Joe Rogan And Dave Chappelle On The Elon Musk Hosting SNL Controversy!!!
my reaction to the comedians talking about elon musk hosting saturday night live

  • Payvi Baby So Damn Crazy
    Payvi Baby So Damn Crazy

    People hate on Elon because he’s “ambitious”….what a shame that’s society’s most degrading attribute today

  • Matthew Sawczyn
    Matthew Sawczyn

    "Brimming with happiness" - that's the goal

  • laraine espo
    laraine espo

    “Former Tesla employee Marcus Vaughn, who worked in the Fremont, California, factory in 2017, alleged that the company’s production floor was a “hotbed for racist behavior.” Supervisors regularly used the “N word” around Black workers and he said he was fired after complaining to human resources about workplace harassment. “Although Tesla stands out as a groundbreaking company at the forefront of the electric car revolution, its standard operating procedure at the Tesla factory is pre-civil-rights-era race discrimination,” Vaughn wrote in his complaint, according to a Daily Beast report.” “In a 2017 email to employees which the company later released in response to one of the lawsuits, Elon warned against “being a huge jerk” to members of “a historically less represented group.” He also wrote, “if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely apologizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept that apology.” “But by many accounts, the issues at the Tesla factory go beyond the need for a thick skin,”

  • Greg Medina
    Greg Medina

    I've heard from the left that his parents have wealth from stolen African rubies or some shit. And that he had something to do with a coup in Bolivia over lithium. Whether that's true or not idk

  • foto21com

    Musk was better than 99% of the athletes that go on SNL, and better than many non-comedy actors. Musk wasn't bad. If anything was bad, it was the writing that was irrelevant to his persona in most skits.

  • Space Facts Wax
    Space Facts Wax

    Thank you for sharing. I got the opportunity to view a rocket launch in 2018. Incredible experience. I shared a pretty fun video of the trip to my page.

  • Swirvin

    This shit cringe

  • Sharon Portillo
    Sharon Portillo

    The SNL. Cast needs to stick to being funny and not so darned political. No one cares about their politics

  • Sharon Portillo
    Sharon Portillo

    Musk doesn’t run all those companies or do all that science and inventing himself. He has many employees and INVESTED very well.

  • joeashbubemma

    Elon Musk understands and lives by PRINCIPLES, that's why they hate him.

  • Funknutz420024

    Man love saiyanz, but the Joe Rogan clip is sooooo shockingly dull. Elon is boring

  • Funknutz420024

    Man love saiyanz, but the Joe Rogan clip is sooooo shockingly dull

  • Thomas Riddle
    Thomas Riddle

    LOL joe rogan... Is like a cartoon character.... "His brain is like a hurricane, hes like sssshhhhhhwwwooo, you could see it, he was just trying to have a conversation... But his mind...(joe with His Eyes wide twirling his head around in circles..) Hes probably going through fucking equations, new ideas, concepts, and plotting things..." Lol really joe thats whats was goin going on??? equations? he was doing math while thinking of an answer to your question?? LOL

  • Thomas Riddle
    Thomas Riddle

    Dave Chapelle is a Got Dang National Treasure..

  • what

    Why does Dave Chappell sound like Joe Budden now?

  • Dylan Nakamura
    Dylan Nakamura

    Im so confused why are there so many dislikes on this video?

  • olivier BiC
    olivier BiC

    Bunch of buuushit.

  • Oliver Rodriguez I
    Oliver Rodriguez I

    Dude we don’t need you chiming in

  • snafu killjoy
    snafu killjoy

    It's because Elon is a proud African American they can't handle it

  • mixtape weezy
    mixtape weezy

    There shouldnt be controversy but that crap was cringe. Though a lot of cringe comes from snl so...

  • Zer0ne80

    The hate towards Musk comes from him systemically calling out on the BS of cancel culture weirdos. As for covid Musk was just pointing out the facts. How many deaths were not even from covid but because people were having crucial treatment constantly delayed. He was presenting the data while most people were going through emotions. And many people still go through emotional side and not the fact side. Here's a simple fact that Musk also presented... Every year before covid we had thousands of deaths due to the flu. But ever since covid, flu numbers disappeared. That's why Musk focus on the data and not emotion. He's a numbers guy just like me.

  • James W. Blatch
    James W. Blatch

    Jethuth bro, get a speech pathologist, coth ith frustrwating faw anyone but a dumbass to lithenth to you. I also had a speech impediment for many years. Work your jaw, awaken your tongue, you will lisp no longer. Good luck. Love the content, it’s great. Just hate being made to listen to someone who doesn’t care enough about his listeners to fix this easy thing.

  • Jamaica Fox
    Jamaica Fox

    Elon Musk wants to merge humans with technology via Neuralink with the covert goal of gradually replacing human intelligence with artificial intelligence and we're supposed to worship him because he has a lot of money and is a tech giant? The man is a sociopath who like other elitists believes in the privatization of unexplored parts of our world and outer space, despite the universe belonging to us all, not just the wealthy few.

  • heather true
    heather true

    They wanna mess w someone, send the woke hellhounds after Gates! ;-)

  • heather true
    heather true

    One word: jealousy.

  • Noop Noop
    Noop Noop

    In retrospect, I don't think people are upset cuz everyone is "woke" nowadays. People are upset, because the skits were fucking CORNY. That Wario sketch?! Yeah man. People are so totally triggered nowadays. It's totally not cuz the sketch was uncomfortably cringy /s

  • Taylor

    Look at these two rich guys licking the boots of a richer guy

  • ermiasd

    Elon was an irresponsible jerk. A genius, he is. I would love a Tesla. But not all his pronouncements are brilliant. Joe needs to stop being an Elon groupie

  • Soloman Vendi
    Soloman Vendi

    Fuk ur reaction I fort this was the real thing

  • Cody Pugh
    Cody Pugh

    It's because hes a dogecoin catalyst and the SEC up his ass that's all simply. His Twitter is being watched. But hes on the spectrum so like leave my manz alone

  • xuf Ixol
    xuf Ixol

    Age is just a number

  • Trent Kay
    Trent Kay

    "Nerd" haha

  • xuf Ixol
    xuf Ixol

    Fvck Elon musk

  • CRB1

    This idea that rich people are unhappy and poor people are happy is such a load of shit. Why doesn’t every rich person just donate all their $ to charity then since it makes them so depressed? Because they know happiness isn’t guaranteed with $, they also know there is no happiness with poverty.

  • Saturn dragonfly
    Saturn dragonfly

    It's not puzzling.

  • TRY to HELP you
    TRY to HELP you

    Tks for sharing this here. I will spare the critique and instead share some of the best advice I have heard for ISnets. Make videos you want to watch -mkbhd. Keep on uploading-casey neistat. Some day perhaps I will yield to those myself.

  • Masked Badass
    Masked Badass

    He's a straight white man so they don't need any other reason to dislike him, especially when our mainstream institutions are run by leftists who need to constantly turn every issue into a virtue signal about being on the same team.

    • Shane

      @Joseph ya it’s not a loan man it’s indentured servitude

    • Joseph

      @Shane The idea of having loans isn't bad. You can't expect SpaceX to pay for everything. There will obvisiosly people that have the cash or can pay it off here on earth.

    • Shane

      Think it has more to do with the indentured servitude on Mars and other shit

  • Cripwell Services
    Cripwell Services

    Elon is like Sheldon Cooper, LOL Cant help but love the guy.

    • A.R W.H
      A.R W.H

      Totally agree. I said something similar on a vid clip of the SNL skit with him as the cowboy. .... and btw, they slipped in masking propaganda on that skit towards the end.

  • David Piccolo
    David Piccolo

    He was actually pretty funny

  • ken 1
    ken 1

    He’s a super rich white guy. What’s to like?

  • lezz Love
    lezz Love

    I'm insulted that SNL is still on air. That shit sucks


    Could I shout out

  • K P
    K P

    I thought they decided he was bad bc he worked with Trump on something. Elon is so rich so he just inherently bad anyway. He’s a really smart guy he deserves respect for that. He has accomplished so much.

  • Dewayne Cochran
    Dewayne Cochran

    Dave Chapelle and Joe Rogan referring to musk as a rich guy 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like they aren’t at the same table in the lunchroom

    • DC82mobstar no dreamchaser
      DC82mobstar no dreamchaser

      Multi millionaires but that billionaire table only a few are there

    • Masked Badass
      Masked Badass

      I would say Elon is on a whole other level, more wealthy by a factor of a thousand.

  • Bhuvanesh s.k
    Bhuvanesh s.k

    He's autistic too ... He has superpowers Ofcourse he can't write a monologue 😂

  • Daniel Guidice
    Daniel Guidice

    I’m in the spectrum and for him to admit it makes me feel better about myself, in a way, more confident to be myself since he’s weird, and because I’m also weird. Weirdos win 💯 lol. Dogecoin to the moon 🌝

    • Daniel Guidice
      Daniel Guidice

      Plus, attention to people who aren’t familiar with Asperger’s syndrome, which I was Diagnosed with as a child, to understand that we think very much so definitely from anybody else’s way of thinking. Almost twice as fast at times, that we consider ourselves almost right but can be seen by others not on the spectrum wrong or incorrect, well we do it right but from a view that’s different. So to those who are doubt people on the spectrum can shove it! Have a nice day.

  • Digital Intel
    Digital Intel

    Fake Chappelle.

  • Art Vein
    Art Vein

    Lorne Michaels knew exactly what he was doing. That update sketch was a whole trap and a half.

  • Ben Solo
    Ben Solo

    Our popular culture is the one thing that still makes the US popular around the world. Its no surprise then that our popular culture is now being dominated by childish negativity and un-American values. Outside and inside forces are trying to destroy our creative and positive influence on the world.

  • Marcus De La Cruz
    Marcus De La Cruz

    Here’s something interesting. What if some of the cast of SNL were deeply invested into Ether, and Bitcoin? And after Elon had been invited found out soon after that Elon had come out with DOGE coin the SNL invite was out. The SNL was a hit piece to protect others in fear of losing there investment portfolios. Ummmmm, SNL might be under some investigation real soon. Stories are starting to leak. Who will lose there jobs?

  • Nick Rey
    Nick Rey

    Did anyone else see the skit with elon satan an jeffrey epstein? Ths Saturday or am I bugging lmao

  • Jack Bagelz
    Jack Bagelz

    the controversy is that he's a white male that the woke left has tried (and failed) to attack in teh past.. some woke rapper called him a bunch of racist shit (but who cares), he defied lockdown orders and ran his factory in cali anyway, he doesnt believe that corona is as dangerous than most people (probably), and that goes along with Trump in many ways

  • Drone Adventures
    Drone Adventures

    Hey great selection of topic brother! Great clip

  • N/A

    Less fat girls and gay Asians on SNL

  • Daniel Vargo
    Daniel Vargo

    Elon fits right in SNL😊😊😊😂😂❤❤❤❤

  • Garth Gaspar
    Garth Gaspar

    Why do they have a problem with him? Its because he gets to wake up everyday and knows that he might change the world on the other hand...the snl cast... well they can only hope for a laugh.

  • AS J
    AS J

    I literally didn't hear about anyone complain about Elon going on SNL except internet tea baggers speculating that us liberals actually do care.

  • Sam Harrison
    Sam Harrison

    Question: Does anybody really give a shit about whether Elon hosts SNL, or is it just manufactured to stir up fake controversy? Probably the latter.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    The neon sign was made at a vintage lightning studio on South congress Ave downtown Austin. I looked at it in person and spoke to the owner and it is huge and awesome and very detailed in person. Especially the aliens 👽

  • Jam Fountain
    Jam Fountain

    I think it might be more of his horrible worker rights record

  • Dom

    Elon is intelligent, effortlessly powerful, humble, fair, courageous, and non-compliant. Leftists hate all that opposes their tyranny.

  • Daniel Selby
    Daniel Selby

    Elon and his ideas are probably going to save humanity one day. So fuck everyone that doesn't like him!

  • Daryl

    Rogan is a jerk

  • lovely jubbly
    lovely jubbly

    Jesus loves you

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S

    Lol people will talk about what they don't understand otherwise what's the point....what if there is no point well they still look for one even make them up

  • Aftersun 20XD6
    Aftersun 20XD6

    The thing is that these SJWs love to throw childish temper tantrums over anything. They'll even invent the most stupid moronic BS to cry about. People like them are nothing but embarrassments.

  • dick castle
    dick castle

    Commenting on a video about commenting on some thing else

  • DJ ADAM #2MV
    DJ ADAM #2MV

    where can i watch the entire podcast?

    • Yew Neek™
      Yew Neek™

      @DJ ADAM #2MV video free on spotify if you use your phone

    • DJ ADAM #2MV
      DJ ADAM #2MV

      @Randy Marsh i have premium still not seein it ... is there something else i have to pay for?

    • Randy Marsh
      Randy Marsh

      @DJ ADAM #2MV gotta pay for it

    • DJ ADAM #2MV
      DJ ADAM #2MV

      @Yew Neek™ is there a video version? Only gettin audio on spotify

    • Yew Neek™
      Yew Neek™


  • Joshua Hughes
    Joshua Hughes

    I see alot of downvotes on here. I assume that is based on dislike for Musk? Can anyone share?

  • Tom Morris
    Tom Morris

    People are mad at him because he made positive remarks about the us backed coup in Bolivia, that some people say was to secure his and other large corporations ability to mine lithium in the country.

  • Alexander Hanson
    Alexander Hanson

    wow, i guess i have more confirmation that Joe rogan talks out of his ass

  • Carl Kinder
    Carl Kinder

    They hate Elon because he's African American

  • hermatred

    The boring company isn't functioning

  • hermatred

    Rogan is trash

    • Randy Marsh
      Randy Marsh

      It's bc of spotify

  • S A
    S A

    Honestly can we just all get together and find the “wtf is this” people and ship them to Mars? Sure they will be missed by someone but in terms of humanity making tough decisions for the good of mankind… I think it’s a price we can pay 😂

  • Terri Niemeier
    Terri Niemeier

    The new household name, Elon Musk. It's boys toys to men's toys, same dream. Boring results.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Chappell has more talent in his ball sack, than the entire cast of SNL... Socialists Now Laughing!

  • Ghost Flossy
    Ghost Flossy

    Woke people talk about sheep but are the biggest sheeps of em all

  • Kelley McBride
    Kelley McBride

    Thry hate him because he wont go along with woke nonsense plain and simple

  • Satya Satori
    Satya Satori

    I mean maybe it has something to do with how he treats his factory workers. Or his comment "we will coup whoever we want" regarding the US backed coup in Bolivia. Or maybe it has something to do with him sourcing cobalt from the Congo, where the incidence of child labor is high, for his Tesla batteries. Disclaimer: not saying I don't like Elon Musk or the big picture of what he's doing. Just saying I've seen people list these concerns and there may be some validity to them.

  • Dr. Yaple
    Dr. Yaple

    Gen Zs are ridiculously envious. All the best people in the world are Millenials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers and they do nothing but judge

    • Sharon Portillo
      Sharon Portillo

      Gen z are all you tubers and influencer narcissists

  • Marder

    Bro that's a scuffed setup

  • Michael Rivera Jr
    Michael Rivera Jr

    Elon musk is the real life version of tony stark

    • trispy cream
      trispy cream

      This is not true at all. Tony Stark sold weapons, had his name on thousands of deaths.

    • MastaMint

      This is true.

  • Bootsie Bootsie
    Bootsie Bootsie

    Absolutely nothing controversial about Elon lol

  • ROY FR
    ROY FR

    Wheres the original?

  • John Gifford
    John Gifford

    Looking at my Crypto and Tesla stocks today, maybe Elon needs to stay the heck away from that crap. Anyway, he did pretty good, for Elon. Need to weaponize that autism and put some people on Mars or something. Oh, wait...

  • tinacrass13

    I just think it's so funny that people who never watch SNL and constantly complain how it hasn't been good since the 90s, actually decided to break down and watch this episode of him just to complain about how badly he performed LOL in spite of the fact that they hate SNL to begin with LOL

    • Sharon Portillo
      Sharon Portillo

      I thought he was funny

    • KelM8YT


  • vash crimson
    vash crimson

    only SJW’s that didn’t like him anyway were upset

  • Pierre Fab
    Pierre Fab

    I love how Joe is dumb enough to think Elon is doing allllll this by himself. No engineers, No mathematicians, No scientists, no nothing. Just Elon in a warehouse somewhere........Joe's probably carrying his luggage and being tossed a treat the way he kisses this mans ass. smdh

  • VinnyM27 M
    VinnyM27 M

    Rogan is an absolute moron. Thanks for further proof of this.

  • Jacob Alderman
    Jacob Alderman

    Joe rogan: He's probably thinking about PLOTTING things.

  • Sada Ly
    Sada Ly

    They are mad he moved to Texas after calling out regulations made by people on the left. That’s when he passed from well like man to the new enemy.

    • Sada Ly
      Sada Ly

      @Brandi Cane He also started the construction of a new mega factory over there. The right used Elon Musk to say that even he is switching side, leaving California and moving his companies Texas a red state. Add that to the tweet he made before leaving California and I think we have the reason why they don’t like him anymore.

    • Sada Ly
      Sada Ly

      @Brandi Cane And yes he relocated his company to Texas.

    • Sada Ly
      Sada Ly

      @Brandi Cane Yeah I think, I don’t think he did anything wrong. But he criticized the left and then moved to a red state. And just after that the left started disliking him. We are just trying to find out the reason why they don’t like Musk anymore.

    • Brandi Cane
      Brandi Cane do realize he didn't move the business from California right? Lol.

  • The FUD Hound
    The FUD Hound

    It’s simple, SNL isn’t comedy, it’s just a political programming on the sheeple. That’s why people didn’t like Elon being on SNL. Then he goes on SNL and sides with SNL on just calling crypto a “side hustle”. Yeah people think he’s a sellout basically.

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee

    The SNL cast needed a safe space from Elon...seriously. Woke people are broken people. It’s the reason why I kinda have an ounce of sympathy for them. They’re obviously very broken people...sadly

    • Jay Dee
      Jay Dee

      @THEODORE NICKLAS sure, but QANON people aren’t out there burning down shit


      Yup I feel the same about QANON people

    • Cripwell Services
      Cripwell Services

      @Mark Gigliotti ?

    • Mark Gigliotti
      Mark Gigliotti

      @Cripwell Services you don’t know what you’re talking about kid. Woke people are conservative (republican)

    • Cripwell Services
      Cripwell Services

      I watched part of that SNL show, only because of Elon. I have stopped watching SNL because they are far too left(woke) for me.

  • Chris Rutherfurd
    Chris Rutherfurd

    Everytime I hear the word 'woke' I am reminded of the ringworms I worked with at a school in Korea. These expats were the type of woke you'd justifiably want to beat with a pole. Like some kind of tribe, ousting those who didn't comply with their whiney narrative. Horrible Horrible people.

    • 1998

      @Chris Rutherfurd woah I was just asking but tbh I couldn’t tell by the writing. But yeah understandable especially conservative country like Korea can be really pressure to work. Sorry if I sound rude I was just curious.

    • Chris Rutherfurd
      Chris Rutherfurd

      @1998 first of all, check your grammar. Complete your sentences properly. Thanks ;) It wasn't the country I had a problem with, just the idiot expats I worked alongside. Thought I was clear about that in the first comment.

    • 1998

      @Chris Rutherfurd still if you knew if you didn’t like country shouldn’t work there in the first place.

    • Chris Rutherfurd
      Chris Rutherfurd

      @1998 gotta go where the work is.

    • 1998

      Why did you worked at Korea in the first place lol.

  • Joe Mcdunna
    Joe Mcdunna

    joe Rogan unfortunately isnt intelligent enough to understand that everything comes back to Trump. the reason was bc Elon was nice to Trump and worked with him.

  • Liberals Suck Ass
    Liberals Suck Ass

    For Gods sake if you have a lisp dont start a podcast

  • Zia PSP
    Zia PSP

    Unfortunately he isn’t a natural born American. There was another rich guy who hosted SNL and went on to be president.

    • Gabriel Figueroa
      Gabriel Figueroa

      Such stupid comment.

  • Earth Colored Eyes
    Earth Colored Eyes

    Elon is the Leonardo De Vinci of our time.

    • Brad Nichelson
      Brad Nichelson

      @Earth Colored Eyes Davinci is considered one of the greatest minds in human history. That is like comparing the distance of the local grocery store to crossing an ocean. Oh and also eat shit. You had no cause to be that rude.

    • Brad Nichelson
      Brad Nichelson

      @Earth Colored Eyes I feel the same.

    • Earth Colored Eyes
      Earth Colored Eyes

      @Brad Nichelson Right?! That’s why he held the position of Chef Engineer at spacex. Yes your questioning the man that lands rockets. Oh well it’s no use arguing with fools

    • Brad Nichelson
      Brad Nichelson

      How so? He sold PayPal then used the money to tell other people to engineer stuff for him.

    • Taylor Tidwell
      Taylor Tidwell

      De Caprio*

  • Axhan

    Why is Elon getting all this heat Can someone be kind enough to explain

    • Axhan

      @Josh WHAT VIDEO

    • Josh

      Did you not watch the video?

    • Matz G
      Matz G

      @sonny 6 and even if his family got rich with emerald mines, which seems untrue , how is that his mistake? He came to northern america completely broke and made it alone

    • Matz G
      Matz G

      @sonny 6 lol what BS. His workers in germanys are getting paid waaay over the Standard salary in the field

    • sonny 6
      sonny 6

      I can't understand how people don't know lol There's been word that his family's wealth comes from owning emerald mines in south Africa (which he denied) but he's currently campaigning and funding coups in south America in order to steal resources (stealing lithium in Bolivia whilst supporting trade sanctions on them) and he has a really bad reputation in terms of staff treatment and trying to squash workers rights and minimum wage laws etc