How Alexei Navalny became Putin's greatest threat
Navalny's movement is unlike any in recent history.
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In 2006, a lawyer named Alexei Navalny started a blog where he wrote about corruption in his home country of Russia. It’s the most prominent problem under the regime of Vladimir Putin, who has ruled Russia since 2000. Putin has systematically taken over the country’s independent media, oligarchy, elections, and laws to cement his own power and wield corruption to his advantage.
That’s what Navalny set out to expose. And in 2010, he published a groundbreaking investigation into a state-owned transportation company, Transneft, which was funneling state money into the hands of its executives. The post launched Navalny into politics.
By 2016, he had become the face of Russia’s opposition movement, run for mayor, and was running for president against Putin himself. Navalny was unifying Russia’s opposition like no politician had before. That’s why the Kremlin tried to kill him. Navalny survived the assassination attempt, launching a movement never before seen in Russia.
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Note: The headline has been updated
Previous headline: Why Putin wants Alexei Navalny dead

  • shamil khal
    shamil khal

    He's a clown. Not a threat...

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    He ain’t no treat. He’s just a whinna

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    Ahahoney Space

    No big threat for putin. All are manageable threat for him hahah

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  • Willbur Dim
    Willbur Dim

    Putin:I fear nothing! Even bears! Navalny:Are you sure about that?

  • Linu Abraham
    Linu Abraham

    hey now the USA will pray for putins down fall that USA

  • KN films
    KN films

    Some people still blindly support putin and they say this as western mainstream media. God should help them.

  • Maria Damen
    Maria Damen

    So much nonsense on a blogger, no threat to putin al all. But hey as long as you can blame Putin for anything you yourself do, who cares.

  • qewqeqeqwew

    Navalny is as much threat to Putin as Ethiopia to United States. That is simply rediculous.

  • Tema Lidkovsky
    Tema Lidkovsky

    Hey! Thank you for making another video about Russia. I want to tell you that Navalniy is not the first Putin's opositioner. Read about Boris Nemtsov. He was actually from government and was telling the people about Putin and was killed in the middle of moscow while having a date. I mean... bruh

  • Babbleplay

    Hey, for some reason, the comments on the other Alexi video are turned off. Almost like you don't want people telling you not to waste their time. Glad to find this one; I am curious about this.

  • Santiago Velasco
    Santiago Velasco

    Truly madlad

  • Always Question Things
    Always Question Things

    @VOX You should do a simular Documntry about all the black amrkn political leaders jailed for Standing for equality and justice nope ! whom has been lockeup for 50 years now we will never hear from their struggle from this Documentary maker.

  • Always Question Things
    Always Question Things

    I know the Cia love this Guy like a father love his son 😂

  • Novak

    Watch the video's of his salutes and nationalistic views before the US / GB pushed this narrative. That's the real Navalny. No challenge to Putin. Time to use facts and not paranoia. Go to Russia and talk to the locals as I have. Most support Putin and don't hate the Western world. That's our media lying again.

  • Juanita Mullen
    Juanita Mullen

    Russian men are good looking. I still favor Putin, not politics just the person.😊

  • Mary Jo Sementilli
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  • Kirill429

    Transneft isnt a transportation company, it’s an oil company. “Neft” means oil in russian.

    • Kirill429

      @Mr. Skeleton oh i see.. no wonder its called trans-neft::transportation of oil

    • Mr. Skeleton
      Mr. Skeleton

      Both. Transneft's work is oil transportation (especially via pipelines).

  • Sahil Champ
    Sahil Champ

    Bjp in india is in growing stage of this political tactics 🙄

  • Z S
    Z S

    Who will be Hungary's Navalny?!


    I'm glad this topic has gained traction in the West. People of Russia are kind and they want peace with Western nations but Putin and his friends, who hold Russia hostage, have other plans

  • Богдан Красновид
    Богдан Красновид

    What is going on in Russia now: Since he got arrested at the entrance of Russia and released the Putin's palace two largest rallies since 2014 went across the country (23 and 31 January), after that he was on court (the whole process he trolled the bribe judge lol) and was convicted. Later he disappeared and was found in the correctional facility number 2 (the most cruel colony in Russia). There's he is tortured by lack of sleep (he was recorded as inclined to escaping, so that he is woken up every hour) and also he can't speak at all (except nightly rises). Meanwhile he is still able send messages through advocates. And in one of this messages he said that he has a serious medical issues, but a doctor is not sent to him despite his demands. The only help he gets is the 2 tablets of pain reliever daily. Meanwhile his team announced new protests, but they'll announce the exact date only when 500000 people's will register on their site and push the button "I will be at the protest". Later he went on a hunger strike because he did not receive guaranteed medical care. Now he is on a 22nd day of hunger strike and because of it and of the recent prosecutor's statement that his team will declared as an extremist organization (in fact, equated to terrorists), his team announced protest before it hit 500000 people (it hit only 450000). Protest was yestarday and now we dont know how will it end. In most cities he passed peacefully, the leader in arrests - St. Petersburg - ~700. It is pretty low for Russia. Of the remarkable things, I did not tell how the authorities tried to break the hunger strike by putting sweets in his pockets and frying chicken at the entrance to the cell. Also, Navalny is going to sue the colony, since it does not give him the ordered Koran under the pretext of testing for extremism lol. Sorry for the repetitions and mistakes, I'm sure there are a lot of them, I wrote this sleepily and through a translator, trying to list everything in chronological order.

  • Dylan

    People have a small grasp on the technology evolutionary process but people hardly understand what’s going on behind the scene. Items like GPS or the Hubble telescope were made for military use until they’ve managed to create a better technology and or “perfect” current ones and release the old models to recoup R and D cost by selling plans or Patton’s to businesses or organizations use for the populations. Drones and technology known as “deep fakes” have been in production for an undisclosed amount of time and we currently see the consumer version these inventions combined with political manipulation is an endless amount of discussion.

  • Az Egyetlen
    Az Egyetlen

    PUTIN ❤❤

  • MikeDonovan

    Freedom! Make Russia democratic again! Freedom! Freedom!

    • Novak

      Like after the Wall fell and Russian assets were stolen and sold to the West for virtually

  • Lily Hammett
    Lily Hammett

    Hey .... they changed the name

  • Jbortega

    If he's martyred it'll just strengthen that movement... looks like it had wheels

  • Bobo Gerwain
    Bobo Gerwain

    I know nato is also corrupt but this truely is sickening lol i thought putin was a good person atleast for his people, he is just another dictator pretending to be a good leader just like the rest of the world lol Wer run by lunatics..

  • Fellipe Dasilva
    Fellipe Dasilva

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” -John Dalberg-Aston

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    Colonel Angus

    Ace of spades? More like clubs. Putin would be the King of Hearts

  • Noob Chicken Supper
    Noob Chicken Supper

    I wish Russia will not fall down and become weak because of this. We need someone to stand up or check other "good" and powerful countries like the USA. 🙏

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    Clare Tisado

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    Hajor M.A

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    Clown World

    Pretty sure you cant rig elections??

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      You can, in places where there Will be no consequences. Its not like in the us where the media Will report everything, from both sides. Like cnn and Fox news

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    Stefan Todorovikj

    I was searching and can't seem to find information like this for Julian Assange and Edward Snowden on your channel Western Hypocrisy

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  • Record.Retake .Repeat
    Record.Retake .Repeat

    It’s scary to think that you can be poisoned without a single trace.

  • Andrew Burkard
    Andrew Burkard

    I hope everyone in Russia understands this movement for the better of good an world.

  • Gul Pathfinder
    Gul Pathfinder

    So Russia’s government isn’t much different from china’s? I always thought Russia is a democracy and that Putin is simply a popular guy who has been winning elections legitimately.

  • abdi yusuf
    abdi yusuf

    "you are pushing Russia into the arms of China" Trump

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    Jorell Jones

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    Ruben Rangel

    Look what happen to cadaffy ,know it's worst than ever,don't let the devil make a fool out of you

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  • Daniel D
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    Funny how 99% of the comments are from western countries. Just confirms that no-one in Russia likes your western spy.

  • Tomato

    Actions can't change ideological ideas of the people. If nawalny would become president, he basically has to deal against oligarchs, rebellions, state owned companies, foreign policy, internal stability, the economy etc. Just by swapping the man in charge doesn't change everything automatically. Every time an unintentionally swap happened in Russia, Russia collapsed. I'm not saying putin is the best. But certainly he has stabilized Russia after total collapse in the 90s. And who is nawalny? Some guy with big mouth? I'm more a realist guy and understand the facts. He isn't able to fix Russia. Russia can't be fixed. Russia needs an iron grip, like China. Look at any country where the government lost control after a hard grip on its people. Total collapse, civil war and poverty. So, is it going to be freedom or stability? Anarchy or Authoritarianism?


    The same rigeme the PT want put here in BRASIL

  • Underviv

    You guys really believe that if they really wanted to down him he wouldn’t just disappear or be found dead ?

  • simon james
    simon james

    In 2002 Khattab, leader of a Chechen terrorist group, was killed on spot by the FSB with the use of a poisoned letter but in 2020 an irrelevant political figure with no military protection like Navalny can survive 3 poisonings with the most lethal nerve agent?

  • Amrinder Singh
    Amrinder Singh

    Am i the only one who senses similarities with the current political scenario in india??

  • 546tests

    The old title was: "Why Putin wants Alexi Navalny Dead." Don't know why it changed

  • Seymour Butts
    Seymour Butts

    Building a movement that outlasts your freedom or even your life. Now that's a legacy.

  • David Lumley
    David Lumley

    Putin is the new Stalin in the making. Russian government does nothing for the world.


    PAY ATTENTION & the vote counting was RIGGED !!

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    The judiciary has been weaponized in USA


    This has happened in the USA but not sure USA is in control

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  • Mind rain
    Mind rain

    (RUS) Люблю иностранные информационные ресурсы, так как за такое мнение - их не накажут и не испортят жизнь, как например тот же Навальный - ему дали средний срок - вроде бы 6 лет. (ENG) I like non-russian content, because you havn`t problem after saying your possition. I`m russian and I know all this troubles and I also know how many lives were wasted because of video (with oposition) in those online pages in "VKONTAKTE", about many kills by police on protests... You can ask me a question.

  • John Schaeffer
    John Schaeffer


  • Tomas Toman
    Tomas Toman

    You don`t think this seriously do you? Navalny a threat? Its western theatro for western public by western secret services...

  • Hexx

    i like how the title changed from "Why Putin Wants Alexei Navalny Dead" to "How Alexei Navalny became Putin's greatest threat".

  • savad iy
    savad iy

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    chandrasekhar chand

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  • 01 00
    01 00

    Navalniy ti kto takoi iz- za tebya Rossii sankzii vnochyat. Ti ti kto takoi?

  • Song JiSooYun
    Song JiSooYun

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  • Shantanu warghade
    Shantanu warghade

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  • Private_Ryan1

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  • Arsalan abbasi
    Arsalan abbasi

    The correct term would be more like " west greatest asset against putin "

  • Android Nerd
    Android Nerd

    If Putin kills him, I'll support Putin. Gen Z is making Russia weak.

    • Cassius d'al Cazarosta
      Cassius d'al Cazarosta

      More 50 cent armies, just Russian Edition. Somebody exposes corruption, and you just want them killed? You're delusional beyond imagination.

  • Marco Orellana Bonilla
    Marco Orellana Bonilla

    Si Putin quisiera al youtuber Navalny muerto, ya lo estaria. Ese es un peon de la CIA

  • Nail Wall
    Nail Wall

    Everybody around thee world needs stand up for freedom privacy for all

  • Michael Lydon
    Michael Lydon

    I’m not a vox fan or supporter, but it’s really good that they are putting out videos shedding light on this.

  • -Jedi-dAddle

    I can bet 100$ that there will either be a movie or a mini series about this guy👀

  • eddi lou
    eddi lou

    I'm Russian, but who is navalny? I don't know him

    • Cassius d'al Cazarosta
      Cassius d'al Cazarosta

      Thank Russian media, they censor anything that opposes the state.


    You naive, gullible children...

  • Gerry Boric
    Gerry Boric

    Lying channel American bootlickers

    • Gerry Boric
      Gerry Boric

      @Cassius d'al Cazarosta navaly is a grifter

    • Cassius d'al Cazarosta
      Cassius d'al Cazarosta

      You jealous that Russian corruption was unveiled?

  • J H
    J H

    Navalny is an extreme right winger i don't care if he dies go putin!

    • Sparrow

      Yeah but navalny isn't a literal murderer. I'm a left winger myself & I'd prefer a right wing leader over a murderer

  • a j
    a j

    Are we supposed to believe that vox is for freedom of speech now ?

    • Fregit


  • Savvas Kalimeris
    Savvas Kalimeris

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    Sàfara Millett

    Wow this was really, really good. Thanks for the vid!! My only disdain for the vid was that he casually uses "racial slurs towards minorities". Other than that I HOPE this Gemini berids of this Libra

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    Micheál Mac Gearailt

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  • R C
    R C

    Vic can’t produce edgy content without disabling the like feature and getting torn to shreds in the comments, yet they somehow know things about Russian spies that could outwit their entire staff. What a failure and if you believe this, you’re mentally defeated as well.

  • Žurkulēns

    And now they trying to take Navalny from main spot to replace it with Ukraine ! I'm 100% sure that russia will make some war moves to Ukraine, just to make people stop thinking about Navalny in general...

  • MultiJellybones

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