KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]
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I wanna wake up every morning feeling better cos I know you’re sleeping by my side
And every moment we’re together I’ll remember just to keep it all for you and I
I see that body in the sunlight
Feeling the heat and it feels right
I wanna do this for the rest of my life
Oh, I know I know you know the vibe
I wanna stay with you every night
You and me underneath lights
I’m Always good when you’re by my side
I know You know you’re on my mind
You really make me come alive
I wanna be here for the rest of my life

Looking for sunrays
Needing them good days
Fly me a way away, you’re my holiday

Cool like the ocean
Lost in emotion
Find me a way away, you’re my holiday

Whenever you’re here it’s a good time
Strawberry shirts in the sunshine
Ice cold drinks till the moonlight
You’re my holiday

I wanna stay up till the morning with you talking, just listen to the things you say
And everytime I’m in the middle of the city I imagine us so Far away
I see that body in the sunlight
Feeling the heat and it feels right
I wanna do this for the rest of my life
Oh, I know You know you’re on my mind
You really make me come alive
I wanna be here for the rest of my life

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

Directed By Troy Roscoe - : instagram.com/troyroscoe/

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

  • Linna Lue
    Linna Lue

    KSI knock the fuck out of jake box him

  • Sir bossyyy poooo
    Sir bossyyy poooo

    Try 1.25x you won't regret.

  • Jordan Tanksley
    Jordan Tanksley

    Why every time I go here, there gotta be a cookie ad!?

  • Sebastian Pociask
    Sebastian Pociask

    Wow.. amazing

  • Terrovax

    Bruh I'd never thought I'd actually listen to this guy, a youtuber I watch all the time, regularly like I'm listening to one of the mainstream music. Damn

  • Crygear

    wow goob doj neek man

  • ProDx Lavender
    ProDx Lavender

    *Really Awesome 😍 Love From India ❤️🇮🇳❤️*

  • Soap MacTavish
    Soap MacTavish

    JJ my boii ♥️

  • A Hisham
    A Hisham

    You prove who you are jj 😜✨🙂

  • Pearl Brando
    Pearl Brando

    Plot Twist: He wrote this song for his Hamsters

  • Arthur Weldon
    Arthur Weldon

    Keep it up JJ we are all proud of you what a song amazing it all really stuck in my head we will make this top on chart we love you JJ well done 👏

  • Ranjana Shankhwar
    Ranjana Shankhwar

    Song op video not op

  • Edgar Prado
    Edgar Prado

    Dam KSI is Good at music

  • giorgi Metonidze
    giorgi Metonidze

    Use me as a “dying of laughter” button

    • Uraraka Chan
      Uraraka Chan


  • Jacksen Cherwinski
    Jacksen Cherwinski

    From growing up watching a teenager play games with his brother in his room at night and maturing and making music now he has matured so much and I am very proud of the person he has turned in to it has a great pleasure watching and growing up with you thank you

  • sam_thegoat-_-

    Holiday in fifa 22???

  • wigger straggot
    wigger straggot


  • Kurt Koloseus
    Kurt Koloseus

    this made me happy cry for the first time in so long. i've been watching since a kid JJ, THANK YOU for everything you do!!!



  • Sarksonnessly

    Such a vibe!

  • ENZOxDV1

    Anyone else think he's become too mainstream? He had personality before now he's just another famous dude. A wise man once said "The old KSI will never be topped".

  • danniel davis
    danniel davis

    Not bad

  • Nevaeh Fata
    Nevaeh Fata

    oh yeah montage time

  • KanteenSight

    Why are people forcing themselves to like this song🤣

    • onob

      Maybe because we actually like it?

  • Milly Craythorn
    Milly Craythorn

    i kinda feel bad since ksi doesnt have a gf

  • Little_ Dude175
    Little_ Dude175

    me sittin here lonely af lol. great song bro

  • Sumaira Zaki
    Sumaira Zaki

    My life is completed ended this is song when always make me happy tysm Ksi I have no words to thank u u always the best from the start

  • SuperMisFortune MC
    SuperMisFortune MC

    Can’t believe 21k people disliked it

  • ahhy


  • Ramon Baglari
    Ramon Baglari

    Ksi has become an inspiration. From those FIFA, Lambo days to Boxing and this song.


    Boxing ain't work so yk he wants to try music

  • Little Ghost
    Little Ghost

    KSI: making bangers Tommy: wanna fight innit?!

  • Sacred memes Seminary
    Sacred memes Seminary

    This shows how talented he is at making all of us laugh and always staying on top Amazing song well done JJ

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    Octavio Gaytan

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    Chaos Venom

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    Nicola Craig

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    Zeke Pearson

    JJ makes me feel loved

  • Savio Anthony Mampilly
    Savio Anthony Mampilly

    This dude is singing! Actually singing!! Fcuk!?!?!

  • Poopoo Doodoo
    Poopoo Doodoo

    Why U LeT Me DoWn LiKe DaT

  • YungTxnk

    2016 summer vibes those were the best days.

  • Joel's world
    Joel's world

    Plotswist is Simon at the end

  • Ronny Rodriguez
    Ronny Rodriguez

    Here from the impaulsive podcast, didn’t even know KSI made music. Nice 👍🏼

    • Anderson Miller
      Anderson Miller

      that is his main thing lol.

  • Kaan Inc.
    Kaan Inc.

    This is beautiful

  • kamzu


  • Jory Hansen
    Jory Hansen

    This song is actually good

  • Nihal Ahmed
    Nihal Ahmed

    Guys listen to a cover done by aswin bhaskar from kerala , India It's worth a listen.

  • Ssuna Ronald
    Ssuna Ronald

    Recently discovered KSI and can’t end the day without coming here to play this video/song. It’s addictive and great to listen too. Really impressed by his journey

    • Anderson Miller
      Anderson Miller

      @Old KSI Videos and song writer/singer/rapper.

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      He's a youtuber

  • Gregg Nominostov
    Gregg Nominostov

    You my good sir have done it, stay humble bruv 🤘

  • _MR_BEAST_

    Fun fact ; people who have tick after their channel name always gets much like

  • _MR_BEAST_

    This song might be the best

  • Default Boi
    Default Boi

    This song genuinely gave me chills This will become nostalgic and hit harder then it already does

  • Key Mariano
    Key Mariano



    Yo this is great

  • Jacquees

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    Sarthak Bhujel

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  • Abdul Raheem
    Abdul Raheem

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  • Tan junhao
    Tan junhao

    Bruh this made it to my country's radio station ,proud of our fatneek

    • rhensn

      Yeah its been on the biggest radio station in the UK so many times

  • Trevor Fleming
    Trevor Fleming

    Lovely song

  • Abdur rahman zulfiqar 7f
    Abdur rahman zulfiqar 7f

    Damn this song make me go crazy!KSI ur the 🐐 no 🧢

  • Jay Vee Salvador
    Jay Vee Salvador

    Love it

  • VisGaming

    Usually when I eat rice or gum I don't think of them as salty, but oh boy are they salty right now.

  • Noah Ariza
    Noah Ariza

    It’s 5 Am rolled down my windows and driving happy and realizing that life is way more beautiful with my wife and daughter and son God is great.

  • Sean£themt

    Keep it up👌

  • Sean£themt

    I am so proud of you 👍

  • Kirstein Becerel
    Kirstein Becerel

    This hits right in the kokoro. Song's bop. Great job, KSI!

  • Omar tariq
    Omar tariq

    This song makes me feel happy and lonely at the same time

  • Sheldon Lloyd
    Sheldon Lloyd

    Should be on next fifa this

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    SonicGamer Playz

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  • Travis scott
    Travis scott

    Bro this song is horrible 🤣

    • Anderson Miller
      Anderson Miller

      or you just have horrible taste in music. also why is your name Travis Scott when you aren't Travis Scott lol.

  • Xyphonization

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    katie randall

    This is right up there with dj Sammy boys of summer as my summer jams 🤣

  • Susheel Badhan
    Susheel Badhan

    I love how much he’s matured over his music. This song is quality. 🔥

  • Tomcroft06 gaming Baker
    Tomcroft06 gaming Baker

    What a fucking song this is !!👍🏼👍🏼

  • frog-in-the-wardrobe

    You should never doubt yourself jj

  • robloxguy 123
    robloxguy 123

    Please do a roblox event

    • robloxguy 123
      robloxguy 123

      @Anderson Miller no it wouldn't

    • Anderson Miller
      Anderson Miller

      I love Roblox but that would just make a meme out of his music.

  • Sseven 07
    Sseven 07


  • Angel

    i wonder when i’m gonna find my holiday LMAOAOAOAOAOA

  • Angel

    bro this is so good

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    Thomas Pearson

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    Gravity Punk

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    jayden thomas

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    Oliver Moore

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    Sushma Habbu

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  • Walker Pope
    Walker Pope

    This song shows who he has become, KSI is the king of maturity. Even tho I’ll ever meet you JJ I love you man, definitely will always look up to you

  • Min Kim
    Min Kim

    finally u made MUSIC

  • rêêt

    See you when this hits 100M views


    Some people just cannot accept the fact that ksi can sing well.

  • Shivansh Chauhan
    Shivansh Chauhan


  • Ayoub

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