Starship SN15 Landed. Now What? | What's Next for SpaceX's Starship
With SN15 now on display, SpaceX appears to be making a full push toward the first orbital test flight using both Starship & Super Heavy from Boca Chica. Ian Atkinson lays out what SpaceX is doing to prepare for this momentous mission.

Scripted and Hosted by Ian Atkinson (@IanPineapple).

Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal), Jack Beyer (@TheJackBeyer), and the NSF Robotic Camera Team. Edited by Brady Kenniston (@TheFavoritist)

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      So no more SN16 --- orbital SN20, here we come!

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    Someone said they were Scrapping SN16 -19 !! .... Too Bad ... I wanted to see some Repeat Performances ! ... Just to fine tune the Process and Prove they can do It ! ... But then again ... We Landed on the Moon Perfectly ... 1st Try ! .... So , Landing like this must be super Easy ! :-)

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    Those engines are probably never going to come back, they are probably being shipped off to be dismantled piece by piece for data and analysis purposes on what needs to be improved and what ware and tear happened during flight.

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    So instead of reflying SN15, they're retiring that entire block of Starships in favor of building the orbit-capable model. And instead of test flying their first Superheavy with 3 raptors, they're jumping straight to 29. I get the slight impression they're trying to pick up the pace...

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    Excellent recap, very well edited and produced. Question, does SpaceX permit nearby drone flights? Some aerial footage would be informative.

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      No, SpaceX does not allow drone flyovers of the site. If you search for 'RGV Aerial' on Twitter, he does regular (plane) flyovers of the site at a legal height.

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    Regarding the failure rate of the raptor engines that are still getting better what would happen if 5 or 6 of the 29 raptor engines fail on the superheavy? No raptors have failed on ascent but I was just wondering how much overhead does the superheavy have for engine out capability? Can't wait to see it fly thank you for reporting this nsf

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    Don't forget the all important High Bay Bar that one day you may be invited to on a launch or the next Starship presentation!

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    We all appreciate the hard work the NSF team is doing bringing us information about the progress of SpaceX. I disagree that SN16 will be scrapped, far from it. August winds are best for launches and I think we'll see SN16 prove reusability of suborbital flights as well as serve as a testing platform for the ever renewing iterations of raptor engines. SN16 has great value in many respects.

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    2:03 “and given that SpaceX doesn’t seem to want to do any more suborbital testing.” That’s only IF they intend on not doing any more suborbital flights. There are still profiles and conditions that they couldn’t figure out by flying 10km, nor by flying a starship to near-orbit. Therefore, this means that SN16 still has a chance of being completed and rolled out. What appears to be the case may actually not.

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      What kind of test would they do with SN16 other than another hop?

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      @Sidara Thank you. NSF and others have been of a great help for me during this past year and can't thank'em enough for that. Community is also super helpful and positive. Can't wait to check things out with my own eyes.

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      @Wild chameleon Yes I would think things would be much better by October. Hard to say for sure though. Good luck if you decide to go!

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      Wild chameleon

      @Sidara Would you guess that by October things will look better regarding the pandemic and closures, travel restrictions and such? It's what bugs me the most for now, because it seems like it's getting there...

    • Sidara

      You can get tours of Kennedy Space Center although I believe they are currently closed because of the pandemic. There are public areas from which you will be able to watch the launch of Crew-3. To see Starship you would need to fly from Florida to Brownsville and then hire a car and drive to Boca Chica as there are no organised tours.

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    Great video! But I would strongly speculate against 29 engines on B3. They’re knowingly ditching it, and that is 2-3 months of raptor production dedicated to one launch.

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant

      @Joshua Olsen If they're not testing the plumbing (and it's a big concern) for all those engines there is no point since that kind of testing will have to be done anyway. Thrust puck and fuel delivery are kinda key to the whole operation and so far something they haven't done at this scale. Staging and grid fins are things they do have experience with it makes no sense to test just those while ignoring the the more important mile stones. Besides the hardware for a full set of engines has been seen onsite already. Why have it fabricated and delivered if they're not going to use it?

    • Joshua Olsen
      Joshua Olsen

      @Lensflare Deviant absolutely there is. SN20 can still reach ‘orbital’ speeds with only 9 engines, the CGT can still be tested, the staging, the grid fins, etc. what can’t be tested other than the thrust puck and full fuel delivery?

    • Lensflare Deviant
      Lensflare Deviant

      There is no point in testing less.

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