I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 6
7 days. 1 penny. day 6. 0 fricks left to give.
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  • Ryan Trahan
    Ryan Trahan

    they called me PP in high school 🔥

    • Alex & Andrew’s life
      Alex & Andrew’s life


    • RMC Ecofriend
      RMC Ecofriend

      Awww well you have come so far!!

    • ryan


    • Noelyle Miquel Locquiao
      Noelyle Miquel Locquiao


    • idklol



    what is a fish with no eyes A FSH i laf so hard


    Bro if you didn't spend on anything then you would've made like 400$$$

  • Benjamin Ahhi
    Benjamin Ahhi

    how did the sea say to hi the other sea?................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. he waved

  • Jace Blueshade
    Jace Blueshade

    This guy out here surviving on a penny and he gives a tip at the coffee place mate the world needs more people like you

  • BelowZero

    Think the girl said its her birthday wanted a free drink

  • Bang Olifsen
    Bang Olifsen

    me watching him get money for failing every dance HOW

  • David Terrabi
    David Terrabi

    have a good one

  • Kyle Icard
    Kyle Icard


  • RocK RocK
    RocK RocK

    All i see is cringe

  • les balgavy
    les balgavy

    Can we just say that you would give him free money cause you would feel bad for him

  • Drako

    If you spoke with that british accent I'd be losing dollars all day

  • ThatsBizzarre

    Quinn guy gave you like a $20 bill

  • Melany Phillips
    Melany Phillips

    That place is called fredicksburg It’s a really good place I know because I live in San Antonio and I’ve been there

  • Weeb and a gamer
    Weeb and a gamer

    I was shocked when he didn't get the mcchicken burgers in 2:03

  • Ryan Tsao
    Ryan Tsao

    bruh...my friends watched this and they told me that at the beginning, there was the words "quinn my guy" and I started watching and it true! :D

  • Nato

    the second hand embarrassment here omg

  • Faze Fazeley
    Faze Fazeley

    after this i am confused what cute even means..

  • yazmine middle
    yazmine middle

    I don't get the fish with no eyes

  • RMC Ecofriend
    RMC Ecofriend

    Ngl 3:00 he likes maple syrup 😂😂

  • pasterzy

    i laughed at his laugh

  • Sergio Loera Jr.
    Sergio Loera Jr.

    Did you forget about Quinn though???

  • GamerKing

    What the

  • Kenken Kondo
    Kenken Kondo


  • Kenken Kondo
    Kenken Kondo

    PP is a nice name



  • Lance Hadsell
    Lance Hadsell

    0.01 to 69.71! WOW!! I've watched your videos from day 1 of the coin challenge! Your the man! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

  • Samantha Loke
    Samantha Loke

    How do you plan a party in space?…………………………….. ……………………………. You planet


    I love that this guy is actually like so generous that even in the middle of a challenge series, with $30 left, he still buys the cookies for charity... that show’s how great this guy is

  • Proud to be a Christian
    Proud to be a Christian

    Jesus loves you so much!!

  • Valeria Cardenas
    Valeria Cardenas

    A CANT OPENER ☹️😐😀😊😂😭

  • _AngelElliot_

    Me thinking why that mom said “no diet something else”- I only have diet coke or diet dr pepper

  • a duck in a pond
    a duck in a pond

    quinn my gye

  • Yo boi Ridge
    Yo boi Ridge

    “I was close enough to that man to kiss him.” -Ryan Trahan, 2021

  • adam ashton
    adam ashton

    why did Quinn do that 🤔🤔🤔🍔🍕🍟🌭🥓🥞🧇🍖🍗🍙🍘🍚🍜🍣🍤🍦🥧🍧🍨🍩🍪🎂🍰🍯🍮🍫🧁🍬🍭

  • Hierper

    @Ryan Trahan there is a nearby place called enchanted rock. its just a beautiful rock sticking up out of the ground and you can walk up it (its not steep) but seriously you should check it out its a really beautiful hike. you can also check out kerrville schreiner park, there are some great hikes and camping there.

  • Hierper

    I drive here every six weeks

  • Hierper

    this town is where my orthodontist is

  • Hierper

    Bro this town is litterally 45 minutes away from where I live dude

  • Grizz Blood
    Grizz Blood

    Here’s a joke say nock nock when they say who’s there say nock nock and just keep repeating

  • Allen Jude
    Allen Jude

    this made me buy a coke.

  • Kipton Ayers
    Kipton Ayers

    its surprising how much this guy embarrasses himself for money

  • OttoPlays

    WAIT... what happened to Quinn?!?!?!

  • Marian Perez
    Marian Perez

    I cringed myself to death at the dancing but other than that it was a great and funny video lol

  • Beaumont Eory
    Beaumont Eory


  • Mr NOscope
    Mr NOscope

    When he dances my body turns into cringe


    you're too funny.. no sweat.. yeah maybe sweating..😂😂


    8:19 😂😂

  • Paxtun Heavener
    Paxtun Heavener

    Why did the golfer bring to pears of pants........because he might get a hole in one

  • King_cuber

    OMG its me

  • Link MyTestAccount
    Link MyTestAccount

    10:50 to 11:07 was kina funny

  • Grace Gattoni
    Grace Gattoni

    Can we just take a moment to honer how much time this guy takes out of his day and week just to do this video to make us happy and is making a fundraiser for the poor. So kind and thoughtful.

  • Tashi Wollumbin
    Tashi Wollumbin

    why does everyone say "ok" to the jokes

  • Gonzo Salazar
    Gonzo Salazar

    I know the song they were playing at the party

  • BaconHair PRO
    BaconHair PRO

    What did the fish say when it swam into a wall???? Dam.

  • Lawliet 82
    Lawliet 82

    so you actually got the bike to keep things in balance between health and the opposite of it, which in case is mcdonalds broooo you ate so much of it this series omg

  • Xify Zer0Talent
    Xify Zer0Talent

    When he said, “ that is the most money i have made in a hour” i was like that felt like 4 hours

  • hyphy phyre
    hyphy phyre

    Bro when he said the jokes anytime they didn't laugh he cried a little in his head and then they gave him a dollar in sorrow lol

  • Timothy Napoli
    Timothy Napoli

    He is literally telling us how to Survive on a penny for a week.

  • Brooks Knauf
    Brooks Knauf

    What do you call a cow with no legs?? (Ground beef)!!😂😎

  • EmilyinDenver

    alot of cringe

  • Zarts


  • Beaumont Eory
    Beaumont Eory

    you got me a joke

  • Beaumont Eory
    Beaumont Eory


  • Beverly Hides
    Beverly Hides

    thats sick thay calld you pp in high scool i wish i was calld that

  • Off The Couch
    Off The Couch

    Why doesn't a theft ever laugh he can't take it.

  • Off The Couch
    Off The Couch

    I have a joke you could use. Why doesn't ever laugh at a joke He can't take it.

  • Motorcitymurka

    5:03 I already want to

  • Jerry Zhang
    Jerry Zhang

    what do you call a fish with no eye (i), an fsh, also damn Ryan, impressive, impressive indeed

  • Zazycat 1000
    Zazycat 1000

    Appreciate the woman who started this and bought the pen and also Quinn.... Quinn why..

  • Jack Rowe
    Jack Rowe

    U rilly have to be mad to dislike

  • Anton Preinfalk
    Anton Preinfalk

    19:18 Nice 69 dollars

  • Preston Arnold
    Preston Arnold

    quinn my guy

  • Devil Withthat12guageshoty
    Devil Withthat12guageshoty

    I laughed at all his jokes they are just to funny

  • Mason does random stuff
    Mason does random stuff

    If you say the youtubers name you are currently watching 3 times they will pin you Ryan Trahan Ryan Trahan Ryan Trahan Ryan Trahan I did an extra one for good luck👌

  • terfare fopiqbum
    terfare fopiqbum

    The abortive dungeon tribally battle because israel histologically juggle below a measly stocking. steadfast, weary lobster

  • Lisla

    Try this joke what did sushi A say to sushi B. Wasabi

  • daka2280 daka2280
    daka2280 daka2280

    the guy will force water down people throughts ...scary

  • Emma ORegan
    Emma ORegan

    when you try to impress your mums friends at a party!!!

  • djpsh funnygigglelaghs
    djpsh funnygigglelaghs

    I’m surprised you didn’t get malnourishment from eating all that terrible quality McDonald’s meat

  • Suzy The anime girl
    Suzy The anime girl


  • mithila mita855
    mithila mita855

    The plant canada rationally obey because drake trivially sack above a afraid acrylic. closed, soft waterfall

  • Aymen Allan
    Aymen Allan

    You are funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Adrene Henninger
    Adrene Henninger

    The true deodorant neuropathologically unite because pain spontaneously supply during a certain country. cheap, abortive nurse

  • momo joj
    momo joj

    19:19 haha 69 funny number haha fun funny fun

  • PugGirl3M

    The jokes where funny cause they weren’t funny lol

  • TB53TEAM

    My grandfathers doctor is named dr.pepper lol

  • Anosha A
    Anosha A

    It made me kinda sad to see the girl wanting dr pepper then the mom saying no- then her wanting coke but the mom saying sprite- is it just me? Am I mistaking somethin-

  • samex_roblox


  • Cutthroat

    “I force soda down their esophagus”...Law and order special victims unit

  • Kaczka Dziwaczka
    Kaczka Dziwaczka

    When he started dancing fortnite dances i laughed and cried at the same time

  • dionte tautasi
    dionte tautasi

    here a good joke y did the chicken cross the playground 2 get to the other slide

  • Nayoung Woo
    Nayoung Woo

    Cringe 100

  • Gamer Josh 123
    Gamer Josh 123

    He’s eating Burger King

  • Gamer Josh 123
    Gamer Josh 123

    You’re not eating Mc chickens anymore


    This video is di cringey no hate though

  • Anoynymus JB
    Anoynymus JB

    When he said "What is the state with the smallest drinks", I said Minnesota before him.

  • Aspen Sturgis
    Aspen Sturgis

    Quinn what are you doing?

  • Axolotl2028

    I don't know where my next meal will come from could be McDonald's, could be Wendy's

  • Pinapple Pizzza
    Pinapple Pizzza

    i cant believe theyve raised 122,888 meals at the time im looking at this