A BAD Situation Turns Worse... Stranded in Tennessee River Rapids With a Broken Jet Boat!!!
Taking it too far is a good way to set your limits... this got SKETCHY! But ol Pike got us to the boat ramp and we made it home safe!
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  • Arnold B
    Arnold B

    You need some RainX for the Windows

  • Chris Droste
    Chris Droste

    I was down in Tennessee off the Clinch just a day or two after you guys. Woulda been fun to break out the Supercharged waverunner and meet up, but it was so cold and rainy; I'm surprised y'all didn't freeze your asses off, lol.

  • Kevin Wong
    Kevin Wong

    F ing love you guys your vid are proper Good you guys are proper living peace out

  • Adler Armory
    Adler Armory

    Man that looks like the perfect little jet dingy for the Yellow River and Black River Swamp here in FL panhandle.. Put some GI Military Fuel Can brackets on the engine deck and a Yeti cooler on the swim platform.

  • bluekoi455

    Looks like fun,I think I'll live vicariously through your boating hijinks

  • the eabster
    the eabster

    Most boats has a eye hook underneath the front center about 6 to 12 in down , for when they trailer the boat . Its where the safety chain goes. If you tie on to that when towing it won't hold the front of the boat down near as much!!! Drowning the guy in the toe boat Lol. I know it seemed like a bad time but that's going to be a good memory once you guys get in and get dried off and get done paying for it . Most good memories are kind of expensive.LOL

  • Dana Teasley
    Dana Teasley

    I'll be in touch with you guys soon. We've got delicate waterways we need preserved to in the Hiwassee Scenic River.

  • BobsYourUncle

    Add dry storage for warm clothes and some basic overnight gear to those trouble makers.

  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez

    Cleet you guys should install light bars on the boats!!!

  • Grey Ruff
    Grey Ruff

    That looks soooooo fun!!!

  • armedinbama

    Welcome to God's country, Cleetus and Maddie! Y'all come back now, hear?

  • SUSAN Emma Ford
    SUSAN Emma Ford

    Please stay in Florida. You are not welcome here. These rivers are not meant for speed boats. There are plenty of other places for you to show off.

  • Darren Osborn
    Darren Osborn

    Haha so cool seeing you guys take your boats up the hiwasee close to where I live. I go fishing right up from where you guys were staying! Great video! Come back and make it up to the powerhouse!

  • Nick Reich
    Nick Reich

    The impeller probably seized.

  • jerrybizzle22

    When are you coming to Idaho? I’d like to watch you guys run the rivers up here!

  • Adrian Daniel
    Adrian Daniel

    When are you building a jet boat course? - isnets.info/main/labFpnOju5rBgrM/v-deo.html

  • Carl Kahler
    Carl Kahler

    I whish I had the money to buy the fishing version of one of these damn I would paint it yellow and call it Tonka. hey are indestructible.

  • ChainZ

    that bird could be an osprey too

  • Josh Herrman
    Josh Herrman

    Where are you going to in Idaho? The little town I live in build most of the jet boat and jet boat parts in USA.

  • 2779mattie

    Good times man

  • Vashon Coug
    Vashon Coug

    I can’t wait to see you riding some pillows on the Idaho rivers!!!

  • CrazyDuck

    I really wasn’t that interested in these little jet boats in the beginning, but now that I’ve seen them in action, I might build one

  • Garrett Apa
    Garrett Apa

    Do these have a carbon ring like the seadoo jet skis?

  • Creative Experience
    Creative Experience

    you need whippers on the boat buddy

  • Foreverchanger

    Leave it to Cleetus to be afraid of looking at the bottom of the boat, out of all things...

  • Joe Phares
    Joe Phares

    Can't wait to see you rip this here in idaho

  • Bourbon N. Pearls
    Bourbon N. Pearls

    At least one windshield wiper might be a good investment.

  • Craig Pritchett
    Craig Pritchett

    @cleetus I live in Alaska, and I’d love to meet you if you’ve got time to hold a meet up or something.

  • Grumpy John TX Redneck RC
    Grumpy John TX Redneck RC

    I'd Add Some Windshield Wipers & Maybe A Snap On Awning Cover For Over Your Heads or Taller Bimini + Longer Tow Strap??? 🤣 Thanks

  • DoubleTime

    James needs the higher windscreen and Cleetus needs some wipers

  • Jacob Thomas
    Jacob Thomas

    I wish I had known yall were up here. I'd loved to have come watched yall hit the river.

  • Dave Wheeler
    Dave Wheeler

    I river rafted in Tennessee as a kid during the middle of the summer and we got stuck on a sandbar

  • Luis Carrion
    Luis Carrion

    theres a moment/point that isn't fun anymore

  • GnarlyBoots

    When are you heading to Idaho?

  • hosh arts
    hosh arts

    A Florida man belongs in Florida. That comes from experience. But of course nigh a Florida man. We will always do whatever the hell we want, wherever the hell we are. 🦅🇺🇸

  • Mud dog’s Garage
    Mud dog’s Garage

    Y’all should probably get some handheld ham radios or some marine radios in case something happens and emergency agencies monitor most channels

  • Mark Hurst
    Mark Hurst

    Dang, less than an hour from my house. Would've been cool to see these boats!

  • Gabriel Schumacher
    Gabriel Schumacher

    Bring em to Missouri....

  • Nick P
    Nick P

    U should make your boat like Blake Wilkey boat

  • andrew richey
    andrew richey

    That was outstanding!! I would love to have one of these jet boats appreciate you sharing I’ll be watching war looks like a lot of fun

  • Rodney Miller
    Rodney Miller

    Gotta come to the Rouge river here in Southern Oregon

  • fordmanfinis

    I dare you to try the Haulover inlet in Dade County

  • Brandon Vick
    Brandon Vick

    How did you do the throttle did you go with a hot foot

  • Stu G
    Stu G

    need some rain x on the winda cheers

  • Keith Kirkendall
    Keith Kirkendall

    You’ll have to mount parts on the side like a Jeep. 😂 I would definitely check over all of your welds underneath that you can see. Those skid plates are awesome, it heavy impacts could potentially bust a weld loose. Sick freakin boats though. That looks so fun!

  • mustangwerdo

    Get a trim mod so you can trim the jet stream

  • Justin Reynolds
    Justin Reynolds

    Great to have you here in Polk Co. TN Cleetus. Those bald eagles you saw nest is on my family's property.

  • Jim McEwen
    Jim McEwen

    That's why we always go up river. Love the videos guys

  • Nicholas Pappas
    Nicholas Pappas

    Need to add some windshield wipers to the mtn dew can. Also some light bars or light pods (probably in yellow for better fog/rain optics) as you never know if the adventure is gonna leave you out in the dark.

  • Brandon N Hull
    Brandon N Hull

    Do you have any idea what's going to happen if you hit something and the boat comes to a dead stop and you dont ?

  • Kerry Lewis
    Kerry Lewis

    Badass boats and women in this video. Both ladies were definitely doing it for Dale banging down rock river.

  • AR-Sith F.Austin
    AR-Sith F.Austin

    Look at it this way, back in the day if you weren't on a bayou, in a pierrot. You were in some party barge like my Granddaddy with fiber hull, hitting a stump in the lake, drunk as hell, tearing a hole thru it and keeping it wide open until you hit the shoreline near the ramp hoping you didn't sink. Aircraft grade aluminum is a helluva thing 🤣

  • AR-Sith F.Austin
    AR-Sith F.Austin

    Is it alcoholic to think of all the places I could go the game warden could never get me at without a go devil or jet boat while sippin?

    • AR-Sith F.Austin
      AR-Sith F.Austin

      I mean, besides being illegal... Hmmm🤔🤔🧐

  • Hugh Stratton
    Hugh Stratton

    Should put wipers on the green one

  • geoffrey nilson
    geoffrey nilson

    All the Kiwis line the bottom of their boats with Kevlar mat. Might be worth looking into.

  • DynaDivine

    Tennessee weather is rough and so are the rivers lol. Still looked like loads of fun though wish I would have hit up the river and could have watched yall. I am surprised there wasn't anyone on the river usually they are already loaded with people.

  • Jesse McCain
    Jesse McCain

    You HAVE to take the boats on the current river in Van Buren Missouri. Some of the most beautiful water ever

  • Matt Woelke
    Matt Woelke

    Watching james get blasted in the face with water while being towed, just made me think of quads towing quads at the dunes. Just getting blasted the entire time. Not a fun situation to be in. Lol

  • Spencer Johnson
    Spencer Johnson

    When you tow if you use two line in an X configuration it'll pull straight and turn with you.

  • Redemption Garage
    Redemption Garage

    Has stomp grate. Uses flat head to get rocks out of intake.

  • Debow

    That whole river was the ocoee river the hiwassee river is a bit up river

  • ThreeLimb Slim
    ThreeLimb Slim

    "Broken drive shaft I didn't know that was a thing" 😂😂😂 me neither.

  • Mick Patterson
    Mick Patterson

    It ain't the size of the boat! it's how you use it!

  • Charles L. Barrows Jr.
    Charles L. Barrows Jr.

    That was one hell of a adventure.. Something I thought you was in a sxs the way you was bouncing around.. If you are upgrading jack stands boat to fix it you should do the same to your boat and and use the stock one for a spare..

  • Zogy

    Guys, I was an outdoor guide for years. About a decade. Please hear me. You need to think about what you’re getting yourself into. I’m very familiar with this part of Tennessee and NC. I used to guide there. This is WILDERNESS. You need to be prepared to be self sufficient. Y’all should have had dry bags with cold weather gear, maybe a tent, a sleeping bag, etc. Probably even some food and water. You survived, but being wet for hours can lead to hypothermia. Had both boats broken, you could have been in real trouble. I know y’all get to have lots of fun, but realize that there are inherent dangers to this stuff. I want to see y’all keep making awesome content for years to come. People die of hypothermia in 70 degree all the time, because they are wet and have no shelter. As I hear of you talking about going to Idaho or ALASKA, get your stuff together. I now live in Washington (used to be in the southeast). The weather up here will kill you, any month of the year, especially in the mountains. You play these games in Alaska, you will watch your new love die in your arms. I hate to be so morbid, but you guys need a reality check. If this happens in Idaho or Alaska, there will be no friendly Tennessee man with a tarp and fire to help. You will be utterly alone. Be prepared. If you need help with gear selections, I’ll be glad to give you some recommendations.

  • Timothy Isenhart
    Timothy Isenhart

    If you hear banjos playing in the distance, get out of there quickly!

  • Jacob Aman
    Jacob Aman

    Need some rain X on the windows

  • ChristianX Z owner
    ChristianX Z owner

    Awesome ride...so cool man .. followed this since you bought the lil boat

  • Cody S
    Cody S

    Lmao seeing that toter hauling those little boats is hilarious

  • kntryboy72

    Add some Kevlar on the bottom like they use on airboats

  • sharpasadullknife

    You need lights so you can see at night better.

  • Matt Van Dorp
    Matt Van Dorp

    Look forward to seeing you up here in Alaska

  • CC Rider
    CC Rider


  • Garrett Knowles
    Garrett Knowles

    This my friend isn't the tennessee river

  • andrew lukacs
    andrew lukacs

    This content is oddly entertaining an I don’t like boats lol

  • Sinist3r

    Let's make lots of noise on the river and scare the bald eagles!! RIP I love Cleetus, but I think 458 white water kayakers have downvoted. lol

  • dentasla

    Mount small steel or magnesium style safe spots on the bottom of the boat....small skid helpers to keep the sheet off the rocks...... A few strategically placed would maybe help...🙏☝💚

  • dentasla

    Eagle Is a Good Sign

  • Lost Marbles Adv
    Lost Marbles Adv

    If you hear banjo music, DON’T stop.

  • dentasla

    That IS SO AWESOMENESS!!!☝🙏💚

  • AutoBat1

    Not only did you have a blast, you had a Baja Blast!

  • Great White Yeti
    Great White Yeti

    If you look closer there is a bald eagle in the clouds when they first zoom in to the first bald eagle

  • Travis Siekawitch
    Travis Siekawitch

    When is the alaska trip!?

  • Joel Schmuland
    Joel Schmuland

    When and where are you coming to Idaho? If you end up in northern Idaho let’s do some wake surfing ripping some rapids in the jet boats! Hell yeah brother!

  • Joel Schmuland
    Joel Schmuland

    They are at the boat ramp talking about the drive shaft and homie in the back dumping water out of his shoes 😂😂😂

  • Gunner Campbell
    Gunner Campbell

    lol welcome to tennessee! Beautiful to storming in minutes

  • Josh Mayo
    Josh Mayo

    Get a led light brother

  • Jeff Dill
    Jeff Dill

    Hell yes i love it. Good view of your day. Enjoyed it!!!!!

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper

    Your coming to Idaho? Where? Are Mt.Dew and Bush Light sponsors?

  • Joe Rocket1979
    Joe Rocket1979

    You need a proper tow line,if that strap had broken it would have been sketched a.f.

  • Dam Buster
    Dam Buster

    2nd nut and bolt up on the drivers side window, - is it loose? driving me crazy ahah,

  • Garrett Tidholm
    Garrett Tidholm

    What happened to coop? Is he gone?

  • Adam Supan
    Adam Supan

    Hit up the payette river up into McCall!!! You'd love that ride!

  • Exo Hauler
    Exo Hauler

    Bro Cleetus, you need a bimini top. Only $178 on Amazon. Like a little umbrella for the lady. Nice work bro! Thanks for the vids. Keep "em coming.

  • Bob Xziang
    Bob Xziang

    Thanks for doing something different always was amazed by these boats running up in Alaska.

  • get wrecked
    get wrecked

    Yall should outfit them units with CB radios

  • Mitchell Wilson
    Mitchell Wilson

    Where in Idaho are you going???

  • ffhgu 07
    ffhgu 07

    I gotta say I think Tennessee is the most beautiful state

  • Cole Stockton
    Cole Stockton

    Where are you going in Idaho, most of the rivers here are beautiful in Idaho!

  • Cal Roberts
    Cal Roberts

    Did the DNR say anything about not having # or current stickers on the side of the boats? Just wondering