Face To Face With Floyd Mayweather
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


    "I got your hat" 😂😂😂😂

  • فانز سامر المدني 💛
    فانز سامر المدني 💛

    هل من عربي هنا😂😂

  • Tiktok

    Kids always love shouting lmao😭

  • Gwadzy

    Nice problems

  • Amy Lapratt
    Amy Lapratt

    Sooooooo that went well.

  • AniKing

    Meayweather is a better fighter but i gotta admit logan had better roast😬

  • Abdul Qayyum
    Abdul Qayyum

    Got your hat 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Secret Mullet Man
    Secret Mullet Man

    If he dies hes dies...

  • Sandra Munera montoya
    Sandra Munera montoya

    You are my love platónico logan 💋💋💋💋

  • King Of the Beast
    King Of the Beast

    “I’m gonna fuck him up!” Logan: Hugs Floyd the entire match

  • Jacob Ryan guevara
    Jacob Ryan guevara

    13:49 🤣😂😂

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    Actually rooting for Logan here, Floyd’s gotten to cocky.

  • marcos andre
    marcos andre

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  • Vicky


  • Francesco Bellantone
    Francesco Bellantone

    Song name?

  • Sandra Munera montoya
    Sandra Munera montoya

    Love you 💋💋

    • Sandra Munera montoya
      Sandra Munera montoya

      @ceerw buty logan

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      Are Logan and Josie dating still

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Logan: hes the proplem childe im an angel At the same time somewhere else Jake: got ya hat Jake got punched Back at logan Random : jakes in a fight

  • iRan Robledo
    iRan Robledo

    Deberías conocer el escorpión dorado en mexico

  • Mod e1
    Mod e1

    What is that song from 3:40?

  • revengesonata

    Staged bullshit AF

  • Mahi gamer43
    Mahi gamer43

    Jake is smileing

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      HAHA 😂

  • Mahi gamer43
    Mahi gamer43

    Jake is funking like me

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    What happened to dave

  • vex

    Ha ha ha :jake im gonna take his hat

    • vex

      Ha ha ha ha ha

  • Priyatham reddy Dharma
    Priyatham reddy Dharma


  • シKABOS ๛
    シKABOS ๛

    أين العرب 😂



    • Shashwat

      Mi Vida - by Cielobrujo New Religion - by Taz Conley

  • Cooper Jay
    Cooper Jay

    Just another pay out.

  • Daniel Sabillon
    Daniel Sabillon

    Are Logan and Josie dating still

  • Reese’s Vlogs
    Reese’s Vlogs

    When Jake said got your hat to Logan 😂😂😂😂

  • Ricki bobby
    Ricki bobby

    Jake is killing me lmao

  • Sarah Rahmani
    Sarah Rahmani

    he just made about the got ya hat bc he’s bald 🤡🤡

  • Spxrkyy

    i got ur hat jake 2021 😂😂


    HAHA 😂

  • Melanie Solorzano
    Melanie Solorzano

    the guards should let logan protect jake hes doing his hardest to protect him

  • John Sully
    John Sully

    Who's here after the fight occured????

  • Chris Pax
    Chris Pax

    Pollo!!!!!!! Tutto finto !!

  • oliver westcombe
    oliver westcombe

    Jake Paul Vs Loagan Paul. Needs to Happen

  • Leyla Brown
    Leyla Brown

    @ the end this is all for entertainment , yaaa just enjoy giving these people views there only doing what the audience asks for SMH

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Moments taken before disasters “ ima take his hat “ said Jake 😂

  • Behr MC
    Behr MC

    Logan: I'm gunna fuck him up. Jake: imma take his hat...

  • Johannes Miller
    Johannes Miller

    Yoooo Respect for Jake

  • Cristo abraham
    Cristo abraham

    Background music is super music name tell please

    • Cristo abraham
      Cristo abraham

      Thank u

    • Shashwat

      There were two songs.... Mi Vida - by Cielobrujo New Religion - by Taz Conley

  • drummerBoii malone
    drummerBoii malone

    The fact that he messing with another man shoes us as black people don't play that shitt and that grabbing hats off another man head is too disrespect and what his wife got to do it 😡😡💪

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      And got knocked out ✌️

  • Tiger He
    Tiger He

    I loved it when jake took his hat and Logan had to waddle over

  • Santosh Dahiya
    Santosh Dahiya

    Why u messing with people all time u stunned by kevin owens also

  • Mayank Peswani
    Mayank Peswani

    That ending 😂💥

  • Lakcatchera

    i missed watching your vlogs

  • Dark Battler 360
    Dark Battler 360

    when ajek got punched my men was holding hid face bro poor dude LOL

  • Madison Moses
    Madison Moses

    I love Logan and how’s he matured

  • :)

    2 fake fighters

  • Genszwoo

    Lol jake didn’t even try to fight him he just tried to get away with the hat

  • Chrispy Sailor
    Chrispy Sailor

    Looking back glad to see you got smashed with your cocky attitude

  • Chrispy Sailor
    Chrispy Sailor

    Burger Park Christopher seller broke his shit and I'll take a poke at you any fucking time any fucking time.

  • Ucetroy_901 clan ynw L
    Ucetroy_901 clan ynw L

    Hey Floyd got your hat got your hat

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    that was funny but i can’t lie when he said “what about me” that made me feel for him

  • Owen

    Logan Paul litterally hits like a 3 Yr old baby how tf does he expect to win Floyd would easily fuck u up logan paul

  • Renza Lalremmuana
    Renza Lalremmuana

    And got knocked out ✌️

  • Renza Lalremmuana
    Renza Lalremmuana

    U lose at the end of the day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • amanda Bengtsson
    amanda Bengtsson

    floyd hitted his wife, ew i hate him now. i loved when jake took his hat

    • sehhi vooty
      sehhi vooty

      The title should read: intimately close to Floyd Mayweather

  • Enait-ul Hoque
    Enait-ul Hoque

    Jake is living on the ideology that to be mad in a deranged world is not madness, it's sanity.

  • Kevin Amaya
    Kevin Amaya

    What's the outro song

    • Shashwat

      New Religion - by Taz Conley

  • v0fty

    "My brother's the problem, I'm an angel" - Logan Paul

  • Andreas Pandapotan
    Andreas Pandapotan

    this is funny

  • beast mode 999
    beast mode 999

    shut the f up logan this shit was staged

  • romal aloysius
    romal aloysius

    epic song - new religion

  • Osia Tech
    Osia Tech

    your brother's crazy 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Zack Ryan
    Zack Ryan

    8:34 Jake gave the heads up. Can’t even be mad.

  • Kadape Muhmin
    Kadape Muhmin

    Bruh Jake cry like a baby

  • C

    Logan is going to make another video saying I lost

  • Andrew Ross
    Andrew Ross

    this dude is three times mayweathers size. do you people know why weight classes are a thing?

  • Twilight_moons

    jake taking his hat makes this 1million times funnier

  • Салима Кудаманова
    Салима Кудаманова

    Мал джек пол

  • Sphenn Stansfield
    Sphenn Stansfield

    The title should read: intimately close to Floyd Mayweather

  • Elana. Marie
    Elana. Marie

    Logan got mad when floyd got personal .. damn

  • الأستاذ كريم في مادة الفيزياء
    الأستاذ كريم في مادة الفيزياء

    song please ?

    • Shashwat

      Mi Vida - by Cielobrujo New Religion - by Taz Conley

  • Pig gang Vlogs
    Pig gang Vlogs

    Got ya hat😂😭

  • trydaboom

    9:58 “yo jakes in a fight”😭

  • JJ GG
    JJ GG

    It’s all show business

  • antonio uquillas xd
    antonio uquillas xd

    3:40 song name? pls

    • Shashwat

      Mi Vida - by Cielobrujo New Religion - by Taz Conley

    • WC Afore
      WC Afore

      Ikt I can't find it

  • Epic voyager
    Epic voyager


  • Mosawer Noori
    Mosawer Noori

    lol that’s all Floyd can say 🤣

    • WC Afore
      WC Afore

      @Shrek he didn't get knocked out he allmost did

    • Shrek


    • Shrek

      Tats why logan got knocked tf out by Mayweather

  • Iris Iris
    Iris Iris


  • 𝕂𝕖𝕚𝕣 𝕜𝕖𝕚𝕣
    𝕂𝕖𝕚𝕣 𝕜𝕖𝕚𝕣

    This is my like my 7th time watching this and I still laugh so much when jake said “GOTCHA HAT” I just couldn’t but before he took his hat jake said “ima take his hat” I was so ready!

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    The moment Jake took the hat off Floyd's head must have increased the audience, publicity and the sales for this fight at least by 50%

  • Biggie Cheese
    Biggie Cheese

    Ayo u still stealing hats

  • mason smith
    mason smith

    Loagan says he told jake not to all he said is ok

    • WC Afore
      WC Afore

      He was saying ok because of what Mayweather saif

  • Jen Huang
    Jen Huang

    The disturbed women reassuringly suit because writer concordantly trust till a cautious dill. easy, rampant place

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo



    Pinche güerito obvio que te hiban a dar en la madre🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Marvin Marquez
    Marvin Marquez

    Just watched a new WWE episode Oh wait, was it really all about box?

  • Bailey Warnick
    Bailey Warnick

    Jake is such a child! No cap! 🧢

  • Zach Tyge
    Zach Tyge

    9:47 Gochor Hat

  • Mary richard-oden
    Mary richard-oden

    Got your hat baby!

  • Aidan Green
    Aidan Green

    Who is here after Logan beat floyd

    • daddy chknnuggets
      daddy chknnuggets

      Floyd won

    • WC Afore
      WC Afore

      Flody won but they both did really good

    • Adam Wickel
      Adam Wickel

      Floyd won


      floyd won check the stats

    • Vyro

      Logan didnt bet shit lmaooa

  • Mary richard-oden
    Mary richard-oden

    jake is a thug

  • Sherrie Asbury
    Sherrie Asbury

    You have to admit that shit was funny as shit LMFAO bahaha

  • Dasani Lavigne
    Dasani Lavigne

    Jake is funny bro

  • gabby barron
    gabby barron

    How come they didn’t pull mayweather they really let him keep going at jake and they were pulling Jake when really it was mayweather

  • gabby barron
    gabby barron

    They should’ve let Logan go he just wanted to help his brother that ain’t fair