Why The Sidemen Will Split Up
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  • Rifle Dragon
    Rifle Dragon

    10M views baybay.

  • Simar Chandekar
    Simar Chandekar

    46 lakh views is 4.6M views

  • R6 Wasted
    R6 Wasted

    we just got coconut malled

  • indierose

    Josh your titles scare me

  • Derrick G
    Derrick G

    Nah don't split just go until your super old look how old the guys off of top gear are

  • Umang Mahajan
    Umang Mahajan

    1 lakh is 100k.. So it would mean 4.6 mil views in india... Love from india mate.... Big up... I do feel good that i was a part in making sdmn trend in india👍

    • Umang Mahajan
      Umang Mahajan

      Also would love sdmn to make 1 video related to india like a holiday type or trying some snacks etc... Would be funny to see vikk seeing his origins🤣... I really wished they come to india for a holiday

  • Dilip Suthar
    Dilip Suthar

    46lakh means 4.6 million views

  • Jacob Sills
    Jacob Sills

    I already knew it was a reddit video

  • F M
    F M

    46 lakh is 460,000 (not too sure)

  • El scrappy Cuhh
    El scrappy Cuhh

    I got use to it

  • Chaossify

    hehehe clicking the bait hehehehe

  • Aiden Fallon
    Aiden Fallon


  • Carrie Powell
    Carrie Powell

    Does anyone know what's Josh's favourite pokemon is?

  • ryan

    josh gets married on my birthday cmooon

  • Ow M
    Ow M

    *why the sidemen will split up* Every single viewer: 💭 harry said he dont wana even be on youtube in 5 years 💭 💔

  • bcresswell 10
    bcresswell 10

    Josh: Im someones homework Me: yh but no one likes homework (no hate hes my frav sideman)

  • Cameron Gibson
    Cameron Gibson

    I feel bad when I wondering what lak views means I was just thinking about vik

  • Matti Laffort
    Matti Laffort

    The IQ test needs to be done drunk... Also Babatunde needs to be in it

  • Woeqii

    This title is trying to give people a heart attack 😂

  • Williame Ösze
    Williame Ösze

    Can the sdmn do a collaboration with nico Leonard he’s a small ISnets and he owns a watch store it would be fun if you did something with him

  • Faizy

    Can u show the illuminate video

  • Ashlynn Antony
    Ashlynn Antony

    man is way to under rated

  • Harvi.

    Fucking hate zerka leave the sidemen it will be better without you

  • Charles

    I was sad but then I heard reddit and I was fine

  • Unsunghero630

    That girl was the reason that tinder video was so funny!

  • YvRGhost crew
    YvRGhost crew

    Zerkaas clickbate game is elite

  • Kashi Soul
    Kashi Soul

    You fucking guys are seriously running out of ideas the Sidemen will never split up because you guys individually couldnt make P's without JJ

  • Vincent Nguyen
    Vincent Nguyen

    Josh, more josh, josh reacts

  • Ivan Huynh
    Ivan Huynh

    Josh you and the sidemen should do fear factor

  • Jujhar Singh
    Jujhar Singh

    Lakh means thousand so you got 46000 views. 🎉🎉🎉

  • Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh

    46 lakh means 4.6 million views

  • Lukman Kaduji
    Lukman Kaduji

    For now?? No josh, dont make another channel🤣

  • sidemenfanz

    vikk woke up and chose violence😭

  • Tugra Guclu
    Tugra Guclu


  • HalleJae Howes
    HalleJae Howes

    Plz don’t split apart 😣😣😣😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😭

  • Wrackzed


  • grunt leg peice
    grunt leg peice

    JOSH: About to see my post 2 seconds later: That will be the end of the video me: :O

  • Ethan Seva Madden
    Ethan Seva Madden

    Josh's fans are going to love him when we are able to smell the video one day

  • Deepta Deep Chakraborty
    Deepta Deep Chakraborty

    Make sidemen great again, DO FOOTBALL VIDEOS

  • Dr. Furzeee
    Dr. Furzeee

    12:22 why does tobi look like morgan freeman ahahaha

  • Arleen West
    Arleen West

    Done. It is not so serious but I looked at Matt's dms: rtuand.zanity.net/F9wQoY/BzeW_s.html poor girlfriend, I hope it changes

  • Rice Saville
    Rice Saville

    Done. It is not so serious but I looked at Matt's dms: rtuand.zanity.net/F9wQoY/BzeW_s.html poor girlfriend, I hope it changes

  • Chica Bella
    Chica Bella

    Done. It is not so serious but I looked at Matt's dms: rtuand.zanity.net/F9wQoY/BzeW_s.html poor girlfriend, I hope it changes

  • Torrence Angulo
    Torrence Angulo

    Done. It is not so serious but I looked at Matt's dms: rtuand.zanity.net/F9wQoY/BzeW_s.html poor girlfriend, I hope it changes

  • Alyssiiiaa doixarity
    Alyssiiiaa doixarity

    Done. It is not so serious but I looked at Matt's dms: rtuand.zanity.net/F9wQoY/BzeW_s.html poor girlfriend, I hope it changes

  • Internet Mouse
    Internet Mouse

    I nearly had an anxiety attack when I saw the thumbnail and title.

  • Nass _
    Nass _

    Lakh is 100k

  • Thirak Mehta
    Thirak Mehta

    Ayoo Joshua is a wholesome guy. I fw him


    20:7 title

  • Slam Rsps
    Slam Rsps

    One day this will be not clickbait no more..

  • Erdrin Pervizaj
    Erdrin Pervizaj

    i don't care whether this was a clickbait or not because i would still click it

  • James stephenson
    James stephenson

    I made a marvel list for josh on u/james_stephensonyt on ISnets upvote it so he see this

  • Raghav Sharma
    Raghav Sharma

    46 lakhs is 4.6 mil.

  • Alex Devlin
    Alex Devlin

    Love clicking the video with no volume, turning the volume up and rewinding so you can hear "hello hello hello"

  • Intaza

    Guys we only need 175k people to watch Josh's most popular video to get it to 10 million. It's increasing very slowly even though so many time's there's been multiple posts in Josh's reddit.

  • The gaming bro Rajavel
    The gaming bro Rajavel

    The clickbait is too much bruh

  • Cesar Sebastian
    Cesar Sebastian


  • Arun Saini
    Arun Saini

    Lakh = 100,000 so 46 lakh is 4.6mil views

  • JB95 PLAYS
    JB95 PLAYS

    Hello guys, Can you take the time out to tell me what you think of my ISnets Channel by clicking the link below? Any/Every bit of feedback is appreciated to help me the best ISnetsr I can. Thank you in advance.

  • Julian JFA
    Julian JFA

    @15:30 that ONEFOUR reference 😂🇦🇺

  • Nathan Morris
    Nathan Morris

    new channel should be the colour of your lamp shade>?!? yellow?

  • Aaraf Munir
    Aaraf Munir

    His descriptions of #ourkids was spot on

  • Chazzer whufc
    Chazzer whufc

    Football manager > Fifa. Josh should defo do a series on fm!

  • Liam Oconnor
    Liam Oconnor

    Am I the only one that laughs when I hear reddit monday

  • Falah Asim
    Falah Asim

    We want mini zerks

  • Brendon McKenna
    Brendon McKenna

    We love the clickbait it will never get old lmao🤣🤣🤣

  • inj

    I hate your intro

  • FXX4Zツ

    Josh can make a fifth channel called zerka hub with raw unedited vlogs every week Like if you agree

  • Trevorjohnson751

    Immaculate clickbate

  • msBuddiez101

    Why do the sidemen think they don't have an American fan-base? I've been watching them all since 2015. They've literally all inspired me and helped me when I was going through my own rough patches in life. And now I'm much better and still enjoy all of their content, except now they gained a new fan. My boyfriend. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Enlightened Pikachu
    Enlightened Pikachu

    Wassup Josh 10 lakh views means 1 million views

  • Angel

    Im glad this is just a reddit

  • Miroos

    The sidemen should make a Minecraft SMP server where they invite other youtubers thay are friends with

  • Aarav Sansanwal
    Aarav Sansanwal

    10lakh = 1million

  • MMA Videos
    MMA Videos

    Zerka starting to grow more these days love to see it

  • Chris T17
    Chris T17

    Certified should be changed to zerkaafied, like so he can see

    • Bryan T
      Bryan T


  • Robbie Barrell
    Robbie Barrell

    JOSH CAN YOU PLEASE DO MORE APEX LEGENDS (only used caps to get you attention)

  • UCF games
    UCF games

    These titles are just shameful, you wouldn’t care

  • Ayokunle Olaogun
    Ayokunle Olaogun

    Sidemen should have a shorts channel

  • Michael E
    Michael E

    Lakh is 100,000

  • Mantas Dapkus
    Mantas Dapkus

    Sidemen out here making sure tinder stays alive.

  • RobManThief

    Answer to title: as long as you pull shit ton of views. I don't think you'll stop

  • Daniel Clairmonte
    Daniel Clairmonte

    Josh: “One day the sidemen will stop” Me: “Over my dead body😭😭🤧”

  • Gt Ar6
    Gt Ar6

    Wait u won the gift card?

  • Griffyn Kapeller
    Griffyn Kapeller

    How does the sideman channel only have 10 mill. If everyone whos subbed to a sideman subbed to the channel they would have like 30 mill

  • Noe Lopez
    Noe Lopez

    You should watch the avengers series

  • Setzz AK
    Setzz AK

    I liked josh hehe and I'm in ur reddit :)

  • Ashton Greig
    Ashton Greig

    Lakh means a hundred thousand so 4.6 mil

  • king hooper01
    king hooper01

    josh is the most consistent in the sidmen

  • Jake Roberts
    Jake Roberts

    Roses are red Violets are blue I got clickbaited And so did you

  • drz1792

    I almost unsubscribed when i realised he hasn't watched any of the marvel movies 😳😳

  • Islam For Kids With MBM
    Islam For Kids With MBM

    Tobi got lots of no’s this time coz they kept insulting him and saying that he was short

    • ulanchique


  • Antonio Akridas
    Antonio Akridas

    Josh has just gotta make sure he wears the same socks on 20 April 2021

  • subscribe to me and i will subscribe back i promise
    subscribe to me and i will subscribe back i promise

    the mythic hello hello hello

  • WongTaiFung

    lowkey this guy’s clickbait title is never not on point...

  • Ellie Priestley
    Ellie Priestley

    i just never liked the girl from the sidemen tinder she just seemed a bit bitchy

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    Mans a legend

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    Mans really puttin effort big up

  • WilmottOntheGo

    20:18 this is the most clickbaited clip, vikram was actually blindfolded

  • David Samuel
    David Samuel

    The IQ test is probably on the moresidemen list