Deji Reacts To Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren
Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren
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  • Music 4MySoul
    Music 4MySoul

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  • editbang

    Jesus Loves you ✝️ Repent before it's too late 🙏🙌

  • TheProd LS
    TheProd LS

    weller would probs fuck you up lets be honest loool

  • Ethan Janes
    Ethan Janes

    Losing either makes or breaks someone 💯👌

  • LetsGoChaz

    christ deji got mad real quick

  • Avoc

    Damn you finally got 1M views again lmao

  • Kenneth Limoa
    Kenneth Limoa

    Deji VS Jake 2

  • DW 19
    DW 19


  • Sarahjayne Millward
    Sarahjayne Millward

    joe "moist" weller

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    When he says "You Weird Leave me alone" 😂😂😂🤣

  • Andrew Perkzy
    Andrew Perkzy

    Deji Vs Joe Weller lets have it. let Joe get knocked out by both brothers. and Deji would have gib easy.

  • Jimmy Infamous
    Jimmy Infamous

    That's where I think you're wrong. Jake Paul doesn't know he's a douchebag.

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Nah i love jake paul

  • VaPoR

    why would he fight gib arent they friends?

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    This guys personality is so funny lol he’s such a character

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Its too funny when deji gets pissed 🤣😂

  • callista knight
    callista knight

    this escalated quicker than jake paul could take floyd mayweather’s hat 🤣

  • Koisēkeung

    Deji I think it's about time for you to humble Jake

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-


  • Young Lion
    Young Lion

    Deji made joke poor bleed. Assman is a professional ufc fighter that barely gave Joke Poor a scratch.

    • SK


    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-


  • TheMusicMan

    You know Deji is serious when he stands up 😂

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Deji honestly got some good shit talk

  • S97 PM
    S97 PM

    "If you're our commentator, I will jump you . Simple as that" 😭💀

  • Clint Westwood
    Clint Westwood


  • Urgan Nagru
    Urgan Nagru

    If only Deji trained a bit harder against Jake

  • ItsameAlex

    2:21 - premonition of the floyd-jake debacle

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming

    Let’s be honest who asked joe 😂

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-


  • AnnoyingSailor

    You are so moist- deji 2021

  • Ebrahiem Arend
    Ebrahiem Arend

    Nah i love jake paul

  • Some1

    Soooo ummmmm Jake Paul Vs. Man-Child rematch?

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-



    Its too funny when deji gets pissed 🤣😂

  • Jordan Benyon
    Jordan Benyon

    Digital olatunji

  • Kkbkgg Bdhhjb
    Kkbkgg Bdhhjb

    Talk about we know deji before jake

  • YouTube Clips
    YouTube Clips

    Joe's all talk but when it's fight time the guys a punching bag deji it's a waste of time if u fight him you'll drop him

  • Caden baker
    Caden baker

    He’d knock you out now

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      I think Deji knows that

  • iiinLight

    Deji honestly got some good shit talk

  • iiinLight

    Deji and Jake rematch

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-


  • Uglynoobgaming

    Deji: jake Paul is pretty strong Me: Ben askren is retired and before the fight he had hip surgery it obviously wasn’t a fair fight

    • Rashin Gurung
      Rashin Gurung

      We know he is retired, that doesn’t mean Jake is shit

  • Recon

    If I was Joe I'd be crying in laughter lmao

  • James Mahy
    James Mahy

    When the quiet kid in class has had enough

  • Chill and vibe
    Chill and vibe

    "Jake pool"😭💀

  • tarun98

    dejis mood went 🥰😃🙂😐😤😡🤬🥰

  • Zackery

    "ur so moist"

  • Gavin

    You should fight jake again

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-


  • ava was found
    ava was found


    • ava was found
      ava was found

      @Do Nathan what

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan


  • CaptainRyan

    How many times has he said (REALISTICLY)?

  • black shadow
    black shadow

    Hey deji I'm Ethiopian

    • DW 19
      DW 19

      Deji is Nigerian 🇳🇬

  • black shadow
    black shadow

    Deji is weak opponent for Jake Paul you might find him him in a restaurant overweight. Oh yeah not African , just black .



  • Kikof

    deji looks so much like his dad

  • Lamin Touray Mory
    Lamin Touray Mory

    You are moist😂🤣😂🤣

  • George_ Lad04
    George_ Lad04

    Love how he called feki a pussy but when gib called him out he didn’t do out ahaha

  • 24k Jade
    24k Jade

    This isn’t my first time here I just wanted to see Deji mad 😂


    i actually died of laughter when he said you're so moist

  • oMonteiro

    Jake poll

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Upload a training vid plz DEJI

  • ManiicEdits

    you are dead man go back to daddy parnk

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      @m46U time where i got pressed BY CRIPS MUST WATCH

  • MortalHuman897 BackUp
    MortalHuman897 BackUp

    Yet he doesn’t react to a video

    • Erick -_-
      Erick -_-

      He did

  • Erick

    My cousin really said vinnie was gonna win and I died cuz I know you’re gonna win

  • Lil gucci ea
    Lil gucci ea

    Punching bag is a compliment he’s saying u don’t feel pain

    • Harry Beckenbauer
      Harry Beckenbauer

      It’s just not a compliment is it though

    • ً


  • Marcio Joseph
    Marcio Joseph

    Cmon deji lad no more ISnets train hard

  • John Pénafor
    John Pénafor

    This guy is watching the monster he help create continue to grow

  • Luke03

    Haven’t watched Deji in nearly 2 years. He seems a lil different now. Idk why tho maybe more mature

  • Gabriel D'paula
    Gabriel D'paula

    I'm just waiting for the downfall of Jake and the rise of deji, idk if the recently leaked footage is deji but if it is oof Jake is finished

  • ToastyRons


  • tomasklobasnik 69
    tomasklobasnik 69

    leave me alone lol

  • Beta Squad more
    Beta Squad more

    Deji smack vinne hacker

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    “He’s used to getting kneed in the face” He lost the ufc fight in record speed 3 seconds

  • Anweshan Mishra
    Anweshan Mishra


    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @Anweshan Mishra when Deji wins stfu. Actually you can stfu right now

    • Anweshan Mishra
      Anweshan Mishra

      @Cameron Hawthorn yeahh i will also comeback when deji loses

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn

      @Anweshan Mishra I’ll come back to you when deji wins

    • Anweshan Mishra
      Anweshan Mishra

      @SwaT Saint you will se me aint lying

    • SwaT Saint
      SwaT Saint

      Deji is gonna win Mark mine

  • bluev

    @m46U time where i got pressed BY CRIPS MUST WATCH

  • buddy boi
    buddy boi

    Upload a training vid plz DEJI

  • Ryan Mac
    Ryan Mac

    Let’s fucking go

    • Ryan Mac
      Ryan Mac

      @bouytt guyt he’s been boxing like 3 years now tbf but as soon as he fights anyone with any boxing technical ability he’s getting put to sleep

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      How u let jake Paul beat u

  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man

    Deji pls train this time

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      why you think he's not uploading much?

  • Dub Mantra
    Dub Mantra

    Boring us Now With This Boxing Content 🥱

    • Rashin Gurung
      Rashin Gurung

      @Cameron Hawthorn exactly lol

    • Toni Cipriani
      Toni Cipriani

      @Cameron Hawthorn exactly lol

    • Toni Cipriani
      Toni Cipriani

      @Cameron Hawthorn exactly lol

    • Cameron Hawthorn
      Cameron Hawthorn

      Then why tf are you here

  • Cuthbert Mwamsoyo
    Cuthbert Mwamsoyo

    Leave me alone😅

  • ToastedChips

    dejis barely uploading, and leaked footage of him with the heavy bag. deji is actually focused this fight and i like that. win this for us deji

  • sam tolog
    sam tolog

    Haha ❤

  • Dom Chambers
    Dom Chambers

    Jeeez Deji. You looking buff. Jeeeeeeez

  • Henry Pickard
    Henry Pickard

    Joe was drunk

  • Uk DrillBantz1
    Uk DrillBantz1

    He reminds me of a African mum

  • Tends

    Deji is such a king!

  • cheetah219

    What's terrible is that deji could have ended Jake Paul 3 fucking years ago and ended all of this boxing stuff.

  • Jake Duncanson
    Jake Duncanson

    “He fancy’s me” 🤣

  • Farzad Arif
    Farzad Arif

    You're a man child.

  • DansFitness


  • tate vestal
    tate vestal

    How u let jake Paul beat u

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      cuz Jake trained more

  • Harry Fielding
    Harry Fielding

    Honestly deji if you are truly about it call him up and arrange a spar the loser has to shave their head

  • meliodas

    Aye day before my birthday

  • Big Gamer DaD
    Big Gamer DaD

    Dood the guy just basically just came out of surgery and only had 3 months of training and he was really out of shape and you said it your self boxing isn't easy. But saying all that Jake is a good boxer that fight was easy for him.

  • scapegoat_

    For some reason the way he says "shitty lil podcast" is so funny 🤣😂

  • saifullah khan
    saifullah khan

    Hi Deji I'm your biggest Fan and keep up with what you are doing because you always seem to put a smile on my face 😁😁

  • Kanyiri chege
    Kanyiri chege

    This guy didnt move houses wth

  • Treasure Gaming
    Treasure Gaming

    Deji you BETTER beat yo this vinnie guy TANK GANG

  • Anas Noor
    Anas Noor

    Deji made bear Ps with this vid

  • coolcat Seamans
    coolcat Seamans


  • Pr3d4tor EXB
    Pr3d4tor EXB

    He’s so underrated

  • Juan Bautistax3
    Juan Bautistax3

    Mans face got a lil slim, he working his ass off, looks fit and built

  • ً

    Jake paul: my next opponent is a retired golfer

  • brenda atkins
    brenda atkins

    @jeffrey collins its because the AFRICAN AMERICAN hollywood celebrities use it to CHANGE THEIR SKIN COLOR.They use the orange peeling lotion which changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race according to the article sold by some japanese company matsui skin lightening dot com.But they deny using the japanese lotion because they want everybody to assume they are naturally light skinned and not bleaching their skin lighter.Its the same way like when nobody wants to admit having a nose job,boob job or plastic surgery i guess.

  • Kurt Is FR
    Kurt Is FR

    You are statically his toughest opponent but you failed to bring up the fact the he has 2+ years more experience and training from when he fought you... he isn’t the same fighter or boxer. But as long as that makes you feel good about your L👍

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan


  • samuel hoops
    samuel hoops

    I just saw some of your training footage, you’re doing big things man keep up the good work you look like a beast

  • AJ styll williams
    AJ styll williams

    That is true

  • Dsc_ Warn
    Dsc_ Warn

    Stop being a bitch and fight a tiktoker that could actually box

    • Rashin Gurung
      Rashin Gurung

      Bruh he doesn’t have a choice

  • LuckySharkGaming

    Ok is it just me or has everyone else forgot that deji is gonna be a dad 😂

    • ImSaltyBro

      Bruh its fake u bozo

  • Tiffany Kingsley
    Tiffany Kingsley

    I would have loved to see Jake and Tommy fury fight, but jake Paul did chicken out so there isn't much of respact for jake Paul buuut that's just my opinion though.

    • eaj20

      @King TJ remember when Dylan Moran (Conor McGregor's sparring partner called Jake out and Jake took a shit and hasn't responded) Jake is the biggest betch out there

    • King TJ
      King TJ

      They are fighting tho Tommy and Jake