I couldn't WAIT to unbox this - Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO
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So four electric Gokarts from Segway Ninebot showed up at our warehouse for an upcoming Channel Super Fun, but I couldn't wait to try it. Also, it's built for drifting!

Check out the Segway Ninebot Gokart PRO at lmg.gg/cbo49 (no longer on sale)

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0:00 - Sweet GoKart spin-out
0:06 - Unpacking and introduction
3:16 - Assembly and product highlights
6:00 - Smartphone App setup
6:29 - Linus forgets the most important item
6:41 - Sponsor - Honey!
7:10 - Test drive
10:01 - Linus learns how to drift
10:44 - Ending

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  • UnknownUwU

    Linus just went child mode so cute

  • Jesse

    Fuck I wish I was rich.

  • John Jacob Jose
    John Jacob Jose

    Mine just came in yesterday bum didn’t came with the flag like yours

  • PocketSizedSynths

    This is an awesome gadget for the older young kids! I want one now!!! That little beast rips!!

  • Wojtek Wilczek
    Wojtek Wilczek

    That e60 M5 in the background tho

  • Lionel T.
    Lionel T.

    Super Fun Linux Tux Cart Edition.

  • George R
    George R

    Meth head over here

  • p b
    p b

    i wonder how long those tires will last, no money in making products that last....lol

  • André Bazenga
    André Bazenga

    2000$ for an e-kart that doesn't go a quarter as fast as a half-priced shifter go-kart... Linus you got played big time, you 🦆🦆🦆.

  • Tureno

    Crosskarts or offroad go karts are better:/

  • Cool Apps
    Cool Apps

    Me wishing i had one of these Linus with four Edit :tears in my eyes: happy for him though have fun with your kids

  • Al Bl
    Al Bl

    Can you drive that on walkways

  • quakecon2009

    very cool

  • Twiin Central
    Twiin Central

    Reactions while driving reminded me of Blippy. Lol

  • Terox

    geez that thing seems fun. but is also fooooking expensive xd

  • Familie Gevrek
    Familie Gevrek

    Are these legal in Switzerland?

  • Parker Wales
    Parker Wales

    I have the Segay ninebot s but not the go kart

  • Piotr Breda
    Piotr Breda

    You need to put your racing socks on.

  • panda

    i love when old people get existed about new things

  • Beafed

    He thinks you need a seat belt for 37kmph and I go 50kmph without a seatbelt

  • Cheater Mason
    Cheater Mason


  • RampageHydro967

    Will you set up a legit track and race it? Do it for stakes like pink sheets!! That'd be awesome. "Long Live The Republic!, God Save The Hydro!"

  • C TG
    C TG

    Every time I hear Linus saying coupon, I think of Madison's rig reboot :')

  • Sanborn Olsen
    Sanborn Olsen

    I got mine yesterday. It's arriving late August, I can relate to his excitement. Greetings from Australia! 😃

  • nevin molineaux
    nevin molineaux

    this was posted on my birth day

  • Sceddit Videos
    Sceddit Videos

    linus at christmas

  • Rayyan Shaikh
    Rayyan Shaikh

    Linus sat in the go kart and became a 10 year old, so wholesome

  • Allistar

    People are going to use these gokarts on the road now

  • in Valhalla神様
    in Valhalla神様

    I like it but hate that everyone is creating these products with an app requirement. Put the modes on the steering wheel so that you can flip through. That is my biggest issue with it.

  • Zen

    There's also an alternative to those with not alot of money to spend on these things, its cheaper but basically the same thing, basically, you get a hoverboard (if you already own one then i guess you get it for a lower price) then find or order this thing caleld a "hoverkart" its an attachment onto your hoverboard which makes it a small gokart. you can google hoverkart so you know what i mean.

  • XLR8

    Who's M5 was that at the beginning?


    that looks like so much fun, I'm actually getting excited watching it.

  • Ccs4646

    Now Linus can take a Segway to his sponsor.

  • daniel shtainer
    daniel shtainer

    Linus is a kid in a grown up body leaving his dreams

  • عمر باسم
    عمر باسم

    Ce français Incroyable

  • MrExaggerated

    I wish I had one of those

  • Christopher Conkright
    Christopher Conkright

    Gotta pull the emergency brake to drift it not in the parking lot though

  • Danny Boev
    Danny Boev

    Now you should put a 500cc 2stroke motor on it.

  • Jackson Strickland
    Jackson Strickland

    When Linus gets excited he sounds like Steve Carell

  • ian stewart
    ian stewart

    Gives speed in kph to a nation which uses mph to make it seem faster😂😂

  • Abhinav Anil
    Abhinav Anil

    Yo Linus where's the channel super fun video?? I've been eagerly waiting!

  • Adrian0001

    Learned it all one handed what a chad

  • ICE_driskill 1
    ICE_driskill 1

    Can u pls give me one I’ve wanted one for a long time now

  • Brandon Quarles
    Brandon Quarles

    4 carts and only one helmet, great effort on the production in this video. Where's the race?

  • Gold63Beast

    I got this and man is it fun!!!!!

  • Kane_ Playz55
    Kane_ Playz55

    Imagine doing Mario cart with these

  • MrVipitis

    Being 198cm tall makes this unavailable to me. I would love to try one anyway.


    I want one but it coast lots

  • Akhtar iqbal
    Akhtar iqbal

    Can I have one😥 plz

  • Just Sonic ASMR
    Just Sonic ASMR

    Just bought the ninebot s, now I want this 😒

  • skater

    2000 for a gokart with a top speed of 23 mph is not worth it. especially with that low of angle and such a short wheelbase. You could find a old yardkart that hits 35 mph and handles well for 50$, plus you could spend 200 and get a 420cc engine swap

  • Raheem Beck
    Raheem Beck

    Can you please do a giveaway for one of these please

  • Hexa

    Why not a '' real'' track 125ccm x30 gokart?

  • iliketurtles_

    the flag adds drag though!

  • សូរ្យ សាហ្វី៚
    សូរ្យ សាហ្វី៚

    How much?

  • Zeko Reko
    Zeko Reko

    Finally you have some nice fun, not just some computer geeks squad bs lol... Sick little F1 lol

  • n r
    n r

    Low t

  • Real World Review
    Real World Review

    A part of me wants this, but another part is telling me to keep my $2k lol still if I had that money to blow, hands down I would buy 12

  • Drawing channel!!
    Drawing channel!!

    Did you seriously spend $8000 US on this? LOLLLL!

  • Andrew Bond
    Andrew Bond

    Good for starter electric go cart.

  • Dreamy_

    Spoiled Man children sounds 😭😂

  • Mark Vine
    Mark Vine

    Linus's big kid and inner child came fully to the fore with the Kart.

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen

    when you said holds up to 220lb it broke my heart cuz i weight 295lb🥺🥺, i really wanted one too!!!im saving this video for if i ever weigh 200lbs im buying one

  • Renzo Fernandini
    Renzo Fernandini

    ninebot: sends 4 entire electric go karts linus: this video is brought you by... honey!

  • steven puente
    steven puente

    Ya don have idea how much i want one but i am poore and i life in colombia

  • Robert Pinochet
    Robert Pinochet

    where's the suppose channel super fun video? it has been almost a month


    1:32 sadly puts wallet away

  • Radovan Kramář
    Radovan Kramář

    As a Czech, I really appreciate Linus´ use of socks and sandals. 🇨🇿🍺🏒

  • Gerald Morgan
    Gerald Morgan

    The apathetic armchair globally desert because lawyer repressingly kill circa a warm gallon. historical, picayune alcohol

  • Unlucky Forester
    Unlucky Forester

    me asks my father to buy me this and he shows me his empty wallet

  • Joseph Böhme
    Joseph Böhme

    LINUS ARE YOU ON SOMETHING???? They are not all that---an $1800 for a toy. If you can't build a faster one for less-- you are not aTechno Master. I will be sad to see you not doing a better one with your Demon Team. Don't be a sellout consumer.

  • Monster

    I just watched Alex drive a $160,000 porche and the ceo is riding around in a go cart.

  • Evan Kongmany
    Evan Kongmany

    I want one right now


    Cmon linus, ive been watching ltt for 1 year now, and didnt even know about this channel🤣

  • Hu Mungus
    Hu Mungus

    I hate Linus

  • Bryce Welker
    Bryce Welker


  • Seth Weathers
    Seth Weathers

    Oh look. A Segway linus doesn't need to awkwardly give!

  • The wishful Thinker
    The wishful Thinker

    Buys 4 karts and makes everybody watch him play.


    2:43 Missed opportunity to segway into the sponsor for this video.

  • J Knox
    J Knox

    Linus needs to try a One Wheel. So much fun

  • nicholas lim
    nicholas lim

    "you say "QUE-PON?!" is what came to my mind. Maddison needs to comment on this video!

  • badgrand

    One draw-back of my childhood is that the technology of electric powered ridables wasn’t that advanced. This would make me the absolute happiest. Definitely in the getting-on-your-knees kind of begging/if-I-can-get-this-I-wont-ask-for-anything-again kind of level. Heck, I’ll probably buy one anyway.

  • Maths with Luigi
    Maths with Luigi

    You could get a real go kart for that price!

  • David Malkowski
    David Malkowski

    As fun as this is, it hurts that a Chinese company is parading the dead IP of Segway to promote chintzy products.

  • GoatMilk

    I got a job working 7.50$ a hour just so i could buy one of these

  • hitardo

    I've heard Adam LZ has a massive compound, on which he needs go karts to drift on...

  • ViperFilms

    Who is this guy and why does he look so much like Linus Tech Tips

  • Jean Samyr
    Jean Samyr

    Linus made me think about a thig while reading the French part of the manual. Canadians, you guys learn French as a foreign language on the school? Here in Brazil is English and Spanish as a foreign language. I know that in USA they learn Spanish a lot as a second/foreign language. But Canada have 2 official languages and this made me curious.

  • Zay Rod
    Zay Rod

    Does Linus own like nikes or something? lol I’m just curious. I mean the sock game go hard lol

  • CovertPluto3502

    Can't wait for Linus to segway to a sponsor

  • Ld85

    cool tech channel!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samuele Lorefice
    Samuele Lorefice

    37kph max speed. "they got as much as a 150cc kart" x: doubt. A 120cc kart already does 70+ kph.

  • PG Plays Video Games
    PG Plays Video Games

    when is the LMG team building exercise featuring segway ninebots?

  • Videos can be Games
    Videos can be Games

    Ahh yes I too have put a car battery in a kids car RIP the engine, but hey it lasted a month before it stopped working

  • Crave Leaks
    Crave Leaks

    Lol, Canadian Footballer ⚽- Alphonso Davies runs 36-37kmph.

  • Nadim Hawli
    Nadim Hawli

    hey i have that

  • Expert Opinion
    Expert Opinion

    they even sell a Lamborghini licenced go-kart, so "track-ready" is an understatement haha

  • lunargamma

    I love his reaction, like a kid on Christmas. SO WHOLESOME AAAA

  • Raichu Raichu
    Raichu Raichu

    I wish I could memorize conversion rate K/H to mph lol been watching alot of stuff lately that has kilometer instead of mile lol Google is useful

  • Carlos L
    Carlos L

    The shill is real, can’t wait for the video where he bitched about it because he lost the race