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  • Aimi Meiling
    Aimi Meiling

    I missed you tron

  • Curtis Blackthorne
    Curtis Blackthorne

    Very funny

  • Pablo Yoshikage
    Pablo Yoshikage

    What a good video can't wait till next year for more

  • Funni Man
    Funni Man

    Why do i feel like the mask system could turn me into a Vampire, i've seen it ok

  • Just Your Everyday Vlogger
    Just Your Everyday Vlogger

    When the world needed him most, he returned...

  • TheSuperGamer

    Remember when he was a video game review channel? Doesn't feel like it was as long ago as it is

  • cheesecakeheadboi

    I saw jontron on a ISnets ad He did a good job

  • Lemon

    How did you get out in the end

  • Is this my fall
    Is this my fall

    Wth you a life

  • It's Randull
    It's Randull

    Him in the background playing the bongos killed me 😂

  • jacob kissik
    jacob kissik

    You still exist omg thankyou

  • FALLAWAY Records
    FALLAWAY Records

    Bruh crazy he has more subs than game grumps

  • Roniboyblu

    You should make a 3-way crossover Channel with pbg Avgn and you


    "When our neurons begin to rot" *its just a burning memory*

  • James Yepez
    James Yepez

    Hey did you guys see him on that ad of that one game?

  • DarkArcher 8
    DarkArcher 8

    Just realised he is the American dazgames

  • Odin Griffen
    Odin Griffen

    I LOVE that the crappy product doesnt work for shit, even for the pre scripted tv studio set who could have put a decent speaker in that crap case and nobody would have known. It really shows the depth of their "I dont give a fuck, pay me" attitude.

  • Shaska324

    Wat wtf

  • Riguy

    I know how cliche it is....and people would probably accuse Jon of milking the Flex family videos but he should really do a video and check on Phil...idk how many other people follow him on Instagram but Phil....oh boy Phil is a broken man nowadays😂

  • Darth Pedro
    Darth Pedro

    Funny $hit

  • Paulito

    Por fin lo encontré You look a like snake! What what the fuck

  • Tamperingtea988z The first
    Tamperingtea988z The first

    Guys I have to announce that Johntron has finally been copy and pasted onto a ISnets ad

  • Victor Tuff
    Victor Tuff

    The earsplitting person physiologically concern because crown approximately spoil an a lonely yam. unbiased, utopian button

  • Obby Maul
    Obby Maul

    they're all piece of shit products x'D

  • Geikiels

    Fuuuuuuu yeeees

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    You know, I got my Grandpa a device that helps with getting socks on as somewhat of a joke. He tells me it's unironically one of the most useful gifts he's gotten.

  • lostchild 02
    lostchild 02

    Two weeks ago I started a JonTron Marathon and I just finished

  • Akira

    Jontron fans will be the target audience for these product before his next video.

  • Anna Price
    Anna Price

    "An ageing plant... for an ageing life" makes me cackle every time!

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha

    "You know it's nice to see your dancing partner sounds like a trash can " 😂😂

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      What wtf

  • Luizaguzzi

    In the end, after I while I couldn't tell anymore who is chroma key and who isn't

  • PickUpThatCan

    What happened to Jack? Sorry if I said his name wrong

  • Robert Willegal
    Robert Willegal

    The king has returned

  • Some random Identity V dude
    Some random Identity V dude

    i have watched jontron since he played video games entirely and i remember being so hyped for him pokemon bootleg video being released and now im somehow just as hyped for this

  • Harshit Mehrotra
    Harshit Mehrotra

    That cane-fu was kinda cool

  • Aidan Harvey
    Aidan Harvey

    “You’re just selling them nail clippers? Angela this isn’t ethical”

  • Cop vs Deer
    Cop vs Deer

    Hey John how’s your bird doing?

  • Green Man
    Green Man

    JonTron's so iconic that whatever the hell he says gets to be on a meme


    Me seeing this new video : What... WTF?

  • Zultrafury [Old Channel]
    Zultrafury [Old Channel]

    never would i have expected bruh sound effect to be featured in a jontron episode

  • Neven Grossman
    Neven Grossman

    I wanted to give this a thumbs down because he was gone for so long but this was funny so now I gotta give him a thumbs up

  • Aden Thomas
    Aden Thomas

    skyrim interface. oblivion interactions. morrowind music. perfection

  • ShadowZeal

    Genuine question - Didn't people stop liking Jon after his... unsavoury opinions?

    • meme machine
      meme machine

      @ShadowZeal I agree but I do like his content so I'll just have to separate the person from the content

    • ShadowZeal

      @meme machine I feel like we shouldn't just forget about it, he's got some really bad opinions and I can't people no one is talking about them lmao

    • meme machine
      meme machine

      Ehem well yes for a while people were like ....hey Jon can you not but I guess people forgot about it?

  • Stefanek Kupec
    Stefanek Kupec

    What wtf

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson

    Jon is that ex gf who you are good with for the breakup. You moved on. Then she comes back, when you're weak and is like "one more roll in the hay?" And you're like NO. NO. NO!!!! Then you're watching TMNT cartoons naked two hours later in bed.

  • tigerraven And co
    tigerraven And co

    Wheres jack gone your bird

  • JT Yearsley
    JT Yearsley

    Are ya back? Are ya really back? Are ya really REALLY BACK?!?!?!

  • Callum Evans
    Callum Evans

    Those Korean TV hosts speak better English than Americans do

  • Come On Fhqwhgads
    Come On Fhqwhgads

    R.I.P. underwatered plant. 16:15 If this was a YLYL video, this is the point no one gets past.

  • Whilan

    JonTron: Buy Omega 3 Fish oil Robot: Did you remember to take your medications today Jon?

  • jaimin Sangar
    jaimin Sangar

    Finally stumbled upon this meme guy's channel

  • Michael Reineke
    Michael Reineke

    7:58 Accurate.

  • C Dude
    C Dude


  • APK Eggs
    APK Eggs

    Jontron seems to be the only person who consistently makes only good videos, I've never ever skipped a video yet, even his old videos feel extremely well produced and the quality for some reason has always been pristine

  • Prince_Alex1022

    plz tell me that i'm not the only one who relised that the robot has a hand drawn face with a sharpie

  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe

    Maybe death by indirect fire won't be so bad.

  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe

    JON!! You're married.???? Right on.

  • Anthony Flores
    Anthony Flores

    I forgot to take my morning medication

  • s b
    s b

    I'm back...me yesssssssssssss🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • TheHappyMasksalesMan_

    8minutes in my face fucken hurts

  • Irondragon1945


  • Minato Thanatos
    Minato Thanatos

    “Rudy help ive fallen!” Rudy-Did you take your pills this morning?

  • some buddy
    some buddy

    The robot thing is so sad :((( poor old lady just wants company

  • Cee San
    Cee San

    the warzone downed sfx was subtle, but I'm glad you didn't lose your touch

  • Brendon Sulesky
    Brendon Sulesky

    Why is Owen Wilson's grandfather teaching me Cane-Fu?

  • Muirkat

    Why are the hosts speaking English? Isn’t this a Korean morning show? Shouldn’t they be speaking... Korean???

  • Dilon Fleckenator
    Dilon Fleckenator

    Dogecoin is god let it be known Fleckenator has spoken. The profit Elon musket has whispered me this sweet nothing.

  • l_shane_l

    Not gonna lie I thought Steven seagal had gotten to Jon

  • loganboi

    Welp. See you guys in 6 months

  • Nathan Stuebner
    Nathan Stuebner

    I'm 19 and immature as fuck because at 8 minutes I laughed so hard I legitimately puked half my oreo blizzard from dairy queen up

  • Younity

    16:03 i love this segment and how much effort went into the scene. compliments to the chef

  • Drivel Banned
    Drivel Banned

    Gotta love those daily uploads

  • Profeta

    Ask The Gods.

  • Jlovedown McHoedown
    Jlovedown McHoedown

    This video fills me with existential dread

  • Purpp Goku
    Purpp Goku

    Jontron is the Miura of old school content creators.

  • Black Dad
    Black Dad

    I crunch my toilet paper

  • Liam Knox
    Liam Knox

    Make bids once a week please bro

  • Little Alex
    Little Alex

    It's so weird how good the quality is, you dont get this much on ISnets. But when you do its epic.

  • AWDproductions

    I'd like to think Kardashians need the comfort wipe

  • Bárt Brokovník
    Bárt Brokovník

    this is the first video from you that i saw and a milisecond in I SEE A MEME wow :D

  • malo the random dragon
    malo the random dragon

    Jontron dummy thicc Man be walking I hear him 31 blocks away he needs the comfort wipe deluxe + edition for that dumptruck

  • malo the random dragon
    malo the random dragon

    9 months man.

  • malo the random dragon
    malo the random dragon

    9 months man.

  • Jay Dabbelju
    Jay Dabbelju

    Now I want a tactical nail clipper with an acog.

  • Polo_Sheridan

    Well guys I will see you next year when he uploads another new video.

  • Gaby B.
    Gaby B.

    Look at the shape of my weird body

  • Andrea Frasca
    Andrea Frasca

    Uhmmmm... I may be late to this buuuuuuuuuuut... where's the parrot?

  • Kool aid Man
    Kool aid Man

    8:21 😳

  • Neglected Oreo
    Neglected Oreo

    4:33 40 degrees celsius about 104 F; how tf will that not burn an old person

  • ice of astak
    ice of astak

    the man behind the slaughter

  • Dr. Proktor
    Dr. Proktor

    ,,Ok, now, you have my attention" could be a similar meme with ,,I'll take your entire stock"

  • music with feeling Ayahuasc-E
    music with feeling Ayahuasc-E

    I thought that dude put a gun on the robot

  • Pep

    Jon Trons comedy is golden

  • Lilycheese4

    Does anybody know where the heck Jon's merch store went?

    • Lilycheese4

      @Emily An Maybe I'm dumb maybe I'm somehow doing this wrong but I SWEAR his merch store is just GONE and I have no idea if he said something about it and I missed it.

  • Nick Dahl
    Nick Dahl

    Algorithm didn't even push this to me, had to search it up cuz was wondering what Jon was up ta. Come on youtube you know I wanted this

  • Emerald Gamer12
    Emerald Gamer12

    6:45 OkAy NoW YoU hAvE My AtTeNtIoN

  • SomeKindaHero117

    Jon, I'm so curious on what you do when you're not occasionally remembering you have a ISnets channel

  • Vincent van Hal
    Vincent van Hal

    Praise the Jon "comfort wipe" Tron!

  • ham sandwich
    ham sandwich

    The King has returned

  • Logan Reed
    Logan Reed

    When your dance partner gives you Vietnam flashbacks