Daycare Stories
I might have been a little devil at daycare. A collection of stories of how rotten I was to the daycare staff!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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    6:03 I did NOT notice Tilly, Luz, Anne and Gideon walking in the background the first time I watched this lol

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    I like the movie home alon

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    Fbi open up

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    the first kid of the line looks like tilly from big city greens.

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    Hey y’all wanna hear a fun game to play at daycare? Cool, it’s called rock rock rock, it’s when you throw rocks at each other and the last person standing wins, tip; avoid getting hit in the head, I’m one of the best players against my opponents usually, who wants to play me?

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    6:03 OMG AMPHIBIA!

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    6:03 hahah that girl in the left is from big city greens, the middle one is from a show i know but i forgot the name- and the right on is from The owl house.

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    Rebeca nintendo is going to release a remake of Pokémon snap !!April 30

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    Tf when you will get a mouth

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    3 year old me used to play with fire from a campfire/grill with a stick at my aunt's house

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    I want to hear another daycare story!

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    At 06:03 you put Disney characters there

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    I remember the opening theme of this video was the same as odds1outs board games video

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    6:03 I noticed that the kids there are modern day Disney channel characters

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    Substitutes r dumb

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    When the classmates where walking home the kid with the shorts looks like luz from the show called the owl house

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    U r NOT gamer

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    1:57 snake snake SNAAAAKE

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    I have kid logic cuz I’m 9


    Sim é isso que você tá vendo você deve tar se perguntando porque um Brasileiro ta aque vendo seus vídeos uuou sou um hater hahaha😂 Brincadeira essa parte mesmo eu não sabendo inglês e não sabendo muito bem o espanhol nas legendas eu amo suas animações muito legal você anima de um jeito muito lindo e seu estilo de arte parece com a minha amiga que você cresça mas e mas ✌🏾😉

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    One of the kids at the last story is Ann from Amphibia

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    Have you played among us that no visors on the loose

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    6:02 the kids where drawn based on kids in cartoons witch I know.

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    just me or did the fourth kid walking home looked like Gideon from Gravity Falls

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    How haven't you got 22million yet your so funny

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    Did anyone see the feet under the blocks lol 0:45

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    I hid behind a plastic Rock before until all the grown ups went away I only stayed out there for like a couple of minutes and then I went back in... I got in trouble

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    how old do you have to be over 13 to be a youtuber

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    6:03 am I just going insane waiting for Sn 2 of the owl house or is that Luz!?!?

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    thank you so much rabeca you really inspired me to continue drawing and pushing my dreams im only 10 and i love you im crying because I just gave up on drawing but you keep pushing me i love you soooooo much rabeca..........................naima

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    Wait a minute.. why kids from the older kids group has a beard.. hmm. I gues Becca's sister was like 24??

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    Gacha Kiwiii :D

    The only thing I remember I did in kindergarten is not always listening to the teacher. The teacher said ‘okay everyone clap like this!’ And I fake clapped, bc my kid mind told me it was stupid. I was born a rebel.

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    easter egg green ampibia the owl house and gravity falls

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    I just realized I did all these things when I was little

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    6:02 there’s Anne, Luz, Tilly and then Gideon

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    Ohh I have a funny story of when I went to church this one time, I was supposed to go to Sunday School and I hid behind a thing of bleachers and I hid there for about an hour or something

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    Your leg was put on the table and it’s looks hairy

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    Is the sure Jan on your backpack a Brady bunch reference?

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    She saidWe’re brothers 7:54

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    6:03 JUST NOTICE HOW THOSE KIDS ARE FROM DISNEY CHANNEL SHOWS!!!!! 1: Luz 2: Amphibia 3: Tilly 4: Gideon

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    Did anyone notice gideon from gravity falls when some kids were walking by

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    Eu amo seu canal me ajudaria muito em colocar legendas em Português Brasil eu conheci seu canal pelo Fansitube e amei seu trabalho ele e maravilhoso se poder colocar a legenda em Português Brasil ajudaria por que espanhol e ruim nos Brasileiros não falamos em espanhol eu amo seu trabalho tanto queria poder ver seus vídeos com uma legenda melhor te amo seu canal e muito bom (I love your channel it would help me a lot to put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil I knew your channel through Fansitube and I loved your work it is wonderful if you can put subtitles in Portuguese Brazil it would help because Spanish is bad in Brazilians we don't speak Spanish I love your work I really wanted to be able to see your videos with a better caption I love you, your channel)

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    4:27 Tommy bear from Eddsworld and ASDF from ASDF movie, both were Tomska featured as a character 6:05 and Gideon from Gravity Falls

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    Hey ummm I know your really good at art but I found something online that really helps me practice my art for my dream job (an artist) it is a little wooden figure and you can put it into positions to practice your drawing of people and figures! I know you probably won’t respond but if you could maybe interact with me on TikTok or here!!! Also love your context keep up the good work and stay safe 💖💖💖

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    Why was one kid with the tommee bear plush

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