Forced Off YouTube - Full FBI Story
Over the last year we have been forced off of ISnets. This video will help explain why we left. Thank you for your support.

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  • jay playz
    jay playz

    I’m so sorry for all of this that is happening to you and your family. God is with you and he will keep you and your family safe forever. I will pray for your safety until I know that you and your family are safe. “Please god protect this family with all might and please give some knowledge to the people that is doing this. Please god this family is safe for ever! Amen.”

  • Helen Mitchell
    Helen Mitchell

    I think it's really appalling that you trade your childrens privacy for money basically. I hope it's worth it but don't complain about issues when you are basically choosing this life and the risks involved with it. For you guys to vanish from ISnets would be great.... I wish you would for your kids sake. Fed up of the sob stories from vulgar people who only care about dollar.

  • Kim Cole
    Kim Cole

    Your being Gangstalked! Be careful 🙏🏽

  • Brandi Todd
    Brandi Todd

    So so so soooo glad you guys are okay!!

  • Papadoc Fpv
    Papadoc Fpv

    Learn to shoot, and get your LTC. People just knowing you are armed will discourage this behavior. Your family is worth it.

  • Savanna M
    Savanna M

    This world is so fucked up. All you have been is so nice and humble through the 12 years on ISnets. I hope this never happens again. Stay safe. ❤️

  • Nicky's life journey
    Nicky's life journey

    Had to leave for a year. How come there is videos on in that year. Is this actually true or.......

  • Kyle Phelps
    Kyle Phelps

    Of all people they do it to you

  • Chantelle Tait
    Chantelle Tait

    I’ve been watching you since I was like 9 or 10, I’m 17 now, I’ve missed you guys, literally my fam. I’m glad your safe ❤️

  • Plum

    People like that have no life and they can’t make there brain work I hate people like that

  • alma mustafi
    alma mustafi

    God works in mysterious ways, those people are going to get their karma 10x worse. And I pray to god that your family and friends are safe and healthy. I’m sorry yall had to go through that, it’s not fair whats so ever. You guys are such good people y’all didn’t deserve that. ❤️

  • Ramon Sabordo
    Ramon Sabordo

    Welcome back !!!

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire

    It is domestic terrorism and your health, safety, and lives are in jeopardy because the Internet open an avenue for all the sick people in society. The lesson is: Don't wish to be someone else as you do not know what their problems and issues are. You are like the Kardashians without all the trashiness, the nudity, and the trashy lewdness. Real people for real people. I'm deeply saddened that some weirdos have stolen your peace of mind and sense of safety for your family. It hurts us, too. I'm not comparing, but wanted to let you know we sympathize and we empathize. Social media has connected strangers and influenced us in ways that were cot predictable. I always thought you were you open where you were located but you were just being you. When something is taken away, God has a tendency to replace it with something better. Love and hugs for the whole family. You have given so many hope, help, frsh starts, a big leg up on moving in up and getting independent. God has a plan and he will let you know what is right for you. God Bless you and SMILE MORE!

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    Jessie Christ , there is power in his name

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez

    Satan and demons are real.

  • Riyadh Al Shamrani
    Riyadh Al Shamrani

    Those aren't Stalkers.. Those are TERRORISTS..

  • matthew gonzalez
    matthew gonzalez

    How bored where the dame hacker dame like we are in a pandemic 😷 like dame but what I would do not to hate but you should of tell the police to track them down and put him away

  • Shont.e

    Story starts at 3:54...

  • Anna Tuite
    Anna Tuite

    My husband and I are both targeted individuals, it's how we met. Totally understand what you're going through. I have many good videos and articles on this if you or anyone else is looking for answers you can find me on Facebook. It is a silent and hidden genocide, stay strong 💪

  • Kristen Nees
    Kristen Nees

    WOW wow 😳

  • pyc789

    We aas humans are so fucked its unbelivable.... sorry you had to go throught that... so fucked up

  • Cargo Sace
    Cargo Sace

    I miss yall😪

  • Toms Voice overs
    Toms Voice overs

    Stay strong Atwood family you got each other

  • Alex

    Wow. That’s so scary. Glad y’all are okay!

  • Feathered Skeptic
    Feathered Skeptic

    There's always that crazy person, and when people are as famous as you guys, it's not just one crazy person. That's why celebrities have armed guards. People think it's just vanity, but It's no joke. Hope the feds deal with these useless pieces of trash.

  • Kay

    Ugh this bothered me yall had to live threw this. I love yall and hope that yall are safe now. Im so sorry that yall making videos for us turned into ppl acting crazy like this. Im praying for yall.

  • Rafael Campa
    Rafael Campa

    Dude my heart dropped when he said stalkers I get really keeped about that stuff. Im very sorry for you guys

  • Faisal mohd
    Faisal mohd

    Beeen waiting for this for a longggggggggggggg timeeeeeee

  • D.C Widowler
    D.C Widowler

    what does these people get outta doing crap like this.

  • D.C Widowler
    D.C Widowler

    that goes to show that “criminal mind typa stuff” actually happens.

  • Jackson Horne
    Jackson Horne

    Get security all around the hidden

  • Jeremiah Morris
    Jeremiah Morris

    Prayers go out to your whole family.

  • A _Texan
    A _Texan

    You guys were the only youtubers I'd let my son watch. He always wanted one of your shirts. Hope to see you guys back on youtube.

  • A _Texan
    A _Texan

    That's crazy. I cant imagine anyone wanting to hurt you or anyone in your family. It's sad but glad you guys are safe.

  • Tiffani Buchanan
    Tiffani Buchanan

    Did y’all find out who it was and press charges on them . It’s scary what people can do with technology these days

  • kristopher zhu
    kristopher zhu

    I just want to say I'm going to plan a "GOOD SURPRISE" that you guys WILL enjoy; I can understand what that feeling is like and picture it even; I will be posting it on "one of" my instagram profile; you guys will see which one since I will tag you guys in the post; it will be sent for FREE; DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT PAYING me for it; I WILL NOT take and $ from you guy's cuz you guys are so awesome……😉😏…… if you ever want to include the "stuff" in any future videos or whatever; feel free to……😏☺️

  • Enzo Achi
    Enzo Achi

    Wow, This is crazy

  • ClickDelete

    The story he is telling is what u called a bad hacker

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green

    Who’s doin it

    • Memetologist

      Joe Biden

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob Green

    Holy shit they no joke

  • Tony0.t

    wth how could someone hate roman smfh dudes a hero


    it sucks you had to go through that...stay strong

  • Moody Judi
    Moody Judi

    Wtfff. That’s so sad man. I’m so sorry your family had to go through that 😞

  • Rishi Patel
    Rishi Patel

    Similar story coming from you tuber @drift0r

  • Brad the lad
    Brad the lad

    Smile More That means alot more now scene as this FAMILY man wasn't able to Because of been sick with worry I feel for you man Love from England (land) 😊 But yeah stay strong g

  • Brad the lad
    Brad the lad

    Gimme 5 minutes with the stalkers I'll teach em a lesson in Why you don't fuck with our Roman ASS HOLES

  • Diamond Heart
    Diamond Heart

    So deeply sorry that you had to bear that horrible situation. I pray that everything is going to be ok. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe. You guys are the absolute sun in our days. Prayers & blessings 🤟

  • Richard Voiello
    Richard Voiello

    Please ask the Cyber Stalkers to do it to Me. I wouldn't get scared I would laugh.

  • shane murphy
    shane murphy

    You got plenty of guns Roman! All im gonna say

  • Ram ute Ram 1500
    Ram ute Ram 1500

    Hi Roman sorry hear that do need everything me do to help

  • Hannah Croft
    Hannah Croft

    So happy you're back ! I am sorry you've been going through this. We've got your six

  • Chezni Golden
    Chezni Golden

    Be Strong And Courageous Do Not Be Afraid Or Discouraged For The Lord Your God Will Be With You Wherever You Go -Joshua 1:9 ✝️

  • CrazyAsian303

    Its unbelievable that there are people out there that want to F up people's lives to the point where it becomes a safety issue with children involved.... like why? To benefit your happiness and ruin another person's life? But karma is a B and it will ricochet back like a bullet. I'm so happy to see you guys again and I'm happy you guys got things figured out! And as a mom I cant imagine going through those problems and fearing for your family's life. I cant wait you see you guys again!

  • Versoxz

    Damn that’s sad why would someone do that? Thinking one day I’m gonna bomb threat a funeral.

  • JohnsWorlds

    why would you move to get away from the stalkers then make a whole video on your new house and publish it to the world, its sad that you getting this much attention.

  • Triple Furious
    Triple Furious

    Why would they do that?

  • A A
    A A

    Did they arrest the Bastard who did this to you? Sorry you had to go through this:/

  • damon copley
    damon copley

    Praying for you Guys

  • Pj dodgson
    Pj dodgson

    Being famous sounds great until stuff like this happens.

  • Kimberly Ogden Love
    Kimberly Ogden Love

    Sad. Whoever doing that are some sick people. I sure hope they got caught. Welcome back Atwood's! I dont normally watch any utube people except you all after watching it when my grandson had your videos on one day. I like that you have clean cut, no cussing videos that the whole family can watch as it seems many utubers don't have the same respect for the fact that young people are watching. Glad you all are back on utube!

  • Jaelyn Green
    Jaelyn Green

    That is terrifying! I’m so sorry yall had to go through something like that. I hope everyone in the Atwood family is alright! Please take all the time you need, safety comes first! -Jaelyn

  • Cassy Wright
    Cassy Wright

    I’m praying for you guys. Don’t lose faith. God promises to never leave you. I’m so so sorry you’ve had to go through this.

    • noir

      @Cassy Wright bruh they bought a new house

    • Cassy Wright
      Cassy Wright

      @noir no, what are you trying to say

    • noir

      My guy have u seen they're recent video? Lmao

  • William Wreath
    William Wreath

    its a sad commentary on our american society that this kind of terrorism is present. i feel for you and hope the deranged individuals are brought to justice. Sadly law enforcement seems hamstrung to act on threats alone. see something say something will bring justice to this. u do good things imo and i hope you can find a way to share your genius with us, while keeping your young family safe. of course they should be first in your mind. t/c and be safe. best wishes

  • Kayleigh Ruth
    Kayleigh Ruth

    I am so sorry for y’all. Nobody should have to go through that and I think it’s messed up for someone to do that to a family that is just trying to be a family and bring joy to other people. And it’s upsetting how they can do stuff like that to people. I am so sorry that this happened to y’all. I love y’all❤️

  • Cutlass 87
    Cutlass 87

    It's so sad that this is the last video that they filmed in this house

  • Chris Hine
    Chris Hine

    At this point they aren't stalkers There terrorists

  • Ashton Vaughan
    Ashton Vaughan

    how could someone target such a good family I grew up watching them for so long and hearing that story absolutely pissed me off

  • Angry Bird101
    Angry Bird101

    Roman I’m friends with hackers let’s hack these fools tell me their names or their code names or whatever my friends will hack them and I will laugh

  • Jarred H
    Jarred H

    If you need a private security Officer let me know

  • All Senses Firing
    All Senses Firing

    Sounds way worse than ole Uni-bomber Ted Kyzinski.

  • All Senses Firing
    All Senses Firing

    We're they caught? Did you find out who?

  • Gage Miller
    Gage Miller

    Damn guys don't let this bring you down make a lesson of it all means don't mean to down size the reality of the situation but learn from it come out better and smile more 🤙🤙🤙

  • Sam Squires
    Sam Squires

    I don’t understand what runs through there head. I do happy you are back.😄

  • mitul dani
    mitul dani

    That's unfortunate. We all appreciate you opening-up about it. Do keep a shotgun in your house.

  • SaltySkylerr

    I guessed this after the video of the guy hopping your fence like 3 years ago.

  • Lee Scott
    Lee Scott

    i hope u moved house

  • lainee humphrey
    lainee humphrey

    I support you I was wored about your family smile more


    Get to what you're going to say don't keep telling us you're going to explain to us. I wanted to hear what you had to say but you take way too long to explain anything

  • Boomers Zoomers
    Boomers Zoomers

    We understand why you left now. We feel bad for you of what happened.

  • Kaitlyn Marie
    Kaitlyn Marie

    hope this guy is locked up

  • chris ogle
    chris ogle

    The whole funeral thing I’m assuming it was your mother’s funeral and that’s bullshit that is 100 times the lowest thing anyone could ever do I couldn’t even imagine.. you guys should move far far away and keep low..

  • Jesus Furtado
    Jesus Furtado

    Im feeling sad cause I was watching Roman since I was 8 years old and now I'm 13

  • Jara Vail
    Jara Vail

    I feel so bad 🙁🙁😓💚💚

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    Thank god!! Maybe youtube isn’t on such a downward trend after all

  • PerssonTM

    As long as you use your wifi the hackers can quite easely get all your old and new info

  • Carson Davidson
    Carson Davidson

    do u need a body guard

  • Carson Davidson
    Carson Davidson


  • Janice Hall
    Janice Hall

    I often wondered where you guys went I missed that smile more you really inspired me you really make my days better I'm so glad you're back hang in there did they catch these guys or did the guys just stop

  • Aidan_Verse

    This man was my second Father. Love u man ❤

  • Maria Sonia Sura
    Maria Sonia Sura

    Did those people get caught or what?

  • Ryan Brink
    Ryan Brink

    Roman you need a cyber security expert if your planning having cameras man, close circuit ones

  • Kartik

    Stay strong guys. You are strong. And YOU ARE ACTUALLY ONE OF A KIND

  • Darian

    Omg hope yall get em

  • Road2Thailand

    Muahahaha I'm back on your track.....

  • CliffLife Keith
    CliffLife Keith

    its a terrifying fact that this could be happening to anyone rn without them knowing. technology has gone too far

    • Juicy Vortex
      Juicy Vortex

      I wouldn’t say technology has gone too far, but more of these humans that did this have gone too far

  • Twisted Mind
    Twisted Mind

    Imma say it’s someone close to their family. Like this is way too personal.

  • Tanner Allen
    Tanner Allen

    That’s so freaking terrible💯🤦🏼‍♂️ smile more💯 let me be your body guard💪🏼💯 take care of them real quick 💯💯hope it gets better

  • SoCalGirl44024

    Bomb threated? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • packer backer420
      packer backer420


  • Cayden Cook
    Cayden Cook

    I am so sorry I am your biggest fan I would love to meet you I am so sorry about that love man hope this get better

  • Reen MAUR
    Reen MAUR

    What an incredibly horrible experience!! I am so sorry that you guys and your little ones have had to endure this torment from these SICK and TWISTED individuals who seem to get their jollies from destroying other peoples lives!! I don’t know when this society developed so many of these types of people, but I’m well aware of certain individuals who’ve contributed to this type of behavior and even endorsed it with full throated endorsement on multiple occasions, telling them how “strong” they were! Even though they aren’t in the limelight anymore, they still have their bootlickers who continue to feed that same negative rhetoric out into the world, because they’re filled with so much self hatred and hatred of everything else in their lives that they want to see others suffer!!! There are some very sick individuals in today’s world and I’m not sure how or even IF there’s even a way of getting through to these self centered, self serving, egotistical, narcissistic whack jobs! Right now I’m ashamed to admit that all I personally have been able to do is pray like there’s no tomorrow, that they see the light, sooner or later. In the interim, whenever I have an opportunity to speak with someone who has taken a path that is antithetical to the rest of society, I try and get them to explain why they feel that way and then go in like a buzz saw and break down all their ways of thinking and explain why. Sometimes they actually stay long enough to listen, other times they just tell me to STFU!!🙄 But, I keep on trying, it’s the best thing I can do.