Robert Downey Jr. Explains the Process of Working on Marvel Movies | Joe Rogan
Taken from JRE #1411 w/Robert Downey Jr.:

  • MaddieFR

    Bring Keanu Reeves to the podcast!

  • Mark Ruffalo
    Mark Ruffalo

    So happy to hear Robert Downey jr speak so positively about kiss kiss bang bang. It’s my all time favorite movie

  • mac mula
    mac mula

    What.... tony is alive??

  • Aoa A
    Aoa A

    His Bettany impersonation was on point

  • Anthony Dry
    Anthony Dry

    Deffo someone who would be great to have a few pints with.

  • Donk Fish
    Donk Fish

    Great that he thinks that but Hulk has been a story since I read those comics ...they would have written themselves into a corner had they not included it !!

  • nazar En
    nazar En


  • nazar En
    nazar En

    Сша си ще понат бетмен 60 дстих

  • I Play One On T.V.
    I Play One On T.V.

    At this point, it's hard to believe we almost lost that guy if he hadn't come back from the drugs.

  • Kolby Riehle
    Kolby Riehle

    Joe: I don’t understand smart hulk Also Joe sitting there as a fighter/comedian/podcaster: Robert: it’s like the best of both worlds

  • Jake Kahl
    Jake Kahl

    kiss kiss bang bang is one of my all time favs.. love everything about it!

  • Chaitanya Kotra
    Chaitanya Kotra

    My friend: "soup to nuts" Me: "what kinda bullshit is that supposed to be" RDJ: "soup to nuts" Me: "such great wisdom"

  • Timothy Brake
    Timothy Brake

    If they skip they skip the woke and sjw crap, Patterson’s Batman could a spectacular hit, taking it to raw and ‘real’ style 👍

  • Benjamin Gustafson
    Benjamin Gustafson

    These guys never read the comics. They really don't get it. they never got an understanding of it and it audience.

  • Karl Johnson
    Karl Johnson

    It seems like he is trying to get RDJ to admit the marvel movies are not actually good..

  • Truuu

    I saw someone call Joe, Thanos, then I saw the purple shirt and the forehead wrinkles and I’m dying 🤣😂

  • EDGaming

    I thought tony stark died from the snap?!!

  • 420gaiden

    Literally one of the best actors. Hands down.

  • DubstepOverdose

    love Robert. Marvel movies are a crock of shit though

  • JM Dub
    JM Dub

    Did he just say he had a problem with Ironman 3?? Because I had too

  • For Health
    For Health

    Ruffalo was the worst Hulk. Cmon. He was a joke at the part. Norton was the best. By a couple of miles. And Ruffalo's hulk itself. Awful. Norton's version was what I expect the hulk to be. Not some cry baby hulk who cowers away. The madder be got the stronger. He would literally of died trying to beat Thanos. The whole cinema went. Wtf

  • Johnson Peter
    Johnson Peter

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  • Gilbert Mozell
    Gilbert Mozell

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  • The World Of Otaku Art
    The World Of Otaku Art

    This Robert guys is cool! He should try acting

  • Derek Allgood
    Derek Allgood

    props to marvel to pulling off such an awesome project as the MCU is.

  • Genxtasy 99
    Genxtasy 99

    4 Hulk movies? Do your research you hack

  • Russellkirky

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  • Peter Fields Fields
    Peter Fields Fields

    Seems like a good guy. Love him as an actor too. Love the arrogance and humor he brings to the table.

  • SgtMonkeyPirate

    Jamie is a person Joe!

  • Jeremy Riddley
    Jeremy Riddley

    I love kiss kiss bang bang. That movie is amazing

  • bernard miller
    bernard miller

    A man without an ego. Robert Downey Jr is real. He doesn’t flaunt his stuff he is a working actor.

  • The Cob
    The Cob

    Brandon the first Superman wtf.

  • The Cob
    The Cob

    Having a career playing make-believe and making millions must be great .

  • deltamatt001

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang really is his best movie!

  • Mr Jee
    Mr Jee

    The ONLY joke Rogan ever tells is "I was a stand up comic and an actor"

  • buggyboogle9

    " You can't overcome personalities." Work corporate and you will see how difficult it can be to manage people.

  • ocragocx yhread
    ocragocx yhread

    fact kiss kiss bang bang is hes best film

  • Cody Li
    Cody Li

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  • hala8660

    Joe polished his head extra special for this interview

  • Westy W.
    Westy W.

    No matter which Marvel movie comes on, I generally will stop flipping for it.

  • Solcal sounds
    Solcal sounds

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Great movie. My intro to RDJ

  • FootballJunkie

    RDJ is such a suck-up. “My good friend Joel Silver.” “He’s one of the greatest.” Joel Silver is a massive piece of sh{%. Go watch Swimming With Sharks or Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder to get an idea.

  • Opinionated Movies
    Opinionated Movies

    RDJ getting a “brutal education” on trying to alter the script likely happened with Joss Whedon on Age of Ultron. On the set of the Justice League reshoots, Ray Fisher remarked that Joss seemed hurt by the negative reception to Age of Ultron, he was even quoted as saying “I don’t take notes from anybody, not even Robert Downey Jr.” I’m guessing Joss gave RDJ a nasty lesson. Fuck Whedon.

  • Opinionated Movies
    Opinionated Movies

    “Possibly without exception [...] a well curated group of souls” could he @ Brie Larson any harder?

  • Dave Cassady
    Dave Cassady

    As brilliant as RDJ is as Tony Stark, he has never been more remarkable than he was in Less Than Zero.

  • Dave Cassady
    Dave Cassady

    Is RDJ wearing a rollerblade wheel around his neck?

  • Ludwig Carlsson
    Ludwig Carlsson

    High on his own supply. Marvel IS bulls*it! Everything about them! Never any stakes, nobody dies. If they do tey come back in the next f*cking movie. No dialogue is believable. Most actors sucks worse at acting than my grandchild and i don´t even have one. F*ck marvel.

    • BlackSh1rtandJeans

      @reppp Captain America didn't die, he just got really old and Black Widow is supposed to be coming back in that god awful movie they're going stream out for $30 (which is bullsh!t). Tho I agree with the f*ck Marvel sentiment, not for the movies per say. Disney is one of the most unethical companies on the planet and Hollywood in general is filled with the most evil and atrocious and morally bankrupt people imaginable. These are movie makers and rich ones at that. They'd have the power to call out the rot and the corruption that runs so much of their industry. But what do we get? MeToo is a joke. It only happened *after* Hollywood saw its lowest box office return in a decade and is now just a political cudgel for Democrats to tar and feather their rivals. And Downy Jr here will take millions from a company that films next to Chinese communist concentration camps. Brie Larson can bang on and on about women's empowerment all she wants, bet you she won't utter a single word about whats happening to Muslim women at the behest and approval of the CCP. *F!ck Marvel. F!ck Disney. F!ck each and everyone of these duplicitous a$ssholes who have the gall to say "Orange Man Bad" while taking millions of dollars from genocidal communists.*

    • reppp

      Didn't Iron man Black widow and captain America just die in the latest movie??? Not to mention its just a movie you sound like you got some issues

  • Sam Hernandez
    Sam Hernandez

    Professor hulk is comic accurate so that's not horrible

  • Mike Bravo
    Mike Bravo

    4 Spider-Man s. People forget the TV movies from the early 80s

    • bare ben chills
      bare ben chills

      Thought he was wrong I was looking for this comment

  • Gamer Hudson
    Gamer Hudson

    3 Spider mans? when was this recorded lol

  • B Witness
    B Witness

    JRE CLips should be name JRE Connections.

  • bob builder
    bob builder

    Professor hulk has been around since the 90s

  • JDogg 1
    JDogg 1

    Kiss kiss bang bang is definitely downys best movie

  • • • nannesoar •
    • • nannesoar •

    That necklace is like the reactor!

  • X X
    X X

    This explains why iron man 2 and 3 was trash

  • Action Jacksons
    Action Jacksons

    It's Professor Hulk. He did it in the comics.

  • xXslimkingXx17

    They said Batman what’s started it all... my boy Tobey started it all...

  • Pinkie Love
    Pinkie Love

    smart hulk is from comics , it was nothing new... from soup to nuts It's a pretty common phrase I heard that back when I was like five years old in the early 80s .. Surprised joe didn't hear that phrase sooner

  • Mahmoud Nahas
    Mahmoud Nahas

    From what I know, Chris Evans is a dick

    • BlackSh1rtandJeans

      All the Hollywood leftists are really nice... provided you vote Democrat and don't ask questions. Lol.

  • Eric Scott
    Eric Scott

    It was cool how casual the convo was. I liked it!

  • Randall Starr
    Randall Starr

    I can’t believe he doesn’t know or understand the integrated Hulk. That was such a tremendous story arc, of the Dr. Strange therapy sessions where Banner, Savage Hulk, and Gray Hulk all stepped into the door together and came out as integrated- stepping through that door, smiling and saying “Honey, I’m home.” It was not Feige’s or the Russos’ idea!!!! So skipping the Dr. Strange contribution took away the impact and understanding for the fans. And even RDJ doesn’t understand it, how sad.

    • BlackSh1rtandJeans

      You're surprised? This is the same industry that scrapped the entire Star Wars extended universe (a literal Alexandrian Library's worth of books, comics and games) all so we could have 3 movies of Rey using her Mary Sue force powers to smash the Galactic Patriarchy.

  • miraculous experience
    miraculous experience

    all i hear is “i am iron man”😭

  • Keith

    3 spiderman Yeah you can tell Downey is a huge fan and definitely not just in it for the huge paydays.

  • Chase Nuuhiwa
    Chase Nuuhiwa

    8:41 That's so interesting. It also makes the audience have a hard time trying to jump to conclusions and make assumptions. Writing is amazing.

  • Nigel Langford
    Nigel Langford

    High school Education Robert sounds quite intellectual...

  • thejetshowlive

    The term from soup to nuts comes from the full-course dinner served during the 1800s, which typically started with a soup course and ended with port served with nuts. A full course dinner may be from four to sixteen courses served sequentially

  • Eunice Reeves
    Eunice Reeves

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  • Jeremy Karwoski
    Jeremy Karwoski

    How the fuck has joe never heard the soup to nuts term

  • Brian Hernandez
    Brian Hernandez

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  • EYE DROPZ 4 MY CYCLOPS BRuCE LeeROY Andre Warmsley
    EYE DROPZ 4 MY CYCLOPS BRuCE LeeROY Andre Warmsley

    kiss bang bang is the best film hes ever done ? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • EYE DROPZ 4 MY CYCLOPS BRuCE LeeROY Andre Warmsley
    EYE DROPZ 4 MY CYCLOPS BRuCE LeeROY Andre Warmsley

    stop trying to look through people its an illusion you cant.....

  • EYE DROPZ 4 MY CYCLOPS BRuCE LeeROY Andre Warmsley
    EYE DROPZ 4 MY CYCLOPS BRuCE LeeROY Andre Warmsley

    ya u wouldnt get the smart hulk thing jk lol

  • Andy Quinteros
    Andy Quinteros

    There is 7 Spider-Man movies so far not 3?

  • Nathanael Salazar
    Nathanael Salazar

    He has a nice “Master Chief” voice. I can hear it lol

  • JanssenFromCanada

    This is it. This is the Rogan podcast that made me start to tune in less and less. Joe sold out (ah yes the American Dream)

  • Dedas Almeida
    Dedas Almeida

    It's my guy Dobert Rowney Jr

  • Jeff Thompson
    Jeff Thompson

    Mr. Downey articulates the need for teamwork on these big ensemble movies very well. I'm glad he mentioned the underappreciated Kiss, Kiss, Bang Bang. I didn't know of it until I found it on disc. He and Val Kilmer were great as a team.

  • russo thuga
    russo thuga

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  • Shawn Sisson
    Shawn Sisson

    Hulk has several different versions he can manifest in, in the comics. Oddly enough they all have different strength levels and Intellect. It's actually all within marvel continuity

  • moriusca livia
    moriusca livia

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  • Beef


  • Shawn Bechard
    Shawn Bechard

    Professor Hulk wasn't created by Feige, he already existed in the comics. A Mr. Fixit movie, would have been cool to see.

  • memphis soahr
    memphis soahr

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  • MadCatFX

    I love Downey and always will but....does he know the real pain and work that goes into rotoscoping? lol ALSO complaining about the suit? Not sure he knows the amount of work and time that goes into the VFX for these kinds of movies...JS

  • Scotty

    I can actually tell RDJ was a bit put off when it was over. I think he felt surprised and a little upset that Joe was wrapping up at the end.

  • Bean L
    Bean L

    I honestly do not know Rdj in real life. In my eyes he’s a billionaire playboy.

  • CPT 01 RC
    CPT 01 RC

    Joe jogan is wierd

  • Tim Wing
    Tim Wing

    "Jamie, pull up Soup to Nuts"

  • Jon L
    Jon L

    7:30. When u watch so much XQC that he’s the first thing that comes to mind when u hear “PVC”

  • tnarg s
    tnarg s

    Wait, so mark ruffalo was in a green dot suit balancing a hulk head 5 feet in the air with his dick out?

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Such an amusing and gifted person to listen to. Seems like a genuinely good person.

  • Michael Steese
    Michael Steese

    Yoooooooo! Kiss kiss bang bang is my favorite RDJ film! The universe abides! 🙏🏽

  • Solitudes Sanity
    Solitudes Sanity

    I loved how the entire podcast he kept looking over to Jamie trying to include him

  • Joey Barreiro
    Joey Barreiro

    Joe has spoken to the people who ran the Iron Man and the Iron Man who ran the people.

  • malachi santoya
    malachi santoya

    8 spidermans

  • Bryan Jorge
    Bryan Jorge

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  • Luis Salgado
    Luis Salgado

    I love kiss kiss bang bang, great movie

  • Constantin Vasiliev
    Constantin Vasiliev

    Captain marvel is a black sheep, both the movie and the character

  • Knirrax

    I feel like marvel writes the heroes off of the personalities of the actors because when I watch interviews like this they're almost indistinguishable from the characters on screen

  • Jon Murphy
    Jon Murphy

    I want to know who he keeps looking at that keeps telling him off screen yeah you can keep saying that no you can't keep saying that cuz that's clearly what's happening here

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