-Open me for all the info!-
Come along with me as I attempt this infamous challenge! I broke it down into 5 steps over the course of about a week. I actually did this in February, but as you can maybe tell by the length, there was a lot to edit and it got stuck in purgatory for a while. But I finally finished it! It was definitely a challenge, that's for sure :p
Mrs. Highbrow -
ELENail Art Studio -
Insta models referenced:
Since I didn’t give a review of the clothes, I wanted to mention that while most of them looked nice, they’re not the best quality (I’d give them an overall “fine” rating). For example: with the black pants, the back loop the chain is supposed to connect to broke the first time I tried them on; the camo pants are thin and feel like windbreaker material (or what sleeping bags are made of lmao); and the black skirt felt flimsy. However I was definitely impressed by the animal print crop top, the black crop top, and the cropped hoodie!
So, overall I was pleasantly surprised by everything. I’ve done one other haul for Yoins years ago, and I remembered liking their stuff back then, so that’s why I went with their items for this video since I figured there’d be the lowest risk for shitty items (and the highest chance I’d want to wear the items in the future). If that makes sense.
So if you’re looking into any of these items, just be careful! Read the listings, check the size charts (!), and make sure you’d be all right with potentially needing to exchange or return the item, or try to sell it/give it to someone else if it doesn’t work.
Yoins -
Leopard Crop Cami
the shiny and buckle crop tops are both sold out
Backless Top
LA Cami
cropped hoodie is sold out
Snake Skirt
black mini skirt is sold out
Black Mini Dresses
Black Pants
Camo Pants
Beads Chain Necklace
*this aren't affiliate links, but are used for tracking clicks
Info about the wig:
Makeup Products Used
Etos eyeliner pencil - extra black
Kiko eye primer
L'Oreal eye paints - nudist and eternal white
MAC Aaliyah palette - age ain't nothing
Kiko liquid liner
Kiss lashes - Broadway
Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded waterproof mascara - black
W7 Queen Bee mascara - blackest black
NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer - shade 684
Maybelline Fit Me foundation - luminous + smooth 110
NYX cream contour pro palette
Makeup Revolution liquid highlight - starlight
Rimmel blush - coral glow
Etos anti-redness loose powder
Essence lipliner - 05 so un-grey-tful
Essence lip paint - 01 voyeur
W7 Glowcomotion
Essence Instant Matt setting spray
Outfit 1
clothes from yoins
knee-high boots from graceland
Outfit 2
top, pants, and necklace from yoins
my jacket (idk the brand sorry!)
platform shoes from graceland
Outfit 3
top and pants yoins
my necklace (random chains, unbranded)
jessica simpson heels
Artist who did my big tattoo:
Music in order:
Alpharo - Too Early -
Insta Models - Do It Like You -
Insta Models - Parasol -
Kap Slap - Lookin Amazing (feat. Cal) -
A MAJOR thank you goes to all my patrons for their continued patience and support for me. This video wouldn't be here without you all!
Then an extra thank you goes to all who've joined recently, including: Karl as a Phoenix patron, and then Benjamin S, Brianna, and Dragan Z as Fire patrons.
Plus I don't know where I'd be without my Phoenix patrons: Brian and StarDust. And last but never least, my Wildfire patrons Ben and Donner. ❤
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FTC - This video is not sponsored by any of the mentioned companies, designers, or individuals. Most clothes items were provided by Yoins and the wig was provided by Wiggins Hair.

  • ch527kerosene

    I know it’s long, but I’ve been working on this video since January lmao. If you saw my last video, then you know I almost just gave up and scrapped the whole thing. But thanks to the encouragement and help from my patrons, I finally edited it into something manageable! So I hope you like it

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