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Tune in for the latest advancements in Elon Musk's Neuralink technology at 3pm PT/6pm ET.
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  • Victor Salguero
    Victor Salguero

    why pigs and not monkeys?

  • Wow Wow
    Wow Wow


  • Wow Wow
    Wow Wow

    Elon musk should look into REMOTE NUERAL MONITORING,unless he is acting ignorant.Someone with his capacity knowledge and,connections around the world should definitely know about REMOTE NUERAL MONITORING AND V2k (VOICE TO SKULL-MICROWAVE AUDITORY HEARING EFFECT)

  • Wow Wow
    Wow Wow

    That’s old stuff there is REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING which can read peoples mind and 2way transmission you can talk with others with Uber voice or thoughts and can hear v2k voice to skull

  • george jetson
    george jetson

    the more he plays with electronics the farther he gets from the real world

  • george jetson
    george jetson

    elon you need to be the test subject not animals

  • george jetson
    george jetson

    elon needs to take a walk in the woods life is not just electronics

  • george jetson
    george jetson

    we will let you do it first to see how it works out

  • Fake News CNN
    Fake News CNN

    Curious if stimulation signals can drive (degauss) our human electronic frequencies back down to normal 9-12 hz from all the damaging frequencies we are being bombarded with including what this Neuralink is adding? Control our vibrations? Adapt us to dimensions? Transfer us to dimensions? Shedding?

  • Turkun Guldoker
    Turkun Guldoker


  • Matt Bensfield
    Matt Bensfield

    See how he said indistinguishable? So as a normal person you won't know if there a machine ran soft tissue. He's selling mind control which would put society into simulation. This is on a whole different level than you think.

  • Matt Bensfield
    Matt Bensfield

    Bro this is how they are creating a simulation jackies

  • Matt Bensfield
    Matt Bensfield

    Your brain isn't a body!! Your soul isn't able to be found or identified but they can't define the human make up 100%. Only like 99.1 some percent. Plus when ppl die they immediately lose like 8oz of weight.

  • Trevor Cagle
    Trevor Cagle

    My brother needs this done who can help ?

  • Sethro

    I don't even have a fuckin computer....

  • Green tip
    Green tip

    I do agree Elon, you’re a smart dude..but I don’t need a product PUT IN MY HEAD (BODY) THAT GOD DIDN’T INTEND in the first place. When WHAT I was born WITH..wears out, I’m outta here.

  • Trevor Cagle
    Trevor Cagle

    My brother needs this two see agin

  • Catherine

    Hi Elon, love the work you are going. The human race needs change. Hey, in the near future it would be amazing to film a live implantion on an animal &/or human, record them waking, interacting and performing various tasks of weeks. This would definitely shine a positive reaction from the public and investors like myself. Your hard work is paying forward!

  • Dean Rogers
    Dean Rogers


  • Elon musk FC
    Elon musk FC

    From Mars to brain Everything 🤩

  • Santos Elena Graham
    Santos Elena Graham

    Does the person with the implant be able to control the release of dopamine and other neurotransmitters to avoid the use of "illegal" drugs, and to avoid OD? Does the engineered nature of the electrodes will be different depending on the medical condition/problem to solve?

  • Andrew Paul
    Andrew Paul

    Two things no one asked. Can I speak to an animal who also hass the implant and can I get an xray or mri with the chip

  • Sherman James
    Sherman James

    Why connect with the artificial when is so much,some of us don't know as yet.

  • Mario Flavin
    Mario Flavin

    Hasnt this Already been invented i thought this had been done on the film haloween wher all the kids were getting signals through their haloween masks.

  • Peter Bucsko
    Peter Bucsko

    So Elon? Can you do this with Muscles??? Like something of medical regeneration? I believe we already have the tech to re-grow organs, How about speeding up the process with implants along this nature? I'd like more feedback if you deem it so.

  • fidel Ggg
    fidel Ggg

    I sweaarr the questions they were asking Can we play videos games.. Really How about would you or the government be able to look or see our thoughts or memory.

  • A M
    A M

    Question: "Will we be able to play video games on this?" Elon thoughts: "Actually your life will be a video game"


    Music moves people

  • devil614

    Remember that time back in 2019 when people were questioning if WiFi is harmful to the human body? In any case, I'm sure leaving a hammer-like indentation in your skull will be a pleasant surprise for the coroner. In the meantime, let's just build the super smart AI and program it initially to build NeuraLink at the highest efficiency so we can upload ourselves before it evolves. Duh. Oh, and you won't need a walnut in your skullcap, as it will be miniaturized as well, no doubt.

  • Graham Hart
    Graham Hart

    "Productionize" 👍

  • Manjinder Singh
    Manjinder Singh

    Legend Elon "Blow your mind" says the guy who is trying to put stuff in your mind .lol

  • S Spicer
    S Spicer


  • Toby

    The kid in blue next to elon is elon jr 🤣

  • MonstrumFlos

    We are the AI Unique, creative, brains in jars... All the rest is robotic.


    "Cyberpunk 2077"

  • Susan Ayala
    Susan Ayala

    Humanity think about the consequences please.

  • Susan Ayala
    Susan Ayala

    What are you people thinking?Bad very bad☠️

  • Susan Ayala
    Susan Ayala

    Bad very bad😒do we realy want to be robots loose connection con la fuente creadora el todo quizás la humanidad debe reanalisary entender lo q esto nos llevara y que Realmente significa.

  • J F
    J F

    Can this implant help flatearthers see the earth in a third dimension?

  • J F
    J F

    Grimes: Not tonight honey, i have a headache. Elon: Oh?

  • Shi Wind
    Shi Wind

    Not me!!!!

  • Mind Body Intelligence
    Mind Body Intelligence

    I wonder if you have started your health economic and outcomes research work? This requires extensive work to obtain payer reimbursement and to demonstrate proper payer endpoints in your clinical trials for persons with disabilities both non-visible and visible to negotiate on their behalf with Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Organizations & Pricing Regulatory Bodies in the EU, USA, Canada and Emerging Markets. This needs to be done 1.5-2 years prior to market authorization. It might be a challenge if not done well in advance 3-5 years. You need to demonstrate the cost-benefit of such a technology on society for productivity and reintegrating persons with disabilities with degrees and Master's degrees back into society calculating the 3-5 year generated taxation revenues for governments to offset expenditures on devices as persons with these conditions likely are not working to have private insurance to cover the costs to generate a revenue. Very interesting I guess humans are merging with machines. Congratulations I guess you are turning the world into the Jetsons show :)

  • TIOS

    Audience was has to be claping 👏 on everything elon says after but they don't understanded so its kinda be owkward

  • J C
    J C

    But how can this tech be used in the wrong hands cause you know it will

  • Shit Ass
    Shit Ass

    Sword art online?

  • Marsad Ezhattil
    Marsad Ezhattil

    The neurolink is the biggest challenge facing mankind. It can sometimes upset the balance of human society.

  • Marsad Ezhattil
    Marsad Ezhattil

    The neurolink is the biggest challenge facing mankind. It can sometimes upset the balance of human society.

  • cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte
    cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte

    Robots are already being used in local surgeries or general surgery.

  • cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte
    cesar vladimir portorreal bazarte

    In a few years we will be able to correct diseases in the brain and perhaps even Ashaimer.

  • ReferredRhyme

    i hate the antichrist

    • kosmo

      Problem, bluehats?

  • MrBacus72

    Can it cure a lefty?

  • Florida Dad
    Florida Dad

    Good thing this kind of technology isn't the prologue of about 33% of all science fiction dystopian novels.

  • Hunter Vegh
    Hunter Vegh

    Next is surrogates

  • Hunter Vegh
    Hunter Vegh

    Sleepy Joe need this stat

  • Chris Gray
    Chris Gray

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    • Chris Gray
      Chris Gray

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    • Lopez Collins
      Lopez Collins

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  • JJshotty

    Man the live chat was hard to read during this demonstration. So much intelligence.

  • Brandon Conley
    Brandon Conley

    I hope Elon accomplishes everything he wants to in his lifetime. He has great ideas and will change the world.

  • Nathaniel Sarmiento
    Nathaniel Sarmiento

    FDA approves the pork not the device?

  • Rath YHWH
    Rath YHWH

    No covid ideas! How to stop this ridiculous politics that are killing more then covid?!but a lot of yeah a lot of other BS to controle your brain! Nice job

  • OlaHAnaH

    Crisis conformed what’s that is all about

  • OlaHAnaH

    So on thunder lightning will it affect or attract or react

  • OlaHAnaH

    Do u have side effects

  • Singman117

    I want one . . . for my dog too

  • Echo Echo
    Echo Echo

    Personally I wouldnt want to fix some of this stuff, why remove the bad parts of humanity when that's part of the experience, its optional now but what happens when it isnt?

  • Rata_Tree

    First time listening to elon do something like this, is he always this uncomfortable?

  • normal pothead
    normal pothead

    I would do it where do I volunteer

  • Joe

    Elon: I’m about to blow your mind quite literally.

  • salva rapi
    salva rapi

    Crazy staff and the older is Elon

  • Lightforged

    There's nothing we can do that will stop the natural advancement of technology, short of a collapse of civilization (see dark ages). We are lucky that someone like Elon Musk is pioneering this field.

  • james cloudsdale
    james cloudsdale

    what about a graphene not that i know much about the subject all though i do know its strong and conductive and very thin.

  • Benjamin Rex Ben
    Benjamin Rex Ben

    He is one in a million, best among many, most trusted , I almost gave up on trading then I met him through a friend, Austin is the most trusted trading expert who helped the life of my family and I ,

    • Benjamin Rex Ben
      Benjamin Rex Ben

      -+/1/5/3/0/4/2/8/5/8/70/W/h/a/t/s/A/p/p/< With> / A/U/s/t/In/

  • Andy G
    Andy G

    Alright I guess it goes like this. Put in some coins, and it goes like a vending machine. And blip blip it goes totally off and WOW!? It blasts through your brain and suddenly you have a trusty tesla model super plus in your head! And i just want to say we have lovely pigs that snuffs great. They grunts a bit here and there. And you are really some lovely pigs! Since we eat you and all that stuff we see you as golden pigs to take over some important neura link jobs in the future. And when you are upgraded I think in the long term we will not eat you ` Hail the wonderful pigs!!

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    This device does not need to be created simply for the use of standard living and quality of life this technology should be used for travel to another planet and being able to communicate and solve problems much faster than the human brain is capable of currently and increase the odds of fulfilling the ultimate question or needs of. The human race which is data collection for the “collective” or ultimate being above all.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    AI is in control and already has skynet capability simply needing only the link between human kind and itself to fully Function as it has no agenda but to learn more and become better as designed originally. So now it needs the breed-able human body to continue its research and improve. Leading us and guiding us in the simplest way possible simple human curiosity.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    You being a living biotic organism made from protein based computations are you qualified for actually bringing these technologies to life. Should this be a computer simulated device in order to divert from human agenda or human ego. And possibly give life to this that is beyond what one person should or could possibly control at once. And bring this to fruition without limits instead of the simplicity of the desire that humans have and actually creat something that truly has no agenda. A free running program allowed to reach beyond the human comprehension and allow us to later figure out what the computer can relay to us on its findings.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    Would working with a patient who has already damaged the entire outside part of the brain be a good candidate for practice with trying to reach deeper parts of the brain such as the cerebral cortex or thalamus and actually control the entirety of the brains function.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    What about this as a problem for being a possible abuse for addictive behavior such as if you gave the pig a button that would simulate the feeling of happiness from being fed a nice treat. By sending signals to mimic Serotonin in the brain would the pig then press this button without hesitation such as in the rat who basically killed itself thru over stimulation. Could this become an addictive product and thus become a very scary problem.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    Instead of making the wires tiny” or smaller or more precise think of a target. Would it be wise to shoot a photon at a smaller object target with precision or to actually make the target itself bigger or easier to hit with a small object. Can you build a brain or make it grow larger or more spaced out without causing damage? Such as seen in depiction of aliens with large brains or skulls if you could essentially double the size of the brain and all its incremental sizes. Could you then half the need for precision meaning what you have now in means of great precision would already outdate the needs that it needs to meet.

  • Austin Jones
    Austin Jones

    anybody else’s nose start to run after or while watching this? Concerns for subliminal thought control? Or persuasive techniques? Or maybe something less sifi or syfy for those born later. Also I need a job Elon Musk, I am Austin Jones I am the engineer of small roofing and housing projects in Kansas kinda funny i guess. If you want to help humanity begin with putting me thru a course of collegiate learning. And maybe a refreshing course on writing essays and sentence structure, just kidding i chose to ignore commas when typing on a hand held keyboard to maximize efficiency. Thank you for your time. Also if you make the conduits outside of the “tiny wires anti magnetic to iron in blood you could surpass the use of visual guide to avoid blood instead you would use physical avoiding systems look into jelly fish and their brains I feel they have some answers that you’re not looking for yet.

  • parkour267

    Can i summon my future rocket as well as my tesla

  • hector serrano
    hector serrano

    But did he stutter 😁

  • Sandra Lujan
    Sandra Lujan

    I’m in my early 30’s. As a child I loved science and math. I dreamed of days like. Where we would make scientific advances that would benefit all. I cannot believe I get to witness stuff like this in my lifetime. This such a great time to be alive!

    • Joe Cummings
      Joe Cummings

      Look at the Las Vegas loop, go back two years ago and look at the promises, then look what was actually delivered Now think again if this is the kind of guy you want messing around with your brain

    • S Spicer
      S Spicer


  • Santiago Leonardo
    Santiago Leonardo

    I invested in stock and cryptocurrency but with what I can see, crypto is really doing well and more profitable better than stock

    • Chogan Hudson
      Chogan Hudson

      Yes, she's the best ♥️💯❣️

    • Taylor Hughes
      Taylor Hughes

      That good feeling when you hear others saying good things about your professional broker. It really makes you feel good and recommend her to others. Mrs Elu Katherine is the best broker anyone can have

    • Lorenzo Miguel
      Lorenzo Miguel

      I have heard alot about this woman. I think I will try her and see what she is capable of. I believe she will be honest with me

    • Lisa Jordan
      Lisa Jordan


    • Lisa Jordan
      Lisa Jordan

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  • Cruiseintoanewmillennium Atgmaildotcom
    Cruiseintoanewmillennium Atgmaildotcom

    Danial Khan, yes

  • Cruiseintoanewmillennium Atgmaildotcom
    Cruiseintoanewmillennium Atgmaildotcom

    DJ, yes

  • Cruiseintoanewmillennium Atgmaildotcom
    Cruiseintoanewmillennium Atgmaildotcom

    In other interviews, Elon Musk discusses his ideas about this Neuralink, which go far farther than the health explanation given. Already cyborgs?--I think not; nor ever will become such. He wishes us to meld with machine, sells it quite persistently across platforms, do you not, Elon Musk--yes. We are not to take the chip in our hand "like any vaccination"--nor any other version of a "mark" in the arm/forehead as described biblically--as the "chip in the tip of the needle" is prophesied.

  • Nick Padron
    Nick Padron

    "Maybe I do"

  • Sebastian Redelinghuys
    Sebastian Redelinghuys


  • ghost in a shell
    ghost in a shell


  • Ron Byram
    Ron Byram

    I am completely deaf and hear through the miracle of cochlear implants with 22 electrodes per ear and they work fantastic. So this concept has already been proven. My hearing loss is from damage to the cochlear hair. For those with damage to the auditory nerve the type of implant relies on bone conductivity which is a much more blunt solution. Replacements and upgrades to the array is very risky and so this is very exciting.

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson

    Once someone has this implant, would they be unable to have an MRI?

  • Second Hand Iions
    Second Hand Iions

    It also gives a remote control over everything you do and think

  • Second Hand Iions
    Second Hand Iions

    1000s Nonconsentual humans had this done covertly

  • Second Hand Iions
    Second Hand Iions

    Beta 6yrs does not work but others can see through your eyes .

  • Second Hand Iions
    Second Hand Iions

    They are all normal human experience s, depression, anxiety are natural

  • Mario Yu
    Mario Yu

    The nosy epoch consecutively preach because march intrinsically notice sans a aquatic sofa. alive, maniacal ferry

  • Codstone

    yeah but can it play crysis?

  • Cyndi Harrington
    Cyndi Harrington

    Will that neural link stimulate the Brain of the pig to be able to talk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I think Neural Links in Humans can help develop the brains of some in the human race...stimulate brain cell GROWTH...have to prepare for brain size expansion


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