:OMG MOM I GOT A DOG Jaiden dad mind: THIS FOOL. Jaiden mom:*picks up shoe*

  • Iggy Aldred
    Iggy Aldred

    Scruffy is like my dog

  • The MC
    The MC

    2:05 This is the best action scene ever Quality movie 10/10

  • vasana fernando
    vasana fernando

    Gabe nooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • Jiminz lost jamz
    Jiminz lost jamz

    Wait, Tahoe (?!)

  • That Lamba
    That Lamba

    when I told my friends my bird died none were sad for me they don't care :(

  • Francesca McDonnell
    Francesca McDonnell

    I luv u kashia I kinda think she thought of jaiden as her own and that’s why she was so gentle

  • Bloo


  • Edy A
    Edy A

    Same thing my dad got a dog behind my mom's back so now I have a little raccoon mop little feisty dog AKA my little raccoon baby AKA a yelling carnivorous Little Chihuahua AKa Tasmanian devil

  • 神奈川よしろう

    This is hilarious lol. As for Kaisha, shelties are like this... They Take care if children. I was raised around them.

  • Schoko Kakadu
    Schoko Kakadu

    In Germany we always call our Grandpas “Opa“ xD

  • Juliette Labrecque
    Juliette Labrecque

    R.I.P Gabe. R.I.P

  • Aiden Song
    Aiden Song

    my dog called laifu died :(

  • definitely not from poland
    definitely not from poland

    it has been three yeas and im still crying 'cus of gabe...

  • Doggy .G
    Doggy .G

    my profile pic dog just died. : (

  • Magic snake animations
    Magic snake animations

    I love my turtle and my turtle loves me

  • Whatyouexpect animation
    Whatyouexpect animation

    Go to the slowest possible speed get ready to pause quickly and press this to see what the police 6:23

  • oppisitduke33 Trejo
    oppisitduke33 Trejo

    I lost my two cats they went outside from the window and we never saw them again rest in peace😓😓😓🙏🙏🙏😭😢😰😥😓😫😩😟

  • Spook E
    Spook E

    I'm about to lose my cat who I've known all my life

  • Evie Johnson
    Evie Johnson

    I am an animal lover and my dad was being ruff with our cats so I instinctually kinda yelled and grabbed that cat and started calming him down, even if he dident like it

  • Yexo3348TM YT
    Yexo3348TM YT

    My garter snake died a few weeks ago and my other garter hasn't eaten lately. I did force fed him (not rough) but he did ate. I need to get another garter. Garter snakes are social snakes, they'll get depressed when their friend dies.

  • Jonathan Mulatu Official
    Jonathan Mulatu Official

    Aw man I wish I had a cocker spaniel but I've never had a single pet before not even a goldfish

  • Nicole Nedelko
    Nicole Nedelko

    I will take care of it I will water it and give it sunshine .what.

  • Bluie the budgie
    Bluie the budgie

    You said the biggest relief in dentist video

  • Jeremy Wolfla
    Jeremy Wolfla

    give the noodles love damnit

  • Manon Partee
    Manon Partee

    cute dogs and sorry for your lost

  • A Riolu x Kirlia shipper ;-;
    A Riolu x Kirlia shipper ;-;

    Ari`s AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA go brrr...

  • tae tae tiger
    tae tae tiger

    I'm five twelve 5.12 tall

  • Tactic Soldier
    Tactic Soldier

    What. R.I.P

  • Róisín Byrne Dunne
    Róisín Byrne Dunne

    I couldn’t stop laughing at this

  • Amit Khare
    Amit Khare

    my brother just writing

  • Amit Khare
    Amit Khare

    my dogs to naughty cause he would hang on clothes his names oreo

  • Manisankar Mishra
    Manisankar Mishra

    Make your animation colourful

  • Raymond Wolmart
    Raymond Wolmart

    I'm sick and you make my days better my sister is a big fan of yours

  • Sceptilegreen 43 For kids new
    Sceptilegreen 43 For kids new

    3:35 same with my dog same story

  • Cheese UwU
    Cheese UwU

    Jaiden: Dog James: Cats Jaiden now: A R I

  • Ducky Boi
    Ducky Boi

    its been 4 years rip gabe

  • Spino Zilla
    Spino Zilla

    Dog be like zooooooooooom

  • Devil bucky
    Devil bucky

    I my dad had a dog before I was born and he died right when I was few months old

  • Anna Scibek
    Anna Scibek

    There’s a cop

  • Gia Jimenez
    Gia Jimenez

    There is an actual breed of dog called Kaisha-Dog I think

  • Mr. gameing
    Mr. gameing

    Yeah me and my brother still want to go to school oh by the way this was in the summer

  • Wesley Cook
    Wesley Cook

    Are you German? :0 my family is part and we call my grandma and grandpa on my mom’s side Oma and Opa

  • Estephanny Guijon
    Estephanny Guijon

    My dog died this year

  • zelos1826


  • puah sandy
    puah sandy

    Two of my fish died :(

  • reb playz
    reb playz


  • Rowan Chames
    Rowan Chames

    Wait what did the cop say?

  • Alastor The Ghost :]
    Alastor The Ghost :]

    7:12 scruffys getaway car

  • Lukrefox

    i cry a lot ....LOT i don't have a pet for 10 years...10 YEARS!?!?!??!!?!? MOM WHY YOU CAN'T BUY A FRICKING DOG !!!!!!!!!! AND MY ALL FRENDS HAD A PET!?!?!? am so sad... when am texting this..i am crying....AND EVEN KIDS THAT HAVE A DOG IS SAD CUZ THEY CAN'T GO ON A FRICKING SLIDE??!!? I WHANT TO JUST SAY AND SLAP IN THERE FACE AND SAY " YOU HAVE A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!AND I DONT HAVE ONE!!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK IS A DOG FREND WORTH A SLIDE!?!?!?!?!?!?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭"

  • Alice앨리스

    6:24 holy shoe that policeman was a blur 😆 🐾 He said "woah m8 too fast for a dog that's 8 pounds" you're welcome haha

  • Matthew Famador
    Matthew Famador

    my mom poisoned my fish by accident and i was only 8 (i cried myself to sleep that night)

  • Aeson Copeland
    Aeson Copeland

    I pet my snake jaden so I do give him love

  • Aeson Copeland
    Aeson Copeland

    Omg my dog is basically sqruffy cause she looks the same but blonde loves my dad my dad doesn’t like her and she run away before so one day we were getting grooshres and are dog snuck out and ran into the forest so dad bolted after her and luckily came back with her now the only running away she does going to the nabers and being a brat not wanting to go in side

  • FTXify

    jaiden scruffy jumped out of the windo me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • tapash rai
    tapash rai

    I have seen this so many times and just realized now [ IN THE ZONE ] reference from Kuroko no basket

  • Ellie Collins
    Ellie Collins

    I had a cat but she is dead I can still feel her 😢

  • Culann Hughes
    Culann Hughes

    R.I.P GABE

  • Dot animations
    Dot animations

    My puppy died to

  • AverageFN

    7:12 rRrRrrRrrRRRrrrr

  • kike crazy
    kike crazy

    I do drugs like tobucis too tim:nooo

  • Thomas Stickley
    Thomas Stickley

    only 0.01% can see the police officer

  • Chef Cheese
    Chef Cheese


  • R Samhammer
    R Samhammer

    my dog Koufax is :( 80something and is going to die soon it’ll be the worst day ever when she dies even worst then when i broke my arm (MY FRIKEN BROTHER BROKE MY ARM AND I KINDA HATE jk I still don’t hate him)

  • Lucia Caramia
    Lucia Caramia

    Palmer, one of the dogs I have known, died when she was 13. Asta ran away a couple of times but came back, sometimes on his own, but most of the time, a car, our car, my mom's car.

  • dodo uwu
    dodo uwu

    My alot of pigenos ai habar only one😧😭😭😭😥👉👈

  • Jack Shasho
    Jack Shasho

    That’s the thing with dogs and cats. The person who wants him the least the pet loves the most. Just like my cat with my dad.

  • Lilli Ashworth
    Lilli Ashworth

    Jaiden: we always joked the he was a cat in a dog's body Me: Sounds like my dog My dog: Bites me and walks away

  • Camryn Hardgrave
    Camryn Hardgrave

    I know how she feels cause I lost my dog daisy and that was the first time I lost a dog and she died from’s fun how she roll in the anthill.I MISS HER🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Baliey The_dog
    Baliey The_dog

    My cat got lost then died

  • NormaJean Valerio
    NormaJean Valerio

    How has your birthday been so far is the bird okay I hope you been doing good on your ISnets channel I wish I could meet you in person

  • NormaJean Valerio
    NormaJean Valerio

    Hi I've been watching your ISnets channel for so long I really do love your ISnets videos can you send more of your pets

  • Qussai Wanli
    Qussai Wanli

    opa is how you say grandpa in germany

  • Ashik Drake
    Ashik Drake

    0:01 Gabe: Barks Everyone Liked that. Jaiden: He Died just recently. Everyone Disliked that.

  • Roos

    fun fact, in the netherlands we call our grandpa opa hahah

  • Christine K
    Christine K

    They don't have a video on odd1sout called our dogs

  • Jennifer Blaine
    Jennifer Blaine

    Do a face reavel

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