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Nick Symmonds is a two-time Olympian and a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder and president of Nick Symmonds, LLC and the co-founder and CEO of Run Gum, a caffeinated chewing gum company that gives people a quick boost in energy and focus with their revolutionary energy gum.

Nick holds a degree in biochemistry from Willamette University. He is also an Eagle Scout, a published author and a licensed pilot.​

  • Nick Symmonds
    Nick Symmonds

    Only three events remaining in this year's Nick Symmonds Track Classic! Shot Put is next week, followed by 1 Mile and 5,000m. Which event(s) will I see you at?? Full schedule + details here:

    • Useless Peson
      Useless Peson

      Nvm new pb on saturday 20:50

    • Ty Finnegan
      Ty Finnegan

      @Carter Nikolas yea, I have been watching on flixzone} for months myself :D

    • Ridge Reed
      Ridge Reed

      @Carter Nikolas Definitely, have been using Flixzone} for months myself :D

    • Carter Nikolas
      Carter Nikolas

      pro trick: you can watch series on Flixzone. I've been using it for watching a lot of movies lately.

    • Yuh boi Eli
      Yuh boi Eli

  • YT_ Dogboss
    YT_ Dogboss

    My 800 m is 2:56 and I am 12

  • Tibovl

    I'm a relatively fit man, 23 years of age and my pb over the 1k just got beaten by a 13 year old girl. What a beast

  • Soh Len
    Soh Len

    “Invite my friends to play track and field”

  • dylan_obvi_hates_me

    I would do anything to be in one of these races but I live in West Virginia 😭

  • Simon Edwards
    Simon Edwards

    2:35 (2:03 at 800m) for 1k is seriously FAST !!!!!!!! GUN TO TAPE,,,NO PACEMAKER!!!!!!!!!! And so young 😃😅 Definitely a future sub 4 minutes miler GO,BEN GO !!!!!!!!

  • Anas

    Can I 1vs1 you on 1000m

  • Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης
    Γεώργιος Γαλανάκης

    Where is Evan?

  • James

    why cant they take the $$$?


    i wish i could come

  • Willy Meza
    Willy Meza

    We need rungum running shorts

  • Nitesh Naithani
    Nitesh Naithani

    I m dying to run in one of your races, I wish one day you'll visit india and I m definitely joining you🔥🔥🔥 till then keep going and keep growing, and yes I have subscribed too😅😅😅

  • Josue V E R I F I C A D O
    Josue V E R I F I C A D O

    I made the 1000 meters in 2:48secs lol

  • Sunny Negi
    Sunny Negi

    9:35 😆😆😅😅 BISON

  • Jonas Thompson
    Jonas Thompson

    I am 13 years old and ran a 2:29 as a pr tho I averaged 2:31. but I am a boy

  • JINX P T.V.
    JINX P T.V.

    Luv the channel Bro just Sub.......

  • Jack Freedom
    Jack Freedom

    Do a 1600

  • Abbas Hazra
    Abbas Hazra

    Man, I am great at 800m and 200m and I can't decide. I love them both equally. Should i just see how things go ?

  • Kavier Smith
    Kavier Smith


  • Kavier Smith
    Kavier Smith

    I'm a napsac runner I ran the 100m 400m and 800m last time I nearly won the 200m but I slowed down and two of my friends past me

  • GODS Stealth
    GODS Stealth

    Half woops auto correct

  • GODS Stealth
    GODS Stealth

    My fastest have mile is 2.27.55

  • agenthoini

    Man every week i come back to another one of these videos and every week i cant believe how good some of these people are :D

  • layden yump
    layden yump

    I wish I could do it... but my parents won’t go out to watch me race for $100

  • Sanosu

    Even the last racers in the men's race had fantastic times in the 1km


    I wish I could come but I live on the other side of the country 😔

  • Karimi

    I have intense speed and stamina but I just don’t know how to use it

  • Austin Greenwood
    Austin Greenwood

    Hi I’m apart of the 2021 sectional champion team and I ran the 4x200 and would love to see a 200 or 4x200

  • Christian Brock
    Christian Brock

    can we please get a pole vault

  • Xavier Enriquez
    Xavier Enriquez

    Come race in San Antonio, Texas ):

  • dizney jnr
    dizney jnr

    I admire Ashley kick. I feel like she can win all this races but isn't trying

  • اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي
    اكثرو من الصلاة على النبي

    ازرع في كل مساحة من وقتك حمدآ تسبيحآ أستغفارآ شكرآ.

  • Mash Ups
    Mash Ups

    i knew Ben was gonna win. lol if he pushed a lil more he could do 2:30 or less.

  • scrumpymanjack

    That was a hell of a run by that 16 year old. I was a good runner when I was 16...but I don't think I was quite THAT good.

  • Ghaven Plays
    Ghaven Plays

    @Nick Symmonds you should race against someone you ran in the olympics with!

  • Jamie Halla
    Jamie Halla

    Nick, why didn't you wear the ELMN8s bud? I am getting a pair!!

  • Adorján Zalán
    Adorján Zalán

    Big shoutout on ben

  • Mike Amundson
    Mike Amundson

    Bro, you should do a video on Murph this Memorial Day. #challengeaccepted

  • Tracy

    Are there gonna be some hurdle events?

  • Clos MasMas
    Clos MasMas

    I hope Kylua can continue to improve she’ll be great one day

  • Brenen Ludka
    Brenen Ludka

    Please do the 200m dash

  • Mason Ober
    Mason Ober

    Let's go Provo, Utah!!!

  • Owen Robinson
    Owen Robinson

    You have to come to jamaica stadiom

  • Nubulite

    I wish I could race y’all somehow 😭😭😭

  • Jay Sharma
    Jay Sharma

    Nick do the 400 hurdles!!!

  • Zachary Bush
    Zachary Bush

    RIP to that girls college eligibility lol

  • sayed zameel mashhoor
    sayed zameel mashhoor

    Ashley's voice is like one of the dhar man girls voice

  • Jamie Sorenson
    Jamie Sorenson

    I'd really like to be in one of these

  • Metamorph

    Nick's still got the lethal kick at 37! Great job

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    Should be a 1000 dollar bill ,cheapskate

  • Shrish Naik
    Shrish Naik

    I am indian I wished to live in your country and run in this race

  • KON Track and Field
    KON Track and Field

    Nice video! I also make running videos!

  • Toca fun 🤩
    Toca fun 🤩

    I have a question... WHOS SHOW IS IT KYLUA OR BEN

  • Toca fun 🤩
    Toca fun 🤩

    I wish I could join but I’m in uk

  • Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez

    High quality, great host, good content, community involvement. This man does it all???

  • Gabriella Meat Tray
    Gabriella Meat Tray

    14:15 wow what a humble and generous young man! That was so kind of him to pay the camera man🥺💕

  • Joe Nescio
    Joe Nescio

    I keep thinking Ashton is Morgan McDonald

  • Nathan Gee
    Nathan Gee

    Does run gum actually work?

  • S I M P
    S I M P


  • Akpana Adie
    Akpana Adie

    Here's a video idea: have two runners complete a certain distance 400m or longer, give them each a certain amount of rest, but give the faster runner half a minute to a minute less rest. Get the runner with less rest to complete the same distance again, but give that person a tenth of their distance head start (for example a 40m head start for a 400 race). Also get the well-rested runner to run it with them, and see if they can catch the less-rested one.

  • gracious singh
    gracious singh

    Luke : I'm 5 yrs old Bison: I wanna see him run the Marathon in sub 2😀

  • papermaker107

    I ran a 1k as part of an indoor multi this year... it was the moment I decided I wasn't a multier

  • Stephon Mohammed
    Stephon Mohammed

    Nick, Can you train kylua the female winner? Take her under your wings.

  • Lacey Utley
    Lacey Utley

    Glad to see that someone finally has made it from Utah out to a Nick Symmonds Track Classic! I from Utah as well and I'd love to be able to come someday!

  • Omega Gaming
    Omega Gaming

    I was going to try and make it but i needed more notice nick you would love for me to compete

  • Omega Gaming
    Omega Gaming

    When are u going to be in florida again???

  • Alex Tripp
    Alex Tripp

    7:35 Nick got some fan girls

  • Braeden Waller
    Braeden Waller


  • samurai keings
    samurai keings

    When is the exact date of the next track event cuz I might ask my dad to go cuz shot put is my event my highest is a 35 I might not place but it's still my event

  • AJ Lapray
    AJ Lapray


  • josh ice
    josh ice

    Mr BEAST 2.0

  • Gijs

    I run ofrood 7.45 2km

  • aakash panwar
    aakash panwar

    He looks like Dexter morgan

  • Tomas

    Where’s the link for virtual book how to be a better runner?

  • Armando García
    Armando García

    Cada día se suman mas personas. Que bien!


    It's 900 meters not 1k bro

  • Adib Sarwar
    Adib Sarwar

    Props to Kelli and Luke. They are in for the fun.

  • Braden Davis
    Braden Davis

    Thoughts on D Metcalf running 100M? He placed 9th but had to outweigh competition by 50 lbs

  • nickability

    Come out to Houston Nick!

  • Robert McGimpsey
    Robert McGimpsey

    REALLY good video!! These are fun to watch; wish you could come to our school and have one!! :)

  • Miguel D
    Miguel D

    We are all sinners and we cannot save ourselves! If a person gets to heaven because they kept the commandments or stopped sinning or got baptized, then that would mean that they were saved by their works. But we are not saved by our works! And if we are not saved by our works, then we cannot “stay” saved by them. We are saved by grace through faith! Salvation is a completely free gift! Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried in a tomb, and rose again on the third day. Should a person use this as a license to sin? No. Of course not. If a person uses this as a license to sin, are they still saved? Yes. Of course. If you believe that Jesus paid the price for your sins (past, present, and future), was buried and rose again on the third day, you are sealed until the day of redemption and you cannot lose your salvation no matter what! Our salvation is not based on how we live. Our rewards in heaven are based on how we live. OSAS. ❤️

  • Benjamin Bird
    Benjamin Bird

    "I used to be a professional runner but now I just invite my friends out to play track and field." - Nick Symmonds 2021 Haha love it Nick!

  • john pontes
    john pontes

    That 2min35 was top class

  • john pontes
    john pontes

    I dont think a kick matters in 800m-1000m mostly people run a negative 400 split. Pace natural pace matters

  • Kraknoix 007
    Kraknoix 007

    "For you who have been harassing me for rungum gear" do people actually do this? I can't imagine many people care that much about gum 🤔

  • Kumud kenedy
    Kumud kenedy

    respect Ben he knew the real winner was the camera-man. its always the camera-guy that goes way faster than the elites

  • rakesh seesurn
    rakesh seesurn

    Wes the 800 meter 1;59 champion vs Tom the 1000 meter 2;35 champion

  • FlynnFM Flynn
    FlynnFM Flynn

    Broooo pls pls pls do triple jump in the future😁

  • Alt Gaming
    Alt Gaming

    If you fly me over from Australia to do Shot Put, then I'm not subscribing

  • bugs bunny jr
    bugs bunny jr

    In my track season I ran 4x4 4x1 200 100 100 hotels

  • Board Game Bike
    Board Game Bike

    How does one get involved in these? I'm riding my bicycle from RI to WA this summer and then intend to ride down to LA afterwards. I'd be passing through Eugene in like Sept. I'd love to get in on a 5k!

  • Lil D
    Lil D

    You know what’s funny Ben sister one by 30 seconds. Then Ben wins by 30 seconds!

  • Rose Bud
    Rose Bud

    the fact that she wasn't even phased, im sure she was tired but she didn't show it, she gonna be even more phenomenal in high school especially with those splits

  • TEEK

    And here I am freshman almost a sophomore and still trying to break 6 minutes in the 1600 😭

  • Lindsey White
    Lindsey White

    Please come to Dallas!! I’m slow as hell but you’re one of my running heroes and I’d fail on camera just to meet you! ❤️❤️

  • Cory Sullivan
    Cory Sullivan

    high jump?

  • Mercedes Marks
    Mercedes Marks

    I’d love to see you guys try pole vault but you gotta do it in south west Florida at gulf coast high school so I can show you how it’s done!

  • Soglod

    Are we not gonna mention how charis is 11 years old absolutely cooking her 14 year old sister?!

    • Ashli K
      Ashli K

      @m jrext yes they are!

    • m jrext
      m jrext

      But they are both talented don’t forget that

    • Ashli K
      Ashli K

      One of the things I love about Nick is he isn't going to say something that could be hurtful. We all know how much it sucks to have a younger sibling consistently beat you. Nick gets it, I appreciate his kindest toward Ruthie.

    • m jrext
      m jrext

      Ik but there both still good

  • Richard Bao
    Richard Bao

    what happened to evan?

  • TheStoneColdA

    They need to do a Ben vs kulyla